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December, 2010

A Happy New Year! 2011

Grant that I May bring no tear to any eye,
When this New Year in time shall end,
Let it be said I've played the friend,
Have lived and loved and labored here,
And made of it a happy year.....................Edgar Guest


श्री वर्धर्ममान श्वेताम्बर स्थानकवासी जैन श्रमणसंघ साधु-सम्मेलेलन
का आयोजन
15 से 22 मई, 2011 तक दिल्ली में

मुख्यालय : जैन भवन, 12, शहीद भगतसिंह मार्ग, गोल मार्किट, नई दिल्ली - 110 001, फोन नं. : 011 . 23363729, 23365420

नई दिल्ली : श्री ऑल इंडिया एस0 एस0 जैन कॉन्फ्रेंस के मुख्यालय में रविवार, 12 दिसम्बर, 2010 को श्री वर्धमान श्वेताम्बर स्थानकवासी जैन श्रमणसंघ साधु-सम्मेलन आयोजन समिति की प्रथम मीटिंग का आयोजन भारी उत्साह के साथ किया गया। उल्लेखनीय है कि श्रमणसंघीय पू0 आचार्य डॉक्टर शिवमुनि जी म0 द्वारा साधु सम्मेलन की घोषणा के साथ ही समाजजनों ने त्वरित गति से अपने कत्र्तव्यों का निर्वाह जहाँ शुरु कर दिया है वहीं समिति की कार्यपद्धतियों को गति प्रदान करने के संदर्भ में पू0 आचार्यश्री जी के निर्देशानुसार श्री सुमतिलाल कर्नावट जी जैन, ठाणे (महाराष्ट्र) - चेयरमैन तथा श्री केसरीमल बुरड़ जी जैन, बैंगलुरु (कर्नाटक)- अध्यक्ष के नेतृत्व वाली श्री वर्धमान श्वेताम्बर स्थानकवासी जैन श्रमणसंघ साधु-सम्मेलन आयोजन समिति में श्री नेमीचन्द चोपड़ा जी जैन, पाली (राजस्थान) को बतौर कार्याध्यक्ष मनोनीत किया गया है। इस घोषणा से स्थानकवासी जैन समाज में चहुं ओर हर्ष का वातावरण व्याप्त हो गया है।

इस प्रथम मीटिंग में कई महत्वपूर्ण विषयों पर विचार-विमर्श के साथ ही घोषणा की गई कि चिर-प्रतीक्षित श्री वर्धमान श्वेताम्बर स्थानकवासी जैन श्रमणसंघ साधु-सम्मेलन का आयोजन दिल्ली में 15 से 22 मई, 2011 तक आयोजित किया जाएगा।

गौरतलब है कि साधु-सम्मेलन के तिथि निर्धारण के साथ ही समिति के पदाधिकारियों का देश के कई राज्यों में संत-सतीवृन्द के श्रीचरणों में पहुंच कर सम्मेलन में पधारने संबंधी निवेदन की प्रक्रिया तेज हो गई है तथा समिति के पदाधिकारी व अनेक सदस्य राजस्थान, मध्य प्रदेश, महाराष्ट्र व उत्तर भारत आदि क्षेत्रों में पहुंचने के कार्यक्रम निर्धारित करते हुए अग्रसर हैं। - विमलचन्द धारीवाल जैन ( महामंत्री).


Honouring a commitment to a Jain seer in June this year, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has vetoed a proposal in the Cabinet to open new liquor shops in the state. Many cabinet ministers were in favour of the new shops on the ground that it would control sale of illegal liquor but Chouhan put his foot down when the Cabinet met to discuss the subject. Chouhan had made the commitment to Jain seer Muni Tarun Sagar Maharaj while sharing a dais with him in Guhanchi village of Damoh district on June 4. In September this year, Chouhan had announced that as long as he was the Chief Minister he would not allow eggs to be served in anganwadis of the state. His assertion had come while addressing a 1000-strong gathering of Jains at his official residence. Eggs were on the menu of the draft of an ambitious programme to address malnutrition, but the community, which has a total population of about 5.45 lakh in the state, had objected to it. Chouhan and his wife Sadhna Singh have also joined a campaign by Tarun Sagar Maharaj to make 10 lakh people give up liquor and meat. Minister of State for Food and Civil Supplies Paraschandra Jain has already announced that non-vegetarian food would not be served in any function organised by his department. Courtesy : YMalaiya, E-Mail:


Monthly Punya Tithi of Acharya Mahapragya ji was celebrated by Tamkore’s people in the presence of Samanijis, Samani Pratibha Pragya, Samani Punaya Pragya, Samani Samta Pragya and Samani Bhavya Pragya. The monthly Punya Tithi of Acharya Mahapragya was celebrated on 1st Dec, 2010 at Pragya Bhavan. “Mahapragya Bhajan Mandali”(a group of people to sing devotional songs) was set up on the same day. This Mandali comprises about twenty-seven members on the first day and gradually it will be enhanced. Mr. Manoj Sethiya was nominated as a coordinator of it. Mahapragya International School Teachers, and Mahapragya Industrial Training Institute’s faculty also participated in this programme. The programme was started by chanting of mantras. Reverent Samnijis and other participants sang many bhajans. Samani pratibha Pragya ji addressed the assembly and said that Gurudev’s blessings were showered on each and everyone. We all are lucky enough that great Acharya Mahapragya ji hailed from Tamkore. He spread the message of peace and brotherhood all over the world. Courtesy:


