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Ahimsa Times - September 2004 Issue

Vol. No. 51

September, 2004

"Soul is my god, Renunciation is my prayer.
Amity is my devotion, Self restraint is my strength.
Non-violence is my religion"


It was indeed a rare sight to witness the grand celebrations performed in an austere manner held at Tilwaraghat on the bank of river Narbada at Jabalpur on Saturday, the 14th August, 2004 for granting Jain Diksha (initiation as Jain saint) to 25 celibates in the Digambar sect. The celebrations were held and Diksha was granted by Acharya Shri Vidhya Sagar Ji maharaj. All the newly-initiated saints were required to pass through rigorous tests prior to being granted permission for diksha to prove that they had acquired the twenty-eight essential attributes, necessary for a Digambar saint. Most of the saints, who were initiated were professionals in their fields, five of them held engineering degrees, one was a chartered accountant and thirteen were graduates or post-graduates in art, commerce or science. They hailed from different places in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The highly revered saint, Shri Vidhya sagar Ji has a large following of disciples, totaling to 215, of which there are 89 saints, 14 Aryikas, 20 Elaks, 14 Kshullaks and 4 Kshullikas.

Celibate's name after Sainthood
Shailesh Veer Sagar B.Tech., M.B.A.
2. Vishal Ksheer Sagar M.E.
3. Dhawal Bhav Sagar C.A.
4. Amit Upsam Sagar B.Com.
5. Bhupendra Prasam Sagar M.Com.
6. Vinod Agam Sagar M.A.
7. Amit Maha Sagar B.Sc.
8. Niteesh Virat Sagar M.Com., LLB.
9. Milan Shah Vishal Sagar D.M.T.C.
10.Bala Saheb Shail Sagar B.A.
11.Pradeep Achal Sagar B.Com.
12.Atul Puneet Sagar B.E.

13.Raju Vairagya Sagar B.Com.
14.Rakesh Avichal Sagar M.A.
15.Rajeev Vishalya Sagar B.Sc.
16.Nitesh Dhawal Sagar M.Com.
17.Ravi Saumya Sagar B.Com.
18.Ranu Anubhav Sagar M.A.
19.Manish Durlabh Sagar B.A.
20.Amol Vinamra Sagar Inter.
21.Sudheer Atul Sagar Inter.
22.Abhishek Anand Sagar B.E.
23.Sonu Agamya Sagar B.E.
24.Pavan Sahaj Sagar
25.Raj Kumar Dheer Sagar

The 114th birth anniversary of highly revered saint, Marudhar Kesari Shri Mishri Mal Ji Maharaj, belonging to Jain Sthanakwasi order was celebrated with devotion and gaity at village Anandpur Kalu near Ajmer, where Pravartak, Shri Roop Muni, his disciple is holding the Chaturmas. The celebrations were attended by thousands of devotees from Rajasthan, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Amongst the distinguished guests present on the occasion were Smt. Vasundhara Raje Sindhia, Chief Minister of Rajasthan and Shri Nemi Chand Chopra, President of Sthanakwasi Jain Conference. A book, eulogizing the contribution of Marudhar Kesari to the Jain religion named "Muni Nirbhay Alok" was released on this occasion by Shri Nemi Chand Chopra.

Karnataka Jain Samaj has requested the government to declare the houses of Acharya Sri Shanthisagarji Maharaj at the Bhoj Village of Belgaum district in Karnataka and Rashtra Santha Sri Vidyanandaji Maharaj at Shedabala in Belgaum District of Karnataka as national monuments. During the forth coming Mahamasthakabhishekha of Bhagawan Bahubali at Shravanabelagola in 2006 the tourists and pilgrims from all over world would be visiting the Jain pilgrim places in Karnataka and if this places are declared as national monuments these will attract many pilgrims. The two houses after renovation will exhibit the photos, works and other important articles related to the life of Acharya Shantisagarji.

The Executive Committee of the All India Sthanakwasi Jain Conference met on the 15th August, 2004 at Ahmednagar to discuss the directive of the Supreme Court and decide the action to be taken in the matter. Accordingly, the Conference members deliberated over the issue and decided to hold the next election of office-bearers for the fourth zone (south zone) on the 31st October. These elections are held zone-wise by rotation every two years.

Under the blessings of Acharya Padamsagar Surishwarji M. S. Jain Doctors' Federation is organising its second conference at Mumbai. The conference dates are 8th and 9th January, 2005 and venue is Terapanth Bhawan, Thakur Complex, Kandivlee. (East) Mumbai. Once again it is expected that Jain doctors from all over the world will actively participate in the conference. The theme of conference will be application of 'New medical technology and principles of Jainism'. For any further information please contact: Dr. M. M. Begani, 78, Lady Ratan Tata Medical Centre, Opp. Co-operage Football Ground, M. K. Road, Mumbai - 21. E-Mail:, Tel: 098-200-38850.

The next countrywide convention of Swetamber Murtipujak Sangh is scheduled to be held at Delhi on 2nd October and 3rd October. The convention will also be attended and blessed by Nityanand Surishwar M. S., Dharmdhurander Surishwarji M. S. Virendra Surishwarji M. S. & Vasant Surishwarji M. S. The venue of convention is Vijay Vallabh Smarak, G. T. Karnal Road, Post Office Alipur, Delhi - 36, Details about convention are also available at or E-Mail :, Tel: 27202225. The first such convention was held at Mumbai in the year 2000 and subsequent conventions were held at Koba (Gandhinagar), Sadri (Rajasthan) and Pune (Maharashtra). The invitation to attend convention is only to members who have not crossed the 50 years of age.

