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Ahimsa Times - November 2002 Issue -

Vol. No. 29

November, 2002


A new temple complex has been recently established at Katraj on the Pune Satara Highway. The temple oversees the city of Pune from a hillock, giving a magnificent view of the entire town. The main temple has a large dazzling idol in golden shade of Shri Mahavir Swami in Padmasan posture, made of Panch-Dhatu. It is 12 feet tall and weighs about 5000 Kg. Another temple behind the main temple is built within the same complex and the idol of Shri Parshwanath Bhagwan is installed there. This idol is also made in Panch-dhatu and is 8 feet tall and weighs 3000 Kg. There are several other idols located in the temple in different positions, all made of Panch-dhatu and equally bright and dazzling. The main temple installation was carried out on Margshish Shukla 15 in the year 1995 and the remaining construction is in full showing. The complex provides facilities of boarding, lodging and medical aid, guest house and prayer halls. Being close from the town, a large number of devotees and pilgrims have been coming for worship every day. The project has been financed by Shri Vardhman Jain Agam Teerth Trust through donations received from various temple trusts, Pedhi, Jain institutions and individuals.

An All-Religions Meet was organised by Digambar Jain Sewa Sansthan (Institute for Humanitarian Services) at Indira Nagar, Lucknow, where representatives of various prominent religions such as, Vedic, Sikh, Jamayte Islami, Christian, Bahai, Buddh and Jain participated and deliberated on the relevance of ahimsa in the present context. Digambar Jain saint, Shri Saurabh Sagar Ji Maharaj, by whose inspiration, the conference had been organised, said in his speech that ahimsa is the central theme and main philosophy of all the religions and is absolutely relevant at the present time when there was violence and turmoil all around. Ahimsa was in the very nature of every human-being. When the thought of ahimsa is awakened in the conscience of a person, his feelings for peace, compassion, amity and friendship, all get strengthened. All the religions are complimentary to one another. Jain religion preaches ahimsa towards all creatures, of whatever sense, e.g. ekandriya to panchendriya. He suggested that a prayer about ahimsa and compassion should be included in the prayer meetings of all religions. The participants of various other religions also expressed similar views on the subject and showed their full concurrence with those of the Muni. Earlier, the Conference od Dharm-Teerth Sanrakshini Mahasabha of Digambar Jain sect was held in the holy presence of Muni Shri Saurabh Sagar Ji and Muni Shri Prabal Sagar Ji Maharaj.

At a heavily-attended gathering for celebrating the World Vegetarianism and Animal Protection Day at New Delhi, Acharya Shri Vidyanand Ji belonging to Digambar sect expressed his views on the importance of vegetarian diet and simple (satwik) food. He said that these were necessary to maintain a healthy mind and strong body. The thinking of 'kill and die' should be replaced by 'live and let live' in the minds of every person. Mouth is certainly not a dust bin that you can put any rubbish into it, as and when you like. Food of high purity (Satvik food) eaten at right time affects the person's feelings and emotions. He added that destruction of animals and reduction of greenery are responsible for ecological imbalance, which in turn are the cause of increased atmospheric temperatures, reduced rainfall, earth-quakes and seasonal unbalance. Dr. D.C. Jain, Head of the Department of Neurology at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, said that 160 types of ailments prevalent in the world are due to consumption of non-vegetarian food. In Delhi alone, six lakh patients are suffering from Epilepsy, a dreadful disease, the major cause of which is non-vegetarian food. Latest researches have shown that such food is responsible for many of the serious diseases such as, heart ailments, Paralysis and Cancer. Shri Ramesh Chandra, Working President of Bharatiya Gyanpeeth mentioned that vegetarianism is not just a mode of eating but it is a scientific way to healthy life and that is why, more and more people are switching over to vegetarian food in the western countries. It is painful to observe that in a country like India, which has throughout been having a vegetarian culture, is now moving more towards non-vegetarianism.

