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Vol. No. 134

September, 2011

पर्युषण महापर्व

Paryushan Parva is a grand Jain festival of self-introspection, self-enlightenment and self-achievement, which ultimately leads to the one and only one final goal, i.e., liberation or salvation.
                                                                                                                P. L. Jain, Chief Editor

पर्युषण महापर्व की आराध्ना संपन्न हुई है। पर प्रश्न है कि क्या हमने पर्युषण मन से मनाये हौं क्या हमने क्षमायाचना की है।क्या हमने क्षमादान दिया है! तीन शब्दों पर हमें विचार करना है।

1. क्षमायाचना2. क्षमादान3. क्षमापना

अपनी गल्तियों के क्षमा मांगना, क्षमायाचना है। किसी व्यक्ति के द्वारा माफी मांगने पर उसे क्षमा करना, क्षमादान है। क्षमायाचना बहुत आसान है। क्यांकि हमें अपनी गल्तियों का पता है। और गलती जो मंनै की हैं इस कारण तकलीफ सामने वाले को हुई है मुझे नहीं इस कारण उस गलती के प्रति मै इतना संवेदनशील भी नहीं होता। परिणाम उसने भुगता है मै केवल उसके द्वारा कहीं  मुझे हानि न हो, इस कारण माफी मांग लता हुँ। अन्तर मे सरलता है या नहीं अलग बात है पर अपनी सरलता को प्रकट करने का यह आसान तरीका है। माफी मांगकर मै यह बता भी सकता हुँ कि देखो मै कितना सरल हुँ। माफी मांगकर मै गंदे उसके पाले मे डाल देता हुँ। और बोल देता हुँ - मंनै तो माफी मांग ली, अब वो नहीं देता तो मै क्या करूँ।

जबकि क्षमादान मुश्किल है क्यांकि परिणाम मेंनै भुगता है उसकी टीस मरे मन में बरकरार है इसलिये जब सामने वाला माफी मांगता है तो मैं उसे नाटक करार देता हुँ। मन से क्षमा कर नहीं पाता। तीसरा शब्द बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण है। क्षमायाचना और क्षमादान दोनों इकतरफा घटना है। जबकि क्षमापना सामूहिक वातावरण है। क्षमापना शब्द का अर्थ है- क्षमा करना भी और क्षमा मांगना भी। लेकिन इसका एक और गंभीर अर्थ है- ऐसी स्थिति का निर्माण करना, जिसमे बाद मे क्षमा मांगने या क्षमा करने की आवश्यकता न हो! इतना एकमेक हो जाना। क्षमा के परिणाम को प्राप्त कर लेना। अपने मन और जीवन को सहज बना लेना, क्षमापना है। जिस बात की क्षमा मांगी है और जिस बात के लिये क्षमा दी है, उन बातों को हृदय से ही निकाल देना। भूला देना, क्षमापना है। प्रार्थना है परमात्मा से कि ऐसी क्षमापना का अवतरण हमारे अन्तर मे हो। ...........................उपाध्याय मणिप्रभसागर



Ahmedabad: A common construction site in Shantinagar society in Usmanpura drew many curious visitors morning with the sudden appearance of three eight-feet-tall Jain idols. Religious heads and residents from nearby thronged the site to perform poojas and later chalked out a plan to install them in a community hall nearby. Around 10.30 a JCB machine operator,while excavating the place,felt a huge stone underneath. On digging, head of a Jain deities idol emerged. The labourers dug out the land further and brought out the idol carefully. The residents of adjoining apartments, who saw the idol, rushed to the site and started digging the place nearby and found two more idols.

Jain priests Harihant Sagarji and Muni Padmajit Sagarji who were present at the spot claimed that the idols may be four hundred years old and its makers had hidden the statues during an attack by the Mughal army. The priests also claimed that the idols were made by artisans from Khambat and were being transported into the city. However, the state archeology department had a completely different version to tell. Scientists claimed that the three idols were incomplete and looked similar. The chisel work suggested that it could not be more than 100 years old. Idols of this size were normally constructed near a temple site. The idols seem incomplete as the artisans have not carved the vehicles of the tirthankars and specific signs on the idols body that can help devotees identify the revered gods. The artisans may have left the idols for some reason which is not known yet, says director of state archeology department Y S Rawat. The idols were found disfigured. They share striking similarity to Khambati style. This style of idol is present at a Jain temple at Shambhavnath Ni Khadki in Zaveri Bazaar. While one of the murti is of Lord Adheswar, the other two are yet to be identified. The idols are 88 inches tall, 67 inches broad and 29 inches thick. Ketan Shah of Shantinagar Shwetambar Murtipujak Jain Sangh said: After getting permission from ASI, we will put these idols for darshan. So far,10,000 people, including monks, have visited the site where the idols are kept. But Muni Padmajit claimed, Similar Jain idols are present in Sambhav Nath ni Khadki in Zaveriwad area in the walled city which are smaller in size compared to the ones found at this site. We believe that the idols were being brought for a new Jain temple and that they were hidden fearing attacks. Virendra Shah who owned a bungalow at the site for many years had sold the property to Anil Patel, a builder ,for a residential apartment scheme at the site. It was during the digging to lay the foundation at the site that the idols were revealed. The foundation of the bungalow was just one metre deep, while the idols were found four metres deep. There was no way that Shah could have known about the presence of the idols, said a resident.


