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Ahimsa Times August 2005 Issue

Vol. No. 62

August, 2005

1) Shwetamabar Tradition (Thursday, Sept 01 - Thursday, Sept 08)
2) Shreemad Rajchandraji Bhakti Swadhyay (Friday, Sept 02 - Friday, Sept 09)
3) Das Laxna Maha Parva (Thurs, Sept 08 - Sun, Sept 17)


The new Jain Temple, built in the traditional Indian style of the unique Jain architecture in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, is to be consecrated on August 19.The temple will become the new spiritual home of thirty thousand Jains living in London and the surrounding area and has been built by the Oshwal Association of the UK. The temple is built the from pink sandstone and marble and the central dome and ceiling is intricately engraved with images of deities. To mark the consecration Jains from around the world will be joining a ten day celebration where priests from India will conduct the prayers and local donors and the community will participate in a collective sanctification of the new building and its gods and prophets. For more information about Jainism or the new temple visit the Oshwal Association of the UK's website at

As reported earlier, Shri Meru Bhushan Ji Maharaj had announced for Samlekhana, for removing unauthorised occupation at the fifth peak at Girnar mountain and allowing Jain devotees to perform worship rituals freely. However, neither the State Government nor the Central Government paid any heed to his repeated requests. Mr. Murali Manohar Joshi of BJP had tried to intervene and had requested to postpone the idea and to give time for his efforts. Meanwhile on Maharaj's letters, President of India also had written to Gujarat Government to take action. But till date, Gujarat Government had not returned the sanctity of 22nd Tirthankara Neminath place of worship at Girnar Hilltop. This has compelled the Maharaj to take up such an extreme step. From 7th August, Maharaj has completely stopped taking water also and his condition is going from bad to worse every day. (For further details, see Jain Gazette, dated: 11th August, 2005

H. H. ACHARYA MAHAPRAGYA HONOURED WITH "COMMUNAL HARMONY AWARD" AT VIGYAN BHAWAN, NEW DELHI ON 2ND AUGUST 2005 - President of India A. P. J. Kalam's address: Evolution of Enlightened Citizen , I am delighted to participate in the presentation of National Communal Harmony Award 2004 and Kabir Puraskar. I would like to congratulate Acharya Mahaprajnaji and Shri Rama Shankar Singhji for spreading excellence, excellence in human life. I would also like to congratulate Dr. Nirmala Deshpandey for receiving National Communal Harmony Award on behalf of Akil Bharat Rachnatmak Samaj, Delhi. The award indeed is enriched. I would like to narrate my recent experiences of Unity of Minds which I witnessed during my visit to Kerala.

Unity of Minds in practice: On 29th July 2005 when I was interacting with the students of Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology at Kalady I found the composition of the students at this seat of spirituality was truly multi-religious.

As reported earlier, Shri Meru Bhushan Ji Maharaj had announced Samlekhana e.g complete fast, from 26th July, abstaining from taking food for removing unauthorised occupation at the fifth peak od Girnar moutain and allowing Jain devotees to perform worship rituals freely. When Gujarat Government did not take any action to remove un-authorised occupation at Girnar, the acharya was compelled to stop taking water also from 7th August, and his condition was worsening every day. A delegation of Digambar Jain samaj recently met Mr. Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat and had detailed discussions with him. Mr. Modi was also approached by the M.P. Chief Minister, Mr. Babu Lal Gaur and was requested to intervene in the matter. It is heartening to know that Mr. Modi has finally given his sincere assurance to the Jain delegation and requested the acharya to withdraw his fast. Accordingly, Acharya Meru BHushan Ji has taken back the vow of Sallekhana Samadhimaran but his fast, abstaining from food (anna-tyag) will continue till any firm action is taken.

