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Ahimsa Times - February 2002 Issue

Vol. No.20

February, 2002

Mahasati Mohan Mala Ji Maharaj, disciple of Acharya Dr. Shiv Muni belonging to Sthanakwasi sect, who had been on fast for the last 7 months broke the fast on the 6th January, 2002 in the presence of Acharya Shiv Muni Celebrations were held on the occasion and the followers paid their deep respects to the Sadhwi Ji. Earlier also, the Sadhwi Ji had gone on austerity fast for a record period of 311 days in the year 1996-97.

Shri Digvijay Singh, Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh has accepted the proposal jointly submitted by the representatives of both Digambar and Shwetambar Jain samaj to establish Ahimsa University at Indore and he has agreed to provide the land necessary for the proposal. He made this announcement on Friday, the 25th January, 2002 at Ravindra Bhawan in Indore in a State level meeting of the Committees constituted to celebrate the Bhagwan Mahavir's 2600th Janm-Kalyanak Anniversary. Digambar samaj was represented at this meeting by Shri Pradeep Kasliwal and Shwetambar samaj by Dr, Prakash Bangani. Other dignitaries present on the occasion included Shri Lalit Jain, Shri Abhay Chhajlani, Shri Vinod Daga and Shri Narendra Nahta. It was heartening to note that both Digambar and Shwetambar sects had for the first time joined hands to put forth the constructive proposal. It was further declared that out of the total requirement of Rs. 20 crores for the project, Rs. 10 crores will be raised by the Jain samaj and the Central and State Governments will contribute Rs. 5 crores each. The Chief Minister however clarified that the financial condition of the State Government not being very sound, it would be able to allot all the necessary land in lieu of the cash grant of Rs. 5 crores. Jinendu- Ahmedabad-3rd February, 2002.

An ancient stone sculpture of Padmavati has been found at the famous pilgrimage place of Shankara Honda, Sirsi, Karnataka. The black stone sculpture of about 50 cms in height, 25 cms in width and 8 cms thick from 14-15th century is of post-Vijayanagar period. This is characterised with the carving of Jain Yakshinis on either side of the Tirthankara sculpture. It is the Samabhangi standing posture having Dvibhuja with a lotus flower in her left hand while the right hand is in the Abhaya mudra. Though the facial portion is damaged. The sindoor on the forehead is visible. The hair is neatly combed and adorned by hair ornament. The sculpture was probably installed in a Jain settlement, and may have later been thrown into the water tank as it was not worshipped. This reveals the existence and survival of the Jain tradition in the Kannada region. Source MLBD January Newsletter. E-Mail :

Mahamasthakabhisheka of Lord Bahubali and the Panchakalyana of Lord Neminatha Threerthankara is being celebrated with the blessings of His Holiness Swasthishree Lalithakeerthi Bhattaraka Pattacharyavarya Swamiji of Karkala Jaina Math from 16th to 26th February 2002 at Karkala. For details visit :

Mr. Pannalal Surana has been elected as the President of Bharat Jain Mahamandal for next three Years, the 102 years old all India organisation of entire Jain community.

An Exporter and Industrialist, Mr. Surana, is actively associated with many reputed social, educational and religious organisations. Bharat Jain Mahamandal, the supreme body of the entire Jain community is engaged in developing fraternity amongst Jains, offer Social services, promote vegetarianism and propagate the principles of Lord Mahavira, such as peace and non-violence. This Year when Jain Community is celebrating the 2600 Birth anniversary of Lord Mahavira, Mr. Surana will be the 50th President of the supreme body of Jain's. Source: Mr. N M Rampuria E-Mail:

The following saints are presently appearing on the Astha Channel in India giving religious discourses. 1. Dr. Shivmuni, Acharya of Sthanakwasi Jain Shraman Sangh at 8:30 P.M. every day. 2. Tarun Sagarmuniji belonging to Digambar sect at 4 P.M. daily. 3. Gyanmatiji of Digambar sect at 3:30 p.m. every day.

In the world of Satellite Channel, Sanskar TV is India's first 24-hour channel, which covers Indian culture, heritage and traditions. The programs include Bhajans, Kirtans, Sankirtans, Pravachans, and Parikrams of different temples, festival and celebrations of various parts of our country. In a bid to have a clearer and cleaner conscious, people are in a race to embrace the eternal truth mentioned in various texts all over the world. "Jain Darshan" a program covering various activities of the Jain community and the celebrations for 2600th year of Bhagwan Mahavir is being done all over the country at 4:30 p.m.

Acharya Shivmuni reminded the Indian Prime Minister to fulfil the assurance given to him at Pune in 1995 to impose complete ban on killing of animals, if his party won the national elections. As no action has so far been taken to impose the ban after remaining in the seat of power for all these years, he had to remind him of carrying out his word. He also requested him in his letter to ban the use of meat and alcohol at official and public functions and dinners.

On the auspicious occasion of the 26th Birth Centenary of Tirthankar Mahavir, many functions are organized throughout the year by practically all the Jain organizations globally. In the previous issues, some of the celebrations were reported. During this month, further information about the events taking place is being reported:

  • Tirthankar Mahavir Educational and Charitable Trust at Muradabad has established a Tirthankar Mahavir Institute of Management and Technology. The Institute will offer graduate and post-graduate courses in Information Technology, Computer applications and E-Commerce with an affiliation from the Ruhelkhand University.

