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Ahimsa Times - January 2003 Issue

Vol. No.31

January, 2003

Dr. Manu Chandaria is designated one of the ten outstanding Indians who have been honoured by the Prime Minister of India 9th January 2003 by Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award at New Delhi. The Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Awards have been instituted to recognize and reward the meritorious contributions made by NRIs and PIOs in the furtherance of India's interests and causes. Dr. Manu Chandaria is known as king of the African business jungle, recently hailed as one of the most respected CEO's in the African business community. Involved in aluminium, computer hardware, plastics, software and steel, his Comcraft Group has its reach in countries of Africa, India, Australia and South America. Manu Chandaria's father shifted to East Africa as early as 1916. He started off his own retail trade in provisions. This initial foothold is what paved the way for the Chandaria business to expand into a global conglomerate. Manu was educated in India and USA to become a qualified engineer, following which he returned to Kenya and got involved in the family business. The Chandarias then slowly started acquiring properties, which helped them to step into the manufacturing industry. In 1950, the family undertook manufacture in steel and aluminium.

Ahimsa Foundation on behalf of entire Jain Samaj congratulates Dr. Chandaria for not only elevating the Jain society but the entire country in the world. E-Mail:

Acharya Shri Pragya Ji, Head of the Terapanth sect of Shwetambar Jain group after leaving Surat last month is heading on towards Bombay along-with his entourage, spreading the message of ahimsa, aparigraha and anekant all over the way. Thousands of devotees and people from other communities throng his way to have his darshan. He had reached Navsari on the 27th December and it is expected that he will be entering Bombay in the first week of the new year. His Ahimsa Yatra, had commenced on the 5th December, 2001 from Sujan Garh, a small township near Bikaner on a three year programme, visiting various towns and villages falling on the way in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.

The Birth anniversary of 23rd Tirthankar, Bhagwan Shri Parshwa Nath Ji was celebrated with full faith and reverence in Jain temples of all the sects, devoted to him all over the country on the 29th December, 2002. Religious celebrations, including discourses, prayers, worships, lectures, bhajan programmes and processions were held for the whole day. At Nakoda Parshwa Nath Ji temple, an internationally renowned Jain pilgrimage centre in Rajasthan, a huge religious fair was held in which more than 25,000 devotees from all over the country collected for a period of three days, holding worships and taking part in various ceremonies. Similar celebrations were held in many other towns in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. At Dhar in M.P., 75 km. from Indore, a long Ratha-Yatra was taken out from Sankat-Mochan Ahu Parshwanath Digambar Jain Atishay kshetra.


We thank to more than 7000 members of out of 65000 emailed who instantly reacted to Mr. Arun Jain's captivity in Indonesia. Your more than 7000 email replies with in few hours not only placed the entire Jain Samaj on one single platform but forwarding copies to President of Indonesia, Ms. Megawati Sukarnoputri, Prime Minister Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Sb. and Minister of Information & Technology Sh. Pramod Mahajan Sb. made them realize that there exists an issue, which needs immediate attention. We are also extremely thankful to Prime Minister's office and office of Ministry of Information & Technology for their acknowledgement of the issue and their serious efforts in resolving the issue.

A 21-member delegation of Jain community from India and abroad met Prime Minister, Shri Atal Bihari Vajpai recently to apprise him about the Institute of Jainology situated at London and its role in publicising and propagating Jain religion across the world. The delegation included Shri Rati Lal Shah, Chairman of the Institute of Jainology, Shri Vipin G.B. Mehta, Trustee of the Institute, Shri Deep Chand Gardi from Bombay, Shri Pratap Ji Bhogilal from Bombay, Shri Nemu Chanderia from London, Shri Nem Chand Khajanchi of Kobe, Japan, Shri Hulas Chand Ji Golcha from Nepal, Sahu Ramesh Chandra Jain of Times of India Group and Shri Nirmal Kumar Sethi. They requested The Prime Minister to accept the Chief Patronship of the Institute to which the P.M. gladly gave his consent. On further request by the delegation, an amount of Rs. two crores was sanctioned by the Prime Minister out of the funds allotted for 2600th Birth Centenary of Bhagwan Mahavir. Shri Jagmohan, Minister of Culture and Tourism was also present at the meeting. Later, the delegation also met Mr. Man Mohan Singh.