JAINA is very happy to announce once again a pilgrimage to Samet Sikhar and nearby Tirths. This 16 day Yatra of many holy places is being organised in cooperation with Veerayatan. Jains consider Shree Samet Sikhar Ji as their most sacred place of pilgrimage and hold a life-long dream of at least once in their life being there. Samet Sikhar Ji is the place, where 20 Teerthankars of the present era (Chaubisi) attained Salvation (Nirvana). Traveling through Bihar has always been considered a difficult endeavor and a Sangh Yatra is the only real choice for most people. For those of us living in North America this is a rare opportunity to join a Sangh to Shree Samet Sikharji and other nearby Tirths. Visits to temples at Delhi, Shouryapuri (Agra), Aligadh (KanjiSwami Ashram), Ayodhya, Banaras, Rajgir, Guniyaji, Pawapuri, Kundalpur, Lachhwad (Kshatriyakund), Champapuri and Bodhigaya are also planned. Registration will be will be first come first served basis. The planned capacity for this Yatra is 160. If there are any vacancies left or if the capacity is expanded, relatives from India could also be included in the yatra. The confirmation shall be confirmed in early December. Please do not send money for the person in India at this time.

In addition to the above-mentioned temples, the visitors will also be spending 2 nights at Veerayatan. At Veerayatan, the pilgrims will get a chance to see "Compassion in Action" - message of Mahaveer put in practice by Acharya Chandanaji and other Sadhwis of Veerayatan in the poorest region of the country. In Lachhwad, a visit is also organised to school built with donations from JAINA Yatris of 2001 and is being managed by Veeraytan. The tentative date for starting of the yatra from Delhi is January 18. The Yatra will end in Patna on the evening of February 2. All travel will be by Air-conditioned train. The cost of the land portion of the pilgrimage within India is $990. This includes all traveling within India by bus or train, accommodation in hotels or Dharmsala, tips, $30 registration fee and all the meals. $100.00 of the $990 will be earmarked for "Yatra Fund". The Yatra Fund will be used for donations to temples and institutions we visit. For registration and details, contact: Dilip V Shah, Chairman, JAINA Pilgrimage Committee. Ph. (215) 561-0581 or Anil Shah, 18 Stout Ct., East Brunswick, NJ 08816, Telephone: (732) 651-8734.

Temple security first came into focus after terrorists killed nearly 40 innocent people at the Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar on September 24. However, trustees of Jain temples in Gujarat say security has been uppermost on their minds, especially since there has been a sudden spurt in burglaries over the past few months. A couple of temple trusts have started investing in private guards for the first time. One of the worst hit has been the Opera House Society temple on Ahmedabad's Juna Vikas Gruh road, where thieves first struck on July 26 and then on August 25, getting away with jewellery worth over Rs 60,000. Then, last month the Pankaj society Jain temple in Ahmedabad was targeted with the culprits getting away with jewellery worth Rs 35,000.

The police have made some arrests in these cases but have not been able to recover the loot. One of the biggest breakthroughs has been the arrest of four people by the Bharuch police. It led to the detection of a series of such robberies across the state from Navsari in South Gujarat to Nandasan in Mehsana district of North Gujarat. The accused were trying to escape after attempting a robbery at a temple in Hansot village. They were also involved in a major robbery at the Anastu Jain temple near Vadodara, where they had beaten up three persons and looted Rs 3.5 lakh. The Vadodara police recovered gold and silver valuables amounting to Rs 2.7 lakh from the four accused. Vadodara district LCB inspector M K Katariya said the gang specialised in robbing temples. "Temples are easy targets as they are located in remote areas with barely any security," he said. The same gang was involved in burglaries at Jain temples in Navsari and Padamla near Vadodara and at the Nandasan Tribhuvan Jain Tirth near Kadi. Sub-inspector R V Nandasana of Kanbha police station said, "Their modus operandi is to pelt stones on a temple and create a scare before looting and fleeing with the valuables. Anybody who resists their attempts is brutally beaten up." Courtesy: Robin David & Sachin ShRM, Ahmedabad / Vadodara.

The Dharm channel of Webdunia has elaborate content on Jainism. It gives a rigorous treatment of the fundamental tenants of Jainism, the religious practices of Jains, festivals, pooja archana, religious discourses, life-sketch and teachings of Jain sadhus and sadhvis etc. Although, all the contents are in Hindi, where deemed necessary, some of the contents have also been made available in original languages with the accompanying translation in Hindi. The contents have been classified under different heads e.g. Jain Dharma , Updesh, Pooja Paddhati , Aarti, Aradhana, Stotra, Paryushan, Jain Siddh Kshetra, Mahavir Jayanti, Pramukh Jain Tirth, Pramukh Parva, Kshamavaani Kaamna Cards, Acharya Vidyasagarji. For further information mail to Mr.Pankaj Jain, E-Mail :