  • A Research Institute has been established at Madhuban to develop the construct Madhyalok, according to the Jain philosophy, to provide extensive library facilities and to conduct research in Jainology.

  • An Education and Research Institute is being established at Udaipur in Rajasthan. The foundation stone for the building the Institute was laid by Shri Ganesh Muni on 29th October 2001. This Institute will act as a learning centre and will conduct research in Jain religion, spiritual practices, philosophy & culture, medicine, and meditation.

  • Government of India has decided to release soon the Mahavir coin of the denomination of Rupees 5 in order to mark the auspicious occasion.

  • The Government of Nepal has decided to release the coin of 15 gms. with 92% silver content, priced Rs. 160, on this holy event. The coin will have an image of the Jain apostle Mahavir on one side.

  • The Government of Punjab State will issue gold and silver coins to commemorate the 26th Birth Centenary of Bhagwan Mahavir. The gold coins will be of 24 carat, weighing 10 grams and silver coins will weigh 50 grams.

  • The Birla Archeological and Cultural Research Institute of Secunderabad released a treatise on Jainism-its art, architecture, literature and philosophy. The book is a collection of valuable research papers presented by eminent thinkers and philosophers on Jain religion and culture at the seminar on Jainism.

  • A high level committee to oppose the new openings and running of slaughterhouses in Andhra Pradesh has been constituted. The committee headed by Shri Bandaru Dattatreya, Minister of State for Urban Development, Government of India and will include Shri Bangaru Laxman, the erstwhile President of Bharaiya Janta Party, M. P.'s and M. L. A.'s from the State. The committee will represent to the Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpai, for banning the export of meat and close down the mechanized slaughterhouses in the country.

  • "Discover Jainism," a specially designed CD-ROM for Jain children for learning basics of Jainism was released. Visit:

  • Vardhman Mahavir Medical College, Delhi, a hospital with research, education and training facilities was recently inaugurated.

  • Viralayam, 50 acre, education and meditation complex is coming up near Pune in Maharashtra.

  • Jalmandir of Pavapuri, a huge replica of the temple where Mahavir attained moksha was created at Chowpatty, Mumbai.

  • Ranavat Foundation organized an exhibition of paintings based on Yantra and Mantra of Jainism by religious thinker Shivanand Saraswati at Mumbai.

  • Conference was held on celebrating Mahavir's teachings of Ahimsa and Anekanta for Contemporary Life at California State Polytechnic University Pomona, USA.

  • Madhya Pradesh State Government banned the use of non-vegetarian items in the State banquets during the year 2001-02.

  • Rajasthan Government has declared for the year 2002, a list of days on which slaughterhouses and meat-shops shall remain closed and the sale of meat shall be banned on these days.

Mr. Murli Manohar Joshi, Minister of Education has ordered that all objectionable misleading and controversial remarks made in the textbooks on Jain religion should be deleted. Children should not be imparted such education, which can create religious or communal tension. He was speaking before a Jain community delegation that had met him with the demand for acting on the matter. The book in question showed in a chapter on Jainism that Lord Mahavir was the founder of Jain religion, where as Bhagwan Rishabhdev, the first Tirthankar of this era was the founder.

Acharya Mahapragyaji of Anuvrat Anushtan commenced his three-year padyatra program, covering a distance of 4,000 kilometers, passing through various states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Throughout this holy journey, he will spread the message of Bhagwan Mahavir, laying trees of truth and non-violence and development of moral values.

Mahesana, Gujarat, India: Two idols of Shantinathji and Ajitnathji Tirthankars were discovered during the pipeline installation at Ladol village in Vijapar area of North Gujarat. These six feet high marble idols have the date as Vikram Samvant 1308 and 1321 (AD 1365 & 1378). Local Jains said that four years ago few damaged idols were found, that led them to do further searches. Canopy and throne used in temples were excavated. These antique pieces were moved to nearby Jain temple in ceremonial procession.

Mr. Vineet Jain, M.D. of Times Group and C.E.O. of Entertainment Network India Ltd. launched Radio Mirchi Station in Ahmedabad. Delhi is likely to be next in line soon. Radio Mirchi is aiming to be the constant companion providing top class entertainment with lots of interactivity. For ensuring that listeners get crystal clear quality sound, investment in state-of-the-art technology is made by the parent company.

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court has restrained the Government Department from directing the All India Institute of Medical Sciences to stop its experiments on animals. Due to this order, the research activities at India's premier medical institute are serious affected. Three Physiology professors also moved to the High Court, challenging the validity of the Order. Contending that, such a letter went against the Provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act itself, the professors said the respondents also had no expertise to sit on the research programs that the AIIMS was supposed to carry out by the virtue of its very Constitution. Arguing that medical scientists were very much within the limits of the Provisions of the Act and hence the letter deserved to be quashed. The Petitioners added that the Institute was still to receive the clearance certificate to continue conducting experiments.

In cities all across America, Young Jain Association, USA will provide its services for a week's period to assist Habitat 4 Humanity's cause of helping those less fortunate. H4H is an organization that builds houses in underprivileged neighborhood nationwide. Last year, over 11,000 kids participated with H4H. Registration for this phenomenal volunteering effort has started. For more information, E-Mail :

Acharya Vidyanandji, eminent saint belonging to Digambar sect, appealed to all the humanity to maintain peace, self-control, restraint and mutual harmony when the major nations are passing under a shadow of war and destruction. He spoke about the message of Ahimsa given by Lord Mahavir, which is far more relevant today than at any other time. He said that the current period up to the year 2003 was very critical and in many countries great upheaval and bloodshed is likely to result. Many small countries will be completely destroyed or perished in this period. The need of the hour is therefore to respect the human values and work towards avoidance of any loss to humanity.

