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Ahimsa Times - April 2004 Issue

Vol. No. 46

April, 2004

Mahavir Jayanti, the birth day of Bhagwan Mahavir was celebrated by Jain community all over the country with great enthusiasm and religious fervour. In the morning, a large procession was taken out through the city in the usual manner, with chariots depicting tablaux about the life of Mahavir, banners about non-violence and children singing Jain devotional songs. Celebrations also consisted of prabhat pheri, discourses, seminars, prayers and religious musical evenings held in all the towns and cities, like Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kanpur, Indore, Jodhpur and others with considerable interest and devotion with a sense of compassion, detachment, humility and tolerance. At most places, the celebrations were organised jointly by all the Jain President sects. President, Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have conveyed their greetings to the Jain community on the occasion.

On this day of "Mahavir Jayanti", I remember and value the great message Bhagwan Mahavir had given to the humanity on righteousness. Righteousness in the heart gives beauty in character, beauty in character leads to harmony in human life, Friends, on this great day, let us remember this beautiful thought of Bhagwan Mahavir
- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. (Photograph) Times of India Chairman Mrs. Indu Jain presenting a photograph of Bhagwan Mahavira to President A P J Abdul Kalam at a function in Delhi to commemorate Mahavira Jayanti.

Speaking at a function held at the residence of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on occasion of Mahavir Jayanti, he said, we want peace and harmony because there is no alternative to it. In the age of atom bombs, there is no way to resolve problems other than through peaceful means". ";Let us assess the situation evolving in our neighbourhood," the Prime Minister said. He said, "We want peace but violence is on the rise. At least, we can abjure violence from our personal lives and shed anger." "I am talking about personal life and not national life," he said. Referring to preachings of spiritual leaders like Lord Mahavir, Mr Vajpayee said those who had propagated non-violence were far-sighted because although there was no immediate cause warranting their message at that time, it is pertinent in the situation prevailing today. The Prime Minister said it was time to take a look at great qualities of the Jain Guru and what he gave for the sake of well being of humankind.

Bhagwan Mahavir's Immortal teaching of Live & Let Live is as relevant today as it was about 2600 years ago. The Three golden Principles of Ahimsa, Anekantvad and Aprigrahya are uniform and important for all. The above views were expressed by Smt. Shiela Dikshit, The Chief Minister of Delhi, before a delegation of office bearers of key Organisations of Jains at her residence on the auspicious evening of Mahavir Jayanti.

Smt. Shiela Dikshit paid tributes and inaugurated this year's Mahavir Jayanti celebrations by lithtening a lamp before" the picture of Bhagwan Mahavir. Prof. Rattan Jain, Secretary General of Jain Mahasabha, an apex organisation of Jain, while conducting the function said that Jain Samaj believes in service, co-operation, charity and moral values. Jains never used religion or language of threat & warning to get fulfilled their demands. Eminent Jains leaders from all sects of Jains like Sahu Ramesh Jain, Shri Mangi Lal Sethia, Shri Rikhab Jain, Shri Salek Chand Jain, Shri Naresh Madipuria, Shri Naren Bhiku Ram Jain, Shri Anand Parkash Jain participated in this function . News courtesy - Prof Rattan Jain, Jain Mahasabha -Delhi , A-161, Ashok Vihar, Phase -II, Delhi. Ph.56128882.

The Tamilnadu Minorities Commission will recommend to the Central and State governments to accord minority status to Jains and declare government holiday on Mahaveer Jayanthi in the State,Ms. Annamma Phillip, chairperson of the commission has said. Speaking at the 2603rd Janm Kalyanak celebrations of Bhagwan Mahaveer in Chennai recently, Phillip said Mahaveer advocated peace and harmony which was important for the present generation. Jainism had been recognised as the universal religion which preached Ahimsa, she said while lauding the community for taking up various social activities for the uplift of the underprivileged. Justice S Jagadeesan, chairman, Intellectual Property Appellate Board, said the teachings of Mahaveer should be practised for peace in society. Panyas Chandrajit Vijayji of the Shree Maha Sangh presented about 500 tri-cycles and wheel chairs to each of the physically- challenged and needy person. About 7,500 of disabled people were provided artificial limbs, calipers and crutches during the 10-day medical camp conducted by Adinath Jain Mandal as part of Mahaveer Jayanthi celebrations. Also, a blood donation camp was held. A large number of members from the Jain community donated blood.

Mumbai, When the Kachchhi Dassa Oswal Jains recorded a negative growth rate-221 deaths but only 134 births last year-it set off alarm bells within the prosperous, closely-knit community. If the trend continued, reasoned elders like Mahendra Lalka of the Jain Vasudha Trust, the 28,614-strong community could join other endangered communities like the Parsis. So they turned to the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) at Hyderabad for help.