PRESIDENT KALAM TO CO-AUTHOR THE BOOK 'NOBLE NATION, BETTER WORLD' WITH ACHARYA MAHAPRAGYA "There has been great interest in the book from publishers around the world as this is the first time that a scientist-President is joining a spiritual leader to explore how humankind can improve," said Muni Lokprakash Lokesh, one of Acharya Mahapragya's disciples. For more information please click on the link.


INSTITUTE OF JAINOLOGY ORGANISES THE PRAYER MEETING FOR LOSS OF LIVES IN LONDON BOMB BLASTS - Institute of Jainology arranged a Prayer meeting on 7th August at Canons High School Edgware on behalf of the UK Jain community to show the community's solidarity with the local community and revisit the teachings of Bhagwan Mahavira. The prayer meeting was attended by representatives of all major sects of Jains in the UK as well as civic leaders and all were given an opportunity to express their views. The meeting was opened by Mr Jaysukh Mehta who welcomed the congregation and thanked them for their attendance on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The opening Jain prayer of Navakara Mantra was recited jointly. Mr Brian Pearce, Director of Inter Faith Network, UK, was invited to light the tradition lamp in front of the picture of Lord Mahavir. The first expression on behalf of the Institute of Jainology, for the whole Jain community, was presented by the Hon. Secretary of the Institute, Dr Harshad N Sanghrajka. After some preliminaries and a detailed explanation of the Jain tenet of AHIMSA or non-violence as espoused by Lord Mahavir in 6th century BCE, Dr Sanghrajka presented a resolution on behalf of the Jain community which was adopted unanimously.  Information courtesy Mr. Jay Mehta E-Mail :

Dear friends, May I take the opportunity to invite you in the 4th International Preksha Meditation Camp, Which will be held under the auspicious presence of H.H. Acharya Mahapragya from 11th November to 18th November, 2005. This 8 day residential camp is being organised in the capital of India, New Delhi. Preksha Meditation is the combination of knowledge from our ancient religious books, modern Science and our experience. Preksha Meditation is the practice of purifying our emotions and our Conscious (chitta) and realizing our own self. Preksha Mediation is a technique of mediation for attitudinal change, behavioral modification and integrated development of personality. This is a wonderful & not to be missed opportunity. Seats being very limited, so please send your Confirmation as earlier as possible. Details about the camp & online application form is available on the website - Siddharth Bothra, Preksha International, E-Mail:


Published by the Vegan Society, a not-for-profit organisation devoted to promoting an animal-free diet and lifestyle worldwide, George Rodger's well-loved global guide to animal-free eating has been expanded from 38 languages to 56 - including Goan (Konkani) for next year's World Veg Congress. Extensively researched and compiled with the help of 85 vegans from around the world, the second edition of the vegan passport takes much of the stress out of travelling by making it easy to ensure that chefs and waiters fully understand your dietary needs. Whichever of the five continents you're travelling in, or whatever exotic eating place you're visiting in your own country, this little guide makes it clear in a few simple phrases that you don't want any animal products in your meal but that you'd be delighted to try any of the vegetable dishes on offer. And if all 56 languages fail there are two pages of pictures which tell the same story and invariably produce a smile as well as a delicious meal. The cost is a mere 3.99 pounds sterling (about 6 Euros or 7 US dollars) plus postage and package. See for further details.


SMARIKA "BHIKU RAM JAIN--EK JIVIT ITIHAS" RELEASED BY P.M.- Sh. Man Mohan Singh PM released a Smarika "Bhiku Ram Jain.. Ek Jivit Ithas" in his private chamber in the parliament house New Delhi, where many central Minister's, MP's, MLA's, & important social & congressmen of Delhi were present. While releasing the Samarika the PM said that Sh. Jain is a legendary socio political figure who has a huge fund of wisdom & holds a very high esteem for his dignity, simplicity & value oriented life. The PM said that his relations with Bhiku Ram Ji have been from the Delhi University time when Sh Jain was active in his manifold contributions to education and when Manmohan Singh himself was in the faculty of Delhi school of economics. Man Mohan Ji reiterated that Sh Jain at a young age of 16 cried for a FREE INDIA when he was actively involved in the Mahatma Gandhi's Civil Disobedience Movement 1931, Quit India Movement 1942 and fought for the Country's Independence & proved to be a true freedom activist & a Nationalist. Sh Jain is a prominent & admirable personality of Delhi as he has been instrumental in various public causes & stood out for his immense contributions as a dedicated leader. Continuing the celebration in the evening at FICCI auditorium large number of Delhites were present including Smt. Sheila Dikshit along with Jagdish Tytier, Kapil Sibal, Janardan Diwedi, Ram Babu Sharma, Ch Prem Singh, Sh Abhishek Singhvi.