An International Science Conference was held recently in New Delhi to discuss various issues arising out of the practice of cloning of animals, which was imposing a serious challenge to the Indian cattle breeders. It is being felt by them that the production and rearing of animals like buffaloes, cows, oxen and camels may be seriously affected by the newly-developed Cloning process, which could impair the country's entire ecological balance, apart from reducing the animal reproduction. Indian scientists are also now capable of cloning the animals and producing their transgenic varieties. Hundreds of animals have already been cloned in laboratories and experiments have shown that there could be considerable increase in milk production from cloned animals, but the quality of such milk could be highly doubtful and probably dangerous for human consumption. In fact, in some of the developed countries, consumption of milk produced from cloned animals has been totally banned. The six-day International Conference on this subject is being organised at Delhi in which 392 scientists from India and several other countries will take part and deliberate on the scientific, legal and moral aspects of Cloning technology and their impact on the economy of developing countries, like India, China, Iran etc., where a large number of animals are being owned by small farmers having limited means.

A religious tower, having a height of 325 feet is coming up at Mumbai in the Gorai area, close to the Essel World Complex, at a cost of Rupees forty crores. The design of the tower has been approved by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. The tower is said to withstand the severest earth-quake tremors. Its base would be round, having 150 feet diameter and upper portion would be of pyramid shape. the speciality of the structure will be that no cement or steel will be used in the construction. The tower will accommodate an under-ground water storage of 4,00,000 litres capacity in the under-ground, a large prayer and meditation hall, where 8000 devotees could sit and pray, educational and religious galleries, libraries, study centres and various other facilities, specially for Buddhist religion.


A huge congregation of Jains from all the Shwetambar sects in the form of a Maha-sammelan was held on the 27th October 2002 at Sadri in Rajasthan in the holy presence of and by the inspiration of Jain saint, Acharya Shri Padam Sagar Surishwar Ji, who is the founder of Shri Mahavir Jain Aradhana Kendra at Kobe near Gandhi Nagar in Gujarat. The function was organised by Bharatiya Sanskriti Samanvay Sansthan, (B.S.S.S.) Jodhpur with the objective of discussing various burning topics, such as unity, cooperation and coordination amongst different sects, removal of social evils, stopping of mis-leading propaganda against Jain saints, protection of Jain temples and property from attacks by undesirable elements in various parts of the country and development activities for people in Adivasi and backward areas. A large number of religious leaders from different parts of western Rajasthan, representatives of different Jain Trusts and temple authorities, Members of Parliament and Legislative assembly, Officers of Administrative Services participated in the sammelan.

Shri Jas Raj Chopra, Retired High Court Judge, Chairman of State Consumer's Forum and also Chairman of B.S.S.S. in his presidential speech stressed the need to establish and uphold the prestige and dignity of the Jain community and in this direction he suggested to strive for achieving greater representation of Jains in the administrative services. Shri D.R. Mehta who was amongst the special guests invited to take part in the programme, indicated an urgent need to unite the disintegrating Jain samaj and desired that instead of discussing the subject at different forums, solid work must be done to achieve the objectives. Shri Padam Sagar Ji Maharaj in his scholarly discourse said that there was no dearth of wealth with Jain community but the need was to spend it wisely for social causes, forgetting the mutual differences and working unitedly for the social development and progress. Others present, who spoke on social reforms included Shri Gulab Chand Kataria, Leader of the Opposition in Raj. Vidhan Sabha, Shri Shanti Lal Chaplot, M.L.A. and Shri Suparas Bhandari, G.M. of Oriental Insurance Bank.

It is well-known that the increasing use of insecticides in the fields these days has been responsible for deterioration in the quality of crops produced, thereby affecting the health of people. Furthermore, the fumes of the insecticides are often very poisonous when inhaled both by humans or animals. The effect on the birds is far-more serious and their death-rate is fast-increasing. The decrease in bird population has in turn caused increase in the production of rats, which adversely affect and damage the crops. It is said that one pair of rats reproduces 880 rats in a year, which all-together is sufficient to damage the entire crop in a field. It is therefore necessary to give a serious thought to the menace caused by the incessant use of insecticides. Seen directly, insecticides may appear to protect the plants from insects but indirectly, they cause reduction in bird population and increase of rats, which eat away the crops. The net result is that the loss of crops continues unabated, the human health is affected and environmental unbalance is produced, which is harmful to one and all. It is high time that scientists sit together and think about the gravity of the problem and come out with some alternative solutions, which can help to protect the crops, the bird population as well as the human and animal health.