On Mahavir Jayanti, a CCMB team led by its direc tor Dr Lalji Singh extracted blood samples from over 1,000 KDO men, women and children who trooped to three locations across the city. Singh, one of India's foremostgeneti cists, feels their falling birth rates may have to do with gene mutations-a result of parents passing on weak genes to their children, leading to weak recessive genes which determine reproduction. But it will be confirmed only by DNA tests later this year. The tests will estab lish how much inbreeding has taken place and also measure the community's susceptibility to heart ail ments. The Rs 30 lakh pro ject, the first of its kind, also offers Singh a chance to study the genes of an isolated community not genetically "polluted". by Sandeep Unnithan. Information source: India Today-April Issue.

A district court has granted permission for construction of a Jain temple at the holy Badrinath area in Uttaranchal. However, the Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee has decided to challenge the order. Dismissing a petition filed by the Temple Committee, District Judge Chamoli B K Maheshwari, in a significant decision, upheld a lower court order that had given clearance for the construction of a Shwetambar Jain Temple at Devadarshini in Badrinath area. The judge said there was no law in the country that could prevent construction of a temple, religious shrine or dharmshala at Badrinath. According to the Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee, "Badrinath is a very holy place and therefore they would seek the guidance of Shankarachayas and intervention of the religious gurus in this sensitive matter. The issue of construction of a Jain temple has also drawn sharp reaction from some quarters in the past, with the VHP, Bajrang Dal and RSS stating that it would lower the importance of Badrinath shrine, set up by Adi Shankaracharya. Tempers are running high against the Chamoli district court orders favouring construction of the Jain temple. The Jain community has been given minority status by the Congress government here. The verdict in favour of Jains has evoked a strong reaction from Sanatani Hindus. Many sadhus, Shankaracharyas and Mahamandaleshwars have come out openly against the proposed temple. Now political parties have also jumped into the fray. While, the SP has decided to back the Jains, the Uttarakhand Kranti Dal stood up to safeguard the Hindu interests.

Excavations jointly carried out recently by the Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute, Pune and Pennsylvania University in the Banas basin of Mewar region in Rajasthan have shown startling observations about the ancient civilisation prevailing here even 8000 years ago, which is much older than harappan period. The oldest remains and relics obtained during these excavations, particularly near a village Gilund give a clear indication of a well -developed civilisation existing even in that pre-historic period. The people used to live in a well-planned and organised life-style. They had learnt the techniques of agriculture, construction, architecture, town-planning, trade and commerce. It is no wonder that the people even in that era could be following different religions and social cultures, including Jain religion and if so, the concept of Jain philosophy would be further strengthened by these findings.

One tourist from France, visiting India got so much fascinated by the Jain religion and its concepts that he decided to carry out thorough studies of the religion and developed a keen interest and faith in Jainism and he transformed himself into a staunch Jain. At the time of Mahavir Jayanti, he happened to be at Jodhpur town, visiting temples and meeting people to learn more about this religion. In order to depict his strong and ever-lasting faith, he got an imprint of Navkar Mantra, words "Parasparo Graho Jeevanam" and a sketch of Bhagwan Mahavir on his back. He has even changed his name and calls himself, 'Jales Jain Brunaice'. He has also built a wab site by the name of ( in which he has presented his study and thoughts about Jain practices and culture. He has been going round from one town to another, spreading the message of Mahavir.

It is heartening to note that the Department of Tourism, Government of India has included in its tourists maps, the description about ancient Jain temple at Osian, near Jodhpur, from where the Oswal community originated by the inspiration of Jain Acharya Shri Ratna Vijay Suri Ji in around 150 B.C. Further, the famous Jain temple at Ranakpur in Rajasthan has also been included in the map in order to attract more tourists from abroad and offer them a true glimpse of the religion and culture prevailing here thousands of years ago. These temples have been shown in the form of impressive coloured pictures.

Representatives of various Chennai based Jain associations have pledged their support to the DMK-led Democratic Progressive Alliance for the May 10 Lok Sabha polls. Sakthi Peet Seva Mandal, Mahavir International Sangh and S S Jain Sangh, called on DMK leader, M Karuannidhi, to pledge their support, a DMK press release said . More than 100 representatives, including women, presented Rajasthani headgear to Karunanidhi, his son and deputy general secretary, M K Stalin and others.