Every year, Swami Vivekananda Study Circle celebrates the Anniversary of his historic Chicago Address. This year, the circle has decided to celebrate this event as 'SARAV DHARAM CONFERENCE' on 6th October, 2004 at Ludhiana. This will be an unique function, in which the eminent persons from different religions will speak the greatness of their own religion on the same platform. The theme topic of the conference on which the speakers will present paper is "Apne Dharam Mein, Dusre Dharmon ke Prati Samman ki Bhawna". Eminent persons from different religions such as Sikh, Islam, Christian, Jain, Budh and Hindu have been invited in this conference, who will speak about their religion on the theme topic of the conference. Those who like to take part in the conference may contact Dr. A.K.Jain, Gen. Secretary, Ludhiana Chapter, 126-C, Kitchlu Nagar, Ludhiana. Ph. 0161-2303068 or 98150-24022. Jains contest census figures.

Jain Social Groups International Federation, Northern Region on the occasion of their golden jubilee organised a giant Blood Donation Camp on 22nd August, 2004 at Jaipur, where 1450 units of blood was collected in one day. The arrangements were made at Santok Ba Durlabh Ji hospital. Collections were made from different parts of the town. The programme was inaugurated by famous diamond merchant, Shri Rashmikant Durlabh Ji. There are 255 groups of the Federation all over the World and such camps were arranged at all these centres.

Jain Vishva Bharti Institute, Ladnun (Rajsthan) organized an exhibition of Stamps and Covers on Jainism collected by Mr. Sudhir Jain of Satna (M.P.). This exhibition was organised at University Hall of Jain Vishva Bharti Institute at Ladnun on 25th August 2004 which was inaugurated by Dr. Jagatram Bhattacharya, Registrar of the Jain Vishva Bharti Institute. In this exhibition Mr. Sudhir Jain exhibited his 150 sheets Philatelic Collection on Jainism in the following sequence through Stamps and covers -Essence of Jainism, Principles of Jainism, Conceptions of Jainism, Admirers of Jainism, Symbols of Jainism, Siddha, Panch Kalyanak, Dreams of Mother, Identification signs of Tirthankars, Some Tirthankars, Other Pious Souls, Jain Pilgrimage Centres, Jain architecture, Jain Personalities, Jain Celebrations, Jain Institutions and Message to the World. A large number of Scholars, teachers, students and citizens visited this exhibition. Dr. Ashok Jain, Head, Jain Vidhya & Tulnatmak Dharmdarshan Department offered vote of thanks. Courtesy: SUDHIR JAIN, E-Mail :

The theme for this year's convention sessions will be centered around how our views and practices of Jainism have evolved. Sessions will include discussions on ahimsa and anekantavad in the modern world, veganism and Jainism fundamentals. Attendees will be provided with critical understanding of nonviolence and nonviolent social change in the modern world through knowledge drawn from history, philosophy, religion, peace studies, environmental studies, political science, sociology, and women's studies. An in-depth look at veganism and how to practically incorporate it into one's life will be discussed. Whether someone is completely new to Jainism or whether he just wants to brush up on the basics, he will have the opportunity to develop his understanding of the fundamentals of Jain philosophy. Participants will have the chance to learn in a creative and fun-filled atmosphere. Dr. Tara Sethia, Director of the Ahimsa Center and professor of History at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona will be the keynote speaker. Dr. Sethia received her Ph.D. from UCLA and M. A. from Rajasthan University (India).

The conference is being organised jointly by Gandhi Institute, National Civil Rights Museum and National Conference for Community and Justice at Memphis, Tennessee, USA on 8th and 9th October, 2004. It is going to be the first annual gathering on this theme. The venue of the conference is Christian Brothers Ubiversity and Rhodes College, Memphis. Memphis had been the centre of civil rights movement during the sixties. Martin Luher King, who led the movement, was greatly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and his concept of non-violence. Hence this place has been chosen for this conference. For more information, visit:

For details visit:

Mumbai University, India has organized an essay competition under "Dinesh Mody prize 2004" on "Jainism Theory and Practice" in Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi or English. The essay should be the writer's original, unpublished contribution. Three copies are required to be sent to Asst. Registrar, Scholarship Section, Room No. 35, 1st floor, Vidyanagari, Santa Cruz (East), Mumbai 400 098, INDIA. Entries should reach by October 30, 2004. For further information contact: Sri J.V. Mehta, E-Mail :

Swetamber Social Group of Indore is organising a Yuvak-Yuvati Parichaya Sammelan on 25th and 26th September. The venue will be Ravindra Auditorium. The introduction of participating candidates will also be available in parichay pustika, being published.


When completed this 42,00 square feet temple and cultural centre will be the largest Jain center outside India. Mr. Ramesh Doshi, 55 is the President of South California Jain Centre and hope to complete the project before this winter. The building work is completed with yellow Jaiselmair stone of India. The work on the project was started in the year 2001 and local Jains (800 families) have already raised $10 million for the building project. Designers from India chose the interior colors and carvings. The walls of the temple will be depict Jain history and culture. The main cultural hall will feature a large stage equipped with the latest in broadcast technology. The building's centerpiece will be the 2-story teak Jain temple to be reconstructed inside the main building. The center, scheduled to open this winter, will not only illuminate the Jain philosophy, but a close-up look at Indian art and architecture.