Acharya Shantisagar was one of the greatest Jain teachers and scholars of the 20th century. He was the spiritual leader (acharya) of the Digambara Jain community. For over thirty-five years, from 1920 to his death in 1955, he wandered all over India. He as the first monk in several centuries to revive the tradition of wandering naked without even a begging bowl. He would eat only once a day, receiving food in his bare hands. He was a holy man who led by example and his actions are greatly admired by Jainas throughout the world.1919: Shantisagar ji initated as a Muni by Devendrakirti, and was given Acharya-hood in 1924 thus restoring the ancient tradition. 1924: Virasagar ji initiated by Shantisagar ji. ................................... Click here to read further ( Courtesy :


Gulbarga, Fashion Designer Kiran Maru, his wife Jyothi and son Bhavya are taking a journey into renunciation. Thirty-six-year-old Kiran has decided to free himself from worldly pleasures and pressures. He, wife Jyothi (34) and eight-year-old Bhavya are all set to become Jain ascetics by renouncing all their material possessions. Their move towards asceticism has brought great joy to the Jain community here and elsewhere. The three will attain the highest order of spiritualism for the noble cause of preaching and propagating Jain religion on February 23, 2011, with Acharya Bhagawant Kalapuran Surishwar formally initiating them into the ascetic world at Adhoi in Kuchch district of Gujarat.

Kiran from Adoni in Andhra Pradesh and Jyothi, a Kannadiga from Belgaum, married 10 years ago and are settled in Mumbai. Over the last couple of years, they have been preparing for the ultimate by renouncing one pleasure after another of the material world. The Marus were given a rousing reception by the Sankeshwar Parshvanath Jain Sangh when they visited to seek the blessings of their elders before taking up sanyas. The three Shwetambars have already undertaken the 'aparigriha vruta', a religious ritual of not accepting anything from anybody, and have been undergoing vigorous training of the life of sanyas ashrama. After attaining sanyas, each of them will be moving independently all over India to preach and spread the universal values of Jainism. Manilal Shah said Bhavya, who has studied up to third standard, has also been given due training and he has been mentally prepared to take up 'bala sanyas' to become an infant ascetic. Courtsey : Dr. Sulekh C. Jain, Houston, Texas ,USA, 281 494 7656, 832 594 8005 ( cell), E-Mail -


Idols of Bhagwan Parshwanatha and others were recovered by the Bhatkal police. They were stolen from Padmavathi temple at Haduvalli village in Bhatkal taluk in August last year. Vijayanand Sambanna (48) of Harihar in Davanagere district was arrested in this connection and the other accused Nasrulla, alias Munna of Harihar and Ashok Joshi of Hospet were reported to be absconding. Bhatkal taluk has some ancient Jain temples administered by the Archaeological Survey of India. According to Police, the idols were estimated at Rs. 30 lakh and the value of these antique pieces in the international market could be much higher. The antique idol of two-foot tall and Parshwanatha weighed 15 kg and was 1.5-foot tall.


In 2004, when Police Inspector Deepak Dhole picked up basic fire-fighting skills during his year-long deputation to Kosovo as part of the UN Peacekeeping Force, he had no idea the training would save his life and that of eight others. Having served 23 years in the police force, Dhole has been with the Crime Branch for 10 years. In 2001, he went on a mission to Kosovo and then on another to Cypress in 2005, as part of the UN Peace Keeping Force. ( Deepak Dhole belongs to a Jain family of Sangli, Maharashtra).

On the night of November 26, 45-year-old Dhole, a police inspector from Colaba police station, was stranded on the second floor of the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower Hotel with eight others, including a police-sub-inspector, five constables, two hotel staff members and two SRPF personnel. A large portion of their floor was on fire. According to him, "We were constantly firing towards the upper floors to prevent the terrorists from coming down. They set fire to the sixth floor and threw grenades from above. As the fire spread, the CCTVs blacked out and we realized that our floor was on fire too, That's when we decided to leave. But when we began moving in a line towards the nearest staircase, the terrorists rained bullets on us and our group was split". Dhole was behind SRPF constable Rahul Shinde when the latter fell to bullets, forcing them to retreat. "We saw him crumple to the floor and rushed back to the CCTV room. However, we had left the room's door open and the flames had spread inside too. We had to come out again, this time moving in the opposite direction," he recounts. Cupping his palms under Shinde's arms, Dhole began to drag his body, directing the others forward all along. Courtesy : Mahavir Sanglikar, Cell No. 09623725249.

During the operations against Pakistan in December, 1971 Squadron Leader Mohinder Kumar Jain was serving with a Fighter-Bomber Squadron in the Western Sector. On the 4th December 1971 he carried out two strike missions over Mianwali airfield and attacked enemy aircraft parked on the ground. As he turned homeward after the attack, he was attacked by enemy Sabre and Mirage aircraft. He successfully disengaged himself from the enemy attacks and brought his aircraft safely back to base.