A protest march was taken our in Mysore by the Jain community supporting the stand of the Government of Karnataka for not releasing water to Tamilnadu. Thousands of people of Mysore Jain Samaj actively participated in the protest, when the state was in a state of distress due to shortage of rains.Sri Bhuvanakeerthi Bhattarakha Maharaj of the Jain Muth at Kanakagiri (Maleyooru) led the protest march from M.L.Vardhamanaiah Jain boarding home (the key centre of the city) to the Krishna Rajendra Circle. He was acclaimed as the first Swamiji to come to the streets exercising full support for the cause.

The devotees of Bhagwan Bahubali performed the annual Mastakabhisheka ceremony with traditional fervour and splendour on Sunday the 30th September at Shravanbelagola. The Mastakabhisheka at Gommatagiri is performed as an an annual feature. The five metre tall statue appears to change its colours as milk, vermilion, turmeric, tender coconut, sandalwood paste are cascaded down over it. The first round of Mastakabhisheka was followed by offerings of flowers and the statute was smeared with vermilion and turmeric. Sri Devendrakeerthi Bhataraka Swamiji of Hombuja Jain Math supervised the Mastakabhisheka and the priests performed the rituals from a specially erected platform behind the statue. This holy event was witnessed by more than 6,000 devotees gathered from all over Karnataka.The Swamiji during a Dharam sabha called upon for the spread of message of Gommateshwar in particular and Jainism in general.

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1.PURE FREEDOM:The book can be obtained from: Mr. Amar Salgia, E-Mail :, Phone:(310)5420414
A new resource for sharing Jainism with the world has been designed, written and published in the United States for use by Jains to explain Jainism to non-Jains in America and the English-speaking world. The second edition of the pocket-sized booklet "PURE FREEDOM: THE JAIN WAY OF SELF RELIANCE" has just been completed and is now available for Jains worldwide to spread the philosophy and vision of Lord Mahavira to friends, neighbors and colleagues of all faiths and backgrounds. The book answers familiar questions, such as, Do you believe in God? Why don't you eat meat? What's the value of your philosophy, when it seems so few have heard of it? What do "Jain" people do, how do they live and why? Do your beliefs have anything to do with my life in the modern world? Are you like a Hindu?

In USA, established religions have been able to reach out and explain themselves to the average man and woman. With their vision and ideas, many religious groups find ways to inspire, enlighten, and communicate their values with persons who don't happen to share their faith. However, Jains have neglected this area, and for too long. A new project has been underway to provide with an attractive, compact and professional synopsis of the Jain faith made for non-Jain Americans who (1) have never heard of Jainism, (2) come from a Judeo-Christian, atheistic or agnostic background, and (3) aren't particularly interested in Indian culture. Anyone who wishes to explain their Jain convictions with friends, colleagues, or persons of other faiths will find this resource useful. It is also appropriate for mature youth such as college or young professionals, looking to gain a more lucid understanding of their tradition and way of life.

Care has gone into starting off new readers on the "right foot" so that people may know and appreciate the Jain perspective, just as it is, without wrong impressions or any sectarian slant. We can see that American Christians, Jews, atheists and agnostics have a different concept of "religion" than we do. Close attention has been given to the ways that such readers tend to perceive certain words, phrases and concepts. This new introduction to Jainism focuses on what many curious people want to know, and typically ask. It also addresses some of the misconceptions about Jains and our faith.

