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Vol. No. 101

November, 2008

Every man's life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he
lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.
Ernest Hemingway, American, Novelist


An unique institution in the name of 'Navkar Teerth' is fast coming up at Delhi. It will provide compressive facilities for worship, devotion, meditation, discourses, studies and research in Jainism. The centre will provide meditation halls, discourse halls, seminar and conference halls, library and documentation centre, research centre apart from hostels and guest house, bhojan shala etc. Apart from discourses by learned saints and sadhw is, practice of yoga and Pranayam as well as practice of learning various Jain rituals and mantras, such as those for peace at home, avoiding any harm in business, business growth, mental development, spiritualism, health improvement, will power development and attainment of physical and mental peace will be held regularly. This Navkar Teerth is being established by the efforts of local Jain community, specially the Shwetambar Sthanakwasi samaj with the inspiration and blessings of Up-Pravartak, Dr. Rajendra Muni Ji Maharaj, disciple of Acharya Shri Devendra Muni Ji Maharaj. Bhumi-Pujan ceremony for the establishment of this teerth will be held on the 7th December, 2008 at Ghevra Moad, Near Mahavideh Kshetra, Delhi-110041, where the institution is going to be established. Devotees from all over the country and abroad are cordially invited to participate in this holy function. Bhumi Pujan ceremoney will be performed in the gracious presence of Upadhyaya Rameshmuni, Uppravartak DR. Rajendramuni, Yuva Manishi Surendramuni and many other saints.

Monetary contributions are also welcome. For any further information and for sending donations, please contact: DR. Rajendramuni. mob. no. 09968890408, Delhi.


Jain Center of Greater Phoenix

Both the Jain Society of Greater Atlanta and Jain Center of Greater Phoenix will be celebrating Pratishtha Mahotsav in their newly constructed Temples. The Jain Society of Greater Atlanta will be celebrating their Pratishtha Mahotsav from Nov 20, 2008 to Nov 24, 2008. JSGA is one of the new Jain Temples in the USA to be built based on the philosophy of Unity with Diversity. The most distinctive and unique feature of the JSGA Temple complex is the manner in which it has managed to Unite the Diverse Traditions of the Jain faith under one building, with each tradition having their own worshipping space, to preserve their Unique Tradition and Identity, in order to foster greater Harmony and Unity among all its members. The Swetamber Jinalay is on the upper level and the Digamber Jinalay is on the lower level. The Digamber Jinalay will be having three beautiful murtis of Mulynayak Bhagwan Shri Mahavirswami (41"), Shri Sheetalnathswami and Shri Shantinathswami. The unique design of this complex is a shining example of Unity with Diversity for the Jain Community of Greater Atlanta. Please visit contact Mr. Mahendra Dosi E-Mail : for more information.

The Jain Center of Greater Phoenix will be celebrating their Pratishta Mahotsav from Dec 20, 2008 to Dec 26, 2008. The JCPG is another example of a new Jain Temple in the USA to be built based on the philosophy of Unity with Diversity. The JCGP will be the first temple in the USA with a 41 feet white marble Manasthambh and a Toran Dwara made of pink sandstone. The large JCGP temple complex will have in its main worshipping hall two sections. On the left will be a Mulynayak of Bhagwan Shri Mahavirswami in Digamber tradition and on the right will be a Mulynayak of Bhagwan Shri Adinathswami in Swetamber tradition. In the middle section will be the Namokar Mantra etched in colored stained glass. On either side will be smaller murthis of all the 24 Thirthankar Bhagwan. On the left side there will be 12 murthis in Digamber tradition and on the right side there will be 12 murthis in Swetamber tradition. The unique architectural design of this complex is a shining example of Unity with Diversity for the Jain Community of Greater Phoenix. Please visit or contact Dr. Dilip Bobra of Phoenix at E-Mail : for more information.


MAHUDI (Gandhinagar )There was no sign of recession here. The annual offering at Ghantachakra Mahavir temple touched an astronomical sum of Rs 1 crore this year, with money pouring in from devotees who congregated from all over the world. One devotee who refused to be named, offered a whopping Rs 6.66 lakh for being the first to perform annual puja. Mahudi, famous for its temple and Sukhdi, a sweet dish made of flour, was bustling on Monday since dawn, with devotees of Ghantakarna Mahavir swami pouring in for the grand Kali Chaudas puja.

