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Ahimsa Times June 2006 Issue

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June , 2006

"The great aim of education is not knowledge but action"
- Herbert Spencer -


The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh launched the Jain Manuscripts Catalogue of the collection in British Library, London on June 27th at a function organized by Institute of Jainology, London at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. Describing the lasting influence Jainism on Indian civilization Dr. Singh said that Jainism’s enduring legacy of non-violence has shaped our approach to life and nature. Its principled stand against a hierarchical caste system inspires us to fight for equality of all even today. Commending the Institute of Jainology’s initiative in cataloguing the manuscripts Dr. Singh said that such initiatives will inspire others to undertake similar efforts for re-creation of our history. Union Minister for Tourism and Culture, Smt. Ambika Soni presided over the function, British High Commissioner in India, Sir Michel Arthur was also among those present.

Addressing the audience P.M. said, " I am delighted to be present on this historic occasion of launching of the Jain Manuscripts Catalogue. This ancient land of India has been home to some of the greatest religious movements and religions known to mankind, among which Jainism occupies an important place of pride. It is an important constituent of our composite culture and civilizational heritage. The noble principles of life and spiritualism expounded in the philosophy and practice of Jainism have influenced successive generations of people worldwide. Its enduring legacy of non-violence has shaped our approach to life and nature. Its principled stand against a hierarchical caste system inspires us to fight for equality of all even today. The rational basis of Jainism has contributed to the growth of scientific temper and the fight against superstition and blind belief. Rejecting the rigidities of doctrine, Jainism presented a new openness and in a new freshness in our approach to matters considered spiritual . This approach has helped in grappling with social, religious and even economic problems facing mankind. Jainism is part and parcel of the rich tradition of rational intellectual discourse that has flourished in this ancient land of India.

He also noted that the Jain Manuscript Catalogue will be a repository of insights that can help us pursue a more fulfilling life. The values associated with Jainism are the common heritage of humankind. The whole world derives inspiration from these values. If we do not preserve those insights and make them available to future generations we will be failing in our duty to our posterity. By preparing this Catalogue, and by doing so not only in India but also in the United Kingdom, the Institute of Jainology has served the cause of all humanity, in the highest traditions of Jainism.

Union Minister for Tourism and Culture, Smt. Ambika Soni presided over the function. In her speech, she mentioned that a sum of Rs. 2 crores was sanctioned as a grant by the Government of India on the occasion of 2600th Birth Centenary of Bhagwan Mahavir for this work, with the objective of protecting the ancient heritage of the country. British High Commissioner in India, Sir Michal Aurthur, who was also among those present on the occasion, appreciated the rich work done by the two countries. The chief editor of the book, Professor Dr. Nalini Balbir was present on the occasion. Shri R.P. Chanderia, Chairman of the Institute of Jainology welcomed the guests and Dr. harshad Sangrajka, Secretary proposed a vote of thanks.

This mega event of Jain fraternity was the result of dedicated efforts of Mr. Nemu Chandaria and Dr. Kumar Pal Desai, trustees of Institute of Jainology. Their assiduous efforts presented the Jain fraternity from world over in one voice on the most accredited stage of the country.  Ahimsa Foundation congratulates Mr. Chandaria & Dr. Desai for successfully completing the Manuscript Project.

Mettur June 2: A group of Five Digambar Jain Munis and a couple of Mathajis led by Acharya 108 Sri Devasenji Muni Maharaj (disciples of Acharya 108 Sri Subhalasagarji Muni Maharaj) who were on their way to the Jain Siddaksketra Kanakagiri (Chamarajanagar dsitrict in Karnataka) from Arihantagiri (or Tirumali in Tamil Nadu) were stopped by angry protestors at Karumalaikudal situated at a distance of 15 Km from Mettur and were forced to take refuge at the Mahaveer Chemical Factory near Mettur. The protesters raised slogans against the monks till late in the night on June 2nd, 2006. The protesters demanded that the monks be arrested for obscenity. Local district administration of Mettur led by the Mettur Deputy Superintendent of police, Krishnaraj along with the local Tahsildar tried to pacify the demonstrators and help the monks continue their vihar towards Kanakagiri.