On the 5th, 7th and 9th December, 1971, he carried out further successful missions to Punch, Sambha and Dinanagar Sectors in support of our ground forces. On the 10th December, 1971, he was detailed as the leader of a two aircraft strike mission to the Chamb Sector. Despite heavy and concentrated ground fire, he made accurate bomb and cannon attacks on the enemy positions. During this action, his aircraft was hit and crashed in enemy territory. Throughout these operations, Squadron Leader Mohinder Kumar Jain displayed gallantry, professional skill and devotion to duty of a high order. Courtesy : Mahavir Sanglikar, E-Mail:

Padma Vibhushan is the second highest civil award in India, while Padma Bhushan ranks at number 3. So far, 5 Jains have got Padma Vibhushan, while the number of Padma Bhushan Awardees from Jain community is 28. Number of Padma Shri awardees is ten as shown in the list below:-

Padma Bhushan Awardees
Year Name Stream State
2010 Ms. Mallika Sarabhai Arts Gujarat
2010 Shri S.P. Oswal Trade & Industry Punjab
2009 Shri D.R. Mehta Social Work Rajasthan
2009 Dr. Kirit Shantilal Parikh Pulic Affairs Delhi
2007 Prof. Bhikhu Parekh Literature & Education Maharashtra
2006 Shri Deepak Parekh Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2006 Ms. Devki Jain Social Work Karnataka
2006 Ms. Dinesh Nandini Dalmia Literature & Education Delhi
2004 Shri Komal Kothari Arts Rajasthan
2003 Dr. Kantilal Hastimal Sancheti Medicine Maharashtra
2002 Pravinchandra V. Gandhi Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2000 Shri D. Veerendra Heggade Social Work Karnataka
2000 Sharan Rani Backliwal Arts Delhi
1998 Dr. Laxmi Mall Singhvi Public Affairs Delhi
1992 Dalsukh Dahyabhai Malvania Literature & Education Gujarat
1992 Smt. Mrinalini Sarabhai Arts Gujarat
1989 Shri Girilal Jain Literature & Education Delhi
1988 Shri Shrijans Prasad Jain Social Work Maharashtra
1974 Pandit Sukhlalji Sanghavi Literature & Education Gujarat
1972 Dr. Shantilal C. Sheth Medicine Maharashtra
1971 Devchand Chhaganlal Shah Social Work Maharashtra
1971 Shri Jainendra Kumar Jain Literature & Education Delhi
1969 Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai Trade & Industry Gujarat
1967 Shri Akshy Kumar Jain Literature & Education Delhi
1966 Dr. Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai Science & Engineering Gujarat
1962 Dr. Daulat Singh Kothari Civil Service Delhi
1959 Bhaurao Payagounda Patil Social Work Maharashtra
1959 Smt. Hansa Jivraj M. Mehta Social Work Maharashtra
Padma Vibhushan awardees
1992 Dr.V. Shantaram Arts Maharashtra
1973 Dr. Daulat Singh Kothari Science & Engineering Delhi
1972 Dr. Jivraj N. Mehta Public Affairs Maharashtra
1972 Dr. Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai Science & Engineering Gujarat
1969 Dr. Mohan Singh Mehta Civil Service Rajasthan
Padma shri awardees
2010 Shri Kranti Shah Social Work Maharashtra
2010 Dr. Sudhir M. Parikh Social Work West Bengal
2009 Shri Alok Mehta Literature & Education Delhi
2009 Shri Bhavarlal Hiralal Jain Science & Engineering Maharashtra
2009 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Jain Medicine Uttarakhand
2004 Dr. Ashwin Balachand Mehta Medicine Maharashtra
2004 Shri Kanhaiya Lal Sethia Literature & Education West Bengal
2004 Dr. Kumarpal Desai Literature & Education Gujarat
2004 Smt. Sharayu Daftary Trade & Industry Maharashtra
2004 Prof.(Smt) Sunita Jain Literature & Education Delhi

Courtesy: Mr. Mahavir Sanglikar :


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Shree Jain Tithi Darpan for the Shree Veer Nirvan Samvat 2537 - ( Vikram Samvat 2067-68), Year - 2010-11 has been uploaded on Click on the following link to open the same:, Courtesy: Mr. Dharma Jain.

Both websites,, are related with jain community to share information various sources. The websites have collection of Jain literature, books, essays, Jain religion stories and articles related with Jain religion. Courtesy Jatin: E-Mail -


National Table Tennis Player Juhi Chetanbhai Kothari [aged 14] of Rajkot, Gujarat studying in Std. 9th won Bronze medal at 5th National inter School Table Tennis Tournament -2010-11 held at Bhopal. Juhi is playing Table Tennis since she was 9 year old. She has a record of five consecutive national level appearance at various distant places like Chhattis Garh, Mizoram, Punjab, Godhara and Bhopal. She also Captained India Public School Conference Team in National School Games played at Mizoram in 2007. In Year 2007, She became only player to play in five different level like u/12,u/14,u/17,u/19 and women category in state major ranking tournaments. This Year, Juhi won her place in under 16 category of Gujarat State Team for National Tournament held at Bhopal. She is also captain of Gujarat State u/19 team for national tournament to be held in Maharashtra next month. Juhi aspires to represent India in international events and want to become first Jain girl to do so. Her Contact No.09824220260 / E-Mail :

New Delhi: P K Jain has been nominated as GAIL's next Director (finance ). P. K. Jain is a Chartered Accountant and MBA from University of Hull, UK, and presently heads the internal audit department of GAIL.