It is probably the first time that a Jain temple has been heavily insured in the interest of its safety and security against terrorism. Keeping in mind the attack on Akshardham temple at Gandhi Nagar recently, the Trust managing the affairs of Shri Nakoda Parshwa Nath Ji temple, about 120 Km. from Jodhpur in Rajasthan has been insured for a sum of Rs. 44.05 crores by Oriental Insurance Company against militant attacks or terrorist activities, riots, theft, dacoity of temple premises, gold and silver jewellery, fire, strikes and natural calamities, earth-quakes, water calamities and beak-down of diesel generator sets, dharmshalas, . The Trust has paid first annual instalment of Rs. 3 lakh 71 thousand towards this insurance. Beside, the pilgrims visiting the temple have also been insured for Rs. 4 crores by a special insurance policy that the Insurance Company has designed for the temple management. The Trusts of many other temples, such as those at Nath Dwara and Mt. Abu, are also now considering the idea of insuring their temple property. (Hindustan Times, dated 26th December, 2003)

Pranita Jain, a classical dancer belonging to Jodhpur in Rajasthan, has earned name and fame for herself, in the United States of America, having shown successful performances at the World Music Festival at Chicago, Winter Olympics 2002 in Salt Lake City and Lotus Music Festival in Bloomington. While on a recent trip to India, she gave Bharat-natyam performance at the Ali Akbar Khan Hall at Ummed Bhawan Palace, organised by Mehrangarh Museum Trust and stole the hearts of all music and dance lovers. Pranita Jain had done her Master's degree in dance ethnography from the University of Illinois. She founded 'Kalapriya', a centre for Indian performing art in the year 1994. She has been inviting guest artists from India for giving accompaniment to her during dance recitals. She has been visiting India regularly, once in a year, mainly for exchanging ideas with other artists and for learning further from them.

Inaugurating the National Comprehensive Cancer Network for India 2002 organised by the Bhagwan Mahavir Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in association with the Indo-American Cancer Congress here, Dr. Kalam said clinical database was the baseline which could help proper research in the field. Referring to the research being undertaken in the field of cellular molecular biotechnology at Hyderabad, the president urged the need for more such studies to lessen the pain and suffering of cancer patients. President A P J Abdul Kalam said cancer cure and research were major twin challenges before the medical fraternity which need to be tackled with a "new mindset" to give people the best of services. He urged for collaborative efforts in the field of medicine to find an integrated solution to the problem.

Dr. Gautam Jain, a medical doctor from Jodhpur in Rajasthan, has received highest gallantry award from the President of Zambia in recognition of his act of bravery in saving the lives of several patients of a hospital in Lusaka, who were trapped in heavy floods. The Zambian President, Mr. Levy Patrick Mwanawasa presented the gallantry medal to Dr. Gautam Jain in Lusaka recently. Dr. Jain is the first non-Zambian to have received the country's highest gallantry award (Times of India-18th Dec. 02 \ PTI)

1. Jain community in California have planned to host a Jain Convention from 14th February to 17th February, 2003 at the luxurious Westin-South Coast Plaza Hotel in the beautiful Orange County, CA. This 4-day event will feature various interactive activities and other interesting night events for the participants. Opportunities will be provided during the day to increase the communication amongst all visitors. For furthers details visit website Registration at discounted rate of only $249 for the entire weekend. You can also E-Mail : For details of the Convention, Please visit

2. Jain Associations in North America is hosting its next major international Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio around the 4th July Holiday week-end in 2003. The theme of the convention is Jainism: the Art of Living. Those interested to participate may get their registration soon. The downtown rates for 2 double bed occupancy: $ 75 /Night: $54 for AAA member, $44 for advanced reservation: four seasons (Sheraton). For details, contact: Phone : 513-357-5800, Ramesh & Dr. Jaya Shah, 440442-4596, E-Mail : or visit

ANUVRAT GLOBAL ORGANIZATION (ANUVIBHA) - a transnational center for peace and nonviolent action invites participants to attend the Fifth International Conference on Peace and Nonviolent Action to be held at our Peace Palace (Vishva Shanti Nilyam), Rajsamand near Udaipur (Rajasthan) from February 23 to 27, 2003. The theme chosen for deliberations on this occasion is 'Seeking the True Meaning of a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence for the Children of the World'. Anuvibha has been in the forefront of a global campaign to promote peace through ahimsa (nonviolence). It has so far organized four major international conferences on peace and nonviolence at various places in India which attracted a large number of committed peace and nonviolence academics and workers from different parts of the world. For further details, visit:

This new Jain Pilgrimage centre has been recently established at a village Morta, which is 8 km. away from Ghaziabad and 25 km. from Delhi on the Meerut road. President of India laid down the foundation stone of this teerth on 20th October 1991. The main temple carries the idol of Bhagwan Shri Rishabh Dev, which is 4.5 feet tall in white marble, in Padamasan posture. Rishbhanchal is a grand and big temple, having 52-kalash and 81 feet high artistic shikhar and popular as a center of meditation, yoga, worship and human welfare. It is a unique religious place. It is established under the able guidance of Great Sadhivi Pujjya Bal Bramcharini Maa Shri Kaushalji and is indicative of peace and prosperity for this area. Primary medical services, moral education, yoga and meditation training, library and boarding and lodging facilities are all available here. There is a chetalya also in the campus of Rishbhanchal. Phone: 0120-2788183.