Many devoted businessmen regularly keep a share in their profits for Ghantachakra Mahavir and after annual closing of their accounts, they visit this place and donate the amount of profit in cash which is accrued in the name of the deity. They have a strong belief that the amount donated in the name of deity will help in doubling or trebling their profits in the next year.According to the management trustees, over 1.5 lakh people attended the mega event. Visitors started pouring in from early morning. The deity of the temple is one of 52 veer of Jains. We schedule the havan (offering) to vijay muhurt, 12.39 pm every year. We select around 15 to 20 members for the havan. Every year, for those 20 members, we get around 20,000 applications. Most of the times, we get large number of entries from Mumbai, Kutch, Palanpur and Ahmedabad, said one of the trustees. The main attraction of the ritual is the animated auction. According to regular visitors, the traders and well-off citizens used to monopolize the calls but nowadays, friends groups and devotees form a ring and collectively compete with others. According to Prakash Mehta, a trustee of the temple, nothing has affected the annual ritual. In fact, this year, more people participated in the bids and also quoted higher prices. Here, the offering of sukhdi is not allowed to be taken outside the temple premises.

A grand celebration has been planned by the Jharkhand State Tourism Department on 20, 21 and 22nd December, 2008 at Sammet Shikharji. The objective of holding the celebrations is to publicise the place as a big tourist spot and enhance the name and fame of this place not only as a religious place of worship but more as a place of international-level tourist attraction. During the celebrations, a large number of hutments will be put up each, dispaying the traditional art, craft and culture of the region. A near-by tiny village, Singhpur is being developed at a fast pace where a five-star hotel will be built for tourists in due course and permanent hutments, to be used as stalls will be established. The guides for acquainting the tourists will be selected locally and they will be imparted necessary, education and training in tourism at the Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi.


A remote outpost in Rajasthan's Tonk district has become a major attraction for thousands of Jain devotees after a number of rare Jain idols were found at a construction site. 23 rare idols of Mahavir Jain were discovered on Nov 10 by a group of laborers and soon the word spread. The idols are believed to be of the 14th century. The idols have now been kept at a nearby Jain temple as devotees continue to flock for a holy glimpse. THEFT OF IDOLS WORTH CRORES FROM JAIN TEMPLE IN BHIND REGION About 75 Kg. of Ashtdhatu idols alogwith 500 Kg. of silver utensils and a golden umbrella (Chhatra) were stolen from Digambar Jain temple at a Village, Madhoganj Haat in Bhind district (M. P.) in the night of 19th October. One of the idols of Bhagwan parshwanathji is said to be 500 years old and another of Shri Chanda prabhuji is 125 years old. The jain community in the region is highly perturbed by this event and they have sent a memorandum to the Chief Minster of Madhya Pradesh.


Jaipur, "Due to health issue we had to change our pre-decided programme and had to stay at Jaipur. But in short duration, all preparation has been completed for our stay and many useful and important programmes are also accomplished here. This is possible due to devotion, alertness and faith of Jaipur's local people, coordinators and the arrangement committee. This stay is also beneficial from health point of view. All monks and nuns have got the health benefits and we are departing from Jaipur after being healthier."

It is to be noted that Acharya Mahapragya arrived at Jaipur due to health problem on 23 April 2008. In his stay at Jaipur, many prominent and renound personalities like President Smt. Pratibha Patil, Ex Vice President Dr. Kalam, Ex Vice president Shri Bhairon singh Shekhawat, many spiritual leaders, politicians, intellectuals etc. arrived at Anuvibha for his glimpse and blessings. He called the Jaipurians to come forward and use and contribute in the fields of Preksha Meditation, Science of living, Anuvrat, non violence training and Jain philosophy.Sadhvi Pramukha Kanakprabha ji , Sadhvi Rajemati ji, Sadhvi Vishrut Vibha ji & Muni Kishanlal ji also expressed their views in the departure ceremony function. Local committees & members expressed their thankfulness & best wishes towards Acharya Shree and all monks-nuns through songs and speeches.