The protesters had given time till saturday morning (3rd June, 2006) for the munis to move from the place and start their journey on vehicles. In view of the prevailing tension, the munis could not continue their Vihar and stayed back at the Chemical factory. Since the munis had not moved from the place the angry protestors agitated outside the factory and is learnt to have tried to stone the room in which the munis were resting. Tension prevailed in Mettur and the Local District administration has taken control over the situation and is trying to convince the demonstrators. The munis are said to be safe.

Swasti Sri Bhuvanakeerthi Bhattarakha Swamiji pontiff of the Kanakagiri Jain Mutt has also started his journey towards Mettur from Kanakagiri. He expressed shock on the incident and has expressed confidence that they would be able to solve the problem. Some of the prominent Jains from Tamil Nadu also rushed to the place. Later, the Bhattarakhas and the local district administration were successful in making arrangements for further vihar of the Digambar Jain Munis led by Acharya 108 Sri Devasenaji Muni Maharaj towards the Jain Siddakshetra Kanakagiri (Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka) from Mettur.

The administration has decided to provide police protection to the Munis and covering either side of their vihar with cloth and to facilitate the vihar. As per this strategy he said that till late in the night preparations were underway for the clothed covering, they procured long cloths of several meters and were stiched to a height of 10 feet and were supported with bamboo of the same height. The munis and mathajis were protected by a wall of clothed enclosure and were allowed to walk in between the two clothed walls. About one hundred reserve police personnel accompanied the muni sangha on their vihar so as to avoid any untoward incidents.

It is learnt that when some of the people tried to persuade Sri Devasenji to travel on vehicles and wear clothes he has refused to do so and has said that it is since the past 35 to 40 years that he is being following the muni dharma to its core and is not prepared to break the Muni Dharma just for an upasarg (difficulty) of one or two days. Latter the munis sangha reached Kolatthur and had their ahaar (food) in the house of a local MLA and continued their journey towards Palar. The muni sangha on their onward journey will stay at Palar situated on the border of Karnataka. They would be enter Karnataka to reach Mahadeshwara Hills. The Jain samaj's have also planned to accompany the muni sangh in their vihar once they reach Karnataka. The Jain samajs of Mysore and Chamarajanagar have decided to request the Local district administrations of Mysore and the bordering Chamarajanagar districts to provide special police protection to the Muni sangh on their entry into Karnataka. A letter in this connection will be sent by Sri Bhuvanakeerthi Bhattarakhji and the Jain samajs to the local authorities. Courtesy : Pankaz Chandmal Hingarh, Mumbai.

The discourses of Muni Shri 108 Praman sagar ji maharaj, disciple of Acharya Shri 1008 Vidhya Sagar Ji Maharaj, belonging to Digambar sect are being presently telecast on Astha Channel of T.V. at 6.10 P.M. every day for the benefit of devotees and followers. Muni Praman sagar ji had been attracting large audience of listeners during his last chaturmas at Calcutta and the collection of his discourses are being telecast now. The subject of his lectures relates to moral and aesthetic values in life, character-building and basic tenets of Jainism.

1. Acharya Shrimad Vijay Kirtiyash Surishwar Ji maharaj and other saints disciples of Tapagachhadhiraj Shrimad Vijay Ramchandra Surishwar Ji maharaj, belonging to Shwetambar Murtipujak sect to hold their chaturmas at Sabarmati, Ahmedabad.
2. Acharya Shri Vijay Jaykunj Surishwar Ji maharaj, alongwith Acharya Shri Vijay Muktiprabh Surishwar Ji maharaj, Upadhyay Shri Akshay Vijay Ji maharaj and other saints and sadhwi belonging to Shwetambar Murtipujak sect entered Calcutta in an impressive procession to hold their chaturmas here. They belong to the sampraday of Shri Vijay Ram Chandra Suri shwar Ji maharaj.
3. Acharyapravar Shri Hirachand Ji maharaj alongwith eight other revered saints belonging to Shwetambar Sthanakwasi sect to hold their chaturmas at Bangarpet in Karnataka.
4. Upadhyay Pandit Ratna Shri Man Chandra Ji maharaj alongwith five other saints belonging to Shwetambar Sthanakwasi sect to old their chaturmas at Pipar City (Jodhpur dist.) in Rajasthan.
5. Sadhwipramukha Mahasati Shri Mainasundari Ji maharaj alongwith seven other sadhwis belonging to Shwetambar Sthanakwasi sect to old their chaturmas at Jodhpur city (Ghodon Ka Chowk).
6. Ganini pramukh Shri Gyanmati Mata Ji, belonging to Digambar sect to hold chaturmas, starting from 10th July, 2006, at Hastinapur, the birth place of Jain Tirthankars, Shri Shanti nath Ji nad Shri Kunthu nath Ji and a centre of pilgrimage for all Jains.
7. Aryika Shri Suparshwamati mata ji to hold chaturmas at Bhilwara in Rajasthan. She will be staying at Sant Niwas, New Housing Board, Shastrinagar.

