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Ahimsa Times - July 2003 Issue

Vol. No. 37

July, 2003

It is for the first time the President of India visited to Bhagwan Mahavira Nirvana bhumi, ( Pawapuri Jal Mandir) for darshan . It is important to know this visit was by desire of the President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for darshan.(30th May 2003). News courtsey Mr. Pradip Jain E-Mail:

Keeping in view with the growing misunderstanding over the action taken to expel few saints from Shraman Sangh of Sthankawasi sect for indiscipline and nominating new Acharya and other office-bearers, Acharya Dr. Shvi Muni justified his action in an interview with Shri Hasti Mal Ji Mohnot, an eminent shravak from Bombay along-with others and declared that the expulsion orders against Shri Umesh Muni, Shri Roop Muni, Shri Saubhagya Muni, Shri Suman Muni, Shri Vishal Muni, Shri Subhash Muni & Mahasati Archana Ji were irrevocable and cannot be withdrawn. In view of their gross misconduct and for breaking the code of conduct laid down by earlier Acharyas, there was no alternative but to dismiss them from the Sangha and he, as Acharya, was fully empowered to do so. Inspite of request from the group to accept any solution to break the tangle, Dr. Shiv Muni appeared to be adamant on the issue. Though, in normal circumstances, advisory committee of the Shraman Sangh should have been consulted before taking the disciplinary action, the four senior members of the advisory committee had joined hands with other dissidents and they were supporting the defaulting side, therefore, there was no point in consulting them. In this situation, he had taken the action after consulting important and senior shravaks and well-wishing saints of Shraman Sangh.

Dr. Shiv Muni further explained that the charges leveled against him by few sadhus were largely baseless. He had earlier obtained explicit consent after discussions with the late Acharya Shri Devendra Muni about organizing meditation camps. That particular year was declared as meditation year (Dhyan Varsh). We are fulfilling the same responsibility. Still, the actual work of organising these camps was done by the devotees only. Saints only provided overall help and guidance and they were not directly concerned with any other activities. Shri Umesh Muni, who has been nominated by the dissident group as new Acharya, and other sadhus have reiterated their firm stand that the action taken by Acharya Shiv Muni was unwarranted and the advisory committee as well as the office-bearers ought to have been consulted prior to taking any such action. Dr. Shiv Muni however does not appear to be in any compromising attitude. Efforts are still continuing by the devotees from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and elsewhere to find a proper solution to the issue.

After developing Indian nuclear capabilities President Abdul Kalam now advocates to make such capabilities "irrelevant" in the world. Addressing a function at New Delhi, Kalam said that he and his colleagues, who conducted were Pokhran tests were lauded by Acharya Mahapragyaji for producing a destructive weapon for the defence of country. He further said that Jain muni also desired from him to discover a system which will make the nuclear capabilities ineffective worldwide". President was of the opinion that it is much more difficult to develop anti-nuclear capabilities. On the occasion, president also released two books by Acharya Mahapragyaji, first "Find Your Spiritual Centre" and second "Quest for Truth". Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani was also present on the occasion.

Mr Nemubhai Chandaria, Deputy Chairman of the Institute of Jainology, U.K. was honoured by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in her Birthday Honours List of June, 2003, for his services to the Jain community. This is a great honour for all Jains world-wide. This adds to the award of 'Jain Ratna', which was conferred upon Mr Nemubhai Chandaria by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, on the auspicious occasion of the celebration of the 26th Birth Centenary of Bhagwan Mahavir in New Delhi . Nemubhai was born in the small village of Ravalsar, near Jamnagar, Gujarat, India, in 1938, in a Visa Oshwal Jain family who were engaged in farming related business. He was closely associated with the activities of International Sacred Literature Trust (ISLT). The first Jain scripture to be translated jointly under the ISLT mission was the Tattvartha Sutra. In 1993 Nemubhai co-ordinated the Jain participation in the Parliament of World Religions in Chicago, and again, in 1999, in South Africa. Nemubhai co-ordinated visit of the Jain delegation to the Vatican in February, 1995, for an audience with HH Pope John Paul II and that relationship between the Vatican and the Jains is still very active. On the occasion of the celebration of the 26th Birth Centenary of Bhagwan Mahavir, the Prime Minister of India, Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, conferred Jain Ratna award on Nemubhai in appreciation of his services to the Jain community. Details are available from website:

