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May, 2006

"The great aim of education is not knowledge but action"
- Herbert Spencer -


The Golden Jubilee (anniversary) of diksha period of Digambar Jain Sadhwi-pramukha Aryika Shri Gyanmati mata ji was celebrated with great religious fervor and devotion by thousands of devotees at Hastinapur on 14, 15 and 16th April, 2006, who had come from far and near. Digambar saint, Acharya Shri Bahubali Ji maharaj, who was present on the occasion honoured the sadhwi ji with title of "Gyan Chandrika". The occasion was of historic nature. Many impressive programmes were organised on all the three days.


Koraput district (Orissa) would soon be on the country's heritage tourism map with the discovery of several Jain monuments dating back to ancient times. The State Government has already taken steps to preserve some of these monuments by using the funds received on the basis of recommendations of the Tenth and Eleventh Finance Commissions. Official sources said 18 new Jain monuments were identified recently. The monuments are at Padua, Kachela, Hakimput, Nandapur, Subei, Debatakanjar, Deodanagar, Deorali, Lambododunger, Paliba, Dhangididevi, Jeypore, Jamunda, Boriguma, Bhairabsinghpur, Kamta, Kotpad and Chhatiguda.

Besides preservation of these monuments, funds would also have to be arranged for construction of roads to these places. Sources said the State Government initiated steps for arranging funds in this regard. As a first step, these monuments have been shown in the cultural atlas published by the culture department. The State Government has declared Subei and Bhairab Temples at Borigumma as protected monuments and taken steps for their preservation using the grants of the tenth Finance Commission. Sculpture sheds have been constructed for two other temples at Singhpur and Chatua with the help of funds received from the Eleventh Finance Commission. A museum has also been opened at Jamunda in the district with the special assistance received from the Centre to showcase the Jain heritage of the State. The State Government has made a provision of Rs 29.36 crore for the Tourism and Culture Department which includes Rs 12.5 crore for the upkeep of ancient heritage and monuments.


An album of some of the real breath taking photos and a glimpse at ceremony through an attractive Screensaver is now available depicting the glory of the mega event at Shravanabelagola. As our tribute to the 24 Tirthankaras we have come up with 24 slides with 67 photos embedded in them. It is a bulk file of 6.12 MB.  Our special thanks to His Holiness Swasti Sri Charukeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji (pontiff of the Shravanabelagola Jain Mutt) and the Mahamasthakabhisheka Mahotsava Committee - 2006. You can download the screensavers at the links and  Courtesy : Nitin H. P., Director,

Pratishtha mahotsava of 75 jain temples belonging to different Tirthankars, having 77 images installed therein at Hastinapur, the famous Jain pilgrimage centre was held from 30th April to 7th May, 2006 in the holy presence of Digambar saints and sadhwis. Mt. Kailash has been constructed here in its true form as depicted in the epics and the temples have been installed at different places. Hastinapur has been drawing large number of pilgrims from all over the country and as such, the place gives a lively look all round the year. Both Shwetambar and Digambar Jain temples are there and so also there are dharmshalas for devotees of both the sects.

'TEERTHANKAR FOREST' TO BE DEVELOPED ON TARANGA HILLS IN GUJARAT, DECLARES CHIEF MINISTER - On the occasion of 'pratishtha' ceremony of Shankheshwar Parshwa Nath Ji's idol at Shanti Niketan Sadhna Kendra on the Teethal sea coast in south Gujarat, Sri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat declared that "Teerthankar Van" shall be soon developed on the Taranga Hills region and the next 'Van-mahotsava-2006' would be organised there. He mentioned that Taranga hills had a great significance in Jain mythology as Bhagwan Mahavir and many other Tirthankars had carried out penance as ascetics and had performed their spiritual endeavors there.

Ancient Jain idol found in Pushkar (Rajasthan)
Ajmer (Rajasthan), A nearly 1000-year-old idol of 17th Jain 'Tirthankar' Sri Kuntu Nath Ji has been found at Pushkar, Ajmer. According to Syed Azam Hussain, the curator of Ajmer Government Museum, the two-feet long idol, which is in broken state, was found during digging of a private land adjacent to the ancient Varah temple of Lord Vishnu. The museum has taken possession of the idol.

The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London organised an international workshop on "Jainism and Society" on the 23rd and 24th March, 2006 at the Brunei Gallery lecture theatre. The annual general lecture was delivered by renowned professor Johannes Bronkharst of the University of Lausanna on "Jainism, Window of Early India". The workshop was attended by delegates from different countries. Those from India, included Shri Ravindra Kumar Jain from J.N.U., Delhi, Jitendra B. Shah from L.D. Institute of Indology, Ahmedabad, Hampa P. Nagarajaiah from University of Bangalore, Satya Ranjan Banerjee from University of Calcutta and Dharm Chand Jain from J.N.V. University of Jodhpur.

An International Seminar on The Yogic Traditions of India with special reference to the Jaina Yoga will be organised on 7th to 9th December, 2006 at Bhogilal Leherchand Institute of Indology located on G.T. Karnal Road, P.O. Alipur, Delhi-110036. Yoga is one of the most popular ways for achievement of physical, mental and spiritual health as well as a peaceful means of living in harmony. This Seminar aims to enlighten the World at large and the intelligentsia in particular that traditions of Yoga have been known to India since several millennia before Christ. The objective of this Seminar is to pin point the unity in diversity and their inevitable complimentarily and supplementary both in the physical as well as the Spiritual World.