8. Aryika Chandramati mata ji to hold chaturmas at New Delhi. The likely place of her stay is Agrawal Jain temple, Raja Bazar, Connaught place (Shiva Ji Stadium). Chaturmas period will commence from 10th July, 2006.

In a gathering of Jains coming from different countries, such as USA, Canada, England, South Africa, Dubai, and other Asian countries, organised by Jain Mahasabha at India International Centre, New Delhi, it was unanimously decided to constitute an International Federation of Jain institutions. This organisation will lay down policy, frame guide-lines and give directions to all the Jain institutions and societies on various matters of common interest and will help in promoting unity amongst different sects of Jain religion. An Executive committee of the Federation was constituted consisting of: Sri Kirit Bhai Daftari (USA) as Chairman, Sri R.P. Chanderia (England) as Vice-Chairman, Sri Nemu Chanderia (England) as General Secretary, and Dr. Harshad Sangrajka (USA), Dr. Sulekh Jain (USA), Sri Dileep Bhai Shah, Padam Shri Kumar Pal Mehta, Sri Harshad Doshi (Calcutta), Sri Rajnikant (Jaipur), Sri Nitish Doshi (Dubai) as members. Local leaders from Delhi, namely, S.Sri Mangilal Sethia, Bhanwar Doshi, Raj Kumar Jain, Kanahyia La Patawari, V.C. Jain, Lalit Nahta, Gajendra Singhvi, Swaroop Chand Vardia, Tej Karan Jain, Vimal Surana and Virendra Mehta were also accepted as members. Smt. Indu Jain from Times of India group and Sri Ratan Jain, Secretary, Jain Maha sabha presented their views and took part in the deliberations.

As the next generation of Jain Americans begins to assimilate into wstern culture, it becomes increasingly challenging to meet those that hold similar beliefs and religious values. Though websites and e-mail communication help to a certain extent, nothing comes close to meeting potential suitors in person. Jain Milan is organized to encourage our Jain youth to meet other Jains for the purpose of matrimony and to facilitate a face-to-face meeting. We have witnessed many other Indian organizations holding similar successful events and we felt it was time to create a forum for the Jain youth. With events like Jain Milan, we hope to achieve our goal to preserve Jain traditions and values in our next generation and strengthen our community. Jain Milan is an opportunity for Jain youth (age 21 and older) throughout North America and around the world to meet in person, to make friends, to engage in networking, to develop business contacts and to possibly find a life partner. Jain Milan believes in Jain family values and will work hard to preserve these values. For more information go to Gunwant Shah, JAINA, VP Northeast, 732-246-4030 in USA.


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Theory and Practice  By Shrutpragya Swamiji (Founder of Peace of Mind Yogic Center)  September 8, 9, 10th 2006 Siddhachalam, Jain Tirth, Blairstown, NJ  Shrutpragyaji Swamiji is one of the most articulate and charismatic young spiritual leaders of the new generation. The greatest challenge we all face is managing our emotions in different facets of our daily life. The focus of this camp will be on both theory and practice for a balanced and healthy lifestyle for young adults. Swamiji’s teachings integrate ancient scriptures and modern science which validate our day to day experience and knowledge. 3-days of active practice, discussions, discourses, and relaxation. Topics will include: Stress and Mind Management, passing Through 20’s and 30’s, Healthy Body Healthy Mind, Jainism in Profession, Yoga and Meditation. Space is limited – please register early. All participants (recommended age under 40) must arrive by 5:00 p.m. on Friday September 8th and the camp will end by 3:00 p.m. on Sunday September 10th. Fee for the weekend which includes all activities, handouts, accommodations, and meal is only $100. The programme is Open for Non-Jains & Jains ( Irrespective of caste / creed/ sex). For registration and more information feel free to contact: Dr. Champa Bid 973-992-5304 Information Courtesy : Pankaz Chandmal Hingarh,Mumbai

Bonny Jain, who has won the 2006 National Geographic Bee and a $25,000 scholarship prize, would travel to Greece, a place he really wants to go in order to study the ruins and learn about Greece's classical tradition. Preparing for the Geographic Bee means much more than knowing world capitals, names of various tribes and historic landmarks and crucial dates, Bonny feels. For over the years the questions have also been involving analogies. This year for instance, there was this question: "Urdu is to Pakistan as Sinhalese is to what?" "I have a lot of fun," he says chuckling. "I play tennis, and I love to travel." "And in preparing for this competition, while there was a lot of hard work and tension, there was also a lot of fun." Courtesy : Pankaz Chandmal Hingarh, Mumbai.