Shree Shanti Nath JAIN Mandir
Shree Digamber Jain Sabha (Regd.), F-4/143, Sector-16, Rohin , Delhi

Temple construction work of 16th Tirthankar Bhagwan Shree Shanti Nath is progressing as per schedule with the blessings of Acharya 108, Vidyanandji Maharaj . We look forward to your valued financial support. Donation can be sent in favor of Shree Digamber Jain Sabha at above address. Request : Sri S. C. Jain , Cell : 9810534372

On 30th March'03, 26th Deeksha Diwas of Param Pujya Muni Shri Suyash Prabh Sagarji Maharaj Sahib was graciously celebrated at Mayur Vihar, Phase-1, New Delhi The function was attended by Digambar Acharya Shri Nishant Sagarji Maharaj Sahib, Acharya Shri Roop Chandji Maharaj Sahib, Muni Shri Mahendra Muniji and Sadhvi Ratna Shri Manjulaji Maharaj, and Shri Rashmiji Maharaj, who all felicitated him. It was a unique occasion when saints of all major Jain community assembled under one roof, a historic moment. The programme was covered by Astha Channel & was telecast on 25th April 03 during "Bhakti Samachar". The function was held on the proposed site of a huge temple with 63 idols viz. 24 Thirthankar, 12 Chakravarti, 9 Baldeo, 9 Prati-Baldeo, and 9 Vasudeo. This unique temple would be worth Crores of rupees and first of its kind in the World in the form of a Kalash. Its Bhoomi Pujan was done on 15.06.03.

Shri Suyash Prabh Sagarji Maharaj Sahib took Deeksha at the age of fifteen years under Jain Acharya late shri Kanti Sagar Ji Maharaj. On this occasion a book "ATMANUBHUTI KE MOTI "published by Shri Pratap Singh Sipani of Gwalior was also released. The book is a compilation of all virtues of all the religions, not only Jainism alone. The book highlights basic information about Jainism, how to live as Jain in true spirits. It contains Bhaktambar Strota in Sanskrit, Hindi, Hindi poetry and English translation with its history of origin. The importance of non-violence (Ahimsa) is highlighted, Navkar Mantra with Hindi translation and its impact giving factual examples of unbelievable miracles. It has unique collection of thoughts and teachings of saints. The book also encompasses responsibility of young generation towards their parents, gurus in the light of invading western culture. This collection will benefit younger as also older generations of Jain besides humanity at large. The book is available on demand on the following address: Shri P.S. Sipani, 18-A, Jawahar Nagar, Kampoo, Lashkar, GWALIOR (M.P.)- 474 001 India.

This programme was held from 27th June to 2nd July, 2003. The subjects for presentation of papers and discussion consisted broadly of the following areas: Program Preview, Historic Overview, State of the Movement, Orientation (animal rights, perception of animals, animals for food, animals for research, animals for amusement, animals in the wild, vegan lifestyle, activism and legislation). Elements of Social Change (nature of social struggle, stages of social change, recognizing victory) .How Vegan Is Enough? (can we use sugar, wine, cat food, gelcaps, film, 'cruelty-free' with body parts?) Animal Cognition (how animals learn, think, and communicate), Nourishing Activism (benefits and concerns of a vegan lifestyle) Getting Attention (demos, vigils, CDs, banner drops, street theater, disruptions) What Rights? Which Animals? (what rights do we advocate for which animals? should intelligence matter?) Coping with Law Enforcement (dealing with permits, arrests, jail time, grand juries, law suits Animal Victimhood (commonality of mindset that oppresses animals, children, women, others) Applying Law Enforcement (challenges of law enforcement in the Patriot era) When Is Killing OK? (attacking animals? unwanted dogs & cats? unwanted or deformed fetuses?) Agony On the Farm (abuses of cattle, pigs, chickens, and turkeys in factory farms Effective Investigations (use of opportunity, persistence, equipment, appearance of authority) Appeal to Feelings (techniques for appealing to public feelings on behalf of animals) How to Deal with Loved Ones? (dealing with social occasions, mates, relatives, friends, acquaintances?).