The abstracts of papers to be presented may be sent by 31st July, 2006.The venue of the conference will be India International Centre Annexe, 40, Max Muller Marg, New Delhi110003. For details, please contact: Dr. Balaji Ganorkar, Joint Director, Officiating Director, Bhogilal Leherchand Institute of Indology, Vallabh Smarak Complex, 20th Km, G. T. Karnal Road, P. O. Alipur, Delhi 110 036. Tele Fax: (91-11) 27202065.

A Jain leadership conference was organised on the 23rd to 25th March 2006 at Kellogg's School of Management. Nearly 50 participants had joined for the subject 'Live & Promote Jain Way of Life in the US'.


1st Annual Jain Youth Matrimonial Convention at New Jersey - Jain Milan, New Jersy is organising a convention for the purpose of facilitating the process of matrimony amongst Jain families and to preserve and promote Jain traditions and values in youngsters and make the community stronger. Programme Dates: Friday August 4, 2006, 8 pm to midnight, Saturday August 5, 2006, 9 am to midnight, Sunday August 6, 2006, 9 am to noon, Location: Middlesex County, New Jersey. Last Date for Registration: Wednesday July 5, 2006. For more information, contact Gunvant Shah at 732-246-4030 or via E-Mail  or visit . News Courtesy: Ms. Shilpa Shah, E-Mail:

JAINISM TODAY AND ITS FUTURE (English), By Professor Robert J Zydenbos, 2006 215 x 135 mm 103 pp, Softcover Deluxe Edition US $ 20, Jainism is perhaps the oldest living religion in the world. But the world is becoming one: how will this old religious community, rooted in the traditions of its native land India, deal with the challenges of the twenty-first century? Prof. Robert Zydenbos, Indologist and philosopher at the University of Munich, Germany, traces the questions and problems of an ancient culture in a new age in this superlative book. "Jainism Today and Its Future" is a deeply insightful work in which the author brings in all his mastery of the subject, philological training, direct experience of living in Southern India for 16 years and the observations of a highly intelligent and loquacious academic and scholar in a slim elegantly produced volume. The author is a distinguished scholar of Sanskrit, Middle Indo-Aryan and Kannada. But most importantly, he is a Sadhaka in search of the truth. The book may be obtained from: Hindi Granthalaya Karyalaya, 9 Hirabaug C.P. Tank, Mumbai 400004.

JAINA CONTRIBUTION TO VARANASI (English) 13 Scholarly Essays, Ed. by RC Sharma and Pranati Ghoshal, 2006 220 x 140 mm 166 pp + 8 B/W plates on art paper, Varanasi has been a confluence of several religions, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Four Tirthankaras took birth in Varanasi, Suparshvanatha, Shreyansanatha, Candraprabha and Parshvanatha. Thus Varanasi grew in importance for Jains, resulting in the development of great Jaina centres of learning in Varanasi. Since ancient times, many learned Jain scholars have visited Varanasi to study and to preach ... from Acarya Samantabhadra [2nd century CE] to Upadhyaya Yashovijaya in relatively recent times. Jain scholar monks and pilgrims have made a great impact on Varanasi over the centuries. This book is a collection of 13 essays by scholars who live in Varanasi. Essays that trace the development of Varanasi as a centre of Jaina learning and the immense contribution of Jains in the religious, philosophical, cultural, iconographic, architectural progression of Varanasi - the eternal city. The book may be obtained from: Hindi Granthalaya Karyalaya, 9 Hirabaug C.P. Tank, Mumbai 400004.


DELHI CHIEF MINISTER, SHEILA DIXIT HONOURED WITH "AHIMSA SADBHAVANA SAMMAN-2006" AWARD - On the occasion of Bhagwan Mahavir Janm Kalyanak Mahotsava organised by representative body, Jain Mahasabha-Delhi, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mrs. Sheila Dixit was honoured with "Ahimsa Sad-Bhavana Samman" award-2006 by the mahasabha President Shri Todar Mal Lalani. The programme was held in the presence of eminent Jain saint, Shri Ratan Sundar Surishwar Ji maharaj. Smt. Dixit has been accorded this honour in the light of her exemplary interest in communal harmony, environment control, ecology conservation, social development and women's emancipation.

TARA BHANDARI NOMINATED AS CHAIR-PERSON OF RAJASTHAN STATE WOMEN'S COMMISSION - Smt. Tara Bhandari, erst-while Vice-Chairman of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha has been nominated by the State Governor as Chair-person of State Women's Commission. Ahimsa Foundation offers its congratulations to Smt. Bhandari and wishes her full success in her new assignment.


The Ramnath Goenka Foundation is pleased to announce its association with USAID, Avert Society and Health Communication Partnership/Johns Hopkins University (HCP/JHU) to present, Awards for Excellence in HIV/AIDS Journalism. The awards will cover the Indian print media in English and Marathi, and will be given to an author of an article or series in a newspaper or magazine that makes an exceptional contribution to public awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS issues. The report/series of reports must be a substantive work that covers a story comprehensively and raises public consciousness and awareness about HIV/AIDS issues. The entries will be judged on general excellence, quality of writing and coverage that most accurately, objectively and sensitively portrays HIV/AIDS and leads to a greater awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS issues. Due emphasis will be given to use of appropriate language, gender sensitivity, ethical and human rights considerations. The two award winners, one each in English and Marathi will be nominated to attend the three week Leadership in Strategic Health Communication Workshop at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health/ Centre for Communication Programs in Baltimore, USA in June 2007. All entries must be received by December 31, 2006. Each entry must have been published or broadcast between April 1, 2005 and April 30, 2006. A copy of the application form is available from the following url The entry form duly filled in may be sent to Ms. Utsah Kohli, The Indian Express Newspapers (Mumbai) Limited, B-14 A, Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi.