Jain Center of Greater Charlotte is celebrating the Pratishtha Mahotsava of the newly constructed Jain Center in Charlotte, NC from September 9, 2011 to September 12, 2011. Pujya Acharya Dev Shri Bhuvanbhanu Suriji and Shri Jagvallabh Suriji will be present on the occasion. Shri Narendrabhai Nandu and his group from India will conduct all vidhis. Well known scholars like Shri Rajnibhai Shah, Shri Samirbhai Shah and Tarlaben Doshi will also attend this auspicious event. Pratishtha Mahotsav program, Gheeboli and Nakaro list, registration information, hotel accommodation details, directions, as well as our contact information can be obtained from Jain Center of Greater Charlotte. Jinalay Address: 7631 Mallard Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28262 E-Mail:, Website:



For the first time, around 40 yatris to Kailash Mansarovar will take off in a 40-seater chartered flight from Delhi to Ngari in Tibet on September 20. The entire journey will take 70 minutes. Ngari is one-and-a-half-hour drive from Mansarovar lake. The members will also have an opportunity to witness the progress of Kailash Mansarovar cultural park, a special all-religion centre spread over 34 acres near Mansarovar lake and overlooking Mount Kailash. The centre is being developed by the Chinese government and a realty company Panzhihua Guanghua Group Real Estate Development Company for people of different faiths to whom Kailash Mansarovar is an important religious place. This includes Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism and Tibetan Bonism. Chairman of the Gujarat chapter of the India-China Economic and Cultural Council (ICECC) Jagat Shah says that final negotiation with five chartered flight companies is currently on. "Nearly five companies have bid for the chartered flight facility. The entire journey - Delhi-Ngari-Delhi, stay and food will be priced anywhere between Rs 70,000 and Rs. 80,000".



Humcha (Shimoga District, Karnataka), 23 September 2011: Vichara Patta Kshullaka Sri Dharmakeerthi Swamiji will be the new Bhattaraka of Sri Deevendrakeerthi Bhattarakha Peetha at Humcha. Vichara Patta Kshullaka Sri Dharmakeerthi Swamiji will be the new Bhattaraka of Sri Deevendrakeerthi Bhattarakha Peetha at Humcha. The Bhattarakha seat had fallen vacant since July 14, 2010 owing to the death (samadhi) of its previous Bhattarakha. The news about the selection of the new pontiff was announced by Dharmadhikari Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade of Dharmasthala, president of the committee that over sees the management of Humcha. It can be recalled here that this committee was constituted after the samadhi of the previous Bhattarakha.

The news was announced after the formal process of asking 'Prasada' from Goddess Padmavathi the chief deity of Humcha. Prasada is a ritual followed in Karnataka where in a question is placed before the fully decorated idol of the Goddess by a priest or Shravaka (Jain house holders). Falling of flowers from the right of the idol is considered as auspicious and people go ahead with performing a particular task. A similar task was followed on Friday September 23, 2011.

जैन आचार्य जयमल पर डाक टिकिट जारी

भारत सरकार के डाक विभाग की ओर से प्रसिद्ध जैन आचार्य जयमल पर 5 रुपये का स्मारक डाक टिकिट दिनांक25 सितम्बर2011 रविवार को जारी किया गया। जिससे जैन समाज में हर्ष की लहर व्याप्त हो गई। श्रमण संघीय सलाहकार दिनेश मुनि के अनुसार मूलतः राजस्थान के मेडता शहर के सन्निकट लाम्बिया ग्राम में वि. सं. 1765 भाद्रपद शुक्ला त्रयोदशी को जन्मे आचार्य जयमल धोरतपस्वी, निद्राविजेता एवं एकभवावतारी थे। उनके सहज एवं अति सरल व्यक्तित्व से जो भी उनके संपर्क में आया वह प्रभावित हुए बिना नहीं रहा। समाज को आचार्य जयमल की सबसे बडी देन यह है कि 700 भव्यात्माओं को दीक्षा प्रदान की थी।

सलाहकार दिनेश मुनि ने कहा कि राजस्थान ने साहित्य्, संस्कृति एवं अध्यात्म के क्षेत्र में कई विभूतियॉ को जन्म दिया किंतु धर्मप्रभावना के क्षेत्र में आचार्य जयमल अकेले ऐसे संतरत्न थे जिन्होनें 8 दिन तक निराहार रहते हुए बीकानेर में 500 यतियों को चर्चा में परास्त कर जैन धर्म की प्रभावना की। वि. सं. 1788 मार्गशीर्ष कृष्णा द्वितीया को मेडता सिटी में आचार्य भूधर से दीक्षामंत्र अंगीकार किया। अपना सम्पूर्ण जीवन समाज सेवा और तपस्या में बिताया 16 वर्ष एकान्तर तप की साधना, 16 वर्ष बेले - बेले तप, 20 मासखमण तप, 10 द्वि मासखमण तप, 40 अठाई तप व मुख्यतः 90 दिवस अभिग्रहयुक्त तपस्या इत्यादि करके पूरे विश्व में श्रद्धा के केन्द्र बन गए। वि. सं. 1805 को आचार्य पद पर आसीन होकर समाज को नई उचाईयां प्रदान की।

50 वर्ष तक आडा आसन नहीं करने वाले आचार्य जयमल31 दिवसीय संथारें के साथ वि. सं. 1853 वैशाख शुक्ला चौदस को नागौर में महाप्रयाण हुआ।उल्लेखनीय है कि इस वर्ष जैन समाज के गौरवशील महापुरुषों में दिनांक: 30 अप्रैल2011 को प्रथम स्थानकवासी जैन साध्वी उमराव कुंवर अर्चना व 6 जुलाई को वैज्ञानिक डॉ. डी. एस. कोठारी पर डाक टिकिट जारी हुए हैं।