2. SUMATI MALA ( HINDI) - Author(s) : Sadhwi Nidhi Shriji & Kripashri Ji , Publishers : Maitri Charitable , Foundation, Murugappan St., Saucarpet, Chennai , Price : Rs. 50/-
The word 'Sumati' in Hindi language means, wisdom or right thinking. People on this earth are saddened not because they lack brain but because of misuse of their thoughts. Wherever, we see, we find mis-behaviour and mis-understanding amongst families and individuals and feeling of dissatisfaction and revolt all round. Separatism is rampant everywhere. In such an environment, it is necessary to apply wisdom and use 'Sumati'. People do not have the time or interest to read large and bulky books. They want to learn more in minimum time. Effort has been made by the two learned Sadhwis, Nidhi Shri and Kripa shri Ji by bringing out this concise book, "Sumati Mala" for the benefit of laymen and children, not only for Jain community but for one and all. It can suit young and old alike. The objective of the text, which consists of 108 single page articles, very much like the beads of a garland, is to preach how to foster friendship and good relations, avoid mis-understanding and lead a simple happy, satisfied and contented life. The authors have in the past written several books of high educational value and it is hoped that these books and those in the process of production will go a long way in creating amity, self-confidence, discipline and simplicity and developing mental and moral values amongst the readers.
Review by : Prof. P. L. Jain , E-Mail :

3. THE ORIGINAL THOUGHTS OF MAHAVEER: On the occasion of the Mahaveer Nirvan Divas (November 3, 2002) Hira Publications is releasing the E-book version (a stand-alone CD readable on a PC) of the work from which Namokar originated. It set the foundation of the anugam (criteria based analysis), syad (logical doubt) and anekant (logical alternatives) processes that have guided the course of the Jain Agam for the last 2000 years.

These three volumes, under the title "Perceptions for Being To Becoming" (over 800 pages), build on the 12th Ang (itthivay, Perception) of the material attributed to the Mahaveer. The first volume includes the English rendition of the orginal Prakrit work: Jevasthan (Khand 1 of Shatkhandagam) by Pushpdant and Bhutbali (ca. 50 AD). For the general reader as well as the experts, the core is amplified with notes, insights and essays that provide historical, geographical, cultural, and intellectual contexts for the continuity for the Jain thought for the last 5000 years. to see a sample, and details of the ordering information.

The main road from Mehrauli to Gurgaon in has been renamed as "Acharya Shri Tulsi Marg" by the Delhi Govt. Name ceremony function was organised on 20th October 2002 at Anuvrat Chowk, Mehrauli, New Delhi under the holy presence of Muni Shri Lokprakash Lokesh and Muni Shri Dharmesh Kumar from terapanth sect. The function was inaugurated by Chief Minister Mrs. Sheila Dixit and attended by several politicians and leaders of Jain community.

On the occasion of 2600th Birth Kalyanak anniversary celebrations of Bhagwan Mahavir, an exclusive Jain Art Gallery (Kala Veethika) was inaugurated in the State Museum at Lucknow by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Ms. Mayawati on the 25th October, 2002. Various rare collections of ancient temple architecture and other art objects have been displayed in the gallery. The gallery has been built by Sethi Trust, through the cooperation of Shri Bharat -varshiya Digambar Jain (Teerth Sanrakshini) Maha Sabha and State Museum by the inspiration of Jain saint, Shri Saurabh Sagar Ji Maharaj. The inauguration programme held in the holy presence of Pujya Muni 108 Shri Saurabh Sagar Ji and Muni 108 Shri Prabal Sagar Ji Maharaj and Aryika Sri Chandramati Ji and Dakshmati Ji and was presided over by Sahu Ramesh Chand Jain of Times of India group.

It is understood from reliable sources that the Bharatvarshiya Khandelwal Digambar Jain Mahasabha is going to start a new T.V. channel, to be named 'Ahimsa' with effect from 1st January, 2003. The preparations for the hosting are in full swing and according to Shri Santosh Sethi, Working President of the Mahasabha, the necessary data and information to start the channel has already been collected, and the programmes have been prepared. He said that this channel will be exclusive for Jain society, covering all sections and sects and it will help in uniting the community into one thread, spreading the philosophy of Lord Mahavir, and popularising the religion on a global basis. The programmes will stress non-violence, self-restraint (Sanyam and aparigraha) and austerity (Tap). The camera team of the channel is already moving from one place to another and covering major religious institutions and temples.

Ms. Ranjan Jain of Nagpur, Laxmi Shah of Banglore and Sonal Jain of Mumbai were accepted into Jain order of sainthood at Agra on the 20th October, 2002 by Acharya Shri Chandana Ji Maharaj of 'Virayatan', the Jain Ashram at Rajgiri, who is the disciple of Acharya Shri Amar Muni and belongs to Shwetambar Sthanakwasi Jain sect. Six days of religious festivals were observed in the town of Agra on this occasion. Prior to the initiation ceremony, the aspirant girls were taken in a large procession on a horse-driven chariot through the city. The ceremony was witnessed by hundreds of devotees, including Mr. L.M. Singhvi, former High Commissioner of India to U.K.