प्रो0 दयानन्द भार्गव महामहोपाध्याय से सम्मानित

नई दिल्ली, दिनाक 26 नवंबर, 2010, श्रीलालबहादुरशास्त्रिराष्ट्रियसंस्कृतविद्यापीठम् मानित विश्वविविद्यालय, भारत सरकार, नई दिल्ली के त्रयोदश दीक्षान्त समारोह के शुभ अवसर पर जैन दर्शन के वरिष्ठ मनीषी प्रो0 दयानन्द भार्गव जी को जैन दर्शन तथा वेद विज्ञान के क्षेत्र में महत्वपूर्ण अवदान के लिए विश्वविविद्यालय की सर्वोच्च मानद उपाधि महामहोपाध्याय से सम्मानित किया गया। माननीय कुलपति प्रो0 वाचस्पति उपाध्याय जी ने प्रशस्तिपत्र का वाचन किया तथा कुलाधिपति न्यायमूर्ति पी0 एन0 भगवती ने महामहोपेपाध्याय की मानद उपाधि से प्रो दयानन्द भार्गव जी को विभूषित किया। डॉक्टर अनेकान्त कुमार जैन.

Shri Manish Jain (Jalgaon constituency) and Shri Rajendra Jain (Gondia-Bhandara constituency) were elected as members of Legislative Council of Maharashtra. Both the candidates belong to NCP (Nationalist Congress Party).

Famous Music Composer Harsshit Abhiraj was felicitated by All India Marathi Sahitya Parishad by conferring Mahatma Phule Sangeet Ratna Award on him.Renowned Dalit writer Ratanlal Sonagra and Social Worker Vijay Kolate presented the award. Harsshit is a Jain by birth and deeds. Attached is a photograph of the felicitation. To know more about Harsshit Abhiraj and his work, please visit: Courtesy: Mahavir Sanglikar

JAINISM HISTORY, SOCIETY, PHILOSOPHY AND PRACTICE – AGUSTIN PANIKER - The author traces the dynamics and development of Jainism – deftly steering between the extremes of the overly academic and the superficial. He looks at Jainism’s main features: its cosmology, mythology, its origins and great figures, its main subdivisions and religious groups, its scriptures, practices and stereological approaches, as well as its rituals, social, cultural and political interactions, and so forth. Book available at : Motilal Banarsidass, 40, U.A. Bungalow Road, Jawahar Nagar, Delhi-110007.


THE LOST ART OF HAPPINESS : By Prof. Dr. Arthur Dobrin 220 x 140 mm 160 pages 2009, ISBN 978-81-88769-11-7 Paperback Rs. 250. Happiness is the central pursuit of all sentient beings. All living creatures seek happiness in different ways. Mankind, clever enough to take care of itself and greedy enough to destroy the environment in its pursuit of materialistic pleasure has often found happiness to be elusive. In this book, the author examines the concept of happiness, explores its links with innate bliss and arrives at some very interesting and altruistic conclusions. He gives suggestions on how an ethical approach could work in bringing happiness in our day to day lives and how we can train ourselves to be happy in all circumstances. The topics covered include Morality and Happiness, Origins of Morality, Family and Friends Sensual Pleasures, Labor of Love, Educating for Good and Death and Happines. Book available at : Hindi Granth Karyalay, 9 Hirabaug, C P Tank, Mumbai 400004.


Chennai: The Jain International Trade Organisation observed the Happy Women’s Day by organising sports events for girl students from across colleges in Tamil Nadu State. Minister for Sports T P M Mohideenkhan inaugurated the event that was conducted by the Jains International Women Organisation. Students from 18 colleges outside Chennai and 22 city colleges participated. Long jump, football and other athletic events were conducted. About 450 finalists from different colleges participated. The organisation has also decided to honour five women winners of the Commonwealth Games with gold coins. Tara Chand Dugar, secretary general of the Jain International Trade Organisation, said that the events have been conducted to boost the sports spirit in women, hence it is called the “happy women.” These kinds of events would encourage them to take part more actively in sports events.

Minorities Rights Day is observed on 18th December. The day reminds us of true rights of minorities. Every nation has different ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities group. It is the duty of the state to provide all the rights to the minorities irrespective of their population and religion. Providing an equal right to minorities is true hallmark of a democracy. There are hundreds of instances in the world when a particular minority group had to suffer because of policy discrimination. To handle such situations and to stop the occurrence of discrimination against the minorities, United Nations had adopted and promulgated the declaration on the rights of persons belonging to national or ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities. The UN had declared that:-

"States shall protect the existence of the national or ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic identity of minorities within their respective territories and encourage conditions for the promotion of that identity".

This declaration was a huge step in protecting minorities group all over the world. It is a very important day in India because of frequent discussion and disagreements on majority-minority issues. Though the India has always provided equal rights to all the religions, pertinent issues regarding minority rights keep creeping in. However, to the credit of the nation and its secular fabric, India remains a peaceful nation with no minority conflict. The National Commission for Minorities celebrates the Minority Rights Day every year on December 18. The commission has played a major role in protecting the rights of the minority communities and in bringing about better understanding among the various religious minority communities in India.