Agony in the Slaughterhouse (abuse of animals in slaughterhouses and live markets Arguing Cruelty-Free Eating (raising health, environment, resource, economic, and ethical arguments) What Price Solidarity? (should we tolerate damaging tactics or statements by other leaders/groups?) Slaughter in the Fields (destruction of wildlife and their habitats by animal agriculture).

Effective Communication Tools (use of broadcast e-mailing and faxing, listservs, interactive websites) Arguing Cruelty-Free Amusement (raising issues of public safety, kids and violence, poor sportmanship)-What Should Be Movement Priorities? (which animal abuses? nationals or grassroots? advocates or sanctuaries?).

Slaughter on the Seas (commercial slaughter of fish and marine mammals Effective Web Sites (attractive design, effective structure, rapid loading, promoting traffic) Animals in Research (abuse of animals in biomedical research Enacting Federal Legislation (selecting issues, forging coalitions, dealing with legislators and committees) How to Deal w. Adversaries? (through eternal hostility? end runs? negotiations? viewing as potential partners?) Animals in Testing (abuse of animals testing of household and cosmetic products Enacting State/Local Laws (selecting issues, forging coalitions, dealing with legislators and committees) Animals in Education/Training (abuse of animals in school dissection and surgery training; Use of effective Visuals. Animals in Manufacture (abuse of animals in manufacture of drugs and organs What Price Animal Liberation? (how far do we go to liberate animals? what tactics are off-limits?) Breeding Our Companions (abuse of animal companions in puppy and bird mills [videos]) Killing for 'Sport' (abuse of animals in hunting and fishing; canned hunts; Killing for Skins (abuse of animals farmed & trapped for fur & leather) Animal Welfare Act (enforcing AWA in puppy mills, laboratories, zoos, circuses) Running Effective Events (objectives, action plan, resource inventory, publicity, media, policing) Engaging Abroad (affecting public opinion and policies, in other countries) 'Sport' Campaigns (hunting, rodeos, bullfighting, cockfighting, greyhound racing) Wildlife Protection Laws (legislation and litigation on behalf of animals in the wild) Contact: Dawn Moncrief, FARM, 888-FARM USA,

Parshwanath Vidyapeeth, an Institute of Indology, established in 1937 has commendable work in the fields of Jain philosophy and literature, history, art and culture, research and publications during all these years. It is managed by a egistered society. Parshwanath Vidyapeeth has made a name for its work in the Jain academic world, both, within and outside of India. However, Varanasi is not on the route map of most of the Jain Sadhus' and Sadhvis'. This is, therefore, resulting in a sad situation. The people who should be the target group for the Vidyapeeth are not interested to go to the place and as a result the greater goal of the Vidyapeeth continues to be elusive. The Vidyapeeth can not be used by the Sadhu Samaj and since the Sadhus' do not go to Parshwanath Vidyapeeth the majority of Jains in India are not aware of its work or existence. Parshwanath Vidyapeeth is also not a self- sustaining institute. It has been maintained for all of the past 66 years by way of collections of donations from like-minded persons. Unfortunately the people who know Parshwanath Vidyapeeth and have always contributed are beginning to pass away with time and the new generation has become fragmented and the much-desired support is not forth-coming. Collection of funds for the day to day running of the Vidyapeeth is becoming a problem. The running expenses are in the region of 2~2.3 Lacs per month. The management of the Vidyapeeth urges one and all to contribute liberally and send donations for this noble cause. It may be possible for any Jain institution in India or abroad to act as a sponsoring body to look after the interests of the Vidyapeeth. Details about the Vidyapeeth are given in the attachment.