With the blessings of Munishri Kshamasagarji, disciple of Acharya Shri Vidyasagarji, this Young Jaina Award was first instituted in the year 2001 at Shivpuri (M.P.) on the auspicious occasion of the 2600th birth anniversary of Bhagwan Mahavir. Like last four years, this year too the award function will be organized in Morena,(M.P.) which is about 40 Km from Gwalior and is located on the Railway Route between Agra and Gwalior.

Eligibility Criterion :- All the students who have secured above 85% marks in Std.X or above 75% marks in Std. XII or have been selected in any of the competitive exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE,PET,AIIMS,CPMT,PMT etc. or are the achievers in sports or cultural activities at Distt. Level or above are eligible to apply for this award. expenses: - Travel expenses (sleeper class) will be reimbursed on demand and Lodging facility along with food is ovided by Maitree Samooh. You will be taken from the Morena Railway station to the lodging place allocated to you by the transportation facility provided by the Maitree Samooh. The last date of receiving the application form is 30th August 2005. Application forms in your area are available at the address mentioned below. The application forms filled fully with photographs sent before the specified date will only be accepted. The application forms could also be downloaded from the website or For any more details contact to Mr.Suresh Jain, IAS, Bhopal. Ph. 0755- 2555533.


Dr.Deepali jain received Prof. R Nath Gold medal for her research work in bio medical sciences which was awarded to her by Dr. Manmohan Singh on 13 apr 2005 in Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research(P.G.I.M.E.R.) at Chandigarh.

Previously also she was awarded Bronze Medal (second order) in M.D. pathology, P.G.I.M.E.R., Chandigarh. This medal was given by then Health Minster Smt. Sushma Swaraj. Duering Her MBBS she was the first gold medallist in her batch . Some other medal she has awarded are :

Dr. Mrs. Veena Gosain Gold Medal for First in Gynaecology and obstetrics, year 1998.
Dr. K.V. Waugh Gold Medal for First in Gynaecology and obstetrics year, 1998.
Capt. Dr. S. S. Sapre Gold Medal for First in Final Professional M.B.B.S., year 1998.
Pfizer "Medellian in Medicine and scroll of honour" award for First in Final professional MBBS in 1998.
Certificate of merit for First in Final professional MBBS in 1998.
Certificate of merit for Third in second professional MBBS in 1997. duering her academic carier she has published about 9 paper in various national & international journals. they are all listed below:
1. Jain D, Srinivasan R, Patel FD, Kumari Gupta S. Evaluation of P53, Bcl-2 expression as prognostic markers in invasive cervical carcinoma stage IIb/III patients treated by radiotherapy. Gynecol Oncol, 2003: 88; 22-28.
2. Jain D, Dash S. Pancytopenia due to extensive hemophagocytosis following Anti-Tubercular treatment. Am J Hematol 2004; 75: 118-19.
3. Jain D, Pattari SK, Rajesh LS, Varma N, Mittal BR.Bone Scan in diagnosis of lymphoma with extensive bone marrow necrosis. Indian J Pathol Microbiol,2004:47;394-96.
4. Jain D, Rajesh LS, Srinivasan R, Dey P, Patel FD.Utility of Mean nuclear volume in predicting disease-free survival in locally advanced invasive cervical squamous cell carcinoma.Analytical and Quantitative Cytology and Histology,2004:26;230-32
5. Jain D, Das A, Gupta V, Gulati M. Inflammatory pseudotumour gall bladder fossa liver.Indian J Gastroenterol,2005:24;79-80
6.Adrenal Non Hodgkins Lymphoma diffuse large B cell type
(Accepted for publication in Endocrinologists )
7.Central Neurocytoma -study of 8 cases (Accepted for publication in Ind Jr Pathol Microbiol)
8.Atypical adenomatous hyperplasia- Precursor lesion Adenocarcinoma lung (Accepted for publication in Ind Jr Pathol Microbiol)
9.PRCA with malignant thymoma (accepted for publication in Ind J Pathol & Microbial)
News courtesy :Dr. Vijay k Jain, 8/2,Ramesh Park, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi- 92,Ph. 9868568031, E-Mail :