A 31-inch idol of Lord Mahavir made with an alloy of five elements (Panch dhatu) will be installed at the Lord Parshvanath Jain temple in Pydhonie, Mumbai. The idol will be coated with 5 kgs of gold. At present the temple has eight shikhars. Shikhar is the triangular-shaped sacred dome located at the top of a temple. The saints however felt that it would be more auspicious to have the Jain temple with nine-shikhars. Sagarchandra Sagarji Maharaj, who is staying at the temple for the Chaturmas period has given his blessings for this work and to fulfil the wishes of the saints, the devotees have decided to instal a new idol of 31-inch height. The idol will be made in Palitana in Gujarat, which is one of the holiest places of for Jain community. First, silver, copper, brass and bronze will be used for the moulding of the idol. The idol will then be coated with gold. The date for unveiling has not yet been decided, but there will be at least a five-day celebration at the time of installation (Pratishtha) ceremony

UN-AUTHORISED OCCUPATION AT GIRNAR HILLS STOPPED AFTER INTERVENTION BY GOVERNOR SHRI NAVAL KISHORE SHARMA - A delegation of Jain community, representing Jain Sanskriti Raksha Manch, headed by its Chairman, Shri Milap Chand Dandia had met Pt. Naval Kishore Sharma , Governor of Gujarat on the 10th August, 2004 and apprised him of the situation developed at Shri Girnar Teerth owing to illegal occupation of land on its 4th and 5th peaks where the Jain temples are located. These peaks are considered holy places and centre of pilgrimage by the entire Jain community because of the temples and foot steps of Tirthankars which are worshipped since times immemorial. Justice Pana Chand Jain, who accompanied the delegation also explained the legal issued involved in the case to the Governor. On intervention by the Governor, the State Government had to take immediate action, as a result of which the police arrested the miscreants, who were creating obstructions in the way of devotees to reach the peaks and perform worship. The situation has now been controlled to a large extent and the devotees and visitors are able to go to the concerned places and perform worship. Jain samaj conveys its gratefulness to the Governor for his prompt intervention and timely action.

President Abdul Kalam A. P. J. has expressed his deep concern over the frequent thefts in temples and other cultural centres. While inaugurating golden jubilee celebrations of Lalit Kala Academy, he also suggested for launching of a National Agency for preventing and investigation of such thefts. The Minister of Culture, Mr. Jaipal Reddy, who was present on the occasion, regretted the unfortunate incidents occurring repeatedly in temples.

Jain, Parsi and Hindu religious trusts have joined hands against a controversial new proposal by the Maharashtra State Government, which according to the trusts, would allow the state to virtually take over the management and administration of religious and charitable trusts. At present, there are more than three lakh such trusts in Maharashtra state that range from small temple trusts to the Bombay Parsi Punchayet. The proposal that is currently on hold because of the coming elections will give the government the powers to appoint chief executive officers to head the trusts and appoint trustees. Incidentally, Muslim trusts come under the Wakaf Board. Therefore they are not going to be affected by this new legislation. Trust administrations feel that the proposed law will take away their independence and put their assets at the risk of being misused by government appointed officials. If the proposals are approved, the government interference will increase and destabilise the managing boards and their working. To protest against the proposed law, the trusts have formed an association called Charitable and Religious Trust Protection Committee.

Government's View:- The proposals are part of the recent recommendations by the 13th Law Commission appointed by the Government. The Government says that the proposed changes will bring more accountability in the working of religious trusts.

Venue: Niagara, Hindu samaj, Niagara, Ontario, Canada. - October 2, Pravachan Gurudev Chitrabhanuji, Snatra Pooja, Kumbh Sthapan, Akhand Deep, Aarti, Mangal Deep, Shanti Kalash & Swami Vatsalya. October 3, Sunday, 8:30 am: Pravachan Gurudev Chitrabhanuji Snatra Pooja, 36 Abhishek, Murti Pratishtha, aarti, Mangal Deep, Shanti Kalash and Swami Vatsalya. Please participate in the Abhishek. Donation of $151.00 per Abhishek per family may please be sent to: Niagara Hindu Samaj, P.O.Box 25008, Pen Center R.P.O., St. Cathrines, Ontario, L2T 4C4, Canada. A Donation Receipt & Instructions will be sent on receipt of the amount. Due to large number of sponsors, we will assign Abhishek # on first come first served basis. For any information please call 905 735 1320 day time or 905 735 6194 evenings.


The national spokesman of Shwetambar Terapanthi sect, Muni Shri Lok Prakash Ji Lokesh announced at New Delhi that the selection committee, headed by Dr. L.M. Singhvi had decided the name of Shri Bhairo Singh Shekhawat, Vice-President for the Anuvrat Award. The committee felt that he was the most befitting and suitable person for this award in view of his great contribution to the cause of national character building, enriching ethics in public life and promoting amity amongst different communities. The award will consist of Rs. 1,21,000 in cash, a memento and a letter of eulogy.