Indian Express Correspondent Ms. Sonu Jain's remarkable coverage on environment , agriculture , illegal mining, CNG, melting glaciers invited lot of public attention and debates.To honour her , The Media Foundation nominated her for 2003-04 , Chameli Devi Jain Award for an Outstanding Woman Media person. The award was presented by former Prime Minister I K Gujral on March 29 at a function in the capital. Jain, 31, joined The Indian Express as as correspondent and is now Special Correspondent. Jain exposed the nexus between politicians and mine-owners in the Aravalli belt and showed how this had severely depleted the groundwater table. The Supreme Court last week reaffirmed its ban on illegal mining. Her series on the introduction of CNG in New Delhi was referred to by the Supreme Court in the ongoing air pollution case. Her four-part report on the decay of the Red Fort formed the basis of a PIL that resulted in the Army vacating the fort last year. Jain, who covered the Johannesburg summit in 2002, was the first to report on how the Government was sitting on the positive results of the field trials for transgenic Bt Cotton.

Vegan ( pronounced as V+Gun) means those "real vegetarians" or 100% Vegetarians people those who are not consuming/using not only meat,chicken,fish,eggs but animal milk and milk products, Honey, White Sugar ( as sugar cane juice is bleached with Bonechar), food items containing gelatin, leather articles, silk fabrics, soaps, toothpaste, woolen garments and fabrics etc. for their livelihood. Vegan culture has become more common in USA, UK, Canada and several european countries. There is a revolt in many families against non0vegetarianism and young teens have started leaving all kinds of animal products. You can find there Vegan menu everywhere, Vegan Stores, Ice cream parlours, Vegan menu is available in 5 star hotels and beyond that International flights are providing Vegan menu on demand like we do for Vegetarian menu here in India. In India, people are still ignorant about vegan culture. Mostly, vegetarians are lacto-vegetarians. Cruelty against animals is going up everywhere. People need to be educated regarding true and real vegetarianism to stop these cruelties, which requires promotion and education of Vegan life (healthy life-Compassionate life). This newly built web site by young group at Indore has taken it as a mission to change the food habits, clothing pattern, accessories of the follower of Ahimsa and the vegetarians (veggies).

On the occasion of Nirwan Bi-centenary of Terapanth Acharya Shri Bhikashu, First All India Level Stamp Exhibition on Jainism theme MAHAPRAGYAPEX-2004 was organized at Indore (M.P.) on 29th & 30th March 2004 under the auspicious presence and guidance of Pujya Acharya Mahapragyaji. Stamp collections on only JAINISM theme were exhibited in this unique Philatelic Exhibition. Mrs. Sudhamahi Raghunathan, Chancellor, Jain Vishva Bharti University was the chief guest and Mr. A.K.A. Joshi, PMG, Indore was special guest of the Inaugural function on 29th March 2004. Mr. Girish Verma, Station Director, Doordarshan was the chief guest and Mr. Anil Mahajan, GM, Dainik Bhaskar was special guest on Prize Distribution function on 30th March 2004. Pujya Acharya Mahapragyaji was present both the days alongwith the monks of his Sangh. Eminent Philatelist Dr. Ravindra Pahalwan, Jury member declared following awards- Best entry of the Exhibition - Mr. Sudhir Jain (Satna, M.P.), Gold Medal - Mr. Sudhir Jain (Satna, M. P.), Mr. Gaurav Dalal (Ahmedabad, Gujrat), Silver Medal - Dr. Pradeep Jain (Balod, Chhattisgarh).

Bronze Medal - Mrs. Rashmi Jain (Satna, M.P.), Mr. M.L. Bafna ( Jodhpur, Rajsthan), Mr. N.K. Umadekar (Dewas, M.P.), Mr. Sanjay Verma (Bikaner, Rajsthan), Mr. Shripal Jain (Satna, M.P.), Miss Minakshi Jain Chopra (Ganga Shahar) Five participants were awarded Consolation Prizes. A special cover was issued on 29th March 2004 and Indian Postal Department provided a special cancellation on it. Pragya Pustakalaya & Vachnalaya owned by Terapanthi Sabha Indore organized this exhibition with the help of Indore Philatelic Society.

The latest and revised edition of the useful book `Scholarships for Higher Studies' is now available. This new edition contains full details of various scholarships for students of Medical, Engineering, Management, IT, Science, Humanities, Agriculture, Research and other branches. It also gives details of Scholarships for higher education abroad, especially in North America, Europe and Russia. All the information published in this book is collected directly from the trusts/institutions which offers the scholarships. This book is published by Jain Friends. The original price of this book is Rs. 60, but it is available just for Rs. 35 (Including postage) for members of this discussion group. You can receive a copy of this book by sending a Money Order of Rs. 35 to the Secretary, Jain Friends, Modern Teles, Jagannath Complex, 199 Mumbai Pune Marg, Chinchwad East, Pune.