THE KEY TO THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE (Sanskrit-English), By Hermann Kuhn, A practicable translation of the Tattvarthasutra, Chapter 1, 2003, 200 x 140 mm 204 pp, 3 9806211 8 9 Soft cover Rs. 120

KARMA THE MECHANISM: CREATE YOUR OWN FATE (Sanskrit-English), By Hermann Kuhn, A practicable translation of the Tattvarthasutra Chapters 6, 8 & 9, 2004, 200 x 140 mm 240 pp, 3 9806211 4 6 Soft cover Rs. 150.

The mula Sanskrit sutra is given in the Devanagari script as well as the Roman script. This is followed by a literal English translation of the sutra in English. Then, an in-depth explanation in lucid English offering tremendous insights that bring to light the inner meaning of the sutra with clarity and precision. Both these books are great modern works on the Tattvarthasutra. They are powerful tools for anyone who wants to know more about his inner self and how to reach the highest goal of spiritual excellence.

JAIN SOCIAL LIFE IN ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL INDIA (English), By K. Chanchreek & M. Jain, 2004, 220 x 140 mm 300 pp. This work is a study of Jain social life in ancient and medieval India. Jain society has existed in India right from the pre-Vedic Era. Jain sangha consists of the Sadhu, Sadhvi, Shravaka and Shravika. Tirthankaras and Acaryas gave sufficient Importance to the role of the laity in the Jain sangha. The Tirthankaras' discourses were meant for all living beings. To order these books write to E-Mail: or Hindi Granth Karyalaya, 9 Hirabaug, C P Tank, Mumbai 400004.


Subject: The situation in London. I was reading the newsletter with interest and I would like to ask the Jains in India this question. What is your response to the situation in London regarding the bombs and the British Muslim Boys who were involved? Other than the Jain philosophical answer, if such a situation happens in, say, Delhi, as members of the community, with responsibility to safeguard the community, what would the Jains say and do? It is obviously a matter of some debate here and an outside view would be much appreciated. From Nemish H. Mehta, Minmar (291) Ltd, Unit 7, Waverley Industrial Park, Hailsham Drive, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 4TR, E-Mail:

Subject: Minority Status to Jains. I am really surprised by the unwarranted opposition for minority status to Jainism, especially by the educated Jains. Apparently this is due to ignorance as to what benefits are likely to accrue to Jain community, if it is provided a minority status. Rather than applauding the efforts of people like Shri Bal Patil for moving Supreme Court, our own people are involved in leg pulling. They would rather taken offence on terms like "Jain Comics" but don't mind if Jainism is clubbed with Hinduism. The issue of minority status for Jains needs to be understood in proper perspective. I would like to build up on the issues already put up by Sh. Bal Patil, Manish Modi and Pankaz Jain.