Most revered Acharya Mahapragya, a leading thinker and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam have jointly authored a book called 'The Family and The Nation' which is being published by Harper and Collins. This book will be released on 12th Nov. at a special session at Jaipur. Both Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Acharya Mahapragya will release the book.


The seventh International Conference on peace and ahimsa was held at Anuvibha Kendra in Jaipur on the 11th and 12th November, 2008 in the holy presence of Acharya Shri Mahapragya. Shri Abdul Kalam, Past President of India was present as a distinguished guest on this occasion. In his speech he spoke about relationship between peace and justice and human civilisation. He said that in the present circumstances, we should give priority to building of culture and character and introduce these in our educational system. Only a peaceful, happy and non-violent society can build a prosperous nation. Our coming generation has to develop a broad perspective in this regards so as to get rid of evils like terrorism. Shri Mahapragya, welcoming Dr. Kalam said that one one side, people are dying of hunger and on the other side, exploration of space is going on. He wondered what could be the connection between deaths by hunger It is a matter, worth pondering over. and space exploration. Shri Gulab Kothari, Editor of Rajasthan Patrika, who was present on the occasion presented his new book, "Dharma" to Dr. Abdul Kalam.

Maharshtra Jain Itihas Parishad is organising its 5th Jain History Conference on 22nd and 23rd November at Amabajogai in Marathwada of Maharashtra. Many of the scholars attending this conference will read research papers on various aspects of Jainology, history of Jains and Jainism. The scholars include Dr. Padmaja Patil, Dr. B.D. Khane, Dr. Vijay Dharurkar, Principal Shridhar Herwade, Prof. D.D. Magdum, Prof. Pradeep Phaltane, Dr. Chandrakant Chougule, Prof. Santosh Mulavkar, Dr. Suresh Shah, Dr. Ravindra Shah and many others. Dr. Ajit Patil will inaugurate the conference. Other Scholars also will be permitted to read their research papers. (Please call Dr. Gajkumar Shah in this regard at: 0253 2315922 From: Mahavir Sanglikar, Institute for Jain Studies, Pune E-Mail:

On the occasion of completion of 25 successful years, Jain Social Group, Indore Main is going to organise Jainam Trade fair for the entire Jain community in the country and abroad for 4 days, 19th December to 22nd December, 2008, jointly with Jain International Trade Organisation. The objective of the fair is bring together various trade and industrial organisations, social, educational, professional and religious institutions andfinancial institutions on one platform in order to understand and appreciate the scope of financial and professional growth of one another and to acquaint them with social and religious activities of Jain community in the fields of education, culture, trade, industry, medicine, hospital services and human relations. Display of products of different well-known companies at national level and those of small and medium level of the city will be made. A separate food zone will be arranged for introducing the pure vegetarian preparations from different parts of the country. Cultural and educational activities will also be arranged at the fair site. It is expected that about two lakh visitors will be attending the fair. For details about booking of space for stalls and other information, contact: Mr. Rajendra Singh Jain E-Mail:, Phone: 098260-75098.


AHMEDABAD: Over 7,000 Jain industrialists and professionals living in 60 countries will participate in the community's biggest business event here from January 8 to 12. The mega mela is expected to draw over 7 lakh visitors and generate a lot of business opportunities by providing entrepreneurs a networking platform. The previous two editions of the international event organised by Jain International Trade Organisation (Jito) were a major hit. The last event in January 2008 drew 10,000 delegates and close to 10 lakh visitors. Chief minister Narendra Modi and BJP's prime ministerial candidate LK Advani are also expected to participate. The event comprising an international trade fair, conference and a Jain pavilion will be different from its earlier editions in many ways. The last version had Jains from 40 nations participating.


Maneka Gandhi - Many years ago , I was taken by one of my constituency colleagues to the house of a family that he knew in Moradabad. I went very reluctantly as I realized it was simply going to be a photo - op for them but there are some things that one has to do in politics. These people turned out to be exporters of bone carvings - something that I found so distasteful that I declared that I was on my weekly fast so I would not have to partake of their lunch. When I asked what the bones were they promptly said "camel."