India Post has released a commemorative stamp on Jain Acharya Jaimal Ji Maharaj. Stamp was released at Coimbatore by Smt Shanthi Nair, CPMG Tamilnadu circle. It was released in presence of Sri Thiru S.P. Velumani,Honble minister for Industries Tamilnadu,and His Holiness Pujya Upadhyay Sri Parasmuni Maharajsaheb and Hisholiness Sri Padammuniji Maharajsaheb.On this occasion a presentation pack worth Rs 100/ and a VIP folder worth Rs 300/ was also released by guests.On this occasion a stamps exhibition on Jainism was also organised by Mr. Pramod Kumar Jain (Pandicherry) and Mr. Indrachand Jain Coimbatore). Acharya Jaimal Ji was born in Lambiya.Merta (Rajasthan).His Mother’s name was Mahima Devi & Father’s Mohandasji Samdariya Mehta. He born on Vikram Era 1765,Badhva Shukla 13. At the age of 23 Years he decided for dixa that was just six months after his marriage with Laxmidevi.His renunciation Guru was Achrya Samrat Sri Bhudarji Maharaj Sahab and dixa took place at Merta City (Rajasthan) on Vikram Era 1788, Marg Shirsh Krishna 2. He attained Devlok on Vikram Era 1853, Vaishak Shukla 14 (Narasingh Chaturdashi with 31 Days of Santhara at Nagaur) at the age of 87 Years & 8 Months.

जैन मुनिपारस मुनि महाराज के २३६० उपवास पूर्ण

मुंबई। भ्रष्टाचार के विरुद्ध जंग लड़ रहे अण्णा हजारे के १२ उपवास को लेकर देश में हलचल मच गई है। जबकि एक जैनमुनि २३६० दिन के उपवास कर चुके हैं। माटुंगा उपाश्रय में विराजित ५७ वर्ष के पारस मुनि महाराज ने ४० वर्ष पूर्व दीक्षा ली थी। तभी से दिनों दिन उपवास किये जाने से उनके अनुयायी उन्हें उपवास महाराज के रुप में पहचानने लगे हैं। मुनि श्री ने वर्तमान में ३० दिन के उपवास (मास...) किये। इसमें पूरा माह उबला हुआ पानी ही पिया। अब उनके लिए उपवास करना सामान्य बन गया है। १७ वर्ष में दीक्षा ग्रहण के बाद चार दशक दरम्यान प्रतिवर्ष एक माह तक उपवास कर चुकेहैं। इस तरह २३६० उपवास किये हैं । एक बार उन्होंने ३० दिन से अधिक उपवास करने का प्रयास किया लेकिन उपवास बाद अनशन छोड़ दिया था। अन्न ग्रहण करने से शरीर पर असर होता है और आज भी उन्हें एकाद बार उल्टी होती है । खाली पेट में पित्त बन जाता है। इतने उपवास के बाद भी मुनि एकदम सक्षम लगते हैं। मुनि श्रो को भाग्य से ही आराम मिलता है। लगातार वह जैन शास्त्रों का अध्ययन करते हैं। ध्यान करते हैं अनुयायियों को प्रवचन उपदेश देते हैं। वह सभी को उपवास करने को कहते हैं। उन्होंने कहा कि कर्म के बंधनों से छुटने एवं शरीर की आंतरिक शुद्धि करण के लिए उपवासजरुरी है। अनशन उनके लिए उत्सव के समान है। Courtsey: Yashwat Malaiya,



Click here to show solidarity with the people fasting in Idinthakarai Village ---- Over 25,000 people in Idinthakarai village in Tamil Nadu are protesting and 127 people are on a hunger strike against the nuclear project in Kudankulam. [1] The proposed plant will use Russian technology, which according to a report continues to be a risky option. [2] Even after witnessing the disaster at Fukushima 6 months ago and the explosion in France recently, [3] our government wants continue with nuclear energy. This is not what the local people want. Especially when safe alternative energy solutions exist. Chief Minister Jayalalitha has failed to address the concerns of the people in Kudankulam despite the indefinite hunger strike. An accident here will affect all of us. We need to tell the CM that the entire country supports the demands being made by the people in Idinthakarai and Kudankulam. You should show your solidarity with those fasting against the nuclear plant in Kudankulam and ask CM Jayalalitha to address their Public support behind the movement against corruption made the government bow to the demands of the people. Thousands of petitions asking the CM to stop this project will help put pressure on her to act. CM Jayalalitha needs to speak up. She has opposed a nuclear warship docking in Chennai in the past and cannot ignore the concerns of the people this time. Show your solidarity with the people and ask Jayalalitha to break her silence now. -------Karuna Raina, Nuclear Campaigner, Greenpeace India. Please send all feedback Greenpeace India, #60 Wellington Street, Richmond Town, Bangalore 560025.

Late News -Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha heard the voice of the people and asked the Prime Minister to stop the work at nuclear reactor site in Kudankulam. [1] Now it’s the Prime Minister’s turn to address the concerns of the people.

We would like to inform you that our village salya is located 135km far from Ahmedabad on national high way 8A, in Surendra Nagar District of Gujrat. There is an organization working in our village since last 200 years. This organization is known as “SAYALA MAHAJAN PANJRAPOLE”. This organization work for all type of animals which are sick or weak by their health. This organization also takes care of those animals which are sick and the treatment is not afforded by the farmers or their owners. Right now we are having approx 1000 numbers of animals like cows, buffalos, ox, goat, sheep etc. sometimes no. of animals may increase more than 1000 also. This organization get donation and from donation we do welfare for this animals. Right now the organization is having 175 acres of land which is nearby to highway. In which 50 acres of land is reserved as forest area. Few of this animal like, wild ass, rabbit, peacock & deer also live here. We have used 30 acres land as the agricultural land right now & the project for the further 80 acres land is going on. We have developed garden area, children park, a leaving space for the weak & sick birds. We humbly request from the trust for your support.

Organization Name: Sayala Mahajan Panjrapole ,Trust Regn. No: E66 established in 1928. The donor will get the benefit of exemption of income tax under the category of 80 (G)(5). For any further information please contact: Managing Trustee, Jitubhai R. Shah, 43, Yash Complex, Nr. Lad Society Road, Ahmedabad – 54. M: 9825005071.