Forrmer Managing Director of Whirlpool (India) Mr. Raj Jain has been offered the position of President, Wal-Mart Asia, although nothing is official yet. Mr.Jain, became Whirlpool’s MD in 2001 and moved to the Asia-Pacific headquarters in Shanghai in ’04 as the regional head, marketing and product delivery, Whirlpool Asia. India is the biggest market in Asia for US-based white goods major Whirlpool Corp. Wal-Mart the world’s largest retailer, has been actively scaling up its activities in Asia. It has 56 stores in China and plans to open 20 more. The retailer has two offices in India, where it awaits relaxation of norms, in foreign direct investment in retail. While India emerged as the most attractive country for retail expansion, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Republic of Korea and Malaysia figured among the top 15 in the annual study by the management consulting firm.


NEHRU's VIEWS ON JAIN COMMUNITY AS MENTIONED IN "DISCOVERY OF INDIA" - What is Hindusim ?- Hindusim is religion & should not include Jainism & buddism, But they are very must thought & product of Indian Culture. In his speech on 3rd Sept.1949, Jawahar Lal Nehru said: "No doubt India has a vast majority of Hindus, but they could not forget in fact there are also minorities Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Jains. If India were understood as Hindu Rashtra it meant that the minorities were not cent per cent citizens of the country. In his speech on 3rd Sept.1949, Jawahar Lal Nehru said: "No doubt India has a vast majority of Hindus, but they could not forget in fact there are also minorities Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Jains. If India were understood as Hindu Rashtra it meant that the minorities were not cent per cent citizens of the country. Courtesy: Dhanpal Solanki Jain, Mumbai E-Mail:

Govt. CONSIDERING to classify Jains as 'minority'
New Delhi, May 10: Despite the Supreme Court’s direction against any addition to the list of “notified minorities,” the Centre is drawing plans to give Jains the status of a religious minority. Minister for Minority Affairs, A R Antulay, who has held talks with “various Jain organisations”, told The Indian Express there was “consensus in the community” for the minority status under Section 2 (C) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992. “We want to broaden the concept of minorities by including communities like Jains and Kashmiri Pandits,” he said. The move flies in the face of a SC judgment delivered in the last August. A bench headed by the then Chief Justice of India, Sri  R. C. Lahoti, while dismissing a plea to direct the Centre to notify Jains as a religious minority, said identification of minorities on the basis of religion would further divide the country.

Digambar saint Acharya Shri Bharat sagar Ji maharaj: Udaipur (Rajasthan)
Shwetambar Murti-Pujak saint Acharya Shri Jayantsen Surishwar Ji maharaj: Mohankheda
Shwetambar Sthanakwasi Upadhyay Shri Man Chandra Ji maharaj: Pipar City (Rajasthan)
Shwetambar Sthanakwasi Sadhwi Pramukha Mahasati Shri Maina Sundari Ji maharaj: Jodhpur

There are a big community in south India called Namdhari Jains. They live mostly in South Karnatak, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. They put a big `Tika' on their forhead. Tika is called as `Naam', so they are called as Naamdharis. They are vegetarians. In ancient time, they were followers of Jainism, but then were converted to Hinduism. In the old documents of their forefathers, their religion is written as Jain. With the initiative of Bhattarak Shree Bhuvan Bhanu Keerti, the chief of Kanakgiri Jain Bhattarak Peeth, Many of the Namdharis are returning back to Jainism. In there villages, Jain community is helping them for their education and employment. Jain temples are being built in each of their villages. What is most important that other Jains of this area are making matrimonial relations with them. Courtesy:


During his recent visit to Jaipur, H.R.H. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and patron of Heritage Foundation offered prayers at Sanghi ji Digambar Jain temple, lit a lamp and performed aarti. He then went round the temple premises, appreciating the immaculate art work, meena work and inlaying of kundan, frescos and mural paintings of Samvasaran, Panch Kalyanak, Jambu Dweep, Sammet Shikharji and many other items of deep interest. He also saw the ancient manuscripts in the temple museum. Shri N.K. Sethi, President of All India Teerth Kshetra committee, Shri Milap Chand Dandia, President of All India Teerth Raksha Camiti and other members temple managing committee received the Prince and accompanied him.

‘Preksha meditation can cure heart diseases’
Ludhiana, April 3: Hero DMC Heart Institute (HDHI) conducted a Workshop on Preksha meditation and yoga on the reversal of heart disease with Prof Dr S.C. Manchanda and Swami Dharmananda from New Delhi. The workshop was conducted in presence of Acharya Mahapragya and Yuvacharya, Shri Mahashramman at Jainendra Bhawan, Atam Park. Dr Bishav Mohan, a cardiologist, coordinated the workshop. A strong scientific evidence was provided for the efficacy of Jain method of preksha meditation and preksha yoga in managing heart diseases. Swami Dharmananda is the coordinator of this research project undertaken by the All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) New Delhi, to cure heart diseases, asthma, and diabetes by preksha meditation and preksha yoga. Swamiji is practicing Yoga since 1955 and organising Preksha Meditation camps since 1975. Prof SC Manchanda has conducted first international study (1997) from AIIMS to substantiate the effects Preksha Dhyan with angiographic proof. Prof Manchanda said that for research people were selected with age group of 30-75 years with chronic stable angina and those who had more than 70 percent of heart blockage as shown in angiography.