Ms. Vasundhara Raje, Chief Minister of Rajasthan, while talking to representatives of Jain Sanskriti Raksha Manch at Jaipur mentioned that there is no need of any fears about withdrawing the commitment made by erstwhile Chief Minister, Shri Ashok Gehlot about according minority status to Jain community of Rajasthan. The necessary Ordinance will be passed soon according to Section 213 (2) (A) of the Indian Constitution and the minority status shall be maintained, as promised.

Kharar : An eminent Jain saint Ajay Muni Ji, who has been fasting continuously since August 4 last year, will break his fast in Chandigarh on Saturday, the 3rd April 2004. He started his fast at Mahavira Bhawan in Sector 22-A, Chandigarh, where he had been staying along with his associate Jain saints. The aim behind the fasts is world peace and self-purification. The fast-breaking ceremony will be held at the Jain Sthanak in Sector 18-D, Chandigarh.

To spread the message of Jainism, Acharya shree Mahapragya ji has sent four samaniji to London Terapanth centre. They are: samani Pratibha pragya, Punya pragya, Jina pragya and Shukla pragya. Many activities related with preksha meditation are organised by these samanis. A four hours workshop on 'how to relieve stress through preksha meditation' is also conducted. Workshops are held on 'mind management' and 'how to develop operational efficiency.

There are two samanis here, Mangalprajna and Amitprajna. They will stay in the New Jersey centre during the whole year 2004. Many activities are going on related with preksha meditation. A four hours workshop on 'how to relieve stress through preksha meditation' was already conducted.

A special lecture will be delivered by Prof W. Bollee of the University of Heidelberg entitled 'Notes on Mahapurusas in ancient Indian literature' (see attachment). The lecture will be held at 4 p.m. on Friday, the 16 April, 204 at SOAS Brunei Gallery. The lecture is public and everyone is welcome. For details, contact: Dr Peter Fluegel, Chair of the Centre of Jaina Studies,Department of the Study of Religions, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Tel.: (+44-20) 7898 4776 E-Mail:

A fascinating tour to the Central European capitals of Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest arranged in conjunction with the International Vegetarian Union. This tour has been specially arranged for vegetarians and vegans and will provide cultural insights into the past and present of the four modern European capitals that once formed the core of the Hapsburg Empire. The tour will be escorted by the chair of the International Vegetarian Union, Tina Fox. Flights are available from all major UK airports. This delightful summer tour takes us into the heart of historical Central Europe. We will visit 4 European capitals: Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest, three of which are linked by a common geographical feature, the Danube. You will see wonderful buildings, in styles covering a 1,000 years, from early gothic, through baroque to art nouveau and cubist designs. You will learn about the common history uniting, and dividing, these peoples and also have time to relax, shop and sample the street life of four of Europe's most beautiful cities. For full details :

Lots more information about the big event of the year at Florianópolis, is now at: - including booking forms. You can pay by credit card, or check/cheque, or by wire - just post the completed form to the address in Brazil. To get the cheapest rates you need to book before the end of April! There will be fashion shows, an 8 band music festival, a beach barbecue and lots more, as well as a program of great speakers.

August 14 - 22, 2004, Explore several of Alaska's most scenic areas and see wildlife. We will have our own cook and traveling kitchen, ensuring our food is vegan. Digital photography workshop will be provided for those who are interested. $2370 person plus airfare based on double occupancy (this is a special discount promotional price, a really good deal!) Itinerary and details at . Click on travel. For more information, contact Club Veg (IVU Member Society) at or 631-286-1343.

The JAINA Executive Committee has awarded the hosting of the 13th Biennial JAINA Convention to the Jain Center of Northern California. The Convention will be held from July 1 - 4, 2005 in Santa Clara Convention Center. The Convention will return to California after 14 years where it was last held in 1991. A multi media presentation was made by Bipin Shah, President of JCNC and Girish Shah, co-convener of the 2005 convention to the JAINA Executive committee meeting in Atlanta on March 13, 2004 on some of the key areas of the convention focus, governance and program details.

International Mahavir Jain Mission founded by Muni Sushil Kumarji held its first conferencwas organised by Sh. Arvinder Jain at the request of Dr. Chris Hewer, who is adviser to Bishop of Birmingham. The conference was conducted with the blessing and guidance of Samani Pratibha pragya ji and Samani Punya pragya ji The conference was attended by peoples from Europe, America and various religious groups. Samni Pratibha ji answered several questions on Jainism . For more information cantact, Arvinder Jain, E-Mail :, Jain Ashram, 322 Hamstead Road, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, B20 2RAe on Jainism on 13th march 2004 for Interfaith Group of Birmingham.