I should have challenged them on the spot, asked them where they got these thousands of camel bones from - when there are only about 5 lakh camels in the country and no slaughter of camels except at Bakr Id when they are killed illegally in South India by rich Muslims. But I did not have the sense to think it through then. The main suppliers and exporters get the animals slaughtered themselves as their businesses are to going to wait for intermittent supplies of dead cows. The meat is thrown away , the bones are sent for carving. In South India, the export slaughterhouses like Al Kabeer who kill thousands of buffaloes every day , sell the bone to Andhra Pradesh carving industry suppliers.

You need to stop this trade. It is not the byproduct of the slaughter industry. It is the slaughter industry itself. Thousands of cows are killed for their bone and skin - their meat is simply thrown away as few people eat it. To have an idol in your house made of the bones of a ruthlessly killed, gentle, milk giving creature is in itself the worst form of sin. Don't just stop people from buying the carvings, get a few analysed and if they are cowbone , you can have the trader and exporter arrested, even if he claims ignorance.( text of the letter has been briefed )To join the animal welfare movement contact E-Mail:



Muslims belonging to Kuresh sect had joined together at Delhi recently to demand complete ban on the killing of cows and providing due measures to give them proper care and protection. They have asked the whole Muslim community not to kill cows specially on the festive days, like Bakar-e-Id. They have submitted a memorandum, duly signed by various members of Kuresh sect, in this regards to the Vice-President, Hamid Ansari. Imam Maulana Umer Illiasi of National Muslim Parishad have also urged Muslims to avoid taking cow's meat. He said that he has sent a request to all the mosques and madarsa in the country, not to sacrifice cows on the occasion of Bakar-e-Id, saying that cow was a national animal and it should e given due protection. He added that if the Government imposes a ban on cow-killing, mutual love and understanding amongst Muslim and Hindu community would increase.

Although easily viewed as comical and excessive, the legislation nonetheless is laudable. Have you heard the one about the goldfish having the right to privacy? How about the pigs with a right to a shower? How about making dog owners take a class in pet care? Or, here's the knee-slapper: Anglers must take classes in the humane treatment of fish. The stipulations in the Swiss animal-rights legislation that took effect in September certainly sound like good fodder for a stand-up comedian: "All right, Mr. Trout. You have the right to be filleted and dipped in batter. You have the right to be broiled or deep-fried. You have a right to have a professional chef present when cooked."

Have the Swiss -- those staid people of practicality, precision, finance and civilized discourse -- lost their collective, well-ordered minds? We say, no; they are simply a step ahead of other societies on the evolutionary scale of compassion and responsibility.

After all, Pennsylvania just passed legislation that set rigorous standards for the dog breeders, in hope of putting an end to the puppy mills that made the state infamous. The law mandates humane conditions such as larger cages in commercial kennels, exercise areas, temperature controls, ventilation, veterinary inspections and more.

The Swiss simply extended such compassion for canines, which makes sense when one sees a dog penned up or in a yard alone all day, barking out of boredom and frustration, a neighborhood nuisance -- or even a hazard -- rather than a companion to its owner. Though not as extreme as beating, such abandonment still constitutes cruelty, because dogs are social animals that crave companionship, whether canine or human. Presumably, an educated human being will be less likely to inflict such subtle cruelty. Some of us still may chuckle at the Swiss requirement that fish be treated humanely. After all, fish are so very different from us: They have minimal intelligence, are cold-blooded, live in the water and show no expression. We are a higher life form, after all.

But we must remember that the notion of higher vs. lower is a human construct, and it does not absolve us from responsibility. Even the oft-quoted biblical injunction, from Genesis, that humans have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the Earth, does not endow us, either explicitly or implicitly, with the right to be cavalier or cruel to other species. Nowhere does it say that might alone makes right. So even those fishermen who jokingly say they release the fish they catch into Lake Canola bear some responsibility for dispatching their catch humanely, with a minimum of suffering.

Of course, some people -- whether because of religious or secular beliefs -- hold that any use of an animal constitutes abuse. Jainism, an East Indian religion almost 3,000 years old, goes beyond vegetarianism to enjoin its adherents against abusing even plants, while modern vegans shun use of animals for any purpose.