Professor Bhagchandra Jain , former Head of the Department of Pali and Prakrit has been conferred the prestigious Award of the Certificate of Honour in Prakrit and Pali by the President of India, the announcement of which was made on the occasion of the last Independence Day. Dr. Jain is a reputed scholar of international fame in Jainism and Buddhism (Prakrit and Pali). He was the Professor and Director of Jain Studies in Rajasthan University, Jaipur and Parswanath Vidyapeeth, Varanasi. At present, he is working as a Joint Director, National, Institute of Prakrit Studies and Research, Shravanabelagola, Mysore University, Karnataka. He delivered lectures and participated in the International seminars on Buddhist and Jain Studies in the Harward, Bologana and other Universities. Professor Jain got published about forty research volumes on the subject to his credit. He did his Ph.D. under Commonwealth Fellowship from Ceylon on Jainism in Buddhist Literature and D.Litt. in three subjects, Sanskrit, Pali -Prakrit and Hindi. . His contribution of Buddhism to Indian Culture are his outstanding books, such as History of Buddhist Culture, Buddhist Psychology, Jainism and Ecology, Jain Logic, Jainism and Mahavira, Encyclopaedia of Jainism in three volumes, Catuhshatakam, hamma-parikkha, Candappahacariu, Yashodharacaritam, History of Jain Philosophy and Culture, on which he got literary awards from different institutions. He has also been honoured by bestowing Award as "Man of the Year 2004" by the American Biographical Institution. Dr. Bhag Chand Jain is a member of Advisory Council of Ahimsa Foundation.


This engineering college is a Jain minority institution. The institution offers B.E. courses in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communications, Industrial & Production Engineering and Information Science. For further information log on to:

Parshwanath Vidyapeeth, the historical and most important educational institute of Jains has received academic affiliation for its research programmes from Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Awadh Vishwa-vidyalaya, Faizabad. This is a grand achievement and a matter of pride for the entire devoted team working at Parshwanath Vidyapeeth. With this, the Vidyapeeth will now be able to contribute immensely for the cause of studies and research in Jainology. On behalf of Ahimsa Foundation, we convey our hearty congratulations to Mr. Indrabhooti Barar and the management committee of Parshwanath Vidyapeeth for their dedicated services to the entire Jain society. For further information, Mr. Indrabhooti Barar, E-Mail: or

By Sulekh Jain, PhD, E-Mail: and Professor Cromwell Crawford, PhD

The following Books and other materials are available for sale. To order the books, please send an e-mail to Pradip and Darshana Shah, E-Mail : 487 Jeremy Drive, Bourbonnais IL 60914 Telephone - 815-935-1499.

Jainism - Religion of Compassion and Ecology ($1.00) - The Jainism booklet (Size 5.5" x8.5") consists of 40 pages and provides the basic information of Jainism. It summarizes the basic topics such as Jain philosophy, practice, ethical codes, concept of God, prayers, greetings, symbols, scriptures, and life of Lord Mahävir. This is an excellent book for Paryushan Prabhävanä and for Interfaith related activities. The revised edition of the book is printed in USA in July 2004.

Jain Alphabet Book (JES 103 - Level I) - $3.00 - The book consists of religious pictures of each Alphabet (from A to Z) and its explanation. It covers many Jain principles and conducts in a simple language easy to understand by young children. The book has 80 pages of which 31 full page color pictures.

Jain Moral Skits (JES 104 - Level I) - $3.00 - The book consists of 24 moral skits. The young children can play these skits during Mahävir Jayanti, Paryushan, or any other Jain functions. These skits are properly edited and played by youths of North America. It covers many Jain principles and conducts in a simple language easy to
understand by young children. The book has 88 pages.

Jain Activity Book (JES 101 - Level I) - $5.00 - The Jain Activity book is designed by an educator using 'backward design' curriculum development technique. The book is well illustrated with many pictures for coloring, and activities like dot to dot and maze games. It also includes Jain symbols, puja postures and methods, with their meaning. The book has 160 pages (57 color pictures). This is level 1 book for young children. However, we recommend parental involvement for enhanced, mutual learning.

Jain Philosophy and Practice I Book (JES 302 - Level III) - $4.00 - This is an excellent book for youth / adults interested in learning Jainism in English. It covers almost all basic topics of Jainism such as Pancha Parmesthi, Tirthankars, Jain Ascetics and householders, Nonviolence and its application, Karma philosophy, Jain Reality, Twelve Bhavnas, and Jain festivals. The book has 32 chapters, 30 color pictures, and total 165 pages.

The Book of Compassion (English) - $1.00 - The Book of Compassion booklet (Size 5.5"x8.5") consists of 84 pages and provides the basic information of the cruelty that exist in the products we use in Jain rituals and in Jain diet everyday. It contains twelve articles describing the cruelty in the production of Milk, Varakh (Silver foil), Silk, Pearl, Eggs and also provides the list of alternative products which are cruelty free. The book was published in the year 2000 and more than 15000 copies are sold to Jains and Non-Jains.

The Book of Compassion (Gujarati) - Karunano Srot- $1.00 - The English version of Book of Compassion is translated in Gujarati.

Tirthankar Game - $4.00 - With the help of game, children will memorize the names of 24 Tirthankars, their order, their Länchhans, their parents name, birth place, and Nirvana place.

JAINA EDUCATIO CD - $3.00 - CD containing JAINA Education material and Literature has been published in August 2002. The CD not only has all the Päthashälä material, but also contains many books, articles, Jivadaya material, hundreds of images of temples and Tirthankars, and many unique presentations. It contains more than 10,000 pages of text and 2,000 images. A must for anyone interested in Jain philosophy.