BHOJ SHALA DISPUTE : UMA BHARATI LASHES OUT AT DIGVIJAY SINGH - BJP campaigner Uma Bharti has charged Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Digvijay Singh with trying to create a confusion between the Jain and Hindu communities. In a letter toC.M., Uma Bharti alleged he was trying to "twist the Bhojshala issue by saying that the idol which we want to bring from London museum is not that of Goddess Saraswati but a Jain idol". The Chief Minister has said that the Centre must confirm that it was the same idol of Goddess Sarswati which had been taken away from Bhojshala by the Britishers. "In my opinion there was no difference between the Jain and Hindu religion and we all should try to bring the idol from London to re-establish it in Bhojshala", she said.

"AHIMSA" edited by Padamshree Virendra Prabhakar being launched at a gracefulcere-money at New Delhi by Prime Minister Atal Vihari Vajpayee . In photograph - Dr.MurliManohar Joshi , P. M. , Dr. Laxmi Mal Singhvi & Virendra Prabhakar.

ATMANUBHUTI KE MOTI published in Hindi & containing about 375 pages written by my father, Shri P.S.Sipani,
aged 75 yrs. Old. The book was released on 30th March 2003 on the auspicious occasion of 26th Deeksha Diwas of Pujya Shri Suyash Prabh Sagarji Maharaj Sb. at New Delhi. This was also blessed by saints of all major Jain community at single platform, a historic moment. The book highlights basic information about Jainism, how to live as Jain in true spirits. The importance of non-violence (Ahimsa) is highlighted, Navkar Mantra with Hindi translation and its impact giving factual examples of unbelievable miracles. It has unique collection of thoughts and teachings of saints. The book also encompasses responsibility of young generation towards their parents, gurus in the light of invading western culture. For obtaining copy contact : SK Sipani E-Mail :

KAVYANUSASANAM Satikam (Sanskrit) : By Hemacandracarya , Ed. by Mahamahopadhyaya Pandit Sivadatta Sarma , 1st Pravachan Prakshan edition 2002 , Hardcover edition. 458 pages, Rs. 80.00. This is fresh reprint of the legendary Hemacandracarya's celebrated work on Kavaysastra. It has the following Adhyayas. 1. Kavyaprayojana, Kavyahetu, Kavyalaksana and the three forms of Sabdasakti.2. Nava Rasa, Rasabhava, Sthayibhava and Kavyabheda, 3. Kavyadosa, 4. Kavyagunas, 5. Classification of Alankaras; study of Sabdalankara, 6. Arthalankara, 7. Nayaka - Nayika Nirupanam, 8. Drisya Kavya and Sravya Kavya.

KARIKAVALI (Sanskrit), Including SIDDHANTAMUKTAVALISAHITA, By Viswanatha Nyayapancanana Bhattacarya
Ed. by Mahadeva Sarma, 1st Pravachan Prakshan edition 2002, Paperback edition 2002. 89 pages, Rs. 20.00.

PATANJALAYOGASUTRANI (Sanskrit), By Maharsi Patanjali Vrtti by Mahamahopadhyaya Yasovijayagani Rajamartanda Vrtti by Sri Bhojadeva, Ed. by Vairagyarativijaya Pravachan Prakshan, Pune; 1st edition 2001
Hardcover edition 2001. 215 pages, Rs. 80.00.

NAYAMRTAM (Sanskrit), A collection of the Nayavicaras of major Jain Acaryas, Compiled by Vairagyarativijaya
Pravachan Prakshan, Pune; 1st edition 2002, Hardcover edition 2002. 163 pages, Rs. 70.00. This compilation has the following Sargas:1. Nayanuyogah by Aryaraksitasuri, 2. Nayakarnika by Mahopadhyaya Vinayavijaya, 3. Nayarahasyam by Mahopadhyaya Yasovijaya, 4. Anekantavyavastha by Mahopadhyaya Yasovijaya, 5. Nayadhigamah by Vacaka Umaswati, 6. Nayopadesah by Mahopadhyaya Yasovijaya Vrtti by Acarya, Bhavaprabhasuri, 7. Nayaparicchedah by Vadidevasuri, 8. Nayaprakasastavah by Pandit Padmasagaragani
9. Nayacakralapapaddhati by Pandit Devasenagani, 10. Nayacakrasarah by Pandit Devacandra.