But most people rely heavily on animal products for food, clothing, furniture, decoration, pillow stuffing and more. To those ends, we breed, raise, slaughter and consume untold billions of creatures every year, and we harvest billions more from land and water. We depend on those creatures, and we should respect them if only because we share the gift of life with them. We are, after all, made from the same dust. We still can thank the comedian for the chuckle, and Chuck Shepherd for putting the notice about the Swiss laws in a recent "News of the Weird," but seriously, folks, life may be good and filled with laughter, but respect for it is not a laughing matter. From: "Dr. C. Devakumar" E-Mail :

Equador, a small country in Latin America is the only country in the whole world to grant full constitutional rights to animals, trees, plants, and rivers just as provided to human beings. It is an unique example of highest degree of consciousness and respect to ecology and vegetation. Their constitution has made a provision in their constitution to impart same rights to trees, plants, rivers and animals to live, grow and enhance their life cycle like citizens of the country. Therefore, it has now become a responsibility of the citizens, society and the Government to provide them due care and protection and protect them from any cruelty or mercilessness. Ecologists in the country have felt very happy at this wonderful initiative of the Government of Equador to make such provisions in their constitution. This action has been necessitated due to ever-increasing dumping of waste materials by the mining and oil industries and pollution being caused continuously and the consequent danger to the nation's environment.


Parag Mehta , son of Dr. Vijay and Vandana Mehta of City of Temple, Texas gets the rare honor of becoming a part of President Elect Barak Obama's trasition team. Yet another young Indian American Democratic Party activist has been named for United States President-elect Barack Obama's transition team. Parag Mehta, 31, has been named the deputy director of inter-governmental affairs and public liaison of the Obama-Biden transition team, charged with out-reach to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other minority groups. His appointment follows close on the heels of the appointments of two Indian Americans -- Sonal Shah, who was named as member of the 15-member official transition board and Nick Rathod, who was named director of the transition team's office of inter-governmental affairs.

The Worcester, Massachusetts-born Mehta said that he was 'absolutely thrilled and excited' to join the Obama-Biden transition team, which could be a springboard to a position in the Obama administration. In an earlier interview, when he was appointed director of external communications for the DNC, Mehta, a passionate and avowed Democrat, said, "My family is in this country because of the Democratic Party -- from Robert Kennedy to Barack Obama, it is the Democrats who stood up for the values of fairness, fiscal responsibility and an approach to foreign policy that tries to lead by our principles, rather than rule by chest-thumping."

On the involvement of Indian Americans, particularly the second generation, he said, "It's amazing to see how many Indian Americans are working in campaigns. We used to get together in small groups after work to commiserate about being brown kids in politics. Now there are so many of us that we have to pull tables together in the Congressional cafeteria just to fit everyone who shows up.

"Mehta, who was valedictorian of Temple High School, class of 1994. He received his bachelor in Liberal Arts Honors (Plan II) from the University of Texas at Austin and Master of Public Administration from the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. His father, Dr Vijay A Mehta, served Central Texas VA for 28 years, is a general surgeon who hails from Jamnagar in India and his mother, Dr Vinoo V Mehta, is a physician at Waco VA Hospital, was raised in Mumbai. Mehta has two siblings, an older sister, Ami Buddin, a nurse in Pensacola, Florida and a younger brother, Chirag Mehta, a student in Temple, Texas. Let us all wish him the best. Courtsey Dr.Sulekh Jain, Houston, Texas, USA, 281 494 7656,832 594 8005 ( cell) E-Mail :

According to Shri Mahendra Jain, spokesman of Swetambar Terapanth Mahasabha, Acharya Shri Mahapragya ji of Shwetambar Terapanth sect was honoured by the Institute of Jainology at London with International Ahimsa award in a function held in the House of Commons on the 19th October, 08. Lord Puttnam of Queenston and Chief of UNESCO in England was the chief guest at the award-giving ceremony. In the absence of Acharya Shree and on his behalf, the award was received by Samani Prasann Pragyaji. About two hundred guests were present on this occasion apart from the representatives of the Institute of Jainology.