At the outset, we need to understand that we don't want minority status for Jains simply for reservations or government grants. The issue and the stakes here, are much bigger than that. Jains constitute hardly 1-2 % of the Indian population, but still exercise a strong influence on Indian business, economy and politics. But a minority status for Jains would accrue the following benefits :-

1) Jainism would be recognised as a separate religion and not an off shoot of Hinduism. Our constitution framers committed a historic blunder by considering Jainism (and Buddhism) as part of Hinduism. The genesis of this can be traced to Mahatma Gandhi's belief that Jainism is part of Hinduism. In Young India, 20-10-27, Gandhiji quoted as thus - "Non- violence is common to all religions, but it has found the highest expression and application in Hinduism. ( I do not regard Jainism or Buddhism as separate from Hinduism.)" However Gandhiji's main concern at that time was to keep Indians united and any division of Indians (Hindus especially) on caste or religion would be to detrimental to the freedom struggle. However situation at that time was different from the current scenario.

There are so many fundamental differences in religious doctrines of Hindus and Jains that they cannot be considered as same. However there are many Jains who are still suffering from delusion that we are Hindus who followed the path of Bhagwan Mahaveer. While doing Pratikraman, we ask for forgiveness for 25 types of wrong belief (Mithyatva), out of which one of them is - to consider some other path as path of Jainism and to consider Jainism as some other path. Hence to consider Jin marg as part of Hinduism is one type of Mithyatva. Unfortunately, people forget everything as soon as they come out of temples and Sthanak's.

This wrong belief has contributed partly to decline of Jainism through ages. Many Jains are not aware as to what is the real Jin marg! Further, Jainism has been given a raw deal by Hindutva propagandists by insisting that Jainism is part of Hinduism. On the other hand, these Hindutva propagandists like RSS, VHP etc. ignore the contribution of Jains and Jainism in all their literature. The Antiquity and the legacy of Jainism and the Jain kings has been purged from History text books. They don't consider Lord Mahavir as one of their Gods and ignore Jain scriptures and yet insist that Jainism is part Hinduism !

Providing minority status to Jains will ensure that there is an all round awareness that Jainism and Hinduism are different. A Jain will have a distinct identity and he will identify himself as Jain and not as a Hindu or Hindu-Jain.

2) Minority Status would protect our constitutional right to run our own educational institutions. It would ensure autonomy in funding, admissions and management. Often deserving Jain students who score more than 70% cannot get admissions in educational institutions run by Jain trusts because it of other reservations. Majority of Hindus have ensured that they are benefited by reservations. Even upper caste Kshatriyas, Bania Hindus are categorised under OBC's. Muslims, Parsis, Christians, and even Hindus ensure that their children get religious education in schools. Except Jains who depend on Pathshala's. Because most Jains are interested in building temples and Derasars instead of schools and colleges.

3) It will prevent Government from taking control over our religious institutions and temples as slowly we are losing control over religious places. It is necessary to prevent what is happening at Girnarji.

All Jains need to understand that the issue at stake is of survival and growth of Jainism. The Minority Status is but a small step in this right direction. If we cannot do anything about this, let us atleast encourage others who are doing their bit for Jainism. - Anish A. Shah, E-Mail:


A Jain from India, Mr. Ujjwal Jain has earned a name and fame through his grand international achievements. He is a famous motivator, writer, educationist and a fierce orator. He has been recently awarded a title of Speech Guru by various organisations like Lifecraft, Rotary and Jaycees. The award was given to him by Cabinet Minister of Chattisgarh, Mr. Hem Chand Yadav and Ex-chief editor of Navbharat and Dainik Bhaskar, Shri Baban prasad Mishra. He is the author of famous book; 'Safal vakta..Safal vyakti'; by International publishing house, Diamond Books, which was released on 7th August of this month. His forthcoming books 'Great words; Win hearts' is selected and nominated for International Book Fair by Diamond books. He is a great propogator of logical Jainism. He mesmerises audience by his flaw-less speaking for hours. He is a great motivator and lectures throughout the country. He writes for various regional and national newspapers. On the 5th and 6th February, A Guinness World record for longest continous singing by a groupwith himself as its leader, was set recently . The songs were purely bhajans from Jain and Vaishnav community. The programme was covered by almost all TV channels. By profession, he is a dentist from Bhilai, chhattisgarh. He also holds an MBA degree in Human Resource Development and is M.A. in Political Science. With all the remarkable achievements, he is just 32 years old. He is a person about whom the Jain community should feel proud of. Courtesy: Uday Jain.


