Let Mahavir Jayanti be the day to recon the world of human consciousness and its enlightenment. We cannot reduce violence without inculcating consciousness of friendship and togetherness. We cannot remove hunger unless we have self imposed limits to accumulate material wealth. If we keep all the facts as well as the issues on table and then try to find a solution and then when statue of Lord Mahavir comes in front of our eyes, then only one voice will reach our ears that-to solve problems, we should not just march ahead to accumulate wealth and we should not make wealth as the parameter of progress. Find balance between materialism and consciousness and let the problem of materialism be solved by consciousness and the problems in consciousness, solved by materialism. Once we establish fair balance between the two, we would be giving a meaning to Mahavir Jayanti and this will not be useful to human race only but for the entire world.

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