सपेरिन से अजगर को मुक्त करवा के जंगल में छोड़ा -डा. संदीप कुमार जैन

जालंधर. मेला बाबा मुराद शाह, नकोदर में अजगर की नुमाइश करती महिला को वन्यजीव विभाग के अफसरों ने काबू करकेअदालत में पेश किया। डिवीजनल फॉरेस्ट अफसर सुरजीत सिंह गिल के मुताबिक अदालत ने अजगर को जंगल में छोड़ने और महिला को जमानत के लिए पचास हजार रुपए का मुचलका भरने का आदेश दिया है। फिलहाल महिला पुलिस हिरासत में है। अगर अदालत के आदेश के मुताबिक मुचलका नहीं भरा जाता तो महिला को जेल भेज दिया जाएगा।

आरोपी महिला बिल्लो ,पिछले दो दिन से मेले में संरक्षित इंडियन रॉक प्रजाति के अजगर व अन्य सांपों की नुमाइश कर पैसे इकट्ठे कर रही थी। छह फुट के अजगर को अपने शरीर पर लपेटे घूमती महिला वाइल्ड लाइफ कंजर्वेशन सोसायटी, नवांशहर की टीम की नजर में आई। टीम सदस्यों के मुताबिक अजगर का मुंह सेलो टेप व् रस्सियों से लपेट कर बंद किया हुआ था और जीव बुरी हालत में था।

उन्होंने इसकी सूचना पंजाब स्टेट बोर्ड फॉर वाइल्ड लाइफ के सदस्य व् जीव संरक्षण संस्था केप-इंडिया के मुख्य-संयोजक डा. संदीप कुमार जैन को दी। उन्होंने पंजाब के चीफ वाइल्ड लाइफ वार्डन गुरबाज सिंह को इस बारे में बताया। चीफ वाइल्ड लाइफ वार्डन के निर्देशों पर जंगलात विभाग और पुलिस की टीम ने कार्रवाई कर महिला को मेले से अजगर समेत काबू कर लिया। अजगर को ऑनरेरी वाइल्ड लाइफ वार्डन निखिल सेंगर ने संभाला। अदालत के आदेश पर अजगर को कैमरे की नजर में वनाधिकारियों व् जीव प्रेमियों की मौजूदगी में घने जंगल के बीच छोड़ दिया गया। चीफ वाइल्ड लाइफ वार्डन गुरबाज सिंह से कहा गया है कि राज्य में वन्यजीवों के प्रति अत्याचार करने की, इस तरह की गतिविधियों को रोकने के लिए अभियान चलाया जाए और वन्य जीवों की नुमाइश करने वालों के खिलाफ सख्त कार्रवाई की जाए। From - M Lodha, Care of Animals & Protection of Environment-India (CAPE-India)


In response to a petition by the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations, the Animal Welfare Board of India has issued a circular asking the Chief Secretaries of State Governments and the Director General of Foreign Trade to prohibit sale, manufacture, use and import of glue traps. Glue traps, also known as glue boards or sticky traps, are a type of non-lethal or restraining rodent traps that are used mostly to trap rats and mice. The animals are caught in the trap by their feet or fur and these attached animals are thrown away still stuck to the trap, and cannot escape. They endure a prolonged period of terror, pain and distress before death. Their desperate efforts to escape from the trap result in torn skin and broken legs while some even try to bite off their limbs in an attempt to get away. "The use of glue traps for controlling rats and rodents is in contravention of the provisions contained in Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960," said an official. Courtesy: ARF


While the people's movement against corruption enters a critical stage, the animal activists have urged Anna Hazare to immediately intervene and save the poor donkeys from being harassed at various ongoing rallies. A letter written by Federation of Indian Animals Protection Organisations (FIAPO) has stated that in India there are approximately 1.6 million donkeys which are largely used to do hard labour. FIAPO has requested Anna Hazare to help stop the further harassment towards animals like donkeys that are being ridiculed by protesters with a bad and cruel sense of humour. A Lucknow based activist, Kamna Trivedi, had posted an update on Facebook stating that she was sickened to see anti-corruption activists dragging a few donkeys at a procession and also slapping the poor animals for no fault of theirs. The donkeys were somehow made out to be ``symbols of corrupt officials and politicians'' at the rallies, which is rather cruel and senseless. Courtesy: ARF



Shri Kewal Mal Lodha of Jaipur and other community members were honoured with “Acharya Hasti Smriti Samman” on Sunday, the 18th September, 2011 in the town hall of Jodhpur. The function was organized by the Jain Ratna Hiteshi Shrawak Sangh and held in the holy presence of Acharya Shri Hira Chand Ji Maharaj and several other saints and sadhwis apart from a large number of devotees. Justice Rajendra Mal Lodha, Judge of Rajasthan High Court at Jodhpur had accepted to be the chief guest while, Shri Kuldeep Ranka, Commissioner, Jaipur Development Authority was a special invitee. Shri Sumer Singh Bothra, National President of Shrawak Sangh presided over the function. Several other devotees of Jain Ratna Hiteshi Shrawak Sangh were also honoured for their contribution to the activities of the sangh. These are: Shri Vinod Surana from Chennai, Dr. Chanchal Mal Chordia from Jodhpur, Ms. Lalita Kataria from Jalgaon, Shri Ashok Kumar from Jaipur, Shri Roop Kumar Chopra from Pali, Ms. Shashikala Gandhi from Jodhpur, Ms. Suraj Kanwar Parakh from Jodhpur, Shri Navratan Lookad from Jaipur, . Dr. J. C. Maloo from Jodhpur, Shri Labh Chand Tatia from Jodhpur

Shri BabuLal Golechha of Ratan Garh in Rajasthan was elected unanimously, the national President of Anuvrat Mahasamiti. The general body meeting of Mahasamiti was held at Kelwa in the holy presence of Acharya Shri Mahashraman Ji Maharaj, the place where the chaturmas of Acharya Shri is being held presently. Sadhwi Pramukh, Shri Kanak Prabha Ji along with other Saints and Sadhwi were present on the occasion.