He added that the patients were subjected to preksha meditation and also good diet and moderate aerobic physical exercise and yoga. After few months their vitals were compared to those who were not doing preksha meditation. The results were very astonishing. ‘‘The progression of cause of blockage in artery stopped and their regression achieved by 15 percent. Similarly, lipid profile of research group showed 20 percent improvement. Moreover procedure in the active group was reduced by approximately 90 percent. At end of study it was revealed that life style interventions, especially yoga retarded further complications, improved quality of life and proved to be a cost effective practical method with high degree of compliance,’’ he said.

Preksha means to perceive and realise subtlest aspects of ones own self, to see self with self. Basically it consists of perception of body, psychic centres, breath and of contemplation processes initiating process of personal transformation. It is a comprehensive system of meditation exercises for attitudinal change, behavioural modification and integrated development of personality. Dr. G. S. Wander, chief cardiologist Hero DMC Heart Institute said that holistic systems like yogic lifestyle should be incorporated in clinics of regular hospitals, which could go a long way in prevention of cardiac diseases. Dr. Bishav Mohan requested Prof S.C. Manchanda to open up a similar center for preksha meditation at HDHI.


Now you can make a flying visit to Girnar!
GANDHINAGAR Tourists from Mumbai could soon make a spiritual journey to the 945-metre high Mount Girnar and visit Jain and Hindu places of worship, and fly back the same evening. This may be possible if the proposal floated by Pavan Hans and Air Deccan for a helipad atop one of the five peaks of Mount Girnar, at final stages of consideration with the Gujarat government, gets an official nod. Two helicopter service providers have decided to offer six to 10-seater choppers to take groups from Zafar Maidan in Junagadh to the Ambaji temple, situated at a height of 700 metres. "Tourists in groups of six to 10 can fly to Bhavnagar, visit Palitana, Somnath, Sasan Gir and Junagadh, and ride on a helicopter to Mount Abu, returning on the same day". The Tourism and Forests departments have given their nod to the proposal and the proposal is pending for final clearance before state environment and forests minister. Though there are no trees atop the proposed helipad site, it is a reserved forest land. Girnar has 866 intricately carved stone temples atop mountains in Junagadh district. The tallest of these is 945 meters, the highest peak in Gujarat. A sturdy stone path — a pilgrimage route for both Hindus and Jains — leads to the temples. There are 9,999 steps from the foothill to the last temple on the highest peak. The Gujarat government is attaching considerable importance to developing the helipad, as officials believe it would give a boost to tourism in Saurashtra, especially its major religious spots. "Currently, it takes around four hours to climb up and then return to Junagadh." According to legend, climbing barefoot helps one earn a place in THE heaven.

MR. G. P. JAIN PROMOTED SEWA BHARATI COMPLETES First Phase OF Literacy Campaign IN DELHI - The first phase of total literacy campaign launched by Sewa Bharati in Delhi to make Delhiites totally literate completed on April 30. This phase had begun on February 1. Under the phase, a total of 10,000 people have been made fully literate. People from all walks of life including scientists, doctors, advocates, etc. joined the campaign and voluntarily taught people in various classes organised mostly in slum areas. A total of 576 literacy centres were set up during the first phase. Under the second phase, which is scheduled to begin soon, these 10,000 neo-literates will further make at least 10,000 people literate. The cycle will continue until the target of total literacy is not achieved. The Sewa Bharati is also preparing a post-literacy syllabus for the neo-literates so that they do not forget what they have learnt during the campaign.

According to 2001 census, about 20 lakh people are still illiterate in Delhi. The Sewa Bharati has decided to make them all literate. The campaign has been taken up to commemorate the birth-centenary year of Shri Guruji, the second Sarsangha-chalak of RSS. In contrast to the hugely expensive literacy drives launched by the government agencies from time to time, the Sewa Bharati campaign incurred minimum expenses. The cost of making one person literate is about Rs 42. The Sewa Bharati has adopted a unique method developed by Shri G.P. Jain for literacy drive. The method was tried in several localities of Delhi where it produced remarkable results. This is the largest literacy drive by a non-governmental organisation in Delhi. Besides literacy campaign, the Sewa Bharati also runs 1789 service projects in slum areas of Delhi. Through these projects an atmosphere of social harmony has developed in the areas where these projects are being run.

Rare book made of cloth among 70,000 manuscripts in Gujarat
AHMEDABAD A rare 800-year-old book made entirely out of cloth is one among thousands of historic manuscripts housed at the Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Institute of Indology in Ahmedabad, where ancient book-preserving techniques are being used. "The book Dharamvidi Prakran, written in 1,200 AD, is a rare book written on pages made from cloth by a religious scholar who lived during that period. The book authored by Prabh Suri, a scholar on religion, gives intricate details about Jainism in India and has great historic and religious significance. This book is one among 70,000 rare books, manuscripts, and paintings preserved at the institute. This book is perhaps one of the few surviving books written completely on cloth. The book is written in Sanskrit and consists of about 300 pages made out of thin cloth. The book was earlier white in colour but with the passage of time it has turned pale yellow. This extraordinary book is three-and-a-half feet long and is four inches thick and has been written using a special ink which was then used by scholars to write manuscripts.