Dr. Peter Flugel was present at 1000th year Mahamastabhishek (annoiting) ceremony held in February 1991 of the statue of Lord Bahubali, also called Gommateshwara at Shravanbelagola, near Hassan, Karnataka which witnessed perhaps the largest ever gathering of Jains as well as non Jains at a Jain function. Perhaps, this triggered his interest into the study of Jainism and he continued to work in this field. Dr. Peter Flugel belongs a place near Dusselldorf in Germany but is settled in Britan. He now teaches Jainism at University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). He did his Ph.D. on Jain Swetambar Terapanth Sect which is still unpublished.

He is currently working on a book on 19th and 20th century eminent Jains and Jain Institutions. He seeks documentation and authentic information for help in writing this book. He can read Hindi if it is type written or printed. He is currently teaching Jainism at Centre of Jaina Studies which was inaugurated in March 2004. It is note worthy that this is the first proper Jain centre for study of Jainism established at university level outside India. It is note worthy that due to his efforts 4th Annual Lecture on Jainism was held in March 2004 at Centre of Jaina Studies which includes speakers like this. Professor Nalini Balbir (I'University Paris III - Sorbonne Nouvelle), Erik Seldeslachts (Gent), JuliaHegewald (Oxford), Hawon Ku Kim (Univeersity of Minnesota), Peter Flugel (SOAS), Frank Van Den Bossche (Gent), EvaDeClerq (Gent), Christopher Chapple (Los Angeeles), Sin Fujinaga (Miyakonojo Miyazaki), Shalini Sinha (SOAS), Devendra Kumar Jain (Mumbai) and Jean-Pierre Osier (Paris). Dr. Peter Flugel's interest in Jainism brought him to India again in March 2004. He traveled Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur and several other places to source the information. Information Courtesy: Mr. R.P. Jain, E-Mail:

From: Sreepalan V.C. E-Mail :
Subject: Ahimsa Times March 2004 Issue -
Let soul secure samyakthva. Ahimsa Times is a welcome addition to the world of information providers on Jain Society, personalities, Politics, Religion etc., and its relevance to India as a largest democratic country in particular and world at large. But no less is important to present Jain Dharma and Philosophy to the reading public as most of the readers would be Jains be it Digambers and Swetambers. It is likely that the name of the magzine being Ahimsa Times, some non-Jains world wide may have occasions to peruse and you would agree that there interest would be more on Jain Dharma and Jain Philosophy. Catering and thereby serving them would enlarge the circle of readers and may likely to evoke real interest in Jain Dharma and consequently the cause of Ahimsa is served. Now for Editorial set up to ponder and act if found worthwhile.
Yours brotherly, sreepalan

Anicent Jain Mathematics (English)
by Prof. R.C. Gupta - Published by Jain Humanities Press ( a unit of Bramhi Jain Society)
4665 Moccassin Trail, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4Z 2W5
Price $29.95; Hardback - Giving details of Jain Mathematics including usage of Algebra in ancient times

Santaparupana Sutta of Acharya Pushpadanta (English)
Translated by: Dr. N.L. Jain; General Editor: Dr. Bhuvanendra Kumar, Published by Jain Humanities Press ( a unit of Bramhi Jain Society)., 4665 Moccassin Trail, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4Z 2W5, Price $ ; Hardback

The Chakkandagama (Scripture in six parts)

This work is the post-canonical Prakrit text of the Jain system, whose later works speak of King Chahamana Somesvara's (C.E. 1169) Bijolia lithic record also mentions it. Here the term Chakkandagama has been used in reference to the Agamas. The Jain monk Dharasena has been used in reference to the Agamas. The Jain monk Dharasena taught it to Puspadanta and Bhutabali and it was they who committed it to writing.

The Chakkandagama contains about six thousand long or short aphorisms in Sauraseni - a dominant Prakrit and is also influenced by Ardhamagadhi, Maharastri and other native dialects.

The Santaparupana, the first volume of the CK work is all about the Jain Philosophical system and its various components as applied to living the life; their activity by way of mattergy and the final strands of karma bondage.

Explanations of philosophical technicalities and experiences in this work are dealt with in six parts under the headings; Jivathaname, Ksudraka Bandha. Bandha-Swamitva. Veyan, Vaggana and Mahabandha with eighteen sub-texts.

Swatantra Sangramh Mein Jain
Nominal Price Rs.200/- 478 pages on art paper, Published by Praachya Shraman Bharati, 12-A, Prempuri, near Jain Temple, Muzaffarnagar-251001 (U.P.), Phone (0131) 245-0228; 240-8901. This unique publication, while referring to some Jain historical persons, gives authentic details of about 600 (six hundred) Jains who made serious sacrifices of their careers, families including parents, wives, children, siblings, etc. because they participated in the freedom movement to free India from the shackles of the British Raj and went to jail while their family members were also harassed, beaten-up, sources of income destroyed, etc. Some of them were even hanged. This did not deter them from following their Jain principles and tenets even in jails. This book is the outcome of painstaking collection and compilation of information, data and old records. The material which is compiled inter-alia from - books, magazines, articles, letters, prison records, etc. Only material which was authentic and for which proper evidence was available has been included. It is not commonly known that about 5000 (five thousand) Jains went to jail during India's freedom struggle. This book will help Jains find rightful place in India's freedom struggle.