Unfortunately Jain community has not been declared National Minority by the Govt. of India, thus it violated international and constitutional rights of the Jain community in India. Indian National Commission for Minorities has notified only five religious minority communities viz; the Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Zoroastrians (Parsis) . Courtsey:Dhanpal Solanki Jain E-Mail:


CHAKRA - Thirty Six years back a Saman-Suttam was compiled to unite all sects of Jains. A group of Jain scholars now proposes to modify this book in view of the changes happening with the time. A national seminar was organised at Chakra to consider diverse views on the subject. The seminar was held for two days and consisted of 15 academic presentations which highlighted the various facets of Saman-Suttam which is a book compiled from information from the Agamas. In the compilation of Saman-Suttam, three hundred Jain Acharyas and scholars from Digambar and Shwetambar sects participated to provide there presentations. Vinoba Bhave a freedom fighter and human rights advocate commissioned the book. The book was released in 1974. The book is written in the form of 756 verses and has been translated in English, Hindu and Gujarati. However, this book did not unite various sections successfully as initially intended. Dayanand Bhargav, a professor of Vedic religion stated that “each sect preferred to refer to its own texts rather than one which belongs to all”. Dr. Geeta Mehta, a Jainology professor at KJ Somaiya Centre for Studies in Jainism said that Bhave’s goal was to create a single text that incorporated all sects of Jainism into one to highlight the essence of the religion as a whole.

To discuss the Jainism theme from engineering point of view, it is proposed to hold ‘Jain Engineers Meet’ in last week of Janurary, 2011 under the holy guidance of His Holiness 108 Shri Gyananasagarji Maharaj at Bangalore. Munishriji is working hard to bring together all Jain intellectuals so that, all Jains get united, practice Jainism in their day today life and become role models for others to follow. The main objective to hold this ‘Jain Engineers Meet (JEM-2011)’ is to bring awareness among all the practicing engineers about the importance of Jainism and vegetarianism in the present day professional scenario and also to motivate the engineers to spread the values of Jain principles by adopting them in our day to day life so that others get inspired to follow them and help to bring peace in the society and in turn in the whole world. Dr. Sanatkumar - Your response may please be mailed to as the earliest.

Invitation are extended to the forth-coming international seminar which the Global Watch Institution is hosting on January 24th to 29th 2011 at Webster hall New York City USA, and from January 31st to February 4th 2011 at Euskalduna conference centre and concert hall, Madrid, Spain. The theme of the seminar is Racism and Human Right. Delegates who are interested to make a paper presentation are advice to make a summary presentation on the above subject. G.W.I will be providing all delegates with to and fro air ticket and also visa’s guidance for the seminar purpose. Registration is open now! Contact the organizing secretary Mrs. Angela C. Derick for more information. E-Mail:

Over several millennia, Jainism and Jain traditions have made enormous contributions to Indian psyche and to the Indian-ness. The 3As of Jainism i.e. Ahinsa (non-violence), Anekant (Pluralism) and Aparigraha (non –possessiveness) can be an enormous force for enhancing the wellbeing of human society world-wide. Unfortunately, Jainism is least known and most misunderstood not only outside India but in India as well. This is even more so in places of higher learning such as in colleges and universities of the world. Study of Jainism has significantly lagged behind any other religion. When Jain youths go to college, it is not easy to find colleges and universities that offer classes, teaching and research in Jainism. ( complete the sentence)................................... Click here to read further

Hubli: More than 500 Jains drawn from Maharashtra, Andhara Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Karnataka will take out a pilgrimage on barefoot to the Jain shrine in Peddatambalam in Andhra Pradesh. Sri Ajit Shekar Sureesh Varji told that the pilgrims will assemble in the city before embarking on 310-km journey. They will stay at pandals put up at 14 different places like Mantur, Nalawadi, Gadag, Koppal, Bellary and Adoni. At pandals, they will involve themselves in pujas and rituals. The pilgrims will have only breakfast, and refrain from having lunch and dinner.


Mahavir International, a Voluntary Charitable & non religious NGO, estd in 1979, is at the forefront of promoting eye pledges & eye donations. With a 31 year proud history of providing service, Mahavir International runs 5 hospitals, 2 dispensaries, 2 fully equipped van for “Doctor at Door step” Project and Free Eye & Medical checkup camps in the capital for the poor and needy strata of society. So far over 14 lakh people have benefited from these initiatives. Mahavir International is managed by the support and contribution of its members and charitable institutions. Over the last 31 years, a large no. of people from all walks of life, professionals, corporates, top industrialists, bureaucrats, eminent citizens, celebrities, have joined hands with us & strengthened the bonds of service & empathy. Pledge your eyes today and change the life of two blind persons forever!