GUEST COLUMN by MS. LAURA NEWBERRY, CLAREMONT UNIVERSITY, CALIFORNIA - Subject : First Annual International Summer School for Jain Studies, New Delhi
Jai Janendra! What an honour it is to be writing! As you know, the first annual International Summer School for Jain Studies took place this summer in several cities in India, including Delhi, Jaipur, Ladnun, and Indore. Eight scholars, including myself, from the United States and Canada participated in the enriching program during June and July, 2005. It was a complete success! Many of us have plans to teach Jainism as part of our curriculum and have made special speaking arrangements regarding our experiences this summer. All of us will continue studying Jainism upon returning to our respective universities and will return to India to further our research.

The curriculum from the International Summer School for Jain Studies was vast and covered a lot of material. We were able to study with some of the most prominent and well known scholars in Jainism, who taught us Jain philosophy, ontology, epistemology, science, mathematics, art and sculpture, karma theory, ascetic life, and others to name a few. We also had the honour of spending hours with some of the most auspicious and beloved Jain acharyas, gurus, monks (munis), and nuns (sadvis) from each sect. I appreciated the wide-variety of scholarship, as the North American scholars are now capable of accessing knowledge that was previously unknown in their respective academia.

Beyond the curriculum, the scholars engaged, interacted, and learned from the Jain perspective. We were living the Jain lifestyle! The scholars, though many of them already are, became full Jain vegetarians and adopted the custom of not eating after sunset. We were asked to refrain from smoking, alcohol, and gambling during this time. I found this lifestyle to be very rewarding!

I particularly valued learning about the Jain vows. Three of them I found to be of greatest importance- ahimsa, aparegraha, and anakantvada. Living a life of non-violence, non-possession, and non-absolutism has always been a motivation of mine, and now I have words to put with these philosophies. I have further understood these concepts through the Jain perspective, and have noticed how researching Jainism has augmented my previous understanding.

The most evident idea I have realized on my voyage to the land of Lord Mahavir is that we are all involved in a process of purification, and that Jainism is more than a religion-it is a way of living, in which we honour and value life, perspective, honesty, and purity. Jainism is part of each idea, action, task, and interaction. Upon the graduation event of the Summer School, I realized that it was not an end at all but a very powerful beginning! - Ms. Laura Newberry, 15 Aug. 05-New Delhi, E-Mail:


SUPREME COURT OBJECTS TO RECOMMENDATION FOR MINORITY STATUS FOR JAIN COMMUNITY - A three judge bench of the Supreme court, consisting of Chief Justice Lahoti, Justice Dharmadhikari and Justice Subramaniam has taken serious objection to the recommendation of the National Minorities Commission for according minority status to Jain community in the country at national level. The apex court said at a hearing on the 10th August, 2005 that no section of people in caste-based Indian society can claim to be in majority. Amongst Hindus, everyone is in minority. The practice of according minority status to any of the religious groups should be discouraged, as it gives rise to dividing forces, which eventually weaken the nation. The minorities commission should so advise the communities seeking minority status that the number of people belonging to minority communities gets reduced. The Court warned that by supporting this sort of practice, the secular structure of the country would be placed in grave danger. We should rather strive to protect this structure. The Supreme Court accepted the view of the Central Government that keeping in view the social conditions prevailing in the country, the matter of according minority status to Jain community should rest with the State Governments.