A Mahaveer award was presented to the revered Amma at a function held at London's Alexandra Palace on 26th October 2008.Tens of thousands of people have attended a three day event at the Palace. Amma has a huge following in European countries. The award was presented by, ' The Young Indian Vegetarians' society in recognition of Amma's vegetarian lifestyle and compassion towards all living beings. The event was attended by thousands of people from all walks of life. The award was given away by Ramesh Mehta a Kenyan businessman. Revered Amma said Lord Mahaveer was the supreme teacher as he preached compassion and non-violence. The followers of Lord Mahaveer are keeping the Guru- disciple tradition alive as they continue to practice his teachings of Ahimsa she said. After the award presentation Amma sang devotional Bhajans and the audience followed and there was no language barrier! Amongst those who have received this prestigious award are Swami Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Dada Vaswani and Lord Swaraj Paul. Vegetarianism is growing very rapidly in European countries. From: Nitin Mehta E-Mail :


Abhishek Mehta is Bank of America's Sr. Vice President & Strategic Advisor to the Center for Future Banking. In this position, Mehta is responsible for input on the Bank's overall strategy and direction for the Center, development of the collaboration with MIT's Sloan School of Management, and creation of frameworks for business, innovation, and investment strategies. Mehta is also an executive with Bank of America's Corporate Financial Analysis Team. This team is responsible for assessing the competitive position and performance of Bank of America's businesses, identifying strategic priorities for the corporation, and recommending strategic alternatives with a particular focus on cross-line-of-business issues.

He joined the bank in 2002 at the young age of 24 years as Vice President and attained the coveted position of Sr. Vice President at the age of 28. Prior to joining the Bank, he was responsible for developing and managing sales and execution strategies for Cognizant Technology Solutions, and was a tax, regulatory, and business strategy consultant with Arthur Andersen. He has lived and worked in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. Mehta holds a bachelor's of commerce degree from the Sri Ram College of Commerce (University of Delhi, India), is a chartered accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, and is a graduate of the Consumer Bankers Associations' School of Retail Banking Management (United States). He is on the board of advisors for the Asian Leadership Network and a past board member of the Diversity Network, both at Bank of America; he is also on the board of a non-profit institution that helps provide education and vocational training to mentally challenged children in India. In India Abhishek Mehta belongs to Jodhpur. E-Mail :

Father of Abhishek , Mr. Virendra Mehta is highly respected name in the Jain community of Delhi .He is also actively engaged in the day to day management and administation of Chhoti Dadawari Jain Temple, South Extn. -II, New Delhi. E-Mail :

Shri Suresh Jain, a noted social worker and Chancellor of newly established Teerthankar Mahavir University at Moradabad has been honoured with "Heerak Jayanti Puraskar" (Diamond Jayanti Award) on the occasion of 75th birth day of Pramukha Aryika, Shiromani Shri Gyanmati ji maharaj, belonging to Jain Digambar sect, on the Sharad Poornima day, the 14th October, 2008. The award was given away by Smt. Sheila Dixit, Chief Minister of Delhi at a function arranged at Hastinapur. Shri Uday Narayan Chaudhury, Speaker of Bihar Vidhan Sabha, Shri V.K. Luhadia, Chairman of Digambar Jain Mahasabha and many distinguished guests from different parts of the country were present on this occasion. Shri Suresh Jain has been instrumental in establishing a large number of Jain institutions, such as an Institute of engineering and Technology, a medical college, a dental college, a management institute and a full-fledged well-equipped hospital at Moradabad.


NEW YORK: Three Indian-American groups have protested the appointment of Sonal Shah in US President-elect Barack Obama's transition team, claiming that she is closely associated with the VHP and warned against Hindutva "infiltration" into the power centers of the US society. In a joint statement, Indian Coalition Against Genocide and Indian American Coalition for Pluralism and Non Resident Indians for a Secular and Harmonious India said they are holding consultations among themselves and like-minded Indian-American leaders on the issue. The organizations have asked Shah to clarify her position about her association with the VHP and its "mother organization" RSS. The statement said they have avowed to increase their efforts to "educate the American politicians and business leaders about the attempts by the Hindu ultra-nationalist Hindutva movement to infiltrate the power centers of the US society by giving big donations and through volunteer work."

The Coalition Against Genocide was instrumental in getting the visa of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi revoked in 2005, it recalled and voiced concerns that an attempt might be made to get his visa reinstated. After India media reports linked Shah to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, her brother Anand Shah had said the 40-year economist's family had nothing to do with the VHP or the Gujarat government. Shah was on November 6 named in a 15-member team which will oversee smooth transition of power from the Bush Administration to the incoming Obama dispensation. Subsequently, it has been reportedly announced that she would be heading of the team.