The ink used to pen the book is a mixture of soot extracted from a lamp and herbs. Even though centuries have passed, the ink has not faded a bit and is still as fresh as if it was written only some time back. This book is part of thousands of manuscripts being preserved at the institute using a 1000 year-old technique which has largely been forgotten. The National Manuscripts Mission had last month visited this Institute and documented the manuscripts and books written on various subjects including astronomy, mathematics, philosophy and religion.


HC notice on Maneka's plea for closure of illegal slaughter houses - The Delhi High Court has issued a notice to the Delhi Government on a letter written by Lok Sabha member Maneka Gandhi seeking direction to the authorities for ethical treatment to the animals and closure of 15,000 illegal slaughter houses in the capital. A division bench headed by Justice M K Sharma asked the Chief Secretary of Delhi to file an interim report within three weeks after looking into the allegations. Ms. Gandhi in a letter to Acting Chief Justice Vijender Jain said that the authorites have flouted the High Court order passed in the year 2000 by permitting 15,000 illegal slaughter houses in Delhi. Every day, more than 300 trucks were entering the city with cattle heads including cows, buffaloes, calves, goats and pigs for the illegal slaughter houses. The cattle heads were being off-loaded in residential areas, where these illegal business had been operating in alleged connivance with the police. Ms. Gandhi has informed the court that in inspite of strict order to carry only four cows or buffaloes, the trucks were carrying more than 20 big cattle heads. Justice Jain marked the matter to the division bench of Justice Sharma after taking cognizance of the letter as a petition. Adjourning the matter till August 2, the Court said the Lt Governor had also constituted a committee to look into the matter and the state government would submit detailed findings of it.

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'JAINA’, had established Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi Scholarship to promote/encourage studies in Jainism and thereby honour Shri Virchand Raghavji Gandhi, the great Jain Scholar and humanitarian and commemorate the centenary of the great historical event of the first ever organised Parliament of World Religions held in 1893 at Chicago, U.S.A. where he attended it as a representative of the Jain Religion. He was the first Jain who spread Bhagwan Mahavir's message of universal love, brotherhood, compassion and nonviolence to the West in person. This scholarship is awarded to students and Sadhus- Sadhvis doing M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D in Jain Literature, Philosophy, Sculpture, Temple architecture, etc. at recognised institutions and Universities. Eligible students are requested to download the form from the website and fill in all the particulars carefully, attach required documents duly certified by the institution head and send the COMPLETED FORM to Mrs Raksha Shah, 71-B/1, Adarsh Bldg, Saraswati Road, Santacruz [ West] Mumbai-400054. Tel-91-22-26490164, E-Mail before the 31st of July 2006. For further details contact Dr Gulab Dedhia-91-22-26240020, Dr Nilesh Dalal-91-22-25115918 or Niranjan shah-91-22-22811660'

The following three interest free Loan Scholarships are being offered by the International Alumni Association of Shri Mahavira Jain Vidyalayas (USA) to any Jain Students.
1. Graduate Loan Scholarships to Students from India for Higher Studies in USA.
2. Undergraduate Loan Scholarships in India.
3. U S Students College Education Loan Scholarships in USA.

For details, please Visit Website: Or Contact Ramesh Fofaria Ketan Shah (919-772-8473) (973-661-3904)

A number of Jain temples are being constructed every year in cities and towns. However, the maintenance activities at some of the old temples is far from satisfactory. No funds are available for maintaining the temples. This information has been brought to the notice of our viewers many times in the past in this news-letter. Some saints are creating this and that dham. What is required is to fix 10 or 20 % of the amount spent on these projects towards the protection, promotion and pilgrimage to Siddha and atishay kshetras. Otherwise, we would lose them one by one. Courtesy: Ashish Jain E-Mail :


The DS Group Corporate Communications, A - 85/86, Sector 2, Noida - 201301 has claimed to be a pioneer in bringing the best of technologies and world-class solutions to India. Silver Foil division of DS joined hands with Wallner, Germany to abolish the primitive and cruel method of manually beating silver pieces between intestines of animals. The collaboration introduced the process of electronically beating silver between a special paper, in a hygienically controlled dust free atmosphere. Apart from Silver Foils, DS has started manufacturing Gold Foils. The Gold foils are made from 24 Carat Gold. The process of making Gold Foils is almost similar to Silver Foils. DS claims to produce 100% pure and vegetarian Silver & Gold Foils for the first time in India and the plant is the largest in the world. Courtesy: Mr. Manish Jain)

Priests held for looting Jain temple - MUMBAI: Two priests were arrested on charges of looting a Shwetambar Jain temple at Mandapeshwar Road in Borivli (west) to the tune of Rs 11 lakh. One of the accused, Pravin Rathod, is a priest in the same temple, while his accomplice, Vijay Rathod, is attached with a Dahisar-based temple. The police said around midnight the two priests gained entry into the temple with a duplicate set of keys that was in Pravin’s safekeeping and stole seven gold crowns, besides diamond jewellery weighing 230 gms. When Pravin was questioned by the police, he initially denied knowing anything but eventually broke down and confessed to his crime. He led the police to Vijay on Saturday and the stolen booty was recovered from them. The police said the two priests were acquaintances and wanted to make quick money.