Chitta Base Mahavira (Hindi)
Tirthankara Mahavira Jivan aur Darshan By Prof. Prem Suman Jain
Published by: Lokbharti; 2004 216 x 142 mm 160 pp 7 colour plates; Hardback; Price: Rs. 150.00

Amitagati's Yogasara Prabhrta By Jain, S.C. Acarya Translation and Annotation. New Delhi: Bharatiya Jnanpith, 2003. Rs. 150.00

The Key to the Centre of the Universe. Kuhn Hermann. Text, Translation and Notes on Chapter I of Tattvarthasutra. Wunstorf:
Crosswind Publications, 2001. Reprinted at Mumbai:
Jain Sanskriti Samrakshak Sangh, 2003. Rs. 120.00

M.K. Kundakunda's Barasanuvekkha : Twelve Contemplations. By Dharmaraja, Text and Translation. New Delhi: Kundakunda Bharati, 2003. Complimentary.

Bhagavan Mahavira ka Buniyadi Chintana By Jalaj, Jayakumar.
Bhopal: Sahitya Academy, Madhya Pradesh Samskriti Parisada, 2003. Rs. 15.00

The Basic Thought of Bhagavan Mahavira By Jalaj, Jayakumar.
English Translation by Burhanpurkar, G.F. Jaipur: Prakrit Bharati Academy, 2003. Rs. 15.00 Jain, Shanti Lal. Self-Enlightenment Chahadhala. Translation and commentary. New Delhi, 2002. Rs. 40.00

BHAGAVATI ARADHANA (Prakrit - Sanskrit - Hindi) 2004 By Sivarya 'Vijayodaya' Sanskrit gloss by Aparajitasuri Introduction, Hindi translation and critical commentary by Siddhantacarya Pt. Kailashchandra Sastri Jivaraj Jain Granthamala Puspa 36; First published in 1977. 244 x 176 mm 1016 pp Hard back; Price: Rs. 300.00

NAYAMRTAM (Sanskrit)
Ed. Muni Vairagyarativijaya, Sri Vijayamahodayasuri Granthamala 2002 223 x 145 mm 163 pp Hardcover,
Price: Rs. 70.00, The Naya concept of Jainas has been elucidated in this volume with the help of ten Sanskrit sargas by legendary Jaina purvacaryas. The sargas are as follows
1. Nayanuyogah by Aryaraksitasuri
2. Nayakarnika by Mahopadhyaya Vinayavijaya
3. Nayarahasyam by Mahopadhyaya Yasovijaya
4. Anekantavyavastha by Mahopadhyaya Yasovijaya
5. Nayadhigamah by Vacaka Umasvati
6. Nayopadesah by Mahopadhyaya Yasovijaya Vrtti by Bhavaprabhasuri
7. Nayaparicchedah by Vadidevasuri
8. Nayaprakasastavah by Padmasagaragani
9. Nayacakralapapaddhati by Devasenagani
10. Nayacakrasarah by Devacandra

ARDHA MAGADHI VYAKARANA (Prakrit - Sanskrit), By Satavadhani Muni Ratanacandra, 220 x 140 mm 325 pp 81 85122 09 1 Hardcover Rs. 200.00, This is a reprint of the excellent work in Sanskrit by Satavadhani Muni Ratnacandra, who also gave us the Illustrated Ardhamagadhi Dictionary. This is a modern grammar of the Ardhamagadhi language. It covers the gramamtical rules of Ardhamagadhi in four chapters. It also has a Dhatupatha (root list). The text is written in simple Sanskrit and will serve as a very useful self-learning guide to learning Ardhamagadhi for anyone who knows Sanskrit.

A Prakrit - English Dictionary, Ed. By S. Ippagumta 1992 218 x 140 mm 217 pp Hardback Rs. 200.00,
The Camdu Kosam is a compact Prakrit - English Dictionary. It is a studiedly limited effort, with a select bibliography. In the author's own words: "For a comprehensive Prakrit -English Dictionary, etymologically and philologically arranged with special reference to cognate Indo-European and Dravidian languages,...the prerequisite is critically edited texts with index-verborum." While there has been a significant amount of critical editing of Prakrit MSS. in the 20th century, there are a huge number of Prakrit MSS. lying untouched to date. The traditional Jaina unwillingness to hand over canonical pothis to lay scholars has come in the way of concerted efforts of critical study of Prakrit esp. Jaina scriptures.