Deutsche Bank has named Anshu Jain and Juergen Fitschen as future co-chiefs as it seeks to bridge a divide of deep mistrust between Germany and international investment bankers. Jain, the 48-year-old India-born head of Deutsche Bank's investment bank, will share power with Fitschen, the 62-year-old native German responsible for business in Europe's largest economy. The leadership duo will take over when current CEO Josef Ackermann retires in May 2012. Jain landed the top job because Deutsche Bank was keen to retain the head of a department that has consistently accounted for 70-85 percent of group profit and frequently outperformed peers in challenging market conditions.

Jain has struggled to build a network in Germany, since this was traditionally the stomping ground of either Fitschen or Ackermann. Since joining Deutsche Bank more than 15 years ago, he has never spoken a word of German at shareholder meetings or public banking events, which has helped foster the impression that he has no interest in German corporate and political dealings. Jain has played a high-profile role as mediator between business and politics as a member of the Indian Prime Minister's working group on inward investment, and as a member of Deutsche Bank's team advising the UK Treasury on financial stability.


Mumbai, Sep 28: B Muniraj Jain was unanimously re-elected as president of Akhila Karnataka Jain Sangh Mumbai during the Annual General Body Meeting held at Pejavar Mutt mini auditorium, Santa Cruz (East), on Sunday September 25. Other office-bearers are Lokanat S Jain (vice-president), Pavananjaya Ballal (honorary chief secretary), Vardaman Jain and Santosh Jain (joint secretaries), Anantaraj Jain (honorary treasurer), Sampat Kumar Jain (joint treasurer), Jinaraj J Gowda, Subaschandra Poovani, Jaya A Jain, Vani Vaidya, S Rajavarma Jain, Shishupal Jain, Ajit Kumar Jain, A Yuvaraj Jain, and M Sanat Kumar Jain (executive committee members). Disha P Jain, daughter of former treasurer Padmaraj Jain, who secured 98.57 percent marks in the recently held SSC exams was felicitated along with others on the occasion.



Pritviraj Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra has declared assistance of Rs. 2 Crores for Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Chair of Shivaji University. He declared it in a function of Acharya Shantisagar's 56th death anniversary held at Kumbhoj near Bahubali in Southern Maharashtra. This will help the chair to improve efficiency. The chair wants to launch many research projects especially related to the history of Jainism in this region. The Chief Minister also declared Rs 50 Lakhs for the memorial of Karmaveer Bhaurao Patil, a great educationalist of 20th century. The Chief Minister appreciated the Jain way of life based on non violence, tolerance and self control and assured that he will personally try to get national minority status for Jain community. Arun Gujarathi, Ex Speaker of Maharashtra said in his speech that our nation needs to apply Jain philosophy as it teaches to develop humanitarian values and come together irrespective of differences. A huge crowd of Jains and non- Jains from Sangli, Kolhapur and Belgaum districts was present on the occasion. (Courtesy: Mahavir Sanglikar).

Dates: May 25-26-27-28, 2012, The "JAINA Teachers' National Conference 2012 Los Angeles" will be held during the Memorial Day Week-end, May 26, 27, 28, 2012 . The conference is hosted by Jain Center of Southern California (Los Angeles - JCSC). All the participants will be staying with the host family of JCSC in homes with Pathshala teachers and volunteers for the duration of the conference and meals will be provided by the Jain Center. This arrangement will give each participants opportunity to share their experience and ideas with their peers.

Registration fee for the conference for each person is $25 who does not need transportation to and from airport to Jain Center. $50 who needs transportation to and from airport to Jain Center. Registration will open in January 2012. The primary objective of the conference is to have group discussions on Pathshala Education material, Teaching methodology, and tracking system. Participants will be divided in to groups based on their interest and expertise. If you have any question, comments, or suggestions, please send an E-Mail overall coordinators for the conference are: Sailes Jain, E-Mail, Tele : 714 529 5874) and Rajul Vasa, E-Mail, Tele : 5628607273. Courtesy: Pravin K Shah, Jaina Education Committee.


Claremont Lincoln University, ISJS and JAINA have now collaborated together to promote Jain studies. The ceremony is scheduled on Sept 6 at the university. About 35 Jains from ISJS, JAINA are expected to participate. Claremont Lincoln has signed official Letters of Understanding both with the International School for Jain Studies (ISJS) in India and with the Federation of Jain Associations in North America (JAINA). This historic agreement opens Claremont Lincoln to the first of the four great dharma traditions of India. News from: Philip Clayton, PhD, Provost, Claremont Lincoln University, Claremont School of Theology.



Amritsar, The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee said the Centre's refusal to provide a separate marriage act for Sikhs is "unfortunate". In a letter to the Prime Minister, SGPC president said the Sikhs were demanding a separate marriage act because at present they have to get their wedding registered under the Hindu Marriage Act under compulsion, which affects the religious sentiments of the community. Describing the decision of the Centre as "unfortunate" and "shocking", he said it will create a sense of alienation among the Sikhs. The Sikh Marriage Act has been a long-standing demand of the community that has been fighting for an amendment to the Anand Karaj Act passed by the British in 1909. The community was demanding amendment for a special provision for registration of marriages performed under Sikh religious rights. The Centre recently ruled out any amendments to the Anand Karaj Act, saying providing a separate Act for the Sikhs would invite similar demands from other communities. "There may not be any justification for secluding Sikhs from the rest of the categories (covered by the Hindu Marriage Act), as such a step would invite similar demands from other religious denominations (like Jains and Buddhists),"Law Minister Salman Khurshid had said in Rajya Sabha. The question arises whether JAINS should also raise this issue? The community may start a debate and generally accepted views may be communicated to government , if required.