The Association of Indians in America, New York Chapter adopted a three-point program to pay homage to the victims of September 11 attacks. The components of this programme are: since the tragedy occurred on Tuesday, fast will be observed every Tuesday evening, the Indian way of paying respect against the barbaric acts; prayer meetings will be held every Tuesday evening at some place of worship in the Tri-state area and a special badge will be worn as a reminder of the tragedy. The Chapter cancelled its 15th Diwali festival celebration. According to the Indian tradition, when there is a death in the family or neighborhood, we do not celebrate. In view of the several thousand deaths, we can't think of celebrating Diwali. Our commitments call on us to get out and help all those who need it. The program will continue until the culprits are brought to the book.

Ratnakar Bank was established 60 years ago, operating as a scheduled bank by a group of Jains from Sangli and Kolhapur in Maharastra. Over the years, it has grown rapidly and presently, it has a deposit of Rs. 532 crores and working fund of Rs. 601 crores. The specialty of the bank is that most of the trustees, directors and account holders are Jains, covering a large section from big and small industrialists and inidual investors. At the beginning of the day's work, the employees gather to recite Jain prayer and Navkar Mantra. All of them are required to be vegetarian and abstain from smoking, drinking, and taking tobacco, gutka or pan masala. The Bank provides prompt help and service to all its clients and special care is taken to help senior citizens and needy persons, who are poor or backward in the community, by offering higher interest rates on deposits received from them. The Bank has presently 70 modern computerized branches spread in the States of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa. This year the Bank has given a idend of 17%. It has now opened its first branch in the northern part of the country at Karolbagh in New Delhi.

New Delhi, India: The Indian Government is not keen to include Jain Community in the list of ‘Minority Communities'. This was replied in an answer to a question in the Rajya Sabha of Parliament. Questions were raised in few provincial legislatures but no formal request was made at the national level. Presently, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists and Parsis (Zoroastrians), form the minorities in India. Hindus are in minority in six provinces including Jammu & Kashmir. Muni Lok Prakash Lokesh, a learned disciple of Anuvrat Anushasta Acharya Shri Mahapragya ji, reacting to the recent decision of the Rajasthan High Court about Jains being not a minority community, commented that it is not proper to call Jain religion as a branch of Hindu religion or Hinduism. Firstly, Hindu is not a religion but it is a culture, it is a way of life and it depicts the nationality. Various old epics and scriptures show explicitly that Hindu word came from Sindhu and those who lived in Sindhu region were named as Hindus, who later spread to other parts of the country. Thus, in the strict sense, every citizen of the country is a Hindu. There used to be only two types of traditions, Shraman tradition, whose followers were Jains, Buddhists and Ajivaks, and the other, Vedic tradition, which was followed by Brahmans. These two sects had differences amongst themselves.

A seminar of medical aspects Jainism was held wherein forty participants from medical profession presented their papers on various diseases and their cure as per Jain tenets. The presenters pointed out that heart attack, cancer, diabetes, paralysis and such other diseases could have better curability with Jain diet style, sacred visits to Jain pilgrimage, performing Samayik, meditation, penance and spiritual healing touch provided through listening to the sermons of the saints. These are physical and mental cures leading to optimism in life and better will-power to fight the diseases. The doctors presented results of many case studies in support of their views. Acharya Vidya Sagarji attended all the sessions and even commented on many papers. The seminar was held in Tilvarghat near Jabalpur, M.P., where a Center for Protection of Cows is being established.

The Government of Jharkhand has constituted Madhuban Development Authority for the controlled development of most sacred Shri Parashwanath Jain pilgrimage Centre. Shri Sohan Ram, Secretary to the Jharkhand State Government is designated as the President of the Authority. Two members, each from Digambar & Swetambar sects, are nominated on the Board. This Authority will carry out the development plans, resolve pending issues and do everything possible to maintain law & order within the area.

Oxford University Press of Toronto has published this book for Grade 11 students. The book contains basic information in seven main areas like profiles, symbols & icons, sacred text, holy places, community studies, learning goals and exploring issues regarding world religions. Religions in the New Millennium forms the concluding part of the book. The chapters on early religions include Jainism and few others. The book is a good reference guide with appropriate exercises and activities.

Dr. Navin Shah, a Jain philanthropist and one of the most aggressive activists on behalf of the International Medical Graduates (IMG) in the USA, has been unanimously re-elected president of the IMG section of the Maryland State Medical Society, MedChi. Last year, AAPI honored Dr. Shah with the "Most Distinguished Award" for his achievements on behalf of both the IMGs and Indian American Physicians.

Raj Bhavsar: November 1, 2001, Columbus, Ohio, USA: Ohio State men's gymnast Raj Bhavsar Junior at Houston, Texas was part of the U.S. team that earned the silver medal at the 2001 World Gymnastics Championships at Ghent, Belgium. It is the first silver medal ever won by the USA. After more than a decade of participation, he earned a spot on the US national team by placing fourth in the 2001 US Gymnastics in Philadelphia August 2001.Visit : for bio-data and a photograph.