"Vegetarian Nirvana: A Passage to North Indian Cuisine". By Smt. Santosh Jain, Bloomington, Indiana, USA.
Price: Not mentioned. The book is going to be very useful to all those, who are not familiar with the cooking of vegetarian dishes. It has been prepared with an eye on the vegetarian population in the west. Twentyfive types of Indian vegetarian menus have been discussed with full details about ingredients and method of cooking. This book will be very valuable for house wives who are just starting their house-hold abd are keen to learn new palatable dishes.

The Jains Are Sparkling in India- an article
Read an interesting story. TIME, Canadian Weekly Edition of April 5, 2004 "DIAMOND DAYS" is on the Cover page and the 8-page Cover Story (pages 48 to 54), including as a box "Success Story" with the headline: "THE JAINS ARE SPARKLING IN INDIA" by Aravind Adiga/Surat. An excerpt: .... The Surat diamond trade was built by a dynamic and enterprising religious community - the Palanpuri Jains, followers of an ancient religion that emphasises non-violence and vegetarianism. Jains account for 0.4% of India's population. The details of the industry in Surat, Gujarat and the hold of the Palanpuris is described.

Kshullak Shri Siddhsen Ji Maharaj, Shri Dev Poojya Ji and Shri Amarsen Ji were accorded Muni Diksha on the 22nd February, 2004 by Shri 108 Bahubali Ji Maharaj of Digambar sect at Baramalhara (Chhattarpur M.P.)

1. Poojya 108 Acharya Shri Subal Sagar Ji maharaj belonging to Jain Digambar sect left for his heavenly abode after taking samadhi on the 17th March, 2004, exactly 12 years after accepting Sallekhana vrat at Nandgaon.
2. Poojya Muni Shri Anekant Sagar Ji Maharaj left for his heavenly abode on the 6th March, 2004 at Loharia (MP). He had been performing meditation along with 52 other saints in the morning when he breathed his last.

Jain sadhvi Atma Rajashriji Maharaj (25) was found dead in the Sabarmati river.
The police suspect she drowned after slipping into the river. The incident occurred a day after the community celebrated Mahavir Jayanti . At 10.15 am residents of slums on the banks of Sabarmati informed the police control room about the body spotted in a shallow part of the river .The victim used to stay in Deepkunj Society at Divya Aradhana Bhavan at Paldi. One of the sadhvis living in the area identified the victim. Police said, "No injury mark was visible on the victim's body. So chances of any foul play are faint. Yet, the police are baffled how the sadhvi could have drowned in a shallow portion of the river.

Burglars broke into the famed 140-year-old Pareshnath temple in north Kolkata's Manicktola area and stole five antique idols, a century-old lamp and some cash. The theft was detected in morning and had possibly taken place sometime on Sunday. The five idols were later recovered from the courtyard. The burglars had apparently, left them behind in a hurry. The temple targeted was the main among the cluster of four such temples. Preliminary probe suggests an "insider's hand" into the daring robbery.

In a similar incident in a Digambar Jain temple of Bhagwan Rishabh Nath Ji at Kathumar village, in southern part of Rajasthan, six valuable idols of different tirthankars, supposed to be more than 1000 years old were burgled in the night of 23rd March alongwith the yantra, singhasan and a safe carrying ornaments and cash. The incidents caused disturbance amongst the Jain community of the region. The authorities were requested to immediately take necessary action to catch hold of the culprits and recover the precious items.

A thirteenth century idol of a Jain goddess Padmavati was recovered by Ahmedabad crime branch from a gang of antique smugglers, alleged to have links abroad. Cast in a dark alloy, the idol is two-feet high . It is valued at Rs 9 crore in the international market. The crown of the Goddess has a small relief of Jain Tirthankar Parshavnath, sculpted on it. The idol was stolen in 1999 from the Adhbhutnath temple in Nagda village near Udaipur, Rajasthan . The crime branch was tipped-off about the sale of an ancient idol in Ahmedabad, which was tracked down to this gang. The arrested include Subhash Singh Thakur, of Uttar Pradesh who stays in Isanpur, Chetan Barot of Vadodara and Arjun Singh Chauhan of Pichholi in Udaipur.

The Asht- Dhatu idol of Bhagwan Mahavir, which was probably lost from a Jain temple at Bhilai has been recovered by the Local Police squad when the thieves were trying to sell it to one International Racketeer at about 1.80 crores. The International Rate of this idol is about 3.00 crores. The idol was purchased by theft at Jamshedpur for Rs.5.00 Lacs. The smugglers had removed the engraved description about names, pratishtha date and the name of the place where the idol was kept and so it was difficult for the Police to trace from which place or tirth this idol was stolen. However, it is believed by the local Jain Digambar sect that it belonged to a Bhilai temple. The idol appears to be about 700-1000 years old.