The Lata Mangeshkar Award from the Government of Maharashtra was conferred at the hands of Deputy Chief Minister R.R.Patil to veteran music director-lyricist and singer Ravindra Jain on June 6 at Mumbai’s Ravindra Natya Mandir. The award ceremony was followed by a programme on the composers’ famous songs. Producer Rajkumar Barjatya was an honoured guest. Speaking on the occasion, Jain said that Mumbai was his karmabhoomi and stated “Ghar ke baahar shoharat mili koi baat nahin, ghar mein izzat mili yeh badi baat hai!” He termed it an honour to receive an award named after Lata Mangeshkar. Ravindra Jain mde his debut in Kanch Aur Heera in 1972 and his best works include Chor Machaye Shor, Geet Gaata Chal, Chitchor, Ram Teri Ganga Maili, Henna and several TV serials including Ramayan.

The award, instituted in the memory of third pattadhar of Shwetambar Sthanakwasi Shraman Sangh, Shri Devendra Muni will be given this year to Dr. Sagar Mal Jain. Dr. Jain is a learned scholar, prolific writer of Jain literature and an ardent devotee. He has written more than 100 books on Jain philosophy, edited Jain magazines and conducted research in Jainology. He had been Director of Sri Parshwanath Vidhyapeeth at Varanasi and currently, he is the Director of Prachya Vidhyapeeth, Shajapur. The award was announced by Shri Dhansukh Bahi Doshi, Chairman of Shri Devendra Muni Education and Medical Research Institute (Shri Devendra Muni Shikshan and Chikitsa Shodh Sansthan) Trust, Udaipur. This award was instituted by the inspiration of Shri Devendra Muni's elder sister, during house-hold period, Mahashramani Pushpawati Ji maharaj. The award consists of Rs. 11,000 in cash, a shawl and a note of eulogy.


Two eminent writers propagating the values of vegetarianism through literature have been honoured with Dr. Nemichand Jain Memorial Awards at a function organised by the Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation at chennai. The Nemichand Jain awards were given to Dr Kusum Lunia for her Hindi book, Shakahar Shreshtaahar and Dr K M Gangwal for his work, "Vegetarianism - Healthy Way of Life" . 'Vegetarianism have to be spread in the world which will help people understand this noble way of lifestyle,' said N P Jain, former diplomat and executive president, World Jain Confederation. Speaking at the awards function, he said one has to cultivate reverence for all living creatures as right to life was not just an exclusive privilege of human beings alone, he said. 'There was a need to develop respect for the lives of innocent creatures,' he averred. Expatiating on the subject further, Jain said, however, vegetarianism should not be forced on the people. 'Though one is morally bound to propagate vegetarianism, care should be taken that it is not forced on people. Rather they should be gently persuaded to give up their unhealthy dietary habit,' he said. Dr Jayanthilal Jain, chairman of the Awards Committee, said doctors should advise their patients to change into vegetarian way of life for a healthy and disease free life.

JAIN COSMOLOGY (English), A Coffee Table Book on Jain Cosmology, By Professor Dr Colette Caillat & Ravi Kumar
Translated from the Original French into English, By R Norman., 2004 310 x 270 mm 200 pp on art paper, Deluxe Hardcover Edition Rs. 3000. Ancient Jain scriptures liken the cosmos to a giant theatre where souls play out their roles. Souls traverse the ocean of transmigration, moving from one rebirth to another until they attain Samyaktva and moksha – the acme of spiritual perfection. Jains do not distinguish between the transcendental world and the real world. Jain scriptures make known to us astronomical, geographical and cosmographic observations which are said to have originated from the Jinas themselves. All this information has been given simply, accurately with the help of beautiful examples of Jain art, manuscript illustrations and calligraphy, all in full colour, taken from classical Jain cosmological texts. Each magnificent picture has been provided with captions, date and provenance. There are 108 pictures, each representing different aspects of Jain cosmology. The work combines aesthetic perfection with academic soundness as its author Professor Dr Colette Caillat is one of world's most respected scholars of Jainism. The book includes a Bibliography and an Index of Names and Words.