NARANARAYANANANDA (Sanskrit) By Vastupala, Edited with appendices by CD Dalal & RA Shastry 1st Pravachan Prakashan edition 2000, Hardcover edition 2000. 144 pages, Rs. 60.00. This is an epic poem in 16 cantos. It describes the friendship of Arjuna and Krsna, their adventures on Mount Girnar and the cosequent abduction of Subhadra by Arjuna. It seems to be modelled on Magha's Sisupalavadha.

SADDARSANA SAMUCCAYAH (Sanskrit) By Haribhadra Suri Laghuvrtti by Acarya Somatilaka, Edited by AcaryaVijayajambusuri & Dr. Mahendrakumar Nyayacarya, Re edited by Vairagyarativijaya, 1st Pravachan Prakashan edition 2002, Hardcover edition 2002. 144 pages, Rs. 60.00. Haribhadra's Saddarsana Samuccayah is a masterpiece of Indian philosophy. It is comparative study of the six Darsanas, from the four standpoints of Pramana - Prameya - Pramiti - Pramata.

GUNANUVADA PRAVACANA (Gujarati), Sermons by Acharya Vijayaramacandra Suri, Ed. by Muni Vairayarativijaya
Pravachan Prakshan, Pune; 1st edition 2002, Hardcover edition 2002. 397 pages, Rs. 100.00.

PRABHU KYARE KRPA KARSO? (Gujarati) A Gujarati exposition on the popular "Jaya Viraya Jagagguru" Sutta By Muni Vairayarativijaya, Pravachan Prakshan, Pune; 1st edition 2002, Paperback edition 2002. 70 pages Rs. 20.00.

THE PRAKRIT SUTTA "JAYA VIRAYA JAGAGGURU" is a beautifully simple rendition of Bhakti towards the Jina. I strongly recommend every Gujarati knowing Jain to read this moving explanation of the Sutta. I certainly hope a Hindi and an English version of this fine exposition are also published.

PHOOLMA PHORYA RAMA (Gujarati), Sermons by Acharya Vijayaramacandra Suri Paperback edition 2002. 54 pages, Rs. 10.00. Books are available at: HINDI GRANTH KARYALAY, Hirabaug, C.P.Tank, Mumbai 400004 INDIA

THE BASIC THOUGHT OF BHAGAVAN MAHAVIRA; April, 2003 (Fresh print), Language - English;Author - Dr. Jay Kumar Jalaj; English translation - G. F. Burhanpurkar; Edition - First, 2003; Pages -29; Paperback; Price - Rs. 15=00. During the 2600 the birth year of Bhagavan Mahavir numerous ambitious projects were launched by many organizations all over India. These projects also included some special publications. Madhya Pradesh Sahitya Parishad, Bhopal had commissioned Dr. Jai Kumar Jalaj to write a brief but comprehensive monograph on Bhagavan Mahavir's message to mankind. Dr. Jalaj did a commendable job, which has to be read to be appreciated. The need for a fifth edition within a few months of publication indicates how well the original booklet in Hindi was received.

These slides were prepared by Mr. Sree Aswath of Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.. Jainism not only believes in God but also shows path for achieving Godhood. Jains pray or worship not only to God (Arihants & Siddhas) but also to Acharya, Upadhyay & sadhu (monk) by reciting Namokar Mantra. The slides, which are very informative can be accessed by clicking:, Courtesy: Naresh Shah, E-Mail :

Nominations are invited for the three awards instituted by Bhagwan Mahavir Foundation, Chennai as in the previous years. Each of the three awards will consist of Rupees five lakh in cash, a certificate of merit and an idol of Bhagwan Mahavir as a memento. These awards are in the following areas:
1. Ahimsa and vegetarianism
2. Education and medical science
3. Social and community service.