Radha Mehta : 21 years old, a senior at Duke University in Durham, NC, USA was selected for the stirring public service announcements of Advertising Council in response to September 11 terrorist attacks and the subsequent backlash against Arab-Americans and South Asians. E Pluribus unium - out of many, one. The phrase is Latin, yet simple. In it is encapsulated a spirit of what has made America a land of hope for so many millions of people. That is the theme of a service of TV ads in which everyday Americans of all races, religions and from all walks of life utter one simple phrase: 'I am an American.' Among those many faces is that of an Indian American, Radha Mehta.

Dr. Bharat Shah, of Mumbai was awarded "Samaj Ratna" (Community Jewel) for his honorary services for more than a quarter century. Dr. Shah provides honorary services at many hospitals following Jain principles. He has addressed national as well as international medical conferences, representing India.

Rekha Vrajlal Vora, of Mumbai was awarded Ph.D. for her thesis on Jain ‘Stotra and Bhaktamar Stotra' by the University of Bombay. Renuka Porwal also from Mumbai received Ph. D for ‘Acharya Buddhisagarji – A study". Dr. Kala Shah, a retired Principal and Jain scholar served as guide for both these research scholars.

Dr. Suresh Shah, a senior scientist with an automotive company in Michigan, USA won the double laurels of becoming the Fellow of the Society of Plastic Engineers and was featured in the Plastic Engineering Journal. A long article appeared in the India Abroad about Dr. Shah's achievements.

Dr. Lakshmi Mal Singhvi, An eminent Jurist, Constitution expert and Member of Parliament, has been appointed as the Chancellor of Jain Vishwa Bharati, Ladnun for a period of four years. In another impressive function, the Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee presented Ahimsa & Sadbhawana Samman Award to Dr. Singhvi for his unique & outstanding contribution in the fields of human rights, world peace and goodwill. Recently, his recommendations for dual citizenship and other benefits for Non-Resident Indians were accepted by the Indian government.

Mr. Om Prakash Gupta, Editor, Rajasthan Times, Jaipur, India has been honored with 2001 Ahimsa International's - Animal Protection Award. Mr. Gupta has been successful in preventing a project to establish a mechanized butcher house at Jaipur. Earlier in 1999, he was honored with "Acharya Hasti Ahimsa Award."
Pundit Shivacharanlal Maipuri, Jain Scholar was presented with Gamini Gyanmati cash Award of Rupees one Lakh sponsored by Digamber Jain Trilok Shodh Sansthan, Jamboodweep & Hastinapur, India.

Rajkot, India, 21-22-23 January 2002: Samadhi Mandir, the holy place where Shrimad Rajchandra left this world, is now restored. The temple was damaged by flowing river, making it inconvenient for followers in visiting the pilgrimage place. Opportunity was taken to expand and improve the facility, while renovation was planned. Inauguration was delayed due to the earthquake, water shortage and to facilitate huge number of expected visitors from India and abroad.

The Young Jains of America, the youth wing of the Federation of Jain Associations in North America will hold their Biennial Convention in New Jersey from July 4th to 7th July, 2002. For details see their website

Mr. Phoolchand Jain of Damoh, India has hosted a web site under the domain name of The site comprehensively covers the contributions of the Jain saints.

An ancient stone sculpture of Padmavati Devi has been found at the famous pilgrimage place of Shankara Honda, Sirsi, Karnataka. The black stone sculpture of about 50 cms in height, 25 cms in width and 8 cms thick from 14-15th century is of post-Vijayanagar period. This is characterised with the carving of Jain Yakshinis on either side of the Tirthankara sculpture. It is the Samabhangi standing posture having Dvibhuja with a lotus flower in her left hand while the right hand is in the Abhaya mudra. Though the facial portion is damaged. The sindoor on the forehead is visible. The hair is neatly combed and adorned by hair ornament. The sculpture was probably installed in a Jain settlement, and may have later been thrown into the water tank as it was not worshipped. This reveals the existence and survival of the Jain tradition in the Kannada region.

The 100 feet excavation carried out in May this year in Vad Nagar, Gujarat, has unearthed an ancient temple which is said to have housed Hindu and Jain Gods. It is said that in 1968, a local farmer had stumbled upon two Jain idols near the site. Accordingly, the excavation was carried out by the local villagers and leaders from local Digambara and Swetambar communities. It is believed that the temple is dated back to any time between 11 to 13th centuries. Over forty Jain idols were found to be carefully preserved in sand near the foundation of the temple. It is thought that the villagers during that period had buried the idols to protect them from destruction caused by invasions taking place at that time.Source MLBD January Newsletter. E-Mail :

JAINA Education Committee Los Angeles is hosting a conference from May 25th to May 27th, 2002 to promote and enhance learning and teaching of Jain philosophy and religion while fostering unity amongst all Jains. The conference will offer a platform for communication among Jain Pathshala teachers of various Jain centers, Jain scholars and authors, web site moderators, Educationalist, and JAINA education committee. This will also be a great opportunity to share some effective teaching techniques and presentation styles that many of us are using successfully to educate Jain philosophy to the “Digital Generation”. For details please view – or write to Pravin K. Shah, Chairperson, Jaina Education Committee, Federation of Jain Associations in North America, E-Mail :, Carriage Woods Circle, Raleigh, NC 27607-3969.