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Criminals Slash Mother-Daughter Near PATNA Police Station - In a grizzly incident, criminals under Pirbahore police station in Patna broke into the home of one Indira Jain and stabbed her and her 21-year old daughter Sipra Jain multiple times causing severe injuries before fleeing from the crime scene. The crime occurred early morning when criminals forced their entries into the fourth-floor apartment located almost across from the Pirbahore police station. Despite loud scream for help, the police remained oblivious to the crime being committed right under their nose and didn't arrive at the house until the criminals left. People in the neighborhood, hearing the noise, arrived at the scene and were shocked to see the two women completely covered in blood with multiple stab wounds all over their bodies including their face. Reports said the mother and daughter were alone in the house when the crime was committed. The two were rushed to the Patna Medical College and Hospital where they remain in critical conditions. Sipra Jain is studying for MBA in Ahmedabad. Her father died nearly five years ago. The police is investigating the case to catch the criminals. So far, no arrest has been made.

Two brothers were found shot to death in a Woodbridge townhouse in what Prince William County police are calling a murder-suicide. The bodies of Naveen Jain, 23, and Sachin Jain, 21, were found by their mother in the bas. The brothers were found dead from gunshot wounds in an apparent murder-suicide in their home in the 14100 block of Madrigal Drive in Woodbridge, about 6:15 p.m. Police believe that domestic incidents at the home had escalated earlier in the afternoon. Police last responded to the home for a domestic incident a year ago.


Question: Why did you become a vegetarian and what changes did you notice as a result?
Answer: Because I feel vegetarian food is better, better quality. We eat meat because it’s the way we had been brought up. I have been a vegetarian for a few years and just recently I have become a vegan, which means I don’t eat milk, dairy products or eggs. There is still plenty of choice, varied vegetable foods, which are sufficient to our needs. I took this step following my inner feeling. Some people believe that vegan food is very limited and boring which is not true. It can be very diverse.

Question: Was the main reason for changing your diet your serious illness a few years back?
Answer: That was the time I gradually started to change. First step was omitting red meat, then poultry and eventually fish.

Question: After changing to vegetarian food do you feel better, healthier?
Answer: I feel great – they say I have too much energy.

Question: On World protection of Animals Day (October 4th) you invited members of Society for Liberation of Animals and their rights for discussions. What was discussed?
Answer: I invited them mainly to try and convey the message to the general public to coincide with this day. We don’t always realize how we treat animals, how we manage them. They are living creatures. As I said people have this set idea of behavior towards animals and as result they very rarely question what we actually cause. If we think for a moment how man manages animals and what impact he has on animal world, we could say he was not human at all. Just think of all slaughterhouses and production of beef or poultry where conditions for animals are impossible. Often animals are transported in lorries without any water, which is extremely cruel. It is not that people are bad they just don’t think about it. When the final product is in front of them on the plate, they don’t think what was has been before and how it got to this stage.

Question: So you decided to become a vegetarian on ethical grounds as well?
Answer: The ethics are part of the reason; the other part is the fact that humans don’t need animal flesh. It is only thinking patterns we follow which are ingrained in us. It is probably really hard to change overnight, but it can be done gradually. This is how I did it.

Question: You spoke against subsidizing mass livestock farming in the media. What was your reason for this?
Answer: I believe it is foolish that European Union’s main priority is one hundred percent subsidy of farming especially meat products. The fact that EU subsidizes mass production of meat and poultry is really the main obstacle from the ethics point of view. Not only that but also from the point of view of nutrition. We are frequently reminded by nature i.e. mad cow disease, recently swine fever, bird flu. It is obvious that something is not as it should be, something is disturbing the balance of nature, and that should be a warning to us all.

Question: Vegetarian products in shops are more expensive than meat products, which does not encourage people to buy healthier food. Do you think that more people would stop eating meat if vegetarian option was cheaper?
Answer: That is a factor as well, although I believe the main reason to be awareness of people. It is a question of making people aware of what is happening and what are they being part of. I think that is the key. That in turn leads to changes in politics i.e. agricultural policy, farming subsidies and future directions. Instead of using huge resources for mass meat production we should use it for organic farming of diverse produce from cereals, pulses, fruit and all the products that originate from these. This would certainly be kinder to nature as organic production means no use of chemical fertilizers or additives. It would mean no pollution to the environment and no chemical additives in our food. We consume these chemicals every day in our food and they are harmful. But behind all this are the interests of big manufacturers, lobbies, huge profits which are the driving force for these food manufacturers’ conglomerates. Nonetheless I believe that awareness of people continues to increase in our country and in EU. People are more and more searching for natural alternatives; they are turning to nature and becoming more aware of problems regarding animals and animal products.

Question: Would you on the basis of your own experiences recommend people to try vegetarianism?
Answer: If I do it myself I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t recommend it to others. I have no complaints as I said; I have more energy than I need. If nothing else I am living proof that you can survive without meat and meat products.