Pizza Hut has run into yet another controversy, with a family in Chennai alleging that the global restaurant chain served it meat in a vegetarian pizza. This is the second time the company has been accused of hurting the religious sentiments of customers, the first being in New Delhi in June. In the latest incident, complainant Asha Jain took six of her family members, three children among them, to the Sterling Road outlet of Pizza Hut on the night of October 27. The Jains ordered two Exotica vegetarian pizzas. One of the pizzas, Asha said in her complaint letters to the company, police, media and a consumer court, "came at around 9.30 pm with pieces of chicken or some other meat in it". Her husband Dinesh Jain said, "We are strictly vegetarian and our religious sentiments are hurt." But Pizza Hut official Manish Tandon denied the allegation. "There is no way a non-vegetarian ingredient could be present in a vegetarian pizza. But the Jains are adamant. On October 28, the police threatened to arrest my sister-in-law and terrorised her, Asha Jain said. The next day, the Fast Foods Restaurants (Madras) Pvt Ltd, which has been allowed the use of the Pizza Hut brand name in Chennai, filed a complaint at the same police station against the Jains. The complaint alleged that the family took out a video camera and "began shooting the next tables inside the restaurant and claimed that non-vegetarian was served" to them. "(Dinesh Jain) refused to pay and left. We left him that day without taking any money because he showed a 'Press' card," the complaint said. "Today he telephoned and demanded Rs 50,000 to withdraw the police case."

As recently as June, a waiter at its Vasant Vihar outlet in New Delhi was jailed for serving non-vegetarian food to a customer asking for a vegetarian pizza. Earlier , an Indian in the US had also filed a case accusing the restaurant of serving non-vegetarian products in its vegetarian preparations. Indian Americans in the US fought a similar case against the McDonald's chain and received a multimillion-dollar settlement. Sources :, Chennai, November 03.

In a new advertisement protesting the suffering of animals in transport, Raveena Tandon shows that she is also one of the strong supporters of those who are protesting against animal cruelty. The actress, who won top honours for her role in Daman, was so disturbed by PETA's evidence of abuse that she posed with Jamuna, a cow just like those killed for their meat and skins, to urge the public to Steer Clear of Animal Cruelty'. Jamuna and other animals like her are as gentle as their abusers are violent', says Raveena. Their abuse at the hands of corrupt skin and meat traders must be stopped.' PETA's investigation of the trade in cattle, goats, sheep and other animals reveals beatings, mutilation and a miserable death at the hands of transporters and abattoir workers. After they are sold at auction, many animals are marched for days and are given neither a sip of water nor a bite to eat. When they collapse from exhaustion, handlers twist and break their tails or rub tobacco or hot chilli peppers in their eyes. Most are crammed, in hideously overcrowded conditions, into lorries. By the time they reach the abattoir, many bones have been broken. The killers, most of whom have never been trained to kill animals painlessly, saw dull blades back and forth across the animals' throats. Nearly 40 companies, including some of the world's biggest retailers-Gucci, Adidas, Nike, Timberland, Gap Inc. and others have informed PETA that they will not agree to use leather obtained from Indian animals, at least until conditions for them in transport improve. According to reports, this has cost the Indian leather industry an estimated US$40 million in lost contracts. For further information contact Ms. Anuradha Sawhney E-Mail:

Sanjay K. Jain Society of Capital District, Albany NY is organising a free Parichaya Sammelan (Matrimonial Meet) for Jain community at Talkatora Indoor Stadium, New Delhi on 1st December 2002 from 10 AM. No fee is being charged for registration of candidates and self introduction of boys/girls on stage. A directory of boys & girls participating in parichaya sammelan will also be published. (last date of registration for publishing in directory is 20.11.02).For details, contact: President, Marco International, Off.:-105, Old P.O. Building, Mehrauli,New Delhi-30 (India), E-Mail: or web:, mobile: 9810482031 Tel (R) : 91-011-2075043 (8pm to 8am)