The crime branch unearthed a factory manufacturing spurious labels, cylinders and holograms of reputed companies in northeast Delhi with the arrest of a 36-year-old man. The printing unit and a go down, both in Maujpur, have been sealed. The police recovered from Virender Jain's factory 15 cylinders of SKF, seven cylinders of Baba Zarda, two rolls of Tulsi, seven cylinders of Escorts, 10 bags of labels of Red Label tea. Virender Jain also informed police that there is big demand for such products in Kashmiri Gate, Tis Hazari, Inder Lok areas.


Sahu Shital Prasad ji Jain - After prolonged illness Sahu Shital Prasad Jain left for heavenly abode on 23rd March, 2004 at Apollo Hospital, Delhi. In the death of Sahu Shital Prasad ji, Jainsamaj has lost a very prominent and active member of the community. Sahu Jain family is one of the most prominent and successful Jain families of the country which owns several industries, financial institutions besides The Times of India Group. Sahu Shital Prasad ji was associated with several Jain organizations.

Sahu Shital Prasad Jain was reckoned as one with great insight in matters of industrial finance, banking, taxation, company law etc. and made image for himself more particularly in these spheres and is widely respected for his knowledge. He hails from the known Sahu Digambar Jain family of Najibabad (Distt. Bijnor, U. P.)

Sahu Shital ji born at Najibabad on June 6, 1921, although his record date is 2nd January 1922. He studied in Meerut College and Lucknow University in Honours. He gave further impetus in 1936-38 to Meerut College Jain Students' Association. Having studied science and arts, he started in industrial / financial field at Dalmianagar in Bihar and in 1952 shifted to Calcutta after Dalmia-Jain Group partition at the behest of his Chacha Shanti Prasad ji Jain as 10% owner of the Sahu-Jain Group manifested by 10% shares in Sahu-Jain Limited now with Mukul ji. Sahu Shital ji devoted himself wholly to the building up and development of Sahu Jain Organisation as a monopoly house in early 50s. What with acquisition of jute mills in Bengal, continuing industrial companies already in Bihar in the field of sugar, paper, vanaspati, cement, asbestos cement, vulcanized fibre, cast iron foundry, Sahu Shital ji enlarged his canvas of horizon including take-over of The Jaipur Udyog Limited and Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. (Times of India) including becoming its Chairman. This was apart from his being Chairman/Director of several companies including Light Railways, Lahore Electric Supply Co. et cetera. His acumen helped the take-over of The Punjab National Bank Ltd. immediately after India's partition and which was in a precarious financial condition due to aftermath of India's partition and Sahu Shital ji remained an active Director of PNB Ltd. for long and later on in 1969 on Bank Nationalization helped to save the PNB Ltd. from liquidation. Sahu Shital ji also facilitated transition of Bharat Bank Ltd. to Bharat Nidhi Ltd. as one of the then large investment company as its Chairman. The Economic Times found its origin in his tenure of. Directorship. Sahu Shital ji was also Director of Indian National Airways Ltd. before nationalisation of civil aviation. Sahu Shital ji was also Chairman of Maharashtra Steels Ltd.

He was ex-Trustee of the Central Board of Trustees, Employees' Provident Fund (established by the Government of India), ex-Committee Member of Chamber of Commerce & Chamber of Commerce, Calcutta, Indian Chemical Manufacturers' Association Calcutta, etc; ex-Chairman, Bharat Chamber of Commerce Calcutta Standing Committees on Finance and on Industry, Indian Chamber of Commerce Calcutta Taxation & Commercial Laws Sub-Committee and various Committees of ASSOCHAM, FICCI, PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Western U. P. Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Committee on Industrial Development, Working Group on Implementation of Strategy for National Capital Region Development Symposium, co-sponsored by U.P. Govt. in 1973, etc.

He was member National Panel of Arbitrators of American Arbitration Association, New York and Vice-Patron of Red Cross Society, member of several cultural and spcial organisations in Calcutta and also several Digamber Jain organisations country- wide.

Sahu Shital ji was married in 1945 to Pramodini ji of Delhi and daughter of Lala Chunni Lal Jain, Advocate and also Panch of Delhi Pracheen Jain Samaj. They have 3 living children. Rajiv Babu - popularly known as R.P. Jain,Rashmi Bai Ji - married to Lala Ramesh Chand, son of Lala Darshan Lal ji 'Chaiwale' of Dehradun and Mukul Sahu Jain.

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