At Aillak Jain Patshala: Jain Gurukul , in the district of Solapur, Maharashtra State, A display of all collections on Jain Temples ( of India and other countries) , historical places , Jain Munishri's , Tirthankars etc . is planned by the Jain community on 26th of January 2006. We need your valuable co-operation in bringing awareness and literacy about Jainism and jain history. Our mission shall remain incomplete without your support. We request you to send whatever : , Photographs, Posters, Stamps Literature, our brothers and sisters have on record. We request you to supply the material by post , or courier to the following address immediately. Kindly write your name and place on behind of the submission, along with year of establishment of the submission and other relevant details . The same collection after display at Jain Gurukul shall be circulated to all Jain community centers at different places and on different ocassions.

Send all the material To: Mr.Shekhar Salunke & Mr. Rajesh Bharat Moholkar, 23-A, Narsinha Nagar, (Opp.Water tank),Dist: Solapur: 413004. Maharashtra. India E-Mail:

TALENT SEARCH (ESSAY WRITING CONTEST ) IN JAIN COMMUNITY BY JAINPUSHP ORGANISATION - You will be glad to know that a process to search talents in Jain Community and those who are interested in Jainism has been started by Jainpushp organization. An essay writing contest for young jain students between age group 18-30 and junior Students below the age of 18 years has been started for which will be analyzed and Prizes and Certificates will be provided to the winners of this contest...Remember. There is no entry fee. So please register your interest today. The subject is "Jainism-Not a religion only but a way of living" For details click at the Information courtesy : Mr. Dharma Jain, E-Mail :

JAINFORUM.COM has on line now New JAIN BROWSER now you can browse many Jain website at one platform of JAIN BROWSER at just select and click. This will be helpful and use full for all Now you need not to remember or bookmark many Jain website It will save Time and easy to browse. For trial click here.

Aryika Ganini 105 Sri Viajayamathi Mathaji arrived at Tindivanam, a small town in Tamilnadu on the 10th June and stopped over at Saraswati Vilas Students' Hostel to celebrate Shrutapanchami day there. She was accompanied by Pujya Muni 108 Sri Veerbhushan maharaj and Sri Vijayaprabha Mataji. On the 12th June, Shrutapanchami was celebrated at Sri Parswanath Jain temple and Shri Shrutaskandam was taken out in procession from the DIGAMBAR JAIN temple to SWETAMBAR STANAKAVASI JAIN MANDAP. Kesalochan of the revered mataji was conducted. Money donated on this occasion was given to the hostel. At 3.00 pm, Shrutaskanda Vidanam was conducted by Sri Vijayamathi Mataji. It was heartening to observe that both Digambar and Swetambar Shravaks and Shravikas enthusiastically participated in the functions. Courtesy: Rajendra Jain, E-Mail: and Pankaz Jain E-Mail :


It is reported that one Australian Company, named "Handi Gandhi Pvt. Ltd." at New South Wales, has been carrying out sales campaign for its non-vegetarian products, like beef (cow meat, beef curry etc.), using the name and photograph wholly resembling that of Mahatma Gandhi. Mr. Tushar Gandhi, great grand son of Mahatma Gandhi, on having seen the packages carrying the name Gandhi and caricature of his great grand father has taken up the matter strongly with the concerned authorities and he has also approached Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh and other Ministers to talk to the Australian Government in this regards. The web site of the company also shows the caricature of Mahatma Gandhi on its parcels, with a punch line. "Great curry, No worry". Earlier, this company had been using the same caricature on its vegetarian products, like samosa, vegetable curry, nan, paranthe, salad, chutney and biriyani for which no objection was raised. When items like Beef madras, Beef windalu, Lamb Rogan Josh, Bombay fish, Butter Chicken Masala etc. were introduced, serious objections have been raised. Tushar Gandhi told the press that he is not against non-vegetarian food as such, but he will not allow the name and image of his great grand father to be tarnished by the use of his name for selling non-vegetarian products. This issue would not have probably arisen if the company had been publicising for vegetarian and healthy food items only.