Bhopal, Nov 11, : Madhya Pradesh Tourism Minister Tukojirao Puar and former BJP MP Phoolchand Verma were arrested and sent to judicial custody till November 24 in concern with a case registered against them for misbehaving with the Returning Officer Sanjana Jain and preventing her from discharging her duty in Dewas. The duo were arrested from Dewas town following a case registered against them on the Election Commission's directive under sections 353 and 504 of IPC for their mis-conduct at Ms Jain's office on November 8.

New Delhi, Nov 25. The sensational kidnapping of a 14-year-old schoolboy by a businessman and two management students for ransom to make up for their market losses has left people shocked, and experts have warned of more such crimes as the global economic crisis worsens. Piyush Jain, 21, along with a fellow student in business administration at IMT in Ghaziabad was arrested for allegedly kidnapping Arjun Verma, a Class 9 student of the Gyan Bharati School. 'Money has always been one of the major factors behind the heinous crimes. The stock market crash has forced people on their back foot and we fear that more people might take to crime to make up for their loss of hard-earned savings,' according to Police. A city-based teacher says: This is a manifestation of the current obsession with materialism. It's a dangerous trend.

1. Mumukshu sapna Bagmar, aged 25 years, daughter of Shri Ganpat la ji Bagmar and mumukshu Samata salecha aged 23 years daughter of Shri Loon Ji Salecha accepted Jain Bhagwati diksha in Shwetambar Sthanakwasi sect in the holy presence of Acharya 1008 Shri ram Lal Ji maharaj at Balotra in Rajasthan on the 3rd November, 2008.

2. Mumukshu Km. Sharmila kumari, daughter of Shri Chhagan lal Sanghvi and mumukshu Mitesh kumar, son of Shri Madan Lal Ji Sanghvi leaving their families have decided to accept Jain Bhagwati diksha at Bhivandi, Mumbai on the 30th November, 08 in the holy presence of Acharya Shri Hem Ratna Suri ji maharaj belonging to Shwetambar Murti-pujak sect. Prior to diksha, they were taken round Jalore town, their native place in Rajasthan in a glamorous procession, called v'arghoda' on the 9th November, 08. They gave away many expensive articles of their use in family life, such as ornaments, clothes, coins etc. as cherity to the needy persons.

3. Six devotees, namely, Mumukshus Lakshit from Gujarat, Manav Singhi from Mumbai, Gaurav Kothari from Ahmedabad and Smt. Karuna from Rajsamand (Guj.) accepted Muni diksha on the 19th October, 08 at Jaipur in the holy presence of Acharya Shri Mahapragya ji and yuvacharya Shri Mahashraman ji in Shwetambar Terapanthi sect. On the same occasion, Pradeep Kothari and Km. Sunanda also accepted Saman diksha. A gorgeous and long shobha yatra (Varghoda) was taken out through the city of Jaipur on the previous day to celebrate the occasion. The procession and the diksha programme were attended by hundreds of devotees from far and near.


In my course on Human Rights/Animal Rights, which I am teaching this semester, I am discussing Jaina doctrine and Ahimsa. The primary reason that I am writing to you, however, is to emphasize to you the importance of making Jainism accessible to those who were not born into the Jain tradition. Although the Jains who I have had the good fortune to meet-the Samanijees, Pravin Shah, Sulekh Jain etc.-have been nothing but helpful and generous with their time, and with providing and recommending books and other educational materials, Jainism is still very much something that is shared largely by those who were born into it-and not even by all of them. I have met a number of Jain youths who are completely unacquainted with Jainism and that is sad. The doctrines of Ahimsa, Anekanta, and Aparigraha are more relevant than at any time in human history. 'These doctrines speak to all of the pressing issues of our time: war, poverty, violence, and ecological destruction.