Aathai : A person practising this form of fasting will not eat anything for eight days. During this period, they live only by drinking previously boiled water (8 hours ago at the maximum). They drink water after going to temple or after prayer that is done after 11 o’clock and before sunset. Normally on 8th day of fasting, the success is celebrated by the community by organising a procession to the temple. On the 9th day, the person will stop fasting. The relatives and friends will come and help the person to break the fast.
Tela : A person practising this form of fasting will not eat any thing for three days. During this period, they live by drinking previously boiled water. Normally on the 3rd day of fasting their successful completion is celebrated. This is also called “Atham”. A similar fast lasting two days is called “Chattha”.
Masskhaman : A person practising this form of fasting will not eat anything for thirty days. During this period, they live by drinking previously boiled water. Normally on the 30th day of fasting their successful completion is celebrated.
Olee : In this practice, for 9 days food is taken without any additive that provides specific taste such as ghee (clarified butter), spices, salt, etc.
Varshitap : This is a difficult form of fasting and demands a high level of skill and discipline; it is based on the story of Lord Rishabh not eating or drinking for 400 days. It is possible for people to try a variation of Varshitap by eating every alternate day, in general. They can eat only twice in every alternate day, but in between during some special calendar events, they may have to fast longer periods.
Ayambil : a person eats only one kind of food per day, which may not contain salt nor oil.
Ekashana : a person eats only once a day and generally they have lunch but as in every type of fast they can only have food as well as water only till sunset which varies from day to day but in a yearly bases it’s the same.
Beyashnaa : a person eats only twice a day and generally they have Breakfast & Dinner but as in every type of fast they can only have food as well as water only till sunset which varies from day to day but in a yearly bases it’s the same.



In an unfortunate incident, police of Bihar at Nalanda showered lathis on the innocent women who had gathered to express their resentment and demand recovery of a missing woman officer, Sushma Kumari. The ugly incident happened at a place, which happens to be the home place of state Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and where long ago, Bhagwan Mahavir, the apostle of peace and non-violence had preached and spread the message of ahimsa. Hopefully, the authorities will take appropriate action against the culprits who had indulged in this sort of unwanted violence.

The relation between religion and nature cannot be more apparent, in this garden that has trees that represent each of the 24 Tirthankaras (religious leaders) of the Jain community. Anantha Shanti Vana (garden of eternal peace) in Naravi, 65 km from Mangalore, has 24 trees planted in a particular order. The garden is on the banks of Suvarna river and is 24km away from two Jain pilgrimage centres—Moodbidri and Karkala. All the trees belong to different species and represent a Tirthankara. They have been planted in chronological order: the first tree represents the first Tirthankara Rishabhanatha (believed to have lived around the end of the Stone Age and beginning of the Agriculture Age). The last tree represents the last Tirthankara, Vardhamadhana, also called Mahaveera, who attained Nirvana in 2635 BC.

The philosophy - The garden was set up as per the classical text of the Chavundaraya regime, which mentions the significance of each tree that represents a Tirthankara. The Tirthankaras attained knowledge after meditating under the trees, which are being grown in the garden now. As per the text, they attained Nirvana under the same trees.

Jaipur, Burglars decamped with eight silver idols of Jain deities from a temple in the city. The temple is situated a few kilometres from Sadar and Vidhayakpuri police stations. However, the burglars did not touch the antique idols and other important idols in the temple. They removed a water cooler from outside the temple to enter it. Prima facie it seems that the burglars were not professional enough to understand the value of other antique idols which were not been touched.

To mark the sixth death anniversary of Jitendra Surishwarji Maharaj and celebrate the commencement of Manishrekhashriji's 27th year as sadhvi, 5,000 Jain youth gathered and chanted navkar mantra in the premises of Hutheesing temple in Shahibaug.

The organisers said that the chanting of the navkar mantra was done for the world peace under the guidance of Jain acharyas namely Gunratnasurishwarji Maharaj along with Raviratnasurishwarji Maharaj. They further said that this was the first-of-its-kind event where youth in such large numbers gathered and chanted the navkar mantra for world peace. Prior to the chanting of mantra, the community members, under the leadership of Jain munis, took out a procession. The three-hour chanting programme also focused self motivation. Along with the chanting of the mantra, the singers sang devotional songs and added musical notes to the spiritual atmosphere.

People like Shrenik Kastur, Samveg Lalbhai, Shreyak Arvindbhai and Jindas Jethmalji and many other prominent members of the Jain community attended the event. Also present were several Jain munis and 12 diksharthis during the mantra chanting. On the occasion, five books were released. One of them is a religious scripture based on a 54 years old scripture written by Gunratnasurishri Maharaj in Sanskrit. The scripture contains around 20,000 shlokas which are translated by Rashmiratnasurishwarji Maharaj. The translation is printed on special pages which would not turn dusty at least for next 800 years.

The residents of Jain community staged chakka-jam on the main road in Jehangirabad area following demolition of illegal structure within the premises of Jain temple. The members of the community opposed the Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) squad that had reached the temple to demolish a part of the structure. Heavy police force was deployed in the area to prevent untoward incident during the chakka-jam, which lasted for few hours. Sources said that a team of building permission department and anti-encroachment squad of BMC reached the Jain temple to demolish a part of premises of the temple. The devotees alleged that the BMC team barged into the temple by opening the gate with help of JCB machine. The team members also allegedly thrashed people who tried to stop them. Sources further said that they forcibly demolished the kitchen shade. As soon as the news spread, people of Jain community reached the spot and staged protest.Senior administrative officers including also reached the spot and tried to pacify the protestors. The situation remained the same for about two hours and the traffic was diverted. After several rounds of talks between administrative officers and people of the community, the chakka-jam was lifted.Later a delegation of Jain community met the Collector and complained about the incident.