MAHAVIRA: PRINCE OF PEACE (English), A Coffee Table Book on Bhagavan Mahavira, the 24th Tirthankara 
Includes over 35 full colour original il
lustrations, Text by Ranchor Prime, 2006 330 x 240 mm 124 pp on art paper, Deluxe Hardcover Edition Rs. 2600, This is a charming book, worth treasuring for its simplicity of language and the gorgeous illustrations. It is based on the life and teachings of Bhagavan Mahavira who lived in the 6th century Before Common Era. Mahavira was the 24th Tirthankara. [There are 24 Tirthankaras in every Time Cycle according to Jain scriptures]. The Jain religion has flourished in India since pre-historic times. Hence, Jainism is probably the oldest living religion in the world. 
Mahavira's teachings were not new or different from those of the earlier 23 Tirthankaras. Mahavira taught that all souls are equal and hence, one should practice compassion towards all living beings. Mahavira's message was that universal compassion would lead to Vitaragata, a stage beyond attachment and aversion. This Vitataragata would cause shedding of karmas from the soul, thus liberating the soul from the bondage of rebirth. His teachings gave impetus to realisation 
of the internal beauty and harmony of the soul. "Such teaching attracted many disciples including Gautama Buddha himself, who was amongst Mahavira's first and dearest followers." Jains, known in ancient times as Nirgranthas or Sramanas, are few in number today, hence a minority religion in India. But their contribution to India's rich and varied heritage of art, architecture, literature, philosophy, culture and traditions is immense. Jain temples are quite simply "the most exquisite and architecturally sophisticated of any ever built in India." Dipavali, the festival of lights, is celebrated by Jains each year to honour Mahavira's nirvana. The Foreword is clearly written and lends perspective to the book.

The above books are available at: Hindi Granth Karyalay 9 Hirabaug, C.P. Tank, Mumbai 400004, E-Mail:

The Jain Mutt of Shravanabelagola in a press release has announced that the Mahamasthakabhisheka celebrations of Lord Bahubali that was scheduled to be concluded on May 28th, 2006 has now been extended up to 18th July, 2006. This is due to the huge rush experienced at Shravanabelagola during the week end Anointing ceremonies and the demand from the general public to witness the mega event. It could be recalled here that the official abhisheka of the Lord was organised from 8th February 2006 to 19th February 2006 by the Jain Mutt in cooperation with the Governments of India and Karnataka. Later on, the Jain Mutt had arranged a series of abhishekas to Lord Bahubali during the week ends on Sundays in order to facilitate those, who could not perform and witness the early part of the event due to huge crowd. For further details, photos and updates on the mega event please visit the website Courtesy: Mr. H.P.Nitin, Member, Publicity Sub Committee, Mahamasthakabhisheka Mahotsava - 2006 , Director,, Phone: 91 9880818869 Email:


Special cover was issued at UDUPI (Karnataka) on 11-02-06 during the exhibition KARAVALIPEX - 2006. It is related to JAINISM. The special cancellation of this cover depicts Jain Temple Kattale Basadi, Barkur dedicated to Bhagwan Parshwanath. Courtesy Mr. Sudhir Jain, E-mail :, Website :

New Delhi: In an effort to reach out to a "universal" audience and to preserve their rich heritage, followers of the ancient religion of Jainism are undertaking a project to digitalise information about their religion besides cataloguing volumnous multi-lingual Jain manuscripts to make them accessible to the "younger generation". The first phase in this project, undertaken by the Institute of Jainology (a non-profit body of the Jain community) to "bring out the knowledge in the texts" is already completed with the cataloguing of almost 2000 manuscripts preserved in the British Library in London. "The second phase of cataloguing another 2400 manuscripts which are with the Wellcome Trust and the Bodleian Library will be completed in another 12 to 18 months," says Dr Mehool Sanghrajka, Director of Education, Institute of Jainology. 
The most comprehensive effort, says Dr. Sanghrajka, is the third phase of digitising a selected 1000 manuscripts and creating a "contextual framework", i.E. Detailing every manuscript's origin, significance, providing audio explanation, video footage and translation of the work with reference to the socio-political history of its time. Besides the manuscripts, every aspect of Jain culture will be incorporated in the project. "This effort is to bring the texts to life by using modern technology. "This will generate interest among the younger generation as every information about Jains will be available from the internet," says Prof Sanghrajka.