Professor Gary Francione, a distinguished Professor of Law at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA, a Vegan and an highly acclaimed author of many books on Animal Rights, appeals to the Jain community leaders to make Jainism available to the wider world of those who were not born into the Jain tradition "Gary L. Francione, Distinguished Professor of Law, & Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar of Law and Philosophy, Rutgers University School of Law 123 Washington Street, Newark, New Jersey 07102, E-Mail:

1. Acharya Shri Atmanandi Ji Maharaj belonging to Digambar sect left for his heavenly journey on the 23rd October, 08 at Navagarh town in Parbhani district of Maharashtra state. Acharya Shri Sachhidanandi Ji Maharaj and Shri Swatmanandi Ji Maharaj were present with him at he time of his death. Prior to his death, as per the Jain tradition, as desired by him, vow of samadhimaran was administered to him.

2. Muni Shri Kamal Vijay Ji Maharaj left for his heavenly abode after a prolonged illness at at a village near Bamanvadji temple, near Pinwada town in Sirohi district of Rajasthan on the 21st November, 08. His dead body was brought to Bamanwadji on Sunday, the 23rd November, 08 where he was cremated in the presence of a large number of devotees and eminent persons, arriving from far and near. A long procession was taken out through the Bamanvadji village, in which several important persons participated, including Mrs. Tara Bhandari, Chairperson of State Women's Commission, Shri Rajesh Kumar, District Pracharak of R.S.S., Dr. Shanti Lal Singhvi from Jain Pedhi and saint Amrit Lal Parmar.

A. K. Jain, Trustee, Ahimsa Foundation

It is the high time the Jain community should introspect about their role in the nation building. Till now, our community has been recognized for its business competence, education and progressive outlook with humble living. But, with these honors, should we develop complacency and concentrate on our basic virtues? The question is being debated by the community in several forums. Community leaders have frequently expressed about the necessity of venturing into other diverse fields of vocations and professions. Fields like sports, defense and politics are some of the sectors, where we have hardly shown any commitment. Although, from time to time many individuals distinguished themselves in these segments but, by and large there was general lack of interest.

Recently, several forums of Jain Diaspora have seriously debated the role of Jain Community in the governance of the country. All of them expressed the need for community to progressively increase its presence in the administration and policy decisions concerning the nation management. The lack of community presence in the helm of affairs of the country has fundamentally threatened the existence of Jain diaspora. Settling "minority status" for the community and "protection of its religious properties" are blatant example of gross failure of the community leaders in impressing the issues on the administrative and political machinery.Many of our enlightened saints and community leaders have shown keen interest and concern on this issue. It is high time that the community overcomes its reticence and move to create a new stature for our vibrant new generation. Steadfastly, the community should aggressively make efforts to secure administrative and political aspirations. Elections in many states are already in progress but extremely few from Jain community have come forward to contest. General elections are also not far away. This is the opportune time, we should organize ourselves and release the political agenda.

With our vast resources, knowledge, management skills and educational credence it would not be difficult to compete with the majority of the illiterate, unorganized, undisciplined, shady and corrupt groups operating in politics. But, if the community expects its individuals to take the lead and go on their own, nothing is going to be achieved. What is required is country-wide whole-hearted community nominations and support in all formats. Then only significant impact will be noticed at the national level.

But, practically, the subject is not as simple and straight. Irrefutably, the Jain community today is a fragmented society. The Jain society's composition consists of groups, sects, sub-sects,and religious leaders consistently skirmishing for their existence, ego, properties and point of views. In these conditions, it is going to be a herculean task for the community to nominate and support whole-heartedly its candidates and make them triumphant. But, the negative feelings should not deter us from enterprising, where the stakes can be phenomenal.

It is our appeal to all respectable religious leaders, organizations like JAINA, JITO and many others to proactively come forward and initiate a new process of nation building by the Jain Community. We must organize ourselves as a community to unite and work together at political level. The community should nominate and financially support its political representatives irrespective of their party affiliations. This will make our community more reverent, effective and worthy in the national framework.

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 I fully agree with ur views on the subject but the problem is that we hv become so self centred n so much confined to our own ego that we r unable to unite even on Jain religion what to talk of our social n political unity.. Yes it it a high time now that our Acharya n their so called followers shed their enmity, ego n selfishness n come on a united Jain platform. can't say when n how will it happen. I appreciate ur concern...may God bless us that we Jainies can be identified as a strong political force. - Virendra Mehta ,S-247, G.K.-2, New Delhi-110048 , E-Mail :

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