Recently a National Philatelic Exhibition "INPEX EMPIREPEX-2001" was held at Nasik from 22nd to 26th Dec. 2001. About 200 stamp collectors from all over India participated in this Exhibition. One of the eminent Jains from Nasik, Mr. Sudhir Jain had sent 80 sheets collection of stamps & covers on JAINISM in this exhibition. The Jury awarded Silver Bronze Medal on his collection. The collections were organised in the following sequence-1 SYMBOLS OF JAINISM 2 ESSENCE OF JAINISM - 2.1 Conceptions, 2.2 Principles, 2.3 Admirers GODS - 3.1 Siddha, 3.2 Panch Kalyank, 3.3 Tirthankars Identification Signs, 3.4 Some Tirthankars, 3.5 Other Pious Souls 4 JAIN PILGRIMAGE CENTERS 5 JAIN ARCHITECTURE 6 JAIN PERSONALITIES 7 JAIN CELEBRATIONS 8 JAIN INSTITUTIONS 9 MESSAGE TO THE WORLD The collection was highly applauded by the visitors to the Exhibition. For further details please E-Mail:

His Holiness Swasthishree Lalithakeerthi Bhattaraka Pattacharyavarya Swamiji of Karkala Jaina Math along-with the President, Vice President and Office bearers of Lord Bahubali Maha Masthakabhisheka committee of Karkala invites you all to the most sacred Mahamasthakabhisheka of Lord Bahubali and the Panchakalyana of Lord Neminatha Threerthankara to be held in Karkala from 16th to 26th February 2002.

Holy Presence: His Holiness Acharyarathana 108 Sri Subala Sagara Munimaharaj and his holy company and Sri Madabhinava Lalithakeerthi Bharraraka Pattacharyavarya Swamiji of Jain Math Karkala. For details visit :

Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpai inaugurated the newly established Vardhman Mahavir Medical College at New Delhi. The College is located in the Safdargunj Hospital premises. The College is going to have latest equipment and facilities for all types of treatment and will be staffed with best available experts in their fields of specialisation. Shri L.K. Advani was the Chief Guest on the occasion and the ceremony was presided over by the Health Minister, Dr. C.P. Thakur. The academic session of the College has already commenced from 1st January, 2002.

The President of Rashtravadi Congress Party, Sharad Panwar, inaugurating the two-day World Conference on Ahimsa at Bombay organised by the Bombay Centre of Mahavir International, said that ahimsa and humanitarianism were the biggest amongst all religions in the today's context. We should inculcate respect and understanding towards other religions. Leaders from various religions joined the Conference to express their views on world peace, communal harmony and non-violence and other related issues.Smt. Indu Jain from the Times of India group, in her speech, mentioned that the responsibility for avoiding violence and maintaining peace can not be thrust entirely on the Government. The leaders belonging to various religions should also contribute a lot in ensuring peace, unity and harmony amongst different sections of society. Other eminent persons, who spoke on the occasion were, Sadhwi Chandana Ji from Jain religion, Archibishop Cardinal Dias of Bombay, Padma Shree Maulana Karim Parekh, Dasturji Jamapasa representing Parsi community, Shankaracharya of Kanchi, Sri Jayendra sarsawati, Lama Lonbjeng from Buddhist community, Mukhya Granthi of Sikh religion, Gyani Pooran singh, Shri Surendra Singh Savai and Shri Kushal Chand Jain. They all emphasized the need to develop mutual harmony, respect and good-will amongst all sections of communities and religions.

Dr. D.K. Gupta, eminent Dental Surgeon from Jaipur, speaking to a large group of Medical practioners mentioned that the continued use of toothe paste and pan Masala were highly injurious to health, specially for growing children due the presence of Fluorides in all these items and they can lead to diseases like Fluorosis. The content of fluorides in the basic raw materials used in their manufacture, like Calcium Carbonate and chalk powder is always of the order of 800 to 1000 p.p.m. According to Dr. Sunil Jain also an Eminent Dental specialist, mouth Fresheners are equally harmful as they also contain large amount of fluorides and other undesirable constituents.

Acharya Mahapragya, the Head of Terapanth sect commenced his extensive Ahimsa journey for a period of three years, covering the States of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Maha Pradesh starting from Bidasar, a small town near Bikaner in rajasthan on the 5th December, 2001. (Already reported in previous issues) The group of people performing the Yatra consist of more than 300 saints and sadhwis and thousands of followers, moving on foot from village to village, with small stop-overs at selected places, spreading the message of non-violence, peace, communal harmony, moral and ethical values and austerity in life through speeches, discussions, discourses, holding of prayers, distribution of literature and display of posters and banners.His first major halt was at Jodhpur, the second largest town in Rajasthan, from 15th January, 2002, where he and other saints and sadhwis had an extremely busy schedule, meeting people of Jain and other communities, holding discussions and giving discourses, offering prayers, attending receptions, seminars and conferences and visiting places where reforms could be carried out, particularly schools, Central Jail, areas, inhabited by backward communities and Harijans etc.The main themes of the Acharya Mahja Pragya and the Yuvacharya, Muni Shri Maha Shraman Ji at every gathering have been awakening of ahimsa consciousness, ahimsa education and training, development of backward communities, improvement of moral values, building of healthy and tension-free society, which can live with peace and harmony.