The names of the nominees should reach the office of the Foundation by 15th August, 2003.Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,President of India, releasedthe book on 'Indian Airmails Development and Operation 1911-1942' by Pradip Jain at Governor's house (Rajbhawan) Patna on 30th May 2003 during his three days Historical visit to Patliputra Patna.Pradip Jain:

15 July , 2003,Rajahmundry: The Andhra Pradesh Archaeology and Museums Department has come across ten Buddhist and Jain sites in East and West Godavari districts of the State. The sites were found during a recent exploration and epigraphical survey. During the course of survey Buddhist/Jains sites were discovered at Nemam, 20 km from Kakinada. A mound was seen with a temple complex nearby. A 'linga' had been installed in a circular hollow stupa in the ten-acres land.

This 9 days residential Preksha Meditation camp is being organized from 8th October 2003 to 16th October 2003 in a newly built campus in Surat, Gujarat (India). This complex is designed in a fashion and style that is most suited to hold such spiritual self-realizing events. The greatest attraction of this camp is that His Holiness Acharya Shri Mahapragya himself will enlighten souls of participants through his most vibrant and awakening autosuggestions during the meditation sessions. This is a wonderful and once in a lifetime not to be missed opportunity. The seats being very limited only the fortunate ones will get a chance to attend this camp. There is a screening for selection of the participants. The camp is open for both national as well as international participants. Special Attractions of the Camp are Acharya Shri Mahapragya to personally take meditation sessions, Yuvacharya Shri Mahashraman to take meditation sessions, use of multimedia and latest audio video techniques, personal counseling in few selected cases, camp of international standards with participation of foreign delegates and elite class participants.

( I ) Acharya Shri Virag sagar Ji maharaj from Digambar Jain sect granted Diksha to seven saints, five aryikas, seven kshullaks and two kshullaka at Lalitpur (M.P.) in the presence of a large gathering of followers and important persons. Shri Nirmal Chand Jain, Governor of Rajasthan was present on the occasion as chief guest.

( II ) Mumukshu Gitanjali Sial daughter of Shri Rikhab Chand Ji Sial and mumukshu Gunashila Lunia daughter of Shri Javri mal ji Lunia were granted bhagwati diksha by Gyan Gachhadhipati Shri Champa Lal Ji Maharaj from Shwetambar Sthanakwasi sect at Shastri Nagar, Jodhpur on the 2nd July, 2003. The programme was organised by S.S. jain Gyan Shrawak Sansthan, Jodhpur.

( III ) Mumukshu S.Shri Pista Kanawr Ji, Mala Ji, Babita Ji and Nutan Ji in the sacred presence of Acharya Shri Hira Chand Ji Maharaj from Shwetambar Sthanakwasi sect at Pune on 12th May, 2003.These four sadhwis were re-named as Shri Prabhavati Ji, Shri Pratishthaprabha Ji, Shri Bhaktiprabha Ji and Shri Nishthaprabha Ji respectively.

Acharya Shri Hira Chand Ji Maharaj: Shwetambar Sthanakwasi sect at Ichal Karanji (Maharashtra).
Acharya Shri Mahapragya Ji Maharaj: SWetambar Tera Panthi sect at Surat.
Acharya Shri Virag sagar Ji Maharaj: Digambar sect at Bhillai (M.P.).
Muni Shri Tarun sagar Ji Maharaj: Digambar sect at Ahmedabad.
Muni Shri Suresh Kumar Ji Maharaj: Shwetambar Terapanthi sect at Jodhpur.
Shri Man Muni Ji maharaj: Shwetambar Sthanakwasi sect at Jodhpur.

The Maharashtra Government has appointed Mr. P K Jain, new Special IG, as the Joint Commissioner of Police.

Hindustan Oil Exploration Company has announced that it has designated Mr. Rakesh Jain as managing director to succeed Ajit Kapadia, who retires on 30 July. A press release here said, as HOEC's managing director, Mr. Rakesh Jain would manage HOEC's exploration and production activities in India's six hydrocarbon basins, spearheading HOEC's growth plan to become a leading force in the region's emerging oil and gas industry. Mr. Rakesh Jain, leaves the Tata Group of Companies, where he was instrumental in the formation of another oil and gas exploration company, Tata Petrodyne.