It was an imagination of Acharya Pushpadant Sagarji Maharaj to build a Jain shrine in central India but now a reality with the inspiration of Acharya Tarun Sagarji Maharaj. Located near Songach Village about 5 Km from Indore Bhopal high way, natural in a truly peaceful ambience of Songiri Hills, the 250 acres complex houses Jain Sthanaks, School, Hospital, Museum Staying cottages, shopping centers and above all, a 108 feel tall idol of Bhagwan Paraswanath an Yogic (Padmasan) posture. This would be one of tallest Jain idols surpassing even (57' height) Bhagwan Bahubali idol at Sravan Belgola in Karnataka. The temple complex also provides facilities like a public school for children up to class 4, a shopping centre, a hospital and a museum housing ancient treasure and Jain idols. A typical Pyramid Shape Upasaras for Jain sadhus & sadhvis is also coming up. A lust green ambience and cottages for visitors are under construction all of which perhaps will enlighten visitors, the Jain philosophy of Satya, Ahinsa, Samta, Sambhav & Jivdaya.

A huge temple complex, having the idol of Simandhar Swami (going to be first Tirthankar in the next era) in the main temple has been established by the followers and devotees of Dada Bhagwan cult at a place called Adalaj just about 18 km. away from Ahmedabad on the Ahmedabad-Mehsana highway. The idol weighs 21 tons, its crown itself weighs 65 kg. and the shikha is 108 feet tall. The Pratishtha ceremony was held on 25-29th December, 2002. Other temples in the complex, carry idols of other Tirthankars of the present era, Yaksha and Yakshini as well as those of Tirupati Bala Ji, Srinathji, Amba mata ji and Bhadrakali mata ji. A large hall, covering an area of 32000 sq.ft., has been built in the basement of the temple which can accomodate more than 10,000 people. Adequate facilities for boarding and lodging of the pilgrims, medical aid and education of children have been provided.

A Panch Kalyanak Pratishtha Mahotsava along-with World peace Mahayagna is being organised at Gomati Nagar, Lucknow from 3rd to 8th February, 2003 in the holy presence of Digambar Muni Shri Saurabh Sagar Ji and Muni Shri Prabal Sagar Ji Maharaj. For more details, contact Shri Sudhir Jain, Gomati Nagar, Lucknow; Ph. 98390-76928. A similar celebration is also going to be held later from 12th to 19th February, 2003 at Shri Parshwa Nath Ji temple, Scheme No. 10, Alwar in the presence of Muni Shri Sudha sagar Ji and also at Badaut (Dist. Baghpat in U.P.) from 5th March to 10th March, 2003. Ph. 260287.

Mr. Bhupendra Doshi is bringing out a collection of thoughts every month and sending by e-mail to hundreds of people whose addresses are with him. His web site is: and E-Mail : A sample of the noble thoughts issued in the last month is given below:

Every day, when you open your eyes in the morning, thank God for the Precious Gift of Life for one more day. Say Good Morning to God and he would convert into a Good Day. Also don't forget to do this every day before retiring at night. Thank for what Life has bestowed on you: Blessings. If you compare yourself with others who are not as fortunate as you are in terms of a perfect body, good health, sound mind, happy family, high position, etc., you would get rid of a habit: Complaining. "I didn't have new shoes; but when I looked across - the other person had no feet!" Keep a smiling face and see if you are the one who brings smiles on faces of others. Be Cheerful and learn to laugh heartily but without hurting anyone. Change is the eternal Law of Life. After the darkest hours of the night, comes the dawn, never give up Hope. Worry is the worst enemy. It saps out all energies. Be creative and convert the challenge into opportunity. Time is most precious. Once lost, it can't be bought at any cost. Success comes to those who use time purposefully.

Smt. Anita Jain, I.A.S., Vice-Chairperson of Kanpur Development Authority left for Netherlands on the 15th December, 2002 to attend an International Urban and Rural Development. She will also visit Australia, New eland and Thailand during her trip abroad. She has made a considerable contribution in the development of Kanpur town. Smt. Jain is the wife of Shri Ashu Jain, also I.A.S., who is holding the post of Commissioner and Administrator, Customs and Narcotics.