A Seminar was organised during his stay at Jodhpur where students from the University and other institutions along-with teachers participated to discuss the subject of "Influence of Science of Living on Value-based Education". A Regional Conference was arranged on the theme of Economics and non-possessiveness of Mahavir, where Finance Minister, Shri Yashwant Sinha participated as Chief Guest. A National Conference on Ahimsa was also organised on the 20th and 21st January by the local Centre of Anuvrat Samiti and Regional branch of the same Samiti in the holy presence of Acharya Shri Maha pragya Ji and other saints. Governor of the State of Rajasthan, Shri Anshuman Singh was the Chief Guest. Dr. Lakshmi Mal Singhvi, eminent Jurist and M.P. took active part in the delibrations. Several retired and active Judges of the High Court also actively participated in the Conference proceedings. Shri Bal Vijay, Sarvodaya Leader, Maharani Hem Lata, M.P. and Ex-Maharaja of Jodhpur, Shri Gaj Singh also attended the programmes. The Acharya on his onward journey to Gujarat will stop for a couple of days at Pachpadra town, where the Maryada Mahotsava of Tera Panth samaj, an annual feature will be celebrated on the 19th, 20th and 21st February, 2002.

A complete ban on smoking at public places all over the country, including railway trains and railway premises has been imposed with immediate effect. Earlier, the Supreme Court of India had passed orders to the Central Government and to all the State governments for stopping smoking in all public places, educational institutions, libraries, prayer halls, hospitals, Court premises, Government offices and public transport systems but these orders were not seriously carried out. The fresh order by Railway authorities for banning smoking in running trains and at railaway stations and railway yards is also in the same context.

On the holy occasion of 2600th Birth Kalyanak Centenary of Bhagwan Mahavir, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has announced that Hathi Park in Lucknow will hence-forth be named as Bhagwan Mahavir Park. A marble statue, measuring 9 feet in height in Padamasan posture is being installed in the centre of the park. It was brought in a procession by the local Jain community, led by Acharya Shri Vivek sagar Ji Maharaj and other saints.

Three Ashtdhatu statues of Tirthankar Bhagwan have been recently stolen from the Digambar Jain temple in Lal Bangla area near Kali Bari in Kanpur town. The matter has been reported to the local authorities. It is sad to observe that such incidents of theft of statues and other costly material from Jain temples have been happening very often in different parts of the country but rarely, the thefts are uncovered and the culprits brought to book.

Shri 108 Chinmaya Sagar Ji Maharaj from Dogambar sect, disciple of Acharya Shri Vidhya Sagar Ji had saffron showered on him by nature while he was giving his regular discourse at Bhatpara (M.P.) after the conclusion of his Chaturmas there. The saffron showers went on for a period of 27 minutes, as long as the discourse continued and stopped immediately after he concluded his speech. It is said that similar showers had occurred on the day of commencement of Chaturmas also at that very place.

On the occasion of 2600th Birth kalyanak Centenary of Bhagwan Mahavir, Human Rights Day was observed at New Delhi in a congregation of Jain community. At the start of the programme, prayers were held for world peace, followed by hoisting of jain flag by Shri Mahavir Prasad Jain as a symbol of world peace and non-violence. Many eminent persons attended the celebrations and spoke on the subject of human values, moral responsibilities, ethics self-restraint and conduct. Smt. Sonia gandhi, Leader of the Opposition in the Indian Parliament, in her message said that philosophy of Bhagwan Mahavir was the basis of human and spiritual values, which can only give true direction to the country and show path of peace, prosperity and humanity. Dr. Karan Singh, M.P. was the Chief Guest on the occasion. He delivered his forceful speech elaborating the philosophy of ahimsa, Live and Let Live, and human rights. Eminent Jurist and past Ambassador to U.K., Dr. Lakshmi Mal Singhvi also attended the programme and spoke on the occasion. Thousands of people, saints and sadhwis took part in the meeting and passed resolutions in respect of non-violence, stopping the killing of animals and abstaining from the use of meat.

Sadhwi Shri Yash Kanwar Ji Maharaj, belonging to Shraman sangh of the Jain Sthanakwasi sect was honoured with the title of Rajasthan Pravartini by the head of the Sangha, Acharya Dr. Shiv Muni at a elaborately arranged function in Delhi. She was born on the 9th April, 1918 and has completed 65 years as a Jain sadhwi, after her initiation at the early age of 18 years. Shri Yash Kunwar Ji has played a vital role in stopping the animal sacrifice, going on for years at Jogia Mata village, in Bhilwara District of Rajasthan. She has contributed immensely in spreading education in villages, promoting Jain religion and in bringing unity of Jain society.

For the first time, in the last 400 years, mass diksha (initiation) of 36 persons will be held at Shatrunjaya, near Palitana in the holy presence of Acharya Shri Gun Ratna Surishwar Ji Maharaj on the 16th Februry, 2002. The diksha ceremony will be arranged in the premises of Shri Adi Nath Bhagwan temple complex. An unique 'Samovasaran', on the same lines as used by Bhagwan Mahavir during his discourses after Kewal Gyan, is being arranged at the place of Diksha. Shri Gun Ratna Surishwar Ji Maharaj Shri Gun Ratna Surishwar Ji Maharaj has already gone on record of having initiated 175 persons to Jain order in Murti-Pujak sect. On the previous day, a huge and colourful procession will be taken out through the city as a part of the celebrations.