Those people who are opposing reservations do not know that there are reservations for Jains also. In many states, Jains are recognized as religious minority community. In such states, Jain students have 50% reservations in educational institutions run by Jain community. In such institutions, 100% seats of employees are reserved for Jains. There are many engineering and other higher educational institutions run by Jains which are getting this benefit. The people opposing reservations do not know the diversity in Jain community. There are many backward Jain castes. Just in Maharashtra 5 Jain castes are getting benefits of being OBC. (Other Backward Caste). In Karnataka. All Jains are recognized as backwards and getting the benefits. There are many other educational, political and other benefits for Jains as a minority or backward caste. When the forward Jain castes are engaged in building temples and fighting for Teerthakshetras and they have no time for running schemes for upliftment of backward Jains, let the government do something for them by giving reservations. Courtesy: -Mahavir Sanglikar.

It is a matter of regret that events of theft are occurring repeatedly right in the city of Indore and no firm action is being taken by the authorities to book the culprits. According to a report published in Jinendu of the 11th June, 2006, the thieves broke open the door and took away seven silver umbrellas (Chhatra) on the idols in Shri Parshwa nath Digambar Jain temple at Nanda nagar, Lane No. 3, ( Police station Pardeshipura). On the 9th June  again a similar incident has occurred in Shri Mahavir Digambar Jain temple at Vaishali Nagar-Brij Vihar colony, where the thieves broke the locks of the main entrance door and looted the Dan-Peti, which carried a large amount of cash and weighed about 50 kg., a silver lamp, silver thali and other costly items and ran away. The Jain community is highly perturbed and aggrieved due to these events.

On a complaint lodged by All India Prani Mitra Sangh with the Municipal Corporation that the Jumbo circus, currently being shown in Hyderabad town had been openly displaying high degree of cruelty and atrocity to animals used in the circus and the management was flouting the laws framed by Animal Welfare Board for the protection of animals, the Corporation has ordered the circus to be closed immediately and asked to move outside the city premises. Cruelty towards animals by circus owners is common even though strict laws have been framed for their protection. There is no strictness on the part of authorities and the laws of the land are seldom obeyed. NGO's can take up this matter in their towns so as to ensure strict observance of the laws.

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Three persons, said to be involved in a robbery at a Jain temple here recently have landed in the police net. It may be recalled that jewels and cash (from seven hundis) in the Jain temple at Thangasalai in Sowcarpet area were found stolen last week. The Police department formed a special team, which arrested three persons at Central Railway Station, who were about to board a Mumbai- bound train. On investigation, it came to light that the three men identified as Parveen, Suresh, Gautam, natives of Rajasthan, were involved in several robberies in temples here, including the popular Jain temple. According to police, the trio had given the stolen jewels to a man, who exchanged them for currency. Police have launched a search for a woman, who is said to be a friend of the three men and her brother.


Dr. Suneera Kasliwal is a renouned sitar artiste ( Maihar Gharana) with Pt. Ravi Shankar and Pt. Uma Shankar as her Gharana seniors. She has extensively performed in India as well as abroad. Also to her credit are two books one of which named “Classical Musical Instruments” published by Rupa & Co. is running into its 3rd edition. Presently, she is a Professor in Department of Music, Delhi University, Delhi. She was recently awarded with "Sadhana Award" in Jain Mahila Sammelan held at Sharavanabelagola in November' 2005. "Siddhanthchakravarti Parampujya Acharyashri Vidhyanand ji Maharaj" blessed her and released bhajan cassette at a function at Delhi.

Bombay building industry is getting increasingly conscious about the food habits of their customers. They feel vegetarian occupants are better commercial propositions and therefore turning out the meat eaters. As this city of 16 million becomes the cosmopolitan main nerve of a booming Indian economy, real estate is increasingly intersecting with cuisine. More middle-class Indians are moving in, more of them are vegetarian, and the law is on their side. ''Some people are very strict. They won't sell to a non-vegetarian even if he offers a higher price than a vegetarian,'' said real estate broker Norbert Pinto. Vegetarianism is a centuries-old custom among Hindus, Jains and others in India. The government reckons India has some 220 million vegetarians, more than anywhere else in the world. ''Veg or non-veg?'' is heard constantly in restaurants, at dinner parties and on airlines. And the question has long been an unwritten part of the interrogation to which house hunters must submit.