There are over 6,82,497 blind persons in India alone who can see the light if more people come forward for this noble cause. A simple act of kindness that can leave a lasting impression in the hearts of two beneficiaries who can see this beautiful world through your eyes! It's simple, just Click Here and fill up this simple form and mail to us. Mahavir International, Call us :+91-11-23526502/30955359,Mobile:+91-9910435554, E-Mail: & Web :

Chennai: A day after it scaled up its efforts to unravel the money trail of the kickbacks received from the sale of 2G spectrum licences by conducting raids at 34 places here and in Tamil Nadu, the CBI grilled hawala operators Mahesh Jain and his brothers. Jain brothers, Daulat, Mahesh and Rajesh, promoters of the JG Group, are suspected to be at the centre of the hawala dealings. The Jains are known for their proximity to former telecom minister A Raja. The probe agency is focusing on funds that may have been funnelled into the country through the hawala route. The CBI, which carried out intensive searches at as many as five premises owned by the Jain brothers (two in Chennai, and the remaining in the Capital), feels that the duo could be the key players in cracking the money trail. What we are trying to do at this stage is establish the quid pro quo — that favours were granted by the disgraced telecom minister and his close associates in return for kickbacks. The Jain brothers may have acted as conduits in bringing in large chunks of the ill-gotten money into the country,” agency sources pointed out. During the raids conducted by the CBI at the properties owned by the Jain brothers the sleuths could recover a few “incriminating documents”. The CBI teams that raided the firms and individuals in Tamil Nadu are said to have confiscated their laptops and hard-discs, besides laying their hands on documents that could hold important leads.

The CBI probe to sniff out funds allegedly invested by A Raja and his associates focuses on tracking money that flowed out via hawala channels and was then pumped back into south Indian real estate.

Though it is run by a Jain organization Kutchi Veesha Oshwal Trust it is open for all. This is what has made it a popular eating house in this town of Kutch. One can see even Muslims enjoying food here. Initially this had raised quite a opposition from among the members of the trust but President of trust Tarachand Chheda won over all critics through his disarming logic. He said that this was to serve the basic principle of Jain religion of non violence. Navneet Bhojanalaya offers Jain food which does not have onion and garlic. Tarachand claims that the quality of food is best. The organization buys food grains and oil of best quality. It charges Rs.35 for food for one person but it has everything from salad to a glass of buttermilk which is must for food of any Kutchi. It has a staff of 50 people. The popularity of Navneet Bhojanalaya can be realized from fact that daily over 1,000 people come for lunch and dinner. Tarachand who has been member of Gujarat Legislative Assembly from Bhuj said, on the day of earthquake on Jan.26, 2001 the Bhojanalaya was turned into a relief camp within one hour and for full four months people were offered free food. Over 5 lakh people were provided food at a time when Bhuj was in ruins by the devastating earthquake.

From: Vishal Shah (Chicago) E-Mail: News published in Gujarati and Marathi dailies - An idol of Radhakirshna was established in a Jain temple at Mumbai. The news says that it is first time that a non-Jain idol was established in a Jain temple. This temple is situated at Pawandham in Mahaveer Nagar area of Kandivali. The idol was established in presence of Jain monk Namramuni and Vaishnavite Acharyas Dvarakesh Lal and Yadunath. This idea was promoted by Kapol International Trade Entrepreneurs. The news says that it will promote secularism.

We worship Krishna in different way. He will become Tirthankar in next Chovisi (currently he is in 3rd Narak i.e. Megha). We can put Jain Idol of his Tirthankar form (Vitraag like Mahaveer). Bhaavi Naigam: Bhavi tirthankar form. But, as far as Ram concern, according to Jainism, Ram is already in Moksha. So, we can put his vitraag form idol. But, in Jain radition, we put idols of Tirthankars only. Well, in exceptional case, we put Bahubali and Bharat's idols with Rishabdev too. But normally, we don't. Radha is imaginatory character (the way Shankar, Ganesh, Brahma, Vishnu etc.). Krishna had 16000 queens, and he was Vasudev and Shalaka purush (1 out of 64 in each Sarpini cycle). Ram had also 8000 queens (not only 1 Seeta). Same way Hanumaan also went to Moksha. According Jainism, Krishna's time was 84000 years back. Shri Ram's time was 18 lakh years back, at the time of MuniSuvrat tirthankar. Shri Ram used to go to Munisuvrat's samosaran for preachinngs. I have seen Ganesh idols (outside of Jain temple) in our native village (in Rajasthan, Dabok airport near Udaipur) and in Ahmedabad Hatheesinh's temples too. But it is wrong. ONLY JAIN IDOLS should be there in Jain temple. Vitraag form. But as mentioned above, due to desires, we started to worship non-vitraag form like Chakreshwari, Padmavati, Ambika, Ghanta-Karna etc. Which is wrong too. One Jain sadhu started new tradition, temple of Trishala. That too is wrong. No women are worshiped as idol form. Well, Trithankar's parents goes to Moksha too in next births for sure.

DR. AMIT PRAKASH JAIN, E-Mail: - It is very sad to learn such an event has occurred. This is not at all secularism. For a moment if we agree to it then also it must be a two-way go that is a jain idol should have been also established inside a vaishnavite temple. But, such acts will lead to harmful traditions which would later on create problems over the right and ownership of the temple. This act may be looking astonishing as a jain muni's presence is notable in this. But, such things have occurred in past in other places also.