The Lincoln Laboratory of the Masecheutes Institute of Technology in USA has named a newly discovered planet, '12599' located in between Mars and Venus as 'SINGHAL' as a mark of recognition of the highly gifted young Indian student, Akshat Singhal for his web-based project on Document Management software. Akshat feels it is the biggest gift ever-received by him so far. He had started web site development work right from the age of 12 years age and by now, he has developed 25 web sites. At the age of 14 years, Akshat was accepted as Microsoft Certified Engineer, for which his name has already been listed in the Guiness Book of World Records. He has always been topping in his class , right from his schooling at St. Anslums Pink City Convent in Jaipur. He was awarded title of 'Face of the Millenium' by MTV and 'IT Face of the Week' by the Pune Business School. (Bachhon Ka Desh, December, 2002)

New Pavapuri near Sirohi town in Rajasthan, having been established just about two years ago, has already become a famous pilgrimage centre not only for the Jain community of Rajasthan but also for those hailing from Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The temple, built by K.P. Sanghvi Trust, has the main idol of Bhagwan Parshwa Nath Ji. It possesses full-fledged facilities for boarding, lodging, prayers etc. for the pilgrims. A large cow-shed (Gau-shala) has been establishes close to the complex which houses more than 5000 cows and other animals. The visitors can observe for their utter surprise that these animals listen to Navkar Mantra in the morning prior to taking their first meal. They maintain strictly vegetarian diet and finish their evening meal well before sun-set. Even if offered, these animals, which are so trained that they refuse to eat any thing before sun rise.

A Jal Mandir (Temple in a water pond) is now being built in this complex, on the lines of ancient Pavapuri temple in Bihar in memory of 2600th birth Kalyanak year of Bhagwan Mahavir. The foundation stone of this temple was recently laid down by the family members of Shri K.P. sanghvi in the holy presence of saint Shri Udyot Ratna Suri Ji and Shri Ratna Vijay Ji, disciples of Acharya Shri Gun Ratna Surishwar Ji Maharaj. The temple will be built over an area of 40,000 sq.feet. Three bridges will be constructed to reach the temple from outside. When completed, the entire complex will be most unique in design and architecture and will attract thousands of devotees every day.

Mr. Jinendra Jain has been awarded 2002 Oliver Bickley Prize by Pennsylvania State University "for theoretical and experimental work establishing the composite fermion model for the half-filled Landau level and other quantized Hall systems."

Mr. Jainendra Kumar Jain received his BS (Physics) in 1979 from the Maharaja College, Jaipur, his MS (Physics) in 1981 from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and his Ph.D. in 1985 from the State University of New York, Stony Brook. He held postdoctoral positions at the University of Maryland from 1986-1988 and at Yale University from 1988-1989. He then joined SUNY, Stony Brook where he served as Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor. Since 1998, he has been at The Pennsylvania State University as the Erwin W. Mueller Professor of Physics. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and has been a recipient of Fellowships from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. Mr. Jain's most important contribution has been his introduction of electron-flux combinations called "composite fermions". These particles constitute the basis for the understanding of the remarkable properties of the novel quantum fluid formed when electrons are confined to two dimensions and subjected to a strong magnetic field, including the phenomenon of the fractional quantum Hall effect. Jain has extended and developed the theory of composite fermions into several directions, in particular, toward extracting detailed quantitative information which can be compared with exact results as well as experiment.

Shri Jin Kushal Suri Jain Khataargachh Dadabari Trust is most prestigious institution of Jains in Delhi, which is prominently located at South Extn., New Delhi. It provides several exemplary services at most affordable cost to the entire society. The temple complex provides boarding and lodging services on priority to visiting patients of All India Institute of Medical Sciences and other hospitals. The entire institution is extremely well-managed.

A few years back the work of Jin Mandir construction was started by the trust but had to be stopped due to certain differences amongst the members of the managing committee. Since the disputes could not be resolved in spite of all the efforts, the concerned groups approached the court for the adjudication of the subject.

The work of construction was resumed on 15.12.2002 after obtaining clarification about the court order by some members of the Management Committee. But again due to persisting differences, complaints were made to police about the problems being faced in the construction work. Police was also requested to provide necessary protection to the construction workers. Due to inability of police to provide necessary protection and other legal issues the construction work has once again been stopped. The inability of managing committee members to resolve the issues amicably is resulting in to wastage of precious resources in litigation and police cases.

The question for samaj is what are the issues which can't be resolved by amicable discussion? Is it desirable for the all the learned and senior members of the Management Committee to make their personal issues public and drag it to court and police to be resolved. Does it reflect the true meaning of ahimsa around which we move our culture?

The Bharatvarshiya Khandelwal Digambar Jain Mahasabha is planning to start a new T.V. channel, to be named 'Ahimsa' shortly. The preparations for the hosting are in full swing. The necessary data and information to start the channel has already been collected, and the programmes are being prepared. This channel will be exclusive for Jain society, covering all sections and sects. The channel team is already moving to cover major religious events.

Dr S.K. JAIN, assistant director, CFSL has been awarded Home Minister's Award for his outstanding contribution in the examination of evidences in the case relating to terrorist attack on Indian Parliament. The award was given to him by Mr. L.K.Advani, Deputy Prime Minister at 14th All India Forensic Science Conference at Mumbai on 6th January 2003.
Dr S.K. Jain has developed software for speaker identification in text independent condition.