The Voice of the Sadhvis: The History, Spirituality and
Life of Jain Women Ascetics"

  1. By N. Shanta
    I.B.C., Rs. 750.
    "Role of Space & Time in Jain's Syadvad & Quantum Theory"
    By Filita Bharucha
    I.B.C., Rs. 120.00
    "Jainism As a Meta-Philosophy"

  2. By S. Gopalan
    I.B.C., Rs. 60.00
    "Non-Violence to Animals, Earth, and Self in Asian Traditions"
    By Christopher Chapple
    Rs. 225.00
    "Studies in Eastern Religions"

  3. By Alfred C. Geden
    I.B.C., Rs. 300.00
    "An Encyclopaedia of Jainism"

  4. By P.C. Nahar & K.C. Ghosh
    I.B.C., Rs. 500.00

"Debates on the Spiritual Liberation of Women" By Dr. Padmanabh Jaini - In the Jain tradition, there is no agreement over the Moksh of women in that birth. There is a Manyata Bhed in the two traditions, Digamber and Shwetamber. Dr. Jaini a modern scholar of Jainism, and a Professor of Buddhist studies at University of California, Berkeley "brings to light heretofore untranslated texts evidencing a centuries-old debate between the two principal Jain sects, the Digambers and the Shwetambers on the critical issue of whether or not women can attain spiritual liberation." The hardback book has 229 pages.

LOK-VIBHAG: By Shri Singharshisuri, -Edited and translated into Hindi by Pt. Balchandraji - An important Sanskrit text dealing with Jain Cosmography, etc. Authentically edited for the first time with Hindi paraphrase, Various Readings, Appendices, etc. This is the best book in simple Hindi covering Jain geography and cosmology comprehensively. It covers certain aspects of Jain cosmography not covered in better known books such as "Tiloyapannatti", the "Dhavala" and the "Triloksaar". This paperback book has 256 pages and was published in 2001.

JAIN ART: By Shri Anand K. Coomarswamy - The contents are, 1. Introduction, 2. Jainism, 3. Life of Mahavir and other Jinas, 4. Summary of the story of Kaalakaacharya 5. Explanation of various terms, 6. Cosmology, 7. Aesthetics and Relationships of Jain Painting. This hardback book has 68 pages, all in art paper.
AN EPITOME OF JAINISM: By Shri K. B. Jindal - This book is an attempt to put the wisdom of the ancient Acharyas in a nutshell. The prefaces to the following books are present -1. Dravyasangrah, 2. Tattvaarthsutra, 3. Pachaastikaaysaar, 4. Purusharth Siddhyupaay, 5. Gommatsaar Jivkaand 6. Atmanushasan, 7. Gommatsaar Karmakaand, 8. Samaysaar, 9. Niyamsaar, 10. Gommatsaar Karmakaand Part Two 11. Parikshamukham 12. Cosmology - Old & New . A Chart "Tradition of Tirthankars" This hardback book has 232 pages.

JAIN PHILOSOPHY: HISTORICAL OUTLINE By Shri N. N. Bhattacharya - "Dedicated as a mark of devotion and reverence to the holy name of Lord Mahavir who inspired men to fight against oppression and exploitation, disease and death, cruelty and caste, anger and pride, deceit and greed." (By the Author) This hardback book has 259 pages and this second revised edition was published in 1999.

On the occasion of Chintamani Parshwa Nath Jayanti on 8th January, 2002, Dr. Nagesh Jain of New Delhi was honoured by the All India Swetambar Sthankwasi Jain Confrence as "Samaj Ratna" for his contribution to Jain society in Delhi, specially during the Chaturmas period of Acharya Shiv Muni.

Sushri Lalita Oswal of Manalgaon and Sushri Harsha Chordia of Bhosari, Pune were initiated by Param Vidushi Sadhvi Shri Kanchan Kanwarji Maharaj belonging to Sthanakwasi Jain Shraman Sangh at Sholapur (Maharashtra) on 6th January 2002.

S. W. Snehlata, daughter of Shri Prakash Chand ji Chatur mutha and Km. JayJay Shri, daughter of Shri Anand Rao Jagtap were accepted as Sadhvi in Jain Sthankawasi Shraman Sangh sect of Chennai on 17th January 2002 under the inspiration of Poojya Shri Satyasadhnaji Maharaj.

(I) Jain Acharya Vijay Indradinn Suriswar Ji - The great saint of the 21st century, Acharya Vijay Indradinn Suriswar Ji passed away on Friday, the 16th January, 2002 at Ambala City at the age of 97 years. He belonged to Sri Atm-Vallabh Samudra sect of Murti-Pujak sampradaya. He had held the last Chaturmas at Haridwar and had arrived at Ambala only last week. Last year, the Acharya had successfully gone through Bye-pass surgery and had recovered fully from the same. He had accepted the Jain order of saint-hood at the early age of 17 years and had studied Hindi, Sansakrit and Prakrit and other languages over which he had full control. He was bestowed with the title of Acharya by his Guru Shri Vijay Samudra Surishwar Ji Maharaj in the year 1971. His contribution to Jain literature as well as to socity in the form of development of Aasi and backward communities in Gujarat, spreading of education through establishment of schools and colleges have been immense for which he will be ever remembered by one and all.

(II) Aryika Suparshwa Mata Ji -Aryka Suparshwa Mata Ji of the Digambar sect, disciple of Acharya Shri Vardhman Sagar Ji passed away on 28th December, 2001 at Dhariavad village in rajasthan after a prolonged Sallekhana Sadhana. She had taken a vow for 12 years samadhi and she observed fasting during the last Chaturmas period by taking meals, only once in every three or four days, and that also only apple and water.

(III) Aryika Vipul Mati Mata Ji -She attained Devlok on the 12th December, 2001 at Dhariavad in Rajasthan in the holy presence of her Guru, Acharya Shri Vardhman Sagar Ji after 27 years of successful life of austerity, self-restraint and religious fervour. She had been only accepting Munakka and water as her meals on alternate days during the four months of Chaturmas and lately for the last 12 days, she had been living only on a little bit of water once in a day.