Essence of World Religions - Unity in Diversity ($1.50) - The EWR booklet (Size 5.5"x8.5") consists of 80 pages and provides the basic information of twelve major faiths of the World. It summarizes the basic information such as Founder, Founded, Major Scriptures, Path of Attainment, Beliefs, Synopsis, Symbols, and Holidays of each religions. The religions which are included are Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, Islam, and Bahäi. This is an excellent reference book for high school and college age students and for Interfaith activities. The revised edition of the book is printed in June 2004. For any further information contact Mr. Pravin K. Shah, Jaina Education Committee, E-Mail:

Ahimsa : The Science of Peace, Author - Surendra Bothara, Publishers: Prakrit Bharti Academy, 13-A, Main Malviya Nagar, Jaipur- 302017. Phone: 0141 - 2524827, 2524828. E-Mail:

"It indeed contains a very thought provoking essay and decidedly a fresh contribution to the concept, fabric, and application of Ahimsa as preached by the great Nirgranth teachers. "Dr. M. A. Dhaky, Associate Director (Research), American Institute of Indian Studies, Varanasi. "Ahimsa is the central theme of Jain philosophy. Many great scholars of the past have put forth profound discussion on Ahimsa philosophy. We are grateful to the author for presenting a serious and detailed analysis of Ahimsa Darshan in original style for readers in English. The book is not only worth-reading but also worth pondering on. It is also worth popularizing for those who are curious about fundamentals of Jainism." Muni Samdarshi Prabhakar, Amar Bharti, Rajagriha. "The book is well documented and is based on the author's wide range of study of medical science, biology, psychology, and other natural sciences. It is based on his studies of Ahimsa as developed by Jain thinkers. "Review courtesy: Prof. Dr. J. C. Jain, Bombay.

BOOK REVIEW "JAINS IN INDIA'S FREEDOM STRUGGLE" -The contribution of Jains in the freedom struggle of India has never been highlighted. In fact, most Indians consider Jain community as just a business community. Whereas, truth is much different. Hundreds of Jains all over the country actively participated in the Indian freedom struggle. They were severely punished by the British, imprisoned for years and some of them were also sentenced to death.

The government records show that over five thousand Jains were imprisoned during the fight for freedom. The 1857 uprising saw Lala Hukum Chand Jain and Amar Chand Banthia hanged. Moti Chand Shah was also hanged in 1930. Many were shot dead in the 1942 "Quit India" movement; to name a few, we have Uday Chand Jain, Jayavati Sangahvi, Nathulal Shah, Singhai Premchand Jain, Sabulal Baisakhia, Maganlal Oswal, Anna Patravale, Kandhilal Jain etc. It is amazing that these efforts and contributions of Jains have never been recognized by Jain community.

Now Jains scholar Dr. Kapur Chand Jain, Head of the Sanskrit Department, Shri Kundkund Jain Post graduate College, Khatauli, and his wife Dr. (Smt.) Jyoti Jain, Editor of "Sanskaar Saagar" and "Jain Sandesh", have come forward and compiled the information and presented through their book titled "Jains in India's Freedom Struggle". The book is compiled in Hindi and presents life sketches of Jain freedom fighters. Dr. Kapoorchand Jain is the recipient of many prestigious awards and honours such as the Mahavir Award (1985), Shastri Parishad Award (1997), and Rishabh Dev Award (2000). He has organized many seminars, edited many magazines/bulletings, and directed Ph.D dissertations.

The present book is the volume one of a three volume series, and consists of about 500 pages (leaf size 20 x 30 cm) with 40 rare photographs and 195 passport size photographs. The book is published on art paper and priced at Rs.200/=, The book may be obtained from "Prachya Shraman Bharti", 12-A, Near Jain Mandir, Prempuri, Muzaffar Nagar-251 001 (U.P.), Phone-0131-2450228 and "Shruta Samvardhan Sansthan", First Floor, 247, Delhi Road, Meerut - 250002, Pone-0121-2527665. Arrangements are also being made to obtain the book from Sahitya Sadan, Digambar Jain Lal Mandir, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi.


A magazine has referred Sarina Jain as Indian Jane Fonda. She is a known name in music industry in United States. Her Masala Bhangra workout classes that mix aerobic principles with bhangra dance steps are a big hit with Americans. In fact, her three workout videos and her classes at some of New York's top gyms such as Crunch, Equinox and New York Sports Club attract mostly non-desis. Sarina has released several videos of masala dance and fitness in last five years. She is also the hostess of V Desi, a popular Saturday television show. She was born and raised in Los Angeles. In India, she comes from Jain family of Rajasthan. She attributes love for bhangra to her upbringing.

Paintings of an young Indian Jain artist Manish Jain Phuskele E-Mail : were exhibited at Gorbio city of France. An exhibition titled as "Exhibition of five contemporary Indian Artists" was organised from 25th June to 19th September 2004. Paintings of five Indian Artists, Mr. Raza, Mr. Manish, Ms.Sujata Bajaj, Seema Ghuraiya and Akhilesh on the subject "Roop Adhyatma" were exhibited in this exhibition. Gorbio is 850 years old historical city of France, known as Classic Museum Village. Manish is now well known artist of Spiritual Paintings. Previously he was invited by the French Govt. from 1st Sept. to 31st Dec. 2003 for visiting various Museums of France and delivering lectures on Indian Paintings. Australian Govt. had also invited him along with some other Indian Artists from 2nd May to 17th May 2004. External Affairs Ministry of Govt. of India had sent him to Thailand from 22nd may to 27th May 2004. A special book "SAPTAK" has been published from Singapore, which contains paintings of seven renowned Indian Artists including Manish. News courtesy: Mr. Sudhir Jai, E-Mail :