It is heartening to learn that the Gujarat Government has banned all non-vegetarian from selling in the city of Palitana, the place being a centre of pilgrimage and a holy place for all Jains.

55-year-old shopkeeper Sunder Lal Jain was found stabbed to death inside his shop at Chandni Chowk on 25th June. The police suspect it to be a case of personal enmity. According to the police, the murder came to light around 8 p.m. when the area security guard found the door of Sunderlal Jain's sari shop ajar. When he entered, he saw Sunderlal lying in a pool of blood. He immediately alerted the market association members, who informed Sunderlal's family and called in the police. Initial probe revealed that nothing was missing from the shop. Sunderlal had been stabbed several times, suggesting that it was a case of personal enmity. However, the police are probing all angles.

Mumukshu Shri Lalit Hundiwal alongwith Mumukshi Sushri Sima Hundiwal accepted Jain Bhagwati diksha from Upadhyay Pandit Ratna Shri Man Chandra Ji maharaj on the 9th May, 2006 at Jodhpur. They were renamed after diksha as saint Lokendra Muni and Sadhwi Suvratprabha.

Mumukshu Jeet Mal Jirawala accepted Jain bhagwati diksha at Balotara in Rajasthan under the auspices of Shri Vardhman Jain Sthanakwasi sangh in the holy presence of Shri Ramesh Muni.

Jain mahasadhwi Shri Manisha Ji maharaj belonging to Swetambar Sthanakwasi sect breathed her last due to prolonged illness at Ropar in Punjab on the 11th June, 2006. A long procession, carrying the body in a well-decorated palanquin was taken out through the city. Thousands of devotees from far and nearby places joined the procession and had their last darshan and paid homage. She belonged to Nalagarh in Himachal Pradesh and was accorded diksha in the year 1979. Her elder sister, Sadhwi Usha Ji had also accepted diksha.


The reason for posting this message onto this group is just to give a call to all jains to come forward to stop the cruel and brutal act of violence about which I came to know just recently after watching a full-fledged coverage by Zee TV on the incident of cruelty. It was 3rd June 2006, when to my surprise a program was being aired on Zee TV. This TV program just unfolded such facts which were shocking. In Bijnor, a city located in the state of Uttar Pardesh, a big act of animal execution is taking place and too that with the help of UP administration.

Camels in large numbers are being executed daily. Since camels have highest calcium content in their bones, they are taken from various places and they all are then executed. First of all a heavy dose is being injected into the camel so as to make him completely unconscious and after that camel is being beheaded (Cutting the throat off). Due to unconscious state the camels don't offer resistance and also they don't make any noise. All the major toothpaste brands and other FMCG manufacturing companies purchase theses bones to process these further to extract good amount of calcium. Not only this, the flesh of the camel is separated from the bones and then this flesh is purchased by various export houses based in Delhi Gurgaon, Faridabad and NCR region. This flesh is then packed and is exported to middle east countries and Europe. Also, the remaining portion which fetches a good amount of money i.e. the skin of the camel is sold to various leather processing units which process the skin of camels and then resell them to other leather goods producing units. It was all aired live on the TV that how a camel is being injected and after that it is beheaded. And the worst part of this reality is that this all is happening with the help of UP administration. Also, it was stated in the report that all the big icons of UP politics are also involved although they (Zee TV) didn't reveal the names of those who are a part of this illegal act. So friends, I feel we all must come forward and do something substantial to stop this cruelty. This is really something against the principles of Jainism. So we all can plan some sort of procession against the UP administration. We can protest either by sending written request to the Prime Minister Of India or we can lodge our protest by sending email to higher authorities and insisting them to look into the matter and do the needful. I would also like to give a call to all the Advocates of our Jain community, to come forward and do something, if any of our eminent lawyers can file PIL (Public Interest Litigation Petition) and then follow up the case. I personally on behalf of our whole jain community assure you our full support for this noble act. Any suggestions regarding this matter are welcome. Vinay Jain, 1239,Urban Estate, Phase-II,Patiala-147002 Mob. 09872486668.

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