Dr. Jain was born on December 20, 1965. After doing his M.Sc. in Physics from Agra University and completed his PhD on "Forensic Physics: Acoustical characteristics of Hindi vowels and morphological studies of philaments and sheets". To develop an expertise in examination of crime cases related to voice, speaker identification, he undertook a project for "Development of computer-based technique for speaker identification". He had got the advanced training in speaker identification and tape authentication at University of Trier, Germany and German Federal Police Lab, Wiesbaden, Germany in 2000. The promising effort of Dr S.K. Jain has resulted in successful completion of the plan project in time and creation of one of the best facilities for forensic speaker identification in the country. Dr Jain is supervising the work of research activities in the area of forensic speaker identification. Dr Jain has 19-research papers to his credit, out of which 13 research papers on ballistic and 6 research papers on voice and speaker identification presented in national and international conferences.

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has by an amendment to the Prevention of Cow Slaughter Law imposed a total ban on the slaughter of cows in the entire State. Dr. Lakshmi Kant Vajpai, State Minister of Animal Wealth and Milk Production said that an intensive campaign will be launched for the next full month to ensure immediate implementation of the order. Those who are found to break the law will be subject to seven years rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 10,000/-. There has already been a total ban on the export of cow meat from the State and those who attempt to export cow meat will be severely dealt with, leading to imprisonment.

People of Himachal Pradesh have started preparing for fighting the bitter cold in the coming months and the consequent food shortage by storing meat in large quantities. Unfortunately, it has become customary for them in the last few years to sacrifice thousands of goats and sheep during the month of December and store the meat so obtained so as to suffice for the whole winter season. This time, it is learnt from local sources that 25 thousand sheep and goats have been sacrificed to some local gods and goddesses in the rural areas. Some time back, three thousand hill goats were killed for sacrifice on a single day in the presence of hundreds of villagers. The people of the State, living in urban areas, who are vegetarian-minded, must muster courage and take up the issue before the appropriate authorities to stop such inhuman and savagely acts of violence.

Bihar State of India is an important pilgrimage center of JAIN & BUDDHA Religions. It is the land of Bhagwan Mahaveer and Bhagwan Buddha. On 24th Dec. 2002, a beautiful multi-colored special cover has been released at Patna to mark the TTM 2002 by the Bihar Postal Circle. This special cover bears images of both the Gods with their Temples. Left side picture is of Gautam Buddha with Shanti Stupa situated at Rajgir (Bihar) & right side picture is of Lord Mahaveer with Lotus Temple at Pawapuri (Bihar). "BHAGWAN BUDDHA EVAM MAHAVEER KEE DHARTI KO SHAT-SHAT PRANAM" is printed in the bottom in Hindi. The Special Cover is available for sale at the Price Rs. 15/- each from the Chief Postmaster, Philatelic Bureau, Patna G.P.O. 800 001. Information Courtesy: Mr,. Sudhir Jain, Satna. E-Mail:, & Mr. Pradip Jain, E-Mail :,

Supreme Court while giving ruling on the question whether Jains are part of Hindu or not has categorically stated after considering the history in totality that Hindu is a caste to which all Jains belongs to and therefore Hindu Succession Act is also applicable to them. This judgement was given on the issue whether Jains families can be considered as Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) or not. Information courtesy:
Vijay Mehta -

Dear Sir,
I strongly object your point that it is in-appropriate to bring out the facts of the mismanagement of the temples to the public. It is not a matter of shame to bring it out, but it is a matter of shame for the management who keep on going their own way. It is a further matter of shame for observant organisations who do not take up the issue. Mahaveerji is a typical example. It is one of the most sacred a 'teerth' destinations for Digamber Jains. Jains from all over the world visit this pilgrimage. The local management of the temple and the place itself is awful. For years now, the place is the same dirty, unhygienic and filthy.

1. February 6, 2003 Basant Panchami
2. April 15, 2003 Mahavir Jayanti
3. May 04, 2003 Akshaya Tritya
4. August 24, 2003 Paryushan Parva Begins
5. August 31, 2003 Samvantsari (Day of Forgiveness) Paryushan Ends
6. August 31, 2003 Daslakshani Parva Begins
7. September 09, 2003 Ananta Chaturdasi
8. September 10, 2003 Kshmavani (Day of Forgiveness) Daslakshana Ends
9. October 25, 2003 Mahavir Nirvan- Diwali
10.October,26, 2003 Start of Veer Nirvan Samvat
11.October 29, 2003 Gnan Panchami (Day of Knowledge)
12.November 09, 2003 Lokashah Jayanti
13.December 04, 2003 Maun Giyaras (Agiyaras)

Proposals have been received from several viewers to introduce a separate section on ladies, on our web portal, , high-lighting views from women in the Jain society, providing them with a forum for discussion and coming to know each other irrespective of their place of residence or country, religious sect which they belong to and social status. for example, They can discuss problems about children, women's education, religious thinking, vegetarianism and food and so on. Suggestions are invited specially from ladies about the usefulness of this section, topics which they would like to discuss or the subjects, which they would like to focus and the extent to which they would be interested to take part in this activity. Their comments are welcome.