The highest, and perhaps puzzling, growth rate in the country has been among Jains, from 4.6% to 26%. In the same period, Sikhs' growth rate declined by a significant 6.1%, from 24.3% to 18.2%, while Buddhists' growth rate dipped even more sharply - by 10.6%, from 35.1% to 24.5%. The Christian growth rate has, however, gone up by 1.1%, from 21.5% to 22.6%. Literacy-wise, Jains top the list with 94.1%, followed by Christians at 80.3%, Buddhists 72.7%, Sikhs 69.4%, Hindus 65.1% and Muslims 59.1%. The national average for literacy is 64.8%. For female literacy, the national average is expectedly lower at 53.7%. Jains take the lead with a female literacy figure of 90.6%, followed by Christians at 76.2%, Sikhs 63.1%, Buddhists 61.7%, Hindus 53.2% and Muslims 50.1%.

The sex-ratio among Hindus is 931, slightly lower than the national average of 933 females to 1000 males. For Muslims the figure is 936, Jains 950 and Buddhists 953. The lowest sex-ratio among child population (0-6 years) found among the Sikhs (736), followed in increasing order among Jains (870), Hindus (925), Muslims (925), Buddhists (942) and Christians (964). Jains and Muslims have one thing in common. Both communities, it would seem, do not encourage women to work. Among religious groups, Jains recorded the lowest work participation rate (WPR) among females at 9.2% followed by Muslims at 14.1%. This was much below the average WPR (females) at 25.6%.



INDIA 1028610328 4225053 0.4 940 94.1 90.6
JAMMU & KASHMIR 10143700 2518 0.0 856 86.5 83.3
HIMACHEL PRADESH 6077900 1408 0.0 877 96.3 94.8
PUNJAB 24358999 39276 0.2 914 95.9 94.2
CHANDIGARH 900635 2592 0.3 940 97.3 95.8
UTTARANCHAL 8489349 9249 0.1 930 96.3 94.4
HARYANA 21144564 57167 0.3 911 94.2 90.7
DELHI 13850507 155122 1.1 935 96.8 95.1
RAJASTHAN 56507188 650493 1.2 960 94.0 89.3
UTTER PRADESH 166197921 207111 0.1 911 93.2 90.3
BIHAR 82998509 16085 0.0 904 93.3 90.8
SIKKIM 540851 183 0.0 664 90.7 86.2
ARUNACHAL PRADESH 1097968 216 0.0 662 85.2 75.7
NAGALAND 1990036 2093 0.1 852 94.5 92.2
MANIPUR* 2166788 1461 0.1 842 94.5 93.5
MIZORAM 888573 179 0.0 738 61.7 55.7
TRIPURA 3199203 477 0.0 916 82.9 78.4
MEGHALAYA 2318822 772 0.0 906 69.9 65.3
ASSEM 26655528 23957 0.1 866 95.3 93.0
WEST BANGAL 80176197 55223 0.1 929 92.8 88.9
JHARKHAND 26945829 16301 0.1 928 90.9 86.0
ORISSA 36804660 9154 0.0 933 93.3 89.6
CHHATTISGARH 20833803 56103 0.3 922 96.8 94.8
MADHYA PRADESH 60348023 545446 0.9 925 96.2 93.6
GUJARAT 50671017 525305 1.0 969 96.0 93.5
DAMAN & DIU 158204 268 0.2 1000 94.6 91.6
DADRA & NA. HAVELI 220490 864 0.4 895 94.4 90.7


1.3 942 95.4 92.3
ANDRA PRADESH 76210007 41846 0.1 936 93.2 89.6
KARNATAK 52850562 412659 0.8 926 84.3 77.2
GOA 1347668 820 0.1 885 95.7 95.2
LAKSHADWEEP 60650 - - - - -
KERALA 31841374 4528 0.0 996 95.5 93.4
TAMIL NADU 62405679 83359 0.1 933 92.2 88.4
PONDICHERRY 974345 952 0.1 900 96.3 93.6
ANDMAN & NIKOBAR 356152 23 0.0 917 100.0 100.0

By Sandeep Kumar Jain, E-Mail : The railway orders for restarting transport of cattle has been issued after distorting many sections of Act & Rules. Transport of Animals Rules under Sec 96 state:.

The headquarters for the world's largest vegan food relief is in need of volunteers for various services. Please contact E-Mail : If you or someone you know would like to volunteer any of the following skills: graphic design, web application development, grant writing, fund raising, web marketing, or writing. For more information, visit :

An idol of a Jain Tirthankar belonging to 10th century, obtained from Los Angeles Collections, UCLA Arts Council, Los Angeles was going to be auctioned at Newyork. It is 20 inches in height and is carved in relief with the Jina seated in padmasana on a throne supported by two lions, his meditative face with heavy-lidded almond-shaped eyes set beneath arched eyebrows, his finely grooved hair drawn back from his forehead, a standing male chauri bearer on his left. The estimated cost of the idol is US$ 6000-9000. The auction date was 24th September, 2004. Courtesy: Sudhir Jain, E-Mail :


September 15, Kathmandu, An Indian couple, who who lost substantially in a Kathmandu casino charged it with trying to poison and cheat them. However, they have withdrawn the case. Raj Kumar Jain, said to be a resident of Surat in Gujarat, came to Kathmandu early this year with his wife Prerana and their child. The Jains, who had been coming to Kathmandu frequently and playing at the casinos, first played at Casino Royale. Casinos in Kathmandu offer their regular patrons ( playing with large sums of money) facilities like free accommodation in five-star hotel and complimentary food and drinks etc. Jain, after an initial winning spree, started loosing and stopped playing. Consequently, the five-star hotel management, where they were staying, told them to vacate their room. When the hotel asked them to shift, an enraged Jain drank a large quantity of tranquilizers with whiskey and fell ill. As he was rushed to hospital, his wife accused the casino authorities of trying to poison him and complained to the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu. The couple had played at casino last year too when they won a large sum of money. However, they did not take all their winnings, preferring to leave Rs. 11,00,000 with the casino for future games.