Nominations are invited for the three awards instituted by Bhagwan Mahavir Foundation, Chennai as in the previous years. Each of the three awards will consist of Rupees five lakh in cash, a certificate of merit and an idol of Bhagwan Mahavir as a memento. These awards are in the following areas:
1. Ahimsa and vegetarianism
2. Education and medical science
3. Social and community service.
The names of the nominees should reach the office of the Foundation by 15th August, 2003.Self-nominations will not be accepted.

The Jain Social Groups International Federation, and apex body of the Jain Social Groups and Jain Social Groups Federation Foundation has resolved to institute an award, for the promotion of Jainism to be named as "Jain Vibhushan" Award, to be awarded once in two years, to any individual, who has achieved excellence and given single contribution in social, economic, educational, cultural, professional, trade and industrial fields, within the broad framework of Jain philosophy, principles and ideals. This 'Jain Vibhushan' Award, the first of its kind is being instituted with a view to identify and bring to light the shining examples, which could inspire, guide and motivate the next generations and the community at large. This prestigious and coveted Award would carry a Gold Plated citation, narrating the outstanding achievement of the Awardee. The 'Jain Vibhushan' Award would be presented to the recipient, selected by Jury, at the time of the Biennial Convention of the Federation. Last Date for Submission of Nominations is: 30th September 2003. For further details, contact:

Government has ordered an enquiry into the "activities" including "links" of senior scientist C K Jain of Central Forensic and Scientific Laboratory (CFSL), who was arrested by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence in March this year along with foreign and Indian currency worth Rs 65 lakh. Official sources said the government has asked Central agencies to carry out an enquity as to how Mr. C. K. Jain managed to visit foreign countries on more than 150 occasions without required permissions. Role of some CBI officers was also likely to come under scanner as CFSL and CBI work together. Mr. C. K. Jain, head of physics division of CFSL, was arrested by the DRI this year while he was about to board a flight to Dubai. The seized currencies included dollars, pounds and Indian rupees.

On 16th June police recovered illegal storage of more than 15,000 litres of solvent and other chemicals from Dev Industries of Ahmedabad. Acting on a tip off that solvent and other chemicals were being stored and supplied illegally, Ahmedabad police swooped down on the company and discovered underground tanks used for storing solvents. Nine persons have been arrested in this regard, but the owners of Dev Industries, Rushabh Jain and his brother-in-law Ajit Jain have gone underground. Preliminary investigations conducted by the local crime branch of Ahmedabad rural police has revealed that the accused werewere also engaged in turning blue coloured kerosene into white coloured one and selling it off in the black market.

After Maharashtra minister Suresh Jain filed a defamation suit against anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare. In reply Hazare has also registered a similar case against Suresh Jain. Hazare filed a criminal defamation case against Jain for calling him a "fraud" at a press conference. At the press conference, which was held following the allegations by Hazare in which he had called the minister "corrupt", Suresh Jain had described the anti-corruption crusader as a "fraud", who had no authority tocall himcorrupt. Hazare retaliated by filing a complaint against Suresh Jain.

On June 9 at Ahmedabad,a gang of armed robbers fired three rounds from a countrymade pistol at a Jain Derasar injuring five persons, two of them seriously, on the Sarkhej-Dholka Highway on the outskirts of Fatehpura village. The 15-20 member gang targetted the donation box of the temple. They fired on facing resistance from two watchmen and three other local persons. According to Police Sub-Inspector L G Solanki of the Aslali police station, the incident occurred at about 2 am on Saturday night. A few of the gang members had kept watch outside the temple, while their accomplices had entered the temple. After injuring some of the persons the robbers broke open the donation box and decamped with the available money.

A Mumbai court has summoned Polaris software chairman and CEO Arun Jain, and other directors for criminal offences relating to cheating and defamation, reports CNBC-TV18. The case was jointly filed by Harpal Duggal and Suren Khirwadkar, who were managing partners of Polaris' business process outsourcing, BPO, subsidiary Optimus. According to documents available with CNBC-TV18, in their complaint, Duggal and Khirwadkar had pointed out that Polaris had not acted on its promise of giving them sweat equity in Optimus. They had also charged that Polaris and its management had cast aspersions on their professionalism by saying they were responsible for the poor performance of Optimus. The next hearing is on August 20.

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