We see that malis of jain temples puts small idols in the jain temple campus and then later on it takes form a large non-jain temple and a cause of dispute. In Bundelkhand, we have a small old tirth Called Patnaganj, Rehli, Sagar (MP). Here the jain temple is about 6oo to 7oo yrs old. But there were 2 hindu idols in the temple's close campus and the other party was trying to take advantage of the situation and daily there used to be tensions. But, the jain samaj of that place some yrs back however was due to their diplomacy and influence, were able to make a compromise with them and jain samaj gave them an amount of money to built their temple little away from the jain temple and that the non-jain idols be shifted in that. Though there was opposition from Hindu fanatics but this event took place and now jain temple is free. For secularism, one should respect other's faith, but there is no need of such unnecessary and harmful acts.

It is very sad to learn such an event has occurred. This is not at all secularism. For a moment if we agree to it then also it must be a two-way go that is a jain idol should have been also established inside a vaishnavite temple. But, such acts will lead to harmful traditions which would later on create problems over the right and ownership of the temple. This act may be looking astonishing as a jain muni's presence is notable in this. But, such things have occurred in past in other places also. We see that malis of jain temples puts small idols in the jain temple campus and then later on it takes form a large non-jain temple and a cause of dispute. In Bundelkhand, we have a small old tirth Called Patnaganj, Rehli, Sagar (MP). Here the jain temple is about 6oo to 7oo yrs old. But there were 2 hindu idols in the temple's close campus and the other party was trying to take advantage of the situation and daily there used to be tensions. But, the jain samaj of that place some yrs back however was due to their diplomacy and influence, were able to make a compromise with them and jain samaj gave them an amount of money to built their temple little away from the jain temple and that the non-jain idols be shifted in that. Though there was opposition from Hindu fanatics but this event took place and now jain temple is free. For secularism, one should respect other's faith, but there is no need of such unnecessary and harmful acts.

Let me add something on this particular case of. I have read that this is Pawandham- a place of worship for various faiths.The land for this has also be given by a Vaishnav as told to me by a friend from Mumbai.I the urban societies like that of Mumbai, such projects can be meritorious also, if they are really established on the base of secularism and mutual respect for each other.But, respect doesn't mean worshiping other gods which can lead to mithyathva. But, then also the presence of a jain monk at the installation of Raagi Devi-devtas cannot be said correct as per samyakathva.The conduct of monks is taken as standard and as of high moral values by the lay-jains, so the munis must be very cautious in their conduct in public.

A Dalit caste in Maharashtra, which is in search of a new religious identity, is looking towards Jainism! This caste is second largest one in Dalit community in Maharashtra. It has a good population in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh also. Interestingly, its population in Maharashtra alone is about 65 Lakhs. This number is larger than the official number of Jain population in entire India! In marriage ceremony rituals in this community, they have started to remember Teerthankar Suparshwnath and Mahaveer in the Mangalashtakas. In a latest development, activists from this community have started to put picture of Teerthankar Mahaveer on their letterheads, posters etc. A renowned journalist and writer from this community is presently writing a novel on an ancient Jain Acharya, who belonged to them.

A leader of this community, who is a professor with Doctorate, said to this author, “Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar connected his people with Gautam Buddha. I want to connect my people with Teerthankar Mahaveer”. An interesting fact is that this Dalit community was follower of Jainism in ancient times. Not just follower, but it gave many monks, great Acharyas and even a Teerthankar! We can find many literary proofs in Jain canonical texts and elsewhere about it. As this community was staunch Jain, and even savior of Jainism, the Brahmanical forces banned it and declared it as untouchables after decline of Jainism. This community is poor and their literacy rate is lower. In last few decades many people of this community have got converted to Christianity and Islam. Many became victims of Hindutwa forces. But now the intellectuals and activists from this community have found their origin. In near future, their will be a socio-religious revolution in this community. This revolution will change their lifestyle. It will also affect the political and social scenario of Maharashtra. I have talked about this subject with many Jain monks and Acharyas. There was a positive response from some of them. I am regularly in touch of activists from this community. Now I am working on action plan. This community needs a psychological support from Jain community. From: Prof. Pradeep Phaltane, Pune, Institute for Jain Social Studies, 163 Yashwant Nagar, Talegaon Station, Dist Pune 410507 , through Mr. Mahavir Sanglikar

Km. Anshu Bagrecha belonging to Rajgarh town in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh will accept Jain diksha on the 16th January, 2011 in the  holy presence of Sadhwi Shasan Jyoti Ji and Sadhwi Anant Guna Ji at Jodhpur. The ceremony will be held after a lapse of 30 years in Rajendra Suri Gyan Mandir Paushadlshala. Devotees from various parts of the country, particulaly, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are expected to participate in the programme.


Melbourne, Australia, A Gold Coast farm has claimed that it is the only one in the whole of Australia to produce non-violent milk or Ahimsa milk. Vrindavana Sevika Devi Dasi revealed that workers on the New Govardhana farm do not use dogs to round up cattle, machines for milking or send cows to slaughter. Vrindavana, who starts at 4.30am with a spiritual program in the farm's temple, followed by hand milking at 5am, said the milk was much creamier and sweeter than normal milk because of the treatment of the cows. Only six of the farm's 70 cows are milked, but none of the milk is for sale, and the 80 Hare Krishna devotees who live on the farm do not believe in killing the animals either. Vrindavana said the Hare Krishna wanted to make a stand against violence and show the dairy industry a positive alternative.