Sri Maniprabhsagar Ji's Next Chaturmas To Be Held At Bombay : Accepting the Vinti (Request) of Mumbai Khartargachha Sangh presented by Mangal Prabhat ji Lodha MLA, in the large presence of Sangh members from Mumbai, Upadhyay Maniprabh Sagarji M.S. announced his chaturmas for the year 2003 to be in Mumbai. For details: Roomil Bohara E-Mail :

Acharya Shri Vardhman Sagar Ji Maharaj along-with 8 other saints in his Sangh, 1 Elak Maharaj, 1 Kshullak Maharaj and 15 Aryika Mata Ji, having completed their Chaturmas at Udaipur left on 15th December, 2002 towards Sanawar town in M.P. The Panchkalyanak Ceremony of Bhagwan Shri Rishabh Dev Ji and Maha-mastikabhishek of Bhagwan Shri Bahubali is going to held from 7th to 15th February at Podanpuram, 3 Km. away from Sanawar on the Indore highway.

Acharya Shri Bharat sagar Ji Maharaj left Lucknow after completing his Chaturmas on the 17th December towards Kanpur, where the death anniversary of Acharya Shri Vimal Sagar Ji Maharaj is to be celebrated on the 29th and 30th December.

Ms. Gandhi has resigned from chairperson of the high-power Central committee for the control and supervision of medical experiments using animal models. Ms. Gandhi was not satisfied with the working of certain animal research institutions in spite of adequate availability of financial resources.

Br. Dharam Chand Shastri Charitable Trust invites articles, essays on Aryika Suparshwamati Mata Ji on the occasion of her 75th birth celebrations. Total 75 entries will be selected for printing and each one of the best five will be awarded cash prize of Rs. 7575. Sadhvi Suparshwamati Mataji is presently staying at Udaipur, Rajasthan. She was provided diksha by Acharya Veer Sagar Ji M.S. disciple of Acharya Shantisagar Ji. The birth place of sadhvi Suparshwamati Mataji is Mensar, Sujangarh, Rajasthan. The articles can either be sent to Br. Dharmchand Jain Shashtri, Shri Digambar Jain Mandir, Gulab Vatika, Loni Road, Distt. Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh or Ahimsa Foundation, 21, Skipper House, 9, Pusa Road, New Delhi - 110005 India, Tel :91-11-25815011, 25815013, E-Mail

Digambar Sect: Smt. Ketki Bai, wife of late Shri Chhotelal Jain of Daliganj, Lucknow, was accepted to Digambar Jain Sangh as Kshullika by Poojya Acharya Shri Bharat sagar Ji Maharaj at Lucknow and was re-named as Kshullika Shri 105 Ayodhyamati Mata ji. Many saints and devotees from near-by area had gathered on this holy occasion. Aryika Shri Syadvadmati Ji blessed the newly dikshit Sadhwi.

Shwetambar Sect: 1. Jain diksha of Km. Jinesh Bahan who has passed her B.Com. and M.A. and studied Jain Agams under the guidance of Sadhwi Shri Mukti Prabha Ji belonging to Shraman Sangh of Shwetambar Sthanakwasi Jain sect, was permitted by the Acharya, Dr. Shiv Muni Ji for her to be accepted to Jain Order of saints. She will be given Bhagwati Diksha on the 19th February, 2003 at Palitana at Borivalli in Bombay by Sadhwi Shri Anupama Shri Ji. Her father, Shri Girish Kumar and mother Smt. Kumud Behn offered their reverence by putting saffron Tilak on her forehead and accorded their formal approval to the Diksha. (Jain Prakash, Nov. 2002, II )

2. Diksha ceremony of Shri Gautam Kankaria, belonging to vill. Siwana in Rajasthan will be held at Palitana in Rajasthan on the 6th February, 2003 by Upadhyay Shri Mani Prabh Sagar Ji Maharaj of Shwetambar Murti Pujak sect.

3. Jain Diksha of Km. Bhavita Parakh aged 21 years, daughter of Shri Naresh Bhai Parakh will be performed on 22nd February, 2003 at Baroda, in the holy presence of Upadhyay Shri Mani Prabh Sagar Ji Maharaj.

4. Diksha ceremony of Shri Kesari Mal Ji Ramsina, son of Shri Khem Chand Ji Ramsina along-with his wife Smt. Chandra Bai, son Prafull Kumar and daughter Nikita Kumari will be performed at Pune with the blessings of Shri Ratna Sen Vijay Ji Maharaj on 7th February, 2003.