From: SAURABH JAIN, E-Mail: - With the arrival of the new Government in Delhi, shame has been created to all ahimsa premise of Delhi as the Ghazipur dairy farm is declared by govt. to be converted into a slaughtering centre. In this slaughter house, 25,000 animals will be slaughtered daily and the land of Ghazipur will be drenched by 1,25,000 litres of blood every day. It is a request to all followers of ahimsa to oppose this proposal and send this mail to as many people as possible to save lives of crores of animals. Your small step could save many lives. - Jai Jinendra. Saurabh Jain, IIT Delhi.

September 19, Vishal Jain, 35 years, committed suicide after an alleged dispute with his partners on the profit-sharing issue. Jain was a partner in the dismantling project of the 123-year-old Calico Mill. According to details, Jain who was a partner of Mahavir Ghantakaran Enterprise was also involved in ship-breaking business in Kolkata and Bhavnagar. He had won the bid to dismantle the Calico textile unit by quoting Rs. 25.6 crore for all the immovable items within the premises of the mill, in Gujarat High Court in 2003. According to Danilimbda police, Jain was a resident of Howrah district in West Bengal and was in the city for the past two years in connection with the dismantling project.


Sametsikharji, the legal battle ground - From: HRM E-Mail :,, Cc:, Subject: Sametsikharji, Date: Thursday, August 26, 2004, 11:48 PM - It was the adamant attitude of Anandji Kalayanji and specially of Shrenikbhai against the cooperative attitude of Digambars that has resulted in defeat for both and the winner is the state government. some years back i was asked by Ashok Jain of times to mediate and there was reasonable offer by Digambars for settlement but Shrenikbhai was very very very adamant - Hirarantanmanek.

Girnar imprints: Hindus and Jains put their foot down - Sibte Hussain Bukhari, Junagadh, September 11: Atop the highest peak of Girnar mountain, Hindus and Digambar Jains are engaged in an intense religious controversy over foot imprints, which both claim belong to their respective gods. While Hindus trace the imprints to Guru Dattatreya, a form which represents the combination of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, Digambar Jains attribute them to Lord Neminath, the 22nd tirthankar. This long- standing dispute even reached the court of law. The latest controversy has been triggered off by the State Archaeological Department's permission to a Hindu trust to rebuild a chhatri covering the imprints. The chhatri was damaged in the 2001 earthquake.

Hindus have formed the Girnar Defence Committee and took out a rally in Junagadh on Wednesday under the banner of Sadhu Samaj and submitted a memorandum to the District Collector staking their claim for the imprints. Jains on their part have taken out rallies in Vadodara and Surat, demanding that the place be declared as Neminath Derasar and they be given exclusive right to worship there. Both sides accuse each other of wrong appropriation of the imprints that exist since hundreds of years. Jains allege they are not allowed to offer prayers and have demanded police protection. Surat-based Jain leader Nirav Shah, who organised the rally there last week, alleges that a priest was beaten up recently which forced the community to become aggressive.

Mahant Gopalaanand of Girnar Defence Committee says Jain derasars exist only on the first tunk (peak), about 3,500 steps from the base, while the remaining four peaks are home to only Hindu religious places, managed and controlled by Hindu saints and priests. Devotees have to climb more than 10,000 steps to reach the peak. `We have no problems with Jains visiting Dattatrey temple, but they will not be allowed to offer pooja as per Jain rituals because it's a temple and not a derasar. They are using their money power which the Hindu Samaj will not tolerate,'' he says.

Jain leader Dinesh Sheth said devotees had been offering prayers according to Jain rituals for hundreds of years for it's the place where Lord Neminath died. "Jains are unanimous that it's a Neminath temple and we won't let go off its possession,'' said Atul Shah, a devotee. Ambaji Mahant Dhansukh Giri Bapu said the controversy started three to four months ago when a trust was permitted to undertake construction of a chhatri near the footsteps. Jains say despite their opposition, the trust built a temple with six pillars covering the imprints of Lord Neminath. "The imprints area is a protected monument. Much before Gujarat state came into being,

Jains were bestowed worship rights. But now they are not allowed to perform Jain rituals,'' says Anil Jain, a local Jain leader. Superintendent (Rajkot) of the State Archaeological Department Hitesh Shah said, ``Four months ago, Junagadh-based SVM Trust was given permission to rebuild the chhatri at the Dattatrey tunk. The new structure has been built covering a larger area keeping in mind the safety and security of pilgrims.''