The next JAINA Convention is planned to held in Cincinnati. The theme of the convention is Jainism: the Art of Living. Those interested to participate may get their registration soon. The downtown rates for 2 double bed occupancy: $ 75 /NITE: $54 FOR AAA MEMBER, $44 FOR ADVANCE RESERVATION : FOUR SEASONS (SHERATON) DIFFERENCE OF $55 or better than HALF-: For details, contact: PHONE # 513-357-5800, Ramesh & Dr. Jaya Shah,440442-4596 ; fax 216-8510602, E-Mail :

ANUVRAT GLOBAL ORGANIZATION (ANUVIBHA) - a transnational center for peace and nonviolent action invites participants to attend the Fifth International Conference on Peace and Nonviolent Action to be held at our Peace Palace (Vishva Shanti Nilyam), Rajsamand near Udaipur (Rajasthan) from February 23 to 27, 2003. The theme chosen for deliberations on this occasion is Seeking the True Meaning of a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World. Anuvibha has been in the forefront of a global campaign to promote peace through ahimsa (nonviolence). It has so far organized four major international conferences on peace and nonviolent action at various places in India which attracted a large number of committed peace and nonviolence academics and workers from different parts of the world. The last date for registration and for proposals to speak is 31st December, 2002. For further details visit

The All Maharashtra Jain Itihas Parishada and Sindhudurg Zilla Jain Parivar have organised 3rd JAIN HISTORY CONFERENCE in Konkan region near Goa. The dates of the conference are 25th and 26th January, 2003. For details, contact: DR. Deepak Tupkar, Shivam Apartment, Sawantwadi - 416510, Maharashtra - India,
E-Mail:, Phone: 091-02363-73186, 72302. Konkan Region is situated at the foothills of Western Ghat ranges. Natural Greenary and Beautiful Spots. participation in the form of Donations, Research papers, E-Mails, messages, publications, Jain literature, posters for exhibition is welcome.

Shri Nemi Chand Jain, Chairman, All-India Shwetambar Sthanakwasi Jain Conference
Shri Nirmal Kumar Sethi, Chairman, All-India Digambar Jain (Dharma-Sanrakshini) Mahasabha

View the photos of Celebration of Paryushan at Dubai. For further information please contact Mr. Sanjay Jain, E-Mail :

Monday, 4th November, 2002- Deepawali and Mahalaxmi Pujan.
Tuesday, 5th November, 2002 - Veer Nirvan Diwas and Samvat 2529 starts.
Wednesday, 6th November, 2002 - Kevalagnana Kalyanak of Shri Pushpadanth Ji.
Saturday, 16th November, 2002- Kevalagnana Kalyanak of Bhagawan Arah nath Ji.
Tuesday, 19th November, 2002- Janma Kalyanak of Bhagawan Sambhavnath Ji.
Wednesday, 20th November, 2002-Garbha Kalyanak of Bhagawan Ananthnath Ji.
Sunday, 24th November, 2002 - Kevalagnana Kalyanak of Bhagawan Sambhavnath.
Monday, 25th November, 2002 - Janm Kalyanak of Shri Suvidhi Nath Ji.
Saturday, 30th November, 2002- Nirvan Divas of Shri Padam Prabhu Ji.

November 12, 2002 Gnan Panchami (Day of Knowledge)
November 20,2002 Lokashah Jayanti
December 15, 2002 Maun Jiyaras (Agiyaras)April 15, 2003 Mahavir Jayanti
May 03, 2003 Akshaya Tritya
August 24, 2003 Paryushan Parva Begins
August 31, 2003 Samvantsari (Day of Forgiveness) Paryushan Ends
August 31, 2003 Daslakshani Parva Begins
September 09, 2003 Ananta Chaturdasi
September 10, 2003 Kshmavani (Day of Forgiveness) Daslakshana Ends
October 24, 2003 Mahavir Nirvan- Diwali
October 29, 2003 Gnan Panchami (Day of Knowledge)
November 09, 2003 Lokashah Jayanti
December 04, 2003 Maun Jiyaras (Agiyaras)

Eminent Jain Muni belonging to Shwetambar Sthanakwasi sect, Shri Mahendra Muni, attained Dev-lok on the Tuesday, the 29th October, 2002 at Sojat city in Rajasthan after a short period of santhara. He was 77 years old. On 30th October, his body was taken in a large procession through the town for the last rites.

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