S. No. Date Parv Hindi Dates
1 03.10.2011 Asoj Aaymibal Aoli Asvinasudi- 07
2 10.10.2011 Upadhayay Puskar Muni ji Jyanti Asvinasudi - 14
3 11.10.2011 Asoj Aaymibal Aoli Samapan Asvinasudi- 15
4 12.10.2011 Nemi nath Chyawan Kalyanak Asvinasudi- 15
5 15.10.2010 Amrit sidhi yog
6 17.10.2011 Amrit sidhi yog
7 17.10.2011 Sanbhav nath Kewal Gyan Kalyanak Kartika wadi-05
8 24.10.2011 Padam Prabhu Janm Kalyanak Kartika wadi - 12
9 24.10.2011 Arist Nemi nath Chyawan Kalyanak Kartika wadi-12
10 25.10.2011 Padam Prabhu Diksh Kalyanak Kartikawadi- 13
11 25.10.2011 Acharya Devendra Jyanti Kartikawadi- 13
12 26.10.2011 Mahavir Swami Nirwan Diwas Kartikawadi- 30
13 26.10.2011 Mahavir Swami Moksh Kalyanak Kartikawadi-30
14 26.10.2011 Dipawali Parva
15 27.10.2011 Gautam Pratipad Kartikasudi- 01
16 28.10.2011 Bhaiya duj
17 29.10.2011 Suvidhi nath Kewal Gyan Kalyanak Kartikasudi -03
18 31.10.2011 Gyan Panchmi Kartika sudi - 05


ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF JAINA STUDIES Vol. 1 , JAIN ART & ARCHITECTURE, By Harihar Singh, M. N. P. Tiwari & Kamal Giri, 2010 25 x 21 cm 494 pages + 293 art plates, Hardcover Rs. 4000. Jainism, one of the oldest faiths in the world dated many thousands of years ago to the Indus Valley Civilisation. Along with Hinduism and Buddhism, Jainism is one of the three ancient Indian religious traditions. Jainism is a unique religion with its own philosophy, mythology, ethics and rituals. It has significantly preserved its personal religious identity, containing its own deities, scriptures and preceptors. Jainism has its own temples, places of worship and pilgrimage, and festivals and has made a vast contribution to Indian art, architecture, aesthetics, iconography and painting. This book covers this vast contribution. It is divided into three parts:

Part 1 by Prof Harihar Singh gives a detailed account of Jain building and architecture, found in stupas, rock-cut caves and structural temples. Architectural materials found in the Jain canon are also examined.
Part 2 by Prof MNP Tiwari discusses Jina sculptures and iconography. Such sculptural manifestations as Samavasharana, Nandishvara-dvipa, Ashta-mangala, etc. are chronologically examined with ref. to extant findings as well as scriptural descriptions.
Part 3 by Prof Kamal Giri deals exhaustively with Jain paintings in both, mural and miniature forms. The wall paintings found at Ellora, Sittannavasal and Tiruparuttikunram are discussed at length.

Giri has also brought to light illustrated Jain manuscripts written on palm-leaf, Patalis and Patacitras within their social, doctrinal and historical contexts. The work is fully illustrated and has a glossary of technical terms and a detailed bibliography. It is volume 1 of the ongoing Encyclopaedia of Jain Studies. From - Yashodhar Modi,


Medical studies presented in the "30-Day Diabetes Cure" show you the shocking proof that lowering your blood sugar with drugs can be deadlier and more dangerous than not taking the drugs at all. Researchers examined the risks for heart attack, stroke, and death in 10,000 diabetic patients. Those who reduced their blood sugar levels the most (to 6.0% A1C or lower -- considered "great" by doctors) had a higher risk of death compared to patients who did nothing and allowed their blood to rise between 7.0 and 7.9%.

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READERS NOTES',( We do not edit this section - Editor) -

Mahaveer Chand, E-Mail: - Dear Sir, Since I am also a Jain, I would wish to convey few details with respect to money corruption in Jain community. As you are also aware of Jain community building their own temples, Jain lab, Jain hospital with the funds been collected for there particular areas where they are living. it would be a great idea if our Jain community thinks of developing free education school/college so that it could help our Jain community students who could not afford for their studies due to some family problems. also we could develop Jain conventional hall that could help a minority people who could not afford for their child's marriage due to steep rise. none of our community had still yet come to notice that Christian community thinks for welfare of their community, Muslims also the same. only our community thinks about their self respect, name in society, making money through building educational institutes, hospitals etc. Also making money from our Jain community peoples by requesting donation for their child's admission as a college welfare fund. but these welfare funds are meant for trustees whats the use of having a Jain global school that never supports Jain community people to bring out their child's future. Its an idea to rise our community for supporting Jain families through out India. kindly if you feel that the matter supports my idea please reply else i would request to forgive me if had hurt any of you by sending my ideas. Thanks and regards.