SP Junagadh B D Vaghela said he was yet to receive any complaint, but he had deployed police personnel as a precautionary measure. Girnar has 3500 years jain history only as per real acts , whereby dattarey temple has come only from last 100 years so will we loose girnar too like we lost neminathji today known as tirupatiji as hindu god, where are kshatriyas in jain religion. (Ahemdabad Newsline: Indian Express, 13th September 2004)

Census results inaccurate: Jains - While the population growth rate in the 2001 census report on religion shows that most communities except for Christians have shown a declining trend, the Jain community has shown an unusually large increase in growth rate from 4.6 per cent in 1981-91 to 26 per cent in 1991-2001.But sociologists and members of the Jain community are of the opinion that the results are not accurate. According to most, the Jain population has actually declined rather than increased.

Sociologist Satish Deshpande from the Indian Association for the Study of Population says the results are not really indicative of any real change. "The Jain community is defining itself. People are now reporting themselves as Jains rather than as Hindus, as they did earlier. "In the 1991 census, the growth rate was low. The reason, as we understood it, is that Jainism is close to Hinduism, so a number of Jains had been registered in the 91 count as Hindus. "Since then, Jain associations in various states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra have tried to inform members that they should register themselves as Jains," she says. Says Surendra Jain, Senior VP of the Bharat Jain Mahamandal, "Jains are divided into many sects and till now each one identified themselves differently. But now, we are all coming together as Jains. Through various India-based associations, we have been spreading awareness to keep all the sects together. It is only when we are united that our voice will be heard."

Dr. Bharat Parmar, a Jain believes that the Jain population has actually declined. "Jains have for long considered themselves as a community and not a religion. We have been working towards getting more recognition for our community. We have get-togethers for all the sects through which we try to ensure that the community is united," he says. Pratap Bhogilal, chairman of the board of trustees of the World Jain Confederation believes that while the population has not increased, it has also not declined. "I don't think the census results are accurate. But I believe the Jain population has remained steady because of the comparative affluence of the community."

"Most members of the Jain community want a minority status. Though the minority commission has declared Jains as a minority community ten years ago, the Central government is yet to recognise us as a minority." Currently, the Supreme Court has asked the Centre in its latest judgment passed one month ago to decide on the question of the minority status of Jains within the next three months. "Our community should be given a minority status so that the quality of our educational, health facilities and so on are not bound by government rules," states Bhogilal.

Dates of Paryushan Parva. I have been reading this discussion about observing One Paryushan. May I remind you that in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, We have been celebrating one Paryushan for the last more than forty years. One year all the activities are performed according to Murti pujak Panchang and next year all the activities are according to Sthanakvasi Panchang. Thus we observe one Paryushan each year. We do not have Digambars here. However, we can observe the third year according to Digambars' Panchang. We never had any problems in Tanzania. Every year only one Panchang is followed and have ONE Savatsari celebrated in a year. In order to attain unity one has to give up something, and respect his fellow Jains' feelings. After all we are all the followers of MAHAVIRA. - Kantilal Shah Past President, Jain Sangh Dar es Salaam Past President, Jain Center of Southen California.


New Delhi, Sept 22 Noted media personality and Managing Trustee of Bharatiya Jynanpeeth Ramesh Chandra Jain died after prolonged illness. He was 79. He is survived by wife and two sons. Born on August 15, 1925 in Najibabad in Uttar Pradesh, Mr Jain was a versatile personality and well known name in the media world. For more than four decades, he was associated with The Times of India Group of Publications where he occupied the position of Executive Director and later the Managing Editor of the Times of India and Editor of Navbharat Times.

He also served as the President of the Indian Newspaper Society and the Chairman of the Board of directors of the Press Trust of India. Sahuji also made remarkable contribution in the social sector through various organisations. He was one of the pioneers in the field of eye donation movement in India and successfully created awareness about it among the masses. As the Managing Trustee of Bhartiya Jnanpith, which promotes and publishes creative writings translated from all the major Indian languages, he steered a new movement for the revival of Indian literature.

He was associated with many educational institutions. He was the sitting chairman of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi. On behalf of The Times of India Group, he also interacted with the Delhi University in running various academic programmes of the SP Jain Advanced Management Research Centre. Mr Jain managed and inspired a number of educational institutions founded by his family, including two girls colleges in Uttar Pradesh with an enrolment of over 7000 students. He was a member of the Board of Governors of Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi and the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal. In view of his outstanding contribution in the field of education, he was honoured with Vidya Vachaspati (Honoris causa) of Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar and D. Litt by the Bundelkhand University. He was President of the All India Digambar Jain Mahasabha and the All India Jains' Tirthakshetra Committee. As the National Vice-President of Mahamana Malaviya Mission, he propagated the ideals of Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya by way of character building among students.

Condoling Jain's death, former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said he played an important role in taking Hindi journalism to the pinnacle of success. "He will be remembered for the notable contribution he made in the field of journalism with his hard work and foresight," Vajpayee said in his condolence message. Sahuji's departure from this world is a great loss for the entire Jain Samaj.

Ahimsa Foundation, on behalf of all the trustees and members of Advisory Council offers deepest condolences to the bereaved family and prays to Almighty that his soul may rest in peace. Sahu Ramesh Chandra Jain was a great soul, totally devoted to the cause of Jainism and a strong proponent of ahimsa and vegetarianism. He worked assiduously for spreading Jain religion and restoration and renovation of Jain pilgrimage centres in the country. Indeed, his death is an irrrepairable loss to the entire Jain community.

We invite Jain volunteers from different geographical area to join the team of Ahimsa Times Correspondents. The interested readers may send their profile and a photograph to The Editor at E-Mail:

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