5. Mr. Vikas Chauhan of Maharashtra was accepted into Jain order of sainthood belonging to Shwetambar Sthanakwasi Jain sect at Indore on the 8th of December, 2002 by Shri Ramesh Muniji M.S., Shri Arun Muniji M. S. and Shri Pravin Rishiji M.S.. He has been given the new saintly name of Dhiraj Rishiji M.S. Information Courtesy; Amit U. Jain, E-Mail :

1. Hindu Arth Shastra - Author: Prof. Udai Jain , Publisher: Archana Prakashan, B-17, Deendayal Parisar, E -2, Mahaveer Nagar, Bhopal - 462016. Prof Uday Jain has thrown light on Hindu economy through this book. In he recent times an ideological vacuum has emerged and people at large are looking at various options to save nature, environment and humanity. Hindu Economics is the economics of the 21st Century. It is the economics of abundance. Capitalism is fighting a lost battle. Basically Hindu Economics is the economics of competition in the true sense which uproots monopolistic forces. Self employment is its basis and transparency of cost price and selling price its philosophy. Normally people feel that economic thinking had never been a convention in India. But India had a long tradition of economic thinking rooted in scriptures like the Vedas, Upanishadas, Puranas, Vidur Niti and Shukra Niti and is capable of treating the depravities that the western world is suffering from. Hindu Economics is a direct reply of Karl Marx's "Proletariat Society" and it establishes that exploitation free society is not a day dream but something that can be attained. The relevance of the book has increased after the collapse of Soviet model of economy and awareness of the threats of US based capitalist system.

2. First Step To Jainism - Fourth Revised and Combined Library edition of earlier Parts I and II., Authors: Aso Lal sancheti and Manak Mal Bhandari , Publishers: Sumcheti Trust, D-121, Shastri Nagar, Jodhpur (Raj.)

Price: Rs. 400 $10.00 , Catalogued by: Library of U.S. Congress, Washington. In the 2600th year of the birth of Bhagwan Mahavir, the authors have rightly brought out this combined and enlarged edition of their earlier two parts, which had been very popular amongst the students of Jainism, Jain followers and laymen, specially the younger generatin. This edition has been well-illustrated with 32 colour and black and white plates, giving a glimpse of Jain art of Calligraphy, painting, statutary and temples. The authors have attempted to describe all the important aspects of Jain religion in simple language in brief and self-contained chapters in order to provide elementary knowledge of the significant features of Jain religion, such as meta-physical, ethical, theological and philosophical forms. The book starts with ground work about the principles of Jain religion, giving its basic principles, followed by the first part of the book, which consists of five major steps to understand it, namely, (i) Universe, the six substances or 'Dravya'; (ii) Seven fundamentals or 'Tatwa';, (iii) Three jewels or 'Ratna', (iv) The three hall marks or Lakshan' and (v) Five worships or 'Panch Parmeshthi'). The second part of the book deals with advanced aspects, such as the theory of non-absolutism (Anekantwad), Theory of causation or doctrine of karma (Karmavad), Stages of evolution (Gunsthan) and other related subjects. Some important articles by famous researchers have also been inserted in the Appendix on subjects like Syadawad, Anekanta, Doctrine of Karma etc. On the whole, the book would be a most enlightening and useful contribution to the basic knowledge of Jainism and a summary of entire Jaina thought. The get-up of the book is impressive.

3. Spiritual Enlightenment / Parmatma Prakash - An Apabhransh work on Jain Mysticism , Author: Yogindu Dev,Price: Rs. 300.00. Acharya Yogindu, 6th century Jain philosopher and mystic, explains how lasting peace and happiness may be attained. He emphasises that the path to Spiritual Enlightenment
lies in the rigorous pursuit of Ratnatray, not in Tantra, Mantra or Mandal.

4. The Path To Enlightenment / Swayambhu Stotra - Sanskrit hymns to the 24 Swayambhus (Tirthankars) Author: Acharya Samantbhadra - Price: Rs. 400.00. Acharya Samantbhadra lived in the 2nd century and was a versatile genius and the progenitor of Jain Nyay (logic). The Swayambhustotra is a systematic exposition of Samyak Darshan, Samyak Gyan and Samyak Charitra.

5. Spiritual Insights / Ishtopdesh And Samadhishatak - The Divine Discourse and 100 Verses on Contemplation , Author: Acharya Pujyapad , Price: Rs. 300.00 Acharya Pujyapad was one of the greatest Sanskrit grammarians of ancient India. Pujyapad is the fountainhead of the tradition of Yoganubhuti, i.e. self-contemplation and realization.

6. Jainism And The New Spirituality - Author: Dr. Vastupal Parikh ,Rs. 600.00 The author spent his teenage years under the benevolent guidance of the internationally renowned Jain scholar Dr. A. N. Upadhyeji. From his venerable guide, Parikh has imbibed a scholarly approach to Jainism. A very good book on Jainism, and its teleology in the modern world.