पारस चैनल में जैन मुनियों के पूर्ण नग्न सीन न दिखाएं - अभिनव शर्मा

मैंने पारस चैनल देख कर सोचा कि भले ही ये भक्ति चैनल है लेकिन जिस तरीके से इसमें नग्नता दिखाई जाती है वो भले ही जैन समाज के अनुयाइयों के लिए भक्ति होगी लेकिन दूसरों के लिए नग्नता ही कहलाएगी. यहां मैं चैनल की आलोचना नहीं कर रहा, न ही जैन धर्म की पवित्रता पर लांछन लगा रहा और न ही किसी को कुछ बुरा कह रहा हूं. मैं सिर्फ अनुरोध कह रहा हूं, बेहद विनम्रतापूर्वक. यह सच है कि जैन मुनियों के वस्त्रविहीन जीवन जीने को हम कतई नग्नता नहीं कह सकते, इस स्थिति को उनकी निश्छलता ही कहेंगे, सहजता कहेंगे, इसे हम उनका एक बड़ा त्याग कहेंगे. लेकिन जब हम इनके जीवन या आयोजन को टीवी पर दिखाते हैं तो वह छोटे-बड़े, सभी उम्र के लोगों तक पहुंचता है. ऐसे में टीवी पर जैन मुनियों को पूरी तरह दिखाने से अच्छा है कुछ तो BLUR कर दिया जाए या छुपा दिया जाए ताकि चैनल बदलते या देखते समय खासकर बच्चों पर कोई बुरा प्रभाव न पड़े. मैं चाहता हूं कि मेरी बात पारस चैनल के प्रबंधन तक पहुंचे ताकि आम दुनियादार घरों के बच्चों के जीवन व सोच पर बुरा असर न पड़े. मैं फिर अनुरोध करना चाहूंगा कि मेरी बात को जैन धर्म से कतई न जोड़ा जाए.


त्रिलोक तीर्थ में मुनि श्री तत्व भूषण जी महाराज की समाधि

त्रिलोक तीर्थ, बडागांव(बागपत ) में परम पूज्य चारित्र चक्रवती आचार्य श्री शांति सागर जी (उत्तर )की परंपरा में चतुर्थ पट्ट आचार्य समाधी सम्राट श्री सुमति सागर जी महाराज के  प्रिय शिष्य सिंह रथ प्रवर्तक, त्रिलोक तीर्थ प्रणेता, स्यादवाद केसरी, आचार्य श्री विद्याभूषण सन्मति सागर जी महाराज के शिष्य परम पूज्य मुनि श्री तत्त्व भूषण जी महाराज का त्रिलोक तीर्थ बडागांव में गुरु चरणों में भाद्रपद शुक्ल पंचमी दिनांक 02/09/2011, को सायं लगभग ०४ बजे पञ्च परमेष्ठी का ध्यान करते हुए  पूर्ण चेतना के साथ मंगल मई समाधी मरण हुआ, समाधी संबोंधन के लिए  मुनि श्री विराग ऋषि जी,  श्री स्वर भूषण जी, आर्यिका श्री मुक्ति भूषण जी, श्री चन्द्र मति जी, श्री दृष्टि भूषण जी, श्री अनुभूति भूषण जी, क्षु. श्री योग भूषण जी, अशोक शास्त्री, त्रिलोक जी,  ब्र. निजानंद जी, नवीन जी ब्र. रंजना दीदी, रेखा दीदी, रोशन दीदी, थे.

संस्कार क्रियाएं परम पूज्य आचार्य श्री विद्याभूषण सन्मति सागर जी महाराज के आशीर्वाद  एवं  परम श्रद्धेय धर्मयोगी संत श्री योग भूषण जी महाराज के मार्गदर्शन में संपन्न हुई. पूज्य मुनिश्री तत्त्व भूषण जी महाराज की उम्र लगभग ८५ वर्ष थी, एवं वे ललितपुर ( उ. प्र. ) के सदगृहस्थ थे. उनकी साधना श्रेष्ठ थी. म्रत्यु महोत्सव में ललितपुर, दिल्ली, आगरा, बडौत, शामली, मेरठ, सहारनपुर, खेकडा, आदि अनेक स्थानों के श्रदालु मौजूद थे, संघस्थ सभी साधुओं ने अपनी विनयांजलि भी समर्पित की.प्रेषक:अजेश जैन,प्रधान, श्री शांति नाथ दिग. जैन बड़ा मंदिर समिति, खेकडा, (बागपत, उ. प्र. ). From: "Yog Bhooshan"

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34. Narendra Jain,Digambar,Udaipur,Rajasthan,Service
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50. Sourabh Jain,Digambar,Jabalpur,Madhya Pradesh,Finance
51. Yogendra Jain,Digambar,Muzaffar Nagar,Uttar Pradesh,Consultancy
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53. Sanjay Parakh,Swetambar,Piapr,Rajasthan,Business
54. Amrit Singh Dugar,Swetambar,Kutch,Chennai,Business
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58. Manish Kumar Kuwar,Swetambar,Banswara,Rajasthan,I.T.
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65. Kamal Kishor Jain,Swetambar,Gangashahar,Rajasthan,I.T.
66. Vikash Jain,Digambar,Jaipur,Rajasthan,Others
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79. Saurabh Jain,Swetambar,Rana Pratap Bagh,Delhi,Arts
80. Rinkesh Kawad,Swetambar,Hubli,Karnataka,Business
81. Deepak Jain,Swetambar,Gohana,Haryana,I.T

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20. Manish Pokharna,25,Swetamber,Udaipur,Rajasthan,Service
21. Dinesh Kumar Jain,32,Swetamber,Mysore,Rajasthan
22. Ravi Jain,26,Digamber,Patni,Ajmera,Computer
23. Vikash Jain,36,Swetamber,Chennai,Tamil Nadu,Business
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25. Manish Pokharna,25,Swetamber,Udaipur,Rajasthan,Service
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1. KBC & Company,Sawai Madhopur,Rajasthan,Real Estate
2. Rishabh Marketing,Jodhpur,Rajasthan,Computers
3. Bhushan Oil Mill,Banswara,Rajasthan,Trading
4. Jain Propertiez,Bhayandar,Maharashtra,Real Estate
5. Kusum Tradres,Alirajpur,Madhya Pradesh,Household Items
6. Shree Vardhnan Consultants, Ghaziabad,Uttar Pradesh,Consultants
7. Friendship Agencies,New Mumbai,Maharashtra,Food
8. K.K. Exports,Jaipur,Rajasthan,Jewellary
9. Hemal Trading Co.,Mumbai,Maharashtra,Electricals/Electronics
10.Kalesh Enterprises,Aurangabad,Maharashtra,Medical
11. Nakoda Marketing,Indore,Madhya Pradesh,Trading

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