Question: How do you view the fact that we all have to pay the same national insurance contributions? It is well known that vegetarians are a lot healthier and therefore don’t use the health services as frequently.
Answer: This is a wider problem; the whole concept could be different. I don’t think that is a valid point, because there should be some solidarity where healthy people help those who are unwell. It is true however, that everyone is responsible for their own health. If we consumed less harmful and unhealthy food, we would considerably lessen the financial burden on our health service. Of course, it is not in everybody’s interest if that were to happen. What would happen to pharmaceutical industries, huge multinational companies which make billions from sick people?

Question: What is your view on hunting?
Answer: Hunting in the sense of killing animals and as a sport is certainly not an ethical matter. If you are referring to the part of the hunting organization that looks after nature environment and wild animals, for example helping with feeding in the winter – it is very useful. Hunting which is by definition just chasing and killing of animals is, of course, completely unethical.

Question: What is your opinion on live animal testing?
Answer: This is a well known dilemma which has recently been in forefront of politics in Europe, in Great Britain. You have to ask yourself would you like it if you were the subject of such testing. During the second world war my father was an inmate in the concentration camp in Dachau, where he was subjected to such medical experiments together with thousands other people. He didn’t like it one bit. Some people would say it is necessary for the progress of science but I am sure that in most cases alternative methods can be used without the need for animal testing.

Question: Where do you think the brutal treatment of animals originates?
Answer: It comes from low level of people’s awareness.

Question: And looking historically?
Answer: It is difficult to pinpoint the exact time in history. It is a question of respecting life in general. Animals are living creatures with feelings. Everyone who has a domestic animal or a pet knows that animals have feelings. The world’s religions often speak about respecting life but they only mean human life and sometimes not even that. Looking back in the Middle Ages, the Catholics proclaimed for a long time that native Red Indians that were enslaved by the Spanish and Portuguese did not have a soul. This meant that they weren’t treated as living creatures with feelings. Then they changed their mind and proclaimed that black people don’t have souls. Centuries of black slavery followed. All this happened with the blessing of the Church. Today nobody accepts this anymore. We can see how historical conscience of people is changing, despite opposing views from some institutions at different points in time.

Question: It’s nearly Christmas. For millions of people it is time for happiness, love and peace. For millions of animals it is a time of terrible cruelty at slaughter so that our tables can be laden with carcasses. And all this to celebrate the birth of a man who loved animals, protected them and didn’t kill them. What is your view on this?
Answer: Jesus would be turning in his grave if he knew that mass slaughter of animals is carried out every year in his name. His deliverance is based on absolute respect of life and it is very difficult to imagine that he would accept millions of living creatures being killed in his honor.

Question: Are you aware that all vegetarians (including you) are cursed by the Church and are condemned to eternal hell?
Answer: Fortunately people who say this don’t decide who goes to hell and who doesn’t.

Question: All the world leaders always emphasize their endeavors for world peace. Do you think peace is connected to our relationship to animals and nourishment of people without the need for killing? Tolstoy said "As long as there are slaughter houses there will be wars"
Answer: If a person’s conscience is highly developed they will not kill or be cruel to animals. You can not expect from such person to go to war and kill people for a profit. People who do not kill and eat animals have a greater chance of finding a way to live in peace in harmony. Everything is interconnected in one’s conscience. On a higher level one comes with the other. Making people more aware is the key.

Question: How do world’s politicians view this?
Answer: The world’s politicians are no more aware of this than most people. I have noticed that in many cases ordinary people are ahead of politicians. We see a lot of non governmental organizations championing causes that are not priorities of governments. Be it our treatment of animals, environment or climate change. This push for change is coming from ordinary members of society.

When the critical mass of people accepts an idea, when the majority of people expect and demand change, only then will the politicians respond. Sadly politicians are not the ones to encourage others to be conscious but instead they follow public opinion of the moment. When they see the public support slipping they reassess their priorities.

Question: Tolstoy is just one of many "great minds" of mankind, who publicly spoke for vegetarianism. Let me name a few: Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Mahatma Gandhi….These people are recognized for their great works and achievements, they are often quoted in recognition of their genius. Why do you think that mankind does not want to hear about animals and vegetarianism from these great people for example this daring saying from Albert Einstein "Nothing will increase our chances of survival on Earth as significantly as will switching to vegetarian food." How would you comment on this quote from the genius physicist?
Answer: Certainly the chances of long-term survival of mankind would increase. Everything is connected. Better quality food is somehow connected with higher level of consciousness. It is a parallel process - if we can achieve one we can achieve the other. However, it is unreasonable to expect from people with lower levels of consciousness, who are cruel to animals, to end wars, to stop manipulating others, to help eradicate world poverty. In short, as long as the consciousness level is low, all disagreements in the world today will remain and possibly increase to the point of annihilation of humans.

Question: Are the people who say they love animals, but they eat meat, real animal lovers?
Answer: I think that people do love animals, their pets, but somehow they automatically eat other animals. If they had to slaughter a cow before they could have a steak, they would think twice. Meat products are so altered in appearance that people don’t associate them with real animals.

Question: Some ladies wear animal fur in winter. What is your view on this fashion industry?
Answer: Again it’s a question of consciousness of people. People often automatically accept the behavioral patterns without questioning them. Only when you question something, you can change your point of view and become more aware of what you are buying.

Question: Where do people get the right to slaughter, incarcerate and torture animals and at the same time demand peace and all the rights for themselves? Is this sanctioned in the constitution?
Answer: It is not sanctioned as such, of course the lawyers and legislators will tell you it is not barred; but it is indeed assumed it is legitimate.