7. Jainism And Ecology - Editor: Christopher Key Chapple , Publisher: Centre for the Study of World religions, Harvard Divinity School, Harvard University Press. The book contains essays by various eminent authors around several themes, connected with ecology in Jain religion including Jain theories and challenges to the possibility of a Jain environmental ethic. Since Jainism advocates against harming any life, it can be called as ecological religion. Some authors have mentioned about historical principles and the practice of vegetarianism to show that Jainism is ecological. The opinions given by different authors are somewhat controversial but on the whole, the book offers interesting reading material.

8. The Jains - Author : Paul Dundas , Publisher: Routledge, 2002. The second updated and revised edition of this book has just been brought out. It covers all aspects of Jain religion, including basic knowledge about its history, philosophy, scriptures and changing traditions. The author has been teaching Sanskrit at the University of Edinburgh. He has covered the entire subject in a very comprehensive and interesting manner.

9. Vaishalik Ki Chhaya Mein
By Mr. Rajesh Jain & Ms. Prabhakiran Jain, Publisher: National Publishing House, 2/35, Ansari Road, Daryaganj, New Delhi -110002, E-Mail:, Price: Rs. 400/- only. This book titled 'Vaishalik Ki Chhaya Mein' - (Under the shadow of Mahavir) is collection of introductory write-up on 31 outstanding Jain literators of Hindi, who have acquired significant status through their contributions in the last century along with their comments on the hidden aspect of impact/influences of Jain values on their creative writings. The list includes renowned authors like Jainendra Kumar, Ayodhyaprasad Goyliya, Yeshpal Jain, Virendra Kumar Jain, Nemichandra Jain, Anandprakash Jain, Mannu Bhandari, Mridula Garg, Suneeta Jain, Indu Jain, Priymvad, Prem Kasliwal, Manjul Bhagat, Aruna Sateesh, Jyotsna Milan, Viren Gohil, Kuntal Kumar Jain, Akshya Jain, Kailash Narad, Saroj Kumar, Kuntha Jain, Kamla Singhvi, Nirmal Kumar Jain, Mishrilal Jain, Virendra Jain, Arivind Jain & Pratibha Jain etc. This book was released by Maharaj Shri Vidhyanandji at New Delhi during Paryushan Parv on the occasion of 2600th Mahavir Janm Kalyanak Mahotsav, where he said that every Jain family should store such knowledge literary books like wealth in the Tijjori. Book was also presented to Maharaj Shree Vidhyasagarji at Bhopal where he said, while preaching, that the work should be appreciated because such shadows do help us to remove the curtain of dirt from our consciousness. Information Courtesy: Mr. Rajesh Jain, 40, Karishma Apt., 27, I-P Extn., Delhi - 110092, E-Mail:

1. Vardhman Taponidhi Acharya Vijay HimanshuSuriji Maharaja Saheb have got Kaldahrama at Girnar (Junagadh). He was around 95 years old. This great Acharya's last Chaturmas was at Girnar Taleti. Until his last day, he was in Ayambil Tap. He got Samadhi with Navkar Smaran on the night of 18th December at 11.30 P.M. Palkhi of Acharyaji was taken out on Friday, the 20th December from Kalawad to Girnar Taleti.

2. Sadhwi Rajmati Ji, disciple of Acharya Shri Tulsi of Swetambar Terapanthi sect passed away at the age of 87 years at Ganga Shahar near Bikaner in Rajasthan. She had accepted diksha at the age of 74 years. A large procession was taken out through the own carrying her body in a palanquin.

3. Sadhwi Shri Hem Prabha Ji belonging to Swetambar Murti-Pujak sect left for her heavenly abode at the age of 80 years on 23rd December, 2002 at Sirohi in Rajasthan. Her body was taken in a huge procession through the town in a traditional palanquin.

4. Sadhwi Shri Lalan Ji, disciple of Acharya Shri Mahapragya Ji of Terapanth sect left her body for heavenly abode at Balotra in Rajasthan on the 18th December, 2002 at the age of 89 years. She had accepted Diksha at the age of 21 years along-with her husband. She was the last sadhwi to have accepted diksha under Acharya Kalughani.

5. Shri Swayambhu Sagar Ji Maharaj disciple of Shri Bharat sagar Ji Maharaj left for his heavenly abode on the 28th November, 2002 at the age of 99 years at Barabanki after a brief illness. He had left food and water four days before death and taken vow of 'yamsallekhana'.

6. Sadhwi Sh. Vijyandrashree Ji passed away on 29th December 2002 on 4 P.M. at Ahmedabad. She was 80 years old. She had taken deeksha from Lt. Sh. Pramodshree Ji M.S. at the age of 25 years. Her funeral ceremony was completed at Palitana on the next day.

7. On 27th December 2002, M.D. Vasanth Raj, former professor of Jainology and Prakrits of Mysore University, passed away. He not only was one of the great scholars of Jainism, he also was a devout Jain himself, whose character was exemplary to all. Information Courtesy: Eva De Clercq, E-Mail:

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