(IV)Digambar Jain sadhwi Aryka Pujya Vishuddhmati Mataji - Samadhi of Digambar Jain sadhwi Pujya Vishuddhmati Mataji was performed on 22nd Jan. 2002 at a pilgrimage centre Nandanvan in the Udaipur District of Rajsthan, India. On 17th Jan. 1990. She had taken 12 years Samadhi Sallekhana Vrata from Pujya Ajeet Sagarji Maharaj. In these 12 years, she had followed all the systems prescribed in the Granthas to perform Samadhi. On 27-7-2001 she gave up food. In the past 3 months, she was taking only water and juice of one fruit after every three days. Since 16th Jan. 2002 she gave up water also. On 22nd Jan. 2002 at 4.29 A.M. she left her mortal existence. Pujya Acharya Vardhman sagarji Maharaj and 33 other Muni and Aryikas were present at the time of her Samadhi. On the same day at 10 A.M. her body was cremated with the sandalwood and coconuts. More then ten thousand persons were present at the time of cremation. It was the first Samadhi of any Aryika, which has been performed after completion of full 12 years of Sallekhna Samadhi. Pujya Aryika Vishuddhmati Mataji was fully conscious and hearing Navkar Mantra at the time of her Samadhi. 72 years old Aryika Vishuddhmati Mataji was very learned scholar and has written about three dozen Granthas. May her soul find bliss.

(V) Mahasati Tara kunwarji - Mahasati Tara Kunwar Ji belonging to Shraman Sangha for 42 years breathed her last on the day of Rishi Panchami at Indore.

(VI) Muni Shri Mohanlal ji, 'Amet' -Shri Mohan Lal Ji Maharaj, a disciple of Acharya Shri Tulsi left for heavenly abode after a prolonged illness at Bikaner. He was a true philosopher-reformist and a great preacher totally devoted to the cause of spreading the message of Truth, Ahimsa and Aparigraha.

(VII) Gachhadhipati (sect-leader) Acharya Devsurishwarji Maharaj, 91 years, a disciple of late Acharya Amratsurishwarji and Nemisurishwarji, attained Samadhi (died) at Ahmedabad. Acharyshri belonged to Udaipur - Rajasthan, took diksha at the age of 19 and served the community for 71 years.

Arihant Jain, an eight-year-old introvert boy, studying in third standard at a Dehradoon school committed suicide on the last day of his vacation because he did not want to return to his residential school. According to the Delhi Police, Arihant is the youngest person to have committed suicide in the city. He was spending his vacation with his family at their house in Vishwas Nagar in East Delhi. Balesh Jain, Arihant's father, who runs a Computer institute, had enrolled his son at the residential school last July. The incident reportedly occurred at 3 pm on Sunday, when Arihant was alone at home with his mother. According to the police, earlier on that day Arihant had attempted to hang himself twice using a rope in the house. "However, Seema, his mother intercepted him," said DCP East Manoj Lall. But when Seema went to her room to get dressed, Arihant found a rope and hung himself in the courtyard. The boy's neck had ligature marks. The police have registered a case of suicide even though they did not find any suicide note in the house. "Investigations revealed that Arihant had expressed his unwillingness to return to school on several occasions to his parents," said Lall. "One morning, as his parents were helping his younger sister prepare for her school, he complained that he missed his parents' attention," he added. "He was an introvert and did not mix around much with the other children in the neighbourhood," said a police officer. "Even on his return, he spent most of the time playing with his younger sister inside the house." Neighbours in Karan Gali of Vishvash Nagar expressed their shock over the boy's death. "He was like any child in the locality. We never noticed any sign of aggression or disturbed behavior," a neighbour said. A noted psychiatrist in the city said, "Though this is an unusual incident, instances of depression are not uncommon among children. "In this case, since the child was small, it appears that he missed his parents and was not able to communicate it properly to his family. Source: Hindustan Times, New Delhi "15.01.20002"

Note: All over-ambitious parents may probably take a lesson from this incident.

Deeksha programme is being organized on 25th February under the blessings of M. S. Shri Ram Lalji of Shri Nanalalji M.S. sect at Shri Ganganagar Rajasthan. Programme is expected to be attended by hundreds of Jain followers from across the country. For programme details please contact Sh. Pawan Jain-Ph. 421829(O), 462528 (R), Sh. Nirmal Jain, Ph. 421829 (O), 421707 (R).

Acharya Shri Ram Lalji M.S. has declared for Holi Chaturmas at Bhatinda (Punjab).

Hindustan Times, New Delhi, February 6, 2002, in a countrywide operation, the investigation unit of the Income Tax Department searched the premises of Precision Pipe Profile and Ajay Industrial Corporation belonging to Ajay Kumar Jain. Officers claimed cash worth Rs. 36 lakh and jewellery worth Rs. 65.66 crore have been seized from the residential and official premises of the group. It has also sealed seven bank lockers. Mr. Jain manufactures moulded plastic products, agricultural products including pumps. They are one of major suppliers of moulded plastic parts to the automobile and white good industry. According to the department, the company has been fudging its accounts and under declaring its sales and production figures to evade income tax. Documents showing unaccounted transactions worth Rs. 6 crore is alleged to have been recovered by the department during the raid. The company is also alleged to have inflated its expenditure to evade taxes.

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