The increase in the size and proportion of organisational activities over the last century, should have actually led to a proportional increase in the organisations’ responsibility towards the various constituents who contribute towards the survival, success and growth of the organisation. However this has not happened. As seen from the corporate debacles that have occurred across the globe in the last decade and more, the focus of the top management became skewed as they started focussing only on one of their constituents i.e., the shareholders. As a result of this skewed focus, organisations neglected other constituents of the organisation such as customers, employees, suppliers, local community and society, government, environment and the like who are integral to society and hence critical for the organisation’s survival, growth and success. In other words importance of Dharma is not realised in Corporate Governance................................ Click here to read further

ACHARYA SANMATI SAGAR JI'S - Tapasavi Samrat Acharya Sanmati Sagar ji's left for heavenly abode on 24th December, 2010 at 5.45 am at Kolhapur, Maharastra.

Mumbai: Should the police do a post-mortem operation on the bodies of two Jain Sadhvis killed in a road accident on the Mumbai's Western Express Highway? This question brought hundreds of protesting Jains to a hospital in Dahisar. The issue was resolved late in the evening after a senior Jain monk said that a post-mortem can be done. The Sadhvis were killed at Nallasopara around 6.00 am on when a truck hit the group. The seven-member group had left a Jain temple in Nallasopara (East) just 30 minutes before that. Eye witnesses reported that the driver did not stop the vehicle after it hit the group. Members of the Jain community in Dahisar said that, there were seven people in the group. While one person is reported to have passed away instantly, one injured Sadhvi died while on the way to the hospital. Apart from the dispute over the post-mortem, members of the group also wanted to hold the funerals before sunset. To pacify the crowd, the police said that they will not do a post-mortem procedure and will just take the body to the hospital for a medical examination. The bodies were taken to Bhagwati Hospital in Borivli for a post-mortem and were cremated later in the evening. The names of two of the dead Sadhvis are Harshpurnashri, reported to be aged between 45 and 50 years, and Gunshriji, 50. The names of those admitted at the ICU of Navneet Hi-tech Hospital in Dahisar are Ritipurnashriji, 40, and Anandjirnashriji, 35.

Alarmed by the rising casualties in road accidents, Jain spiritual leaders have asked members to be more careful during their vihar. A word of precaution has been circulated among the Jain sanghs following the Ahmedabad-Borivali highway accident which killed two sadhvis. Following the Monday morning accident near Dahisar in Maharashtra, a lot of nuns and monks have stopped midway fearing the same fate. This is the first road mishap after this year’s paryushan. According to Jain tradition, the munis and sadhvis resume their walk only after Dev Diwali after the rains have stopped. For the last three years, the sadhvis and munis are being instructed to affix to their walking sticks radium strips which reflect light. This could help prevent accidents. Says Jasmin Shah of Sarva Dharma Rakshak Sewa Trust, “It has been made compulsory for all munis and sadhvis on vihaar to have radium strips so that vehicle drivers can spot them from a distance.” These radium strips are also affixed to their clothes and wheelchairs or tricycles as the case may be.Apart from this, they have also been asked to not travel in the dark. Acharya Kulchandrasurishwarji Maharajsaheb says, “Early morning is risky for sadhujis. A lot of these accidents happen when vehicles try to overtake in the wrong manner.”

Various sections of the Jain community have asked the state government to step up the security of the Jain spiritual leaders who walk on highways. Says Yuvak Mahasangh president Piyush Jain, “The government should take concrete steps in this direction. Sign boards should be put up on the roads on which they walk and instructions be given to every driver who passes through toll booths. Pamphlets could be distributed among them as part of an awareness campaign.” According to Maharaj saheb, “Often the truck drivers’ licences are not checked. Traffic police and the concerned area police should step up security.” The community wants a separate lane for pedestrians built.


New Delhi: Overzealous security appears to have claimed yet another life. On Monday, heart patient Anil Jain, 48, died when his ambulance was apparently caught in an alternative route that was set up for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. With the Jain family alleging that his life was lost because the ambulance could not take him to G B Pant Hospital in time, the Prime Minister's Office has ordered an inquiry into the matter. Delhi Police too is conducting a probe, though officials are already insisting that the death was not caused due to traffic delay. According to the family, the ambulance taking the patient from Guru Tegh Bahadur hospital in Shahdara, East Delhi to GB Pant hospital near Delhi Gate was stuck in traffic near Rajghat for at least 30 minutes. Family members said they complained again at the police control room to register their protest against the highhandedness of traffic police. "We saw him dying in front of our eyes. This should not happen to anyone else. The government must ensure that emergency services are not affected just because of some VIP movement."

Manak Sancheti - Shree Manak Sancheti died from a very severe heart attack at Jodhpur on 21st December, 2010. Mr. Sancheti was a very prominent personality. He was associated with several social and religious institutions. He was a Chartered Accountant by profession and actively associated with social issues. Mahavir International and All India Sthanakwasi Jain Conference received great support from him through his leadership qualities. From time to time, he also advised Ahimsa Times and Ahimsa Foundation in their endeavor to serve the Jain Diaspora.

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