Question: From unofficial source I’ve heard that even your dog Brodi is vegetarian. Is it true?
Answer: You’ve been informed well. You’d better ask him personally. I’m not authorized to answer in his name. (laughing)
Courtesy: Mr. Gaurav Jain, E-Mail:

Meat Export a Pampered Policy of the Central Government - Make your choice –
What you want ? A few crumbs of Dollars smeared in the blood and flesh of innocent animals ? Or adhering to the principle of non-violence and compliance with fundamental duty under the constitution to have compassion towards all living creatures ?

1) Do you know how many animals are slaughtered in this country everyday for local consumption and for exports? Don't worry if you don't know the answer – even the Central Government does not know !!!

2) Meat export was a thrust area for Foreign Exchange earning in 1990-91 when we had to mortgage gold to get Foreign Exchange. Today with Foreign Exchange reserves of over 160 billions US$ (Rs. 7,20,000/- crores) the Government still considers meat export as a thrust area. The phobias are hard to get over you see !

3) Export earnings of IT sector - more than 1,00,000/- crores, of Textile Sector - more than 50,000/- crores, of Gems and Jewellery – more than 50,000/- crores – still our Government cherishes 2000 crores smeared in blood and flesh of innocent animals !

4) Export of meat is eligible for 13 types of subsidies running into hundred of crores of rupees. Can any of the above sectors earning clean and manifold more Foreign Exchange compete in the matter of subsidies with the meat sector ? This is what pampering is !

5) Cattle is a natural and precious wealth of any country and India is the only country where destroyers of this wealth are not only subsidized, they are given awards as outstanding exporters. The creators of real wealth are treated only as poor cousins !

6) What is considered a crime in one State (in respect of slaughter of an animal) under its Animal Preservation Law is perfectly legal in some other State, in respect of slaughter of the same animal. This magic is possible only in a country like India and its full advantage is visible in respect of meat export policy !

7) Article 48 of the Constitution of India reads: The State shall endeavour to organize agricultural and animal husbandry on modern and scientific lines and shall, in particular, take steps for preserving and improving the breeds and prohibiting the slaughter of cows and calves and other milch and draught cattle. This Article speaks of prohibiting the slaughter in clear cut terms, whereas the meat export policy involves slaughter of lakhs of young and healthy animals. We speak of rampant lawlessness in the country. However, where is a role model ? Even our Government shies away from being a role model !

The Constitution imposes fundamental duties to show compassion towards all living creatures. Duties ? – who cares ? !
This meat export policy of the Government needs to be immediately abandoned in national interest. Write to the Central Government (Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Food Processing Industry, Ministry of Commerce) today itself, organize pressure groups, build strong public opinion, declare your intentions to vote out this government if it does not abandon meat export policy and stops meat export from the country. Please convey your response to us and if you write to the
Government mark a copy of your communication to us on E-Mail: For more details visit our website :

Mumbai:  DIAMOND businessman to takE dIksha

Multi-millionaire Mumbai businessman Uttamchand A. Khinwasra (67) will relinquish his Mercedes car, air-conditioned residence, offices, home, mobile phone and his retinue of servants and take deeksha (renouncing worldly pleasures). Khinwasra is one of the leading business magnates of city and a well-known name in the diamond industry. His decision has surprised many in the city business circles in the city. "Its a voluntary decision and comes after years of thinking, in fact, it took me nearly four years to convince my own family that I intend to take deeksha," says Khinwasra. He explained that the decision came about after he studied and understood the Jain philosophy behind renunciation - "it did not happen on the spur of the moment." The deeksha ceremony will be held in New Delhi and performed by Jain spiritual leader, Guru Gyan Muniji.

International Academic and Research Journal of Jain Studies
Bramhi Jain Society Est 1989
United States of America and Canada

JODHPUR: YOUNG BROTHER AND SISTER ACCEPT DIKSHA - Jodhpur: Shri Lalit Hundiwal aged 18 years, son of Shri Prakash Chand Hundiwal belonging to Jalgaon (Maharashtra), alongwith his elder sister Km. Seema Hundiwal aged 23 years accepted Jain Bhagwati diksha on the 3rd May, 2006 at Jodhpur in the holy presence of Upadhyay Shri Man Chand Ji maharaj, Shri Gautam Muni Ji maharaj and Sadhwi-pramukha Shri Maina Sundari Ji maharaj. The programme was organised by All India Shri Jain Ratna Hiteishi Shrawak Sangh, a part of Shwetambar Sthanakwasi sect.

Delhi: Mahasati Shri Sulakshna Ji, disciple of late Acharya Nana Lal Ji maharaj belonging to Shwetambar Sthanakwasi sect attained devlok on the 12th March, 2006 at Delhi after a prolonged illness. She had accepted santhara prior to her death.

Bangalore: Shri Ajit kunwar Ji maharaj belonging to Sthanakwasi Jain Shraman sangh breathed her last at Bangalore on the 30th Marc, 2006. She was the disciple of second Acharya of Shraman Sangh, Shri Anand Rishi Ji maharaj.

Jodhpur: Mahasati Chandana Ji, disciple of Gyan Gachhadhipati Shri prakash Muni Ji (disciple of Shri Champa Lal Ji maharaj) left for her heavenly abode on the 2nd April, 2006 at Jodhpur, after having accepted santhara samadhimaran. She had accepted Jain Bhagwati diksha just one month ago on the 2nd March, 2006.

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