Kanchipuram was the capital of Pallava dynasty in 5-8th century AD. Early Pallavas patronized Jainism. It was a famous seat of Jainism and at this very place Acharya Bhatta Akalanka defeated Buddha bhiskhus by 8-day debate in the year 643 AD in the palace of King Hima Sheetala. Princes Akalanka and his brother Nishkalanka underwent training in Buddhism at Nalanda in their youth. Eventually, Nishkalanka was killed by Buddhists and his death wish to his elder brother was to marginalize Buddhism which is against theism of soul (Anatmavadi or shunyavada). The later era witnessed revival of Vedanta through seers like Adi Sankara and so called Bhakti movement unleashing terror and all kinds of dirty civil wars. The temples now under Hindu custody at Kanchi puram were Jain temples. Once Jains were eliminated in the civil war, the famous Vardhamana Mahaveer temple became Varadaraja Perumal temple. The Neminatha temple became Kamakshi temple. Kamakshi is the new name of Kushmandini or Ambikaa yakshi of Bhagvan Neminatha. Both Vaishnavites and Saivites took charge of these temples respectively.

The brahmins regrouped in 18th century and took over charge of Kanchipuram temples and assets. Their mutt at Kumbakonam near Tirujinapalli (the venerable seat of Jina Munis, now called Tiruchi) was eventually shifted here with the permission of Britishers on the pretext of performance of Kumbabhishekam to Kamakshi yakshi. They wrote fresh history, linked this mutt to Adi Sankara whose period itself was antedated from 8th AD to 5th century BC to be in close company with Mahaveer and Buddha. Adi Sankara was credited institution of four mutts in the country in the lines of Jinakanchi. But this present Peetam does not figure in it. But money and influence can rewrite history. You persist with a statement; it is bound to be accepted as a gospel truth. So this mutt keeps on trumpeting this false history at every opportunity. Truth can also be new and need not be old or ancient to be sacred. But the over millennium years gap between Adi Sankara and other two Sramanas is unpalatable to modern day rehabilitated Kanchi peetam. It is strongly believed that the decorated Balaji is in fact kayotsarga idol of Bhagwan Neminath, the cousin of Lord Krishna. Recently, someone circulated the original idol on the net. Most of the present day Brahmins at these centers are descendants of Jains who shifted loyalty due to one or factors like fear or favour and lack of Punyoday. This message is aimed at arriving the truth through pages of history but in no way at hurting any one's sentiments. Courtesy: Dr. C. Devakumar E-Mail:

POLITICAL GROUPS IN PONDICHERRY CONDEMNED FOR THEIR MIS-BEHAVIOUR WITH DIGAMBAER JAIN SAINT - While a Digambar Jain muni, Shri Veer Bhusan Ji maharaj was on his vihar on th 17th July, in Ariankappam district of Pondicherry, workers of two local political groups, Pattali Makkal Kachi (PMK) and Kankoi Parichar Dravid Kashgam (KPDK) disturbed his vihar and forcibly stopped him to enter into Pondicherry. Their contention was that it was unethical and against the Tamil culture to walk naked on the streets. So, they would not allow the muni to enter the town. The local Jain population immediately gathered and tried to pacify the workers but when they did not agree, local police had to be called in. 17 persons were then arrested by the police and the muni could reach the destination in the town, duly escorted and surrounded by the policemen. The Jain community later demanded from the Government that adequate arrangements be made for the safety of Jain saints coming to Pondicherry.

Hyderabad : The Central Bureau of Investigation , which is probing the Volkswagen scandal in the state, took one of the key accused - Ashok Jain - into its custody. Following a local court acceding to their request, CBI officials took custody of Jain from the Chanchalguda central jail, where he had been lodged since August 12. Jain, former chief adviser for Volkswagen's Indian project, was taken to a secret location in the city for interrogation in connection with the Rs117m scandal. Jain was arrested by the CBI in New Delhi on August 12 and was brought to Hyderabad the same day. The 12th additional chief metropolitan magistrate had remanded him to judicial custody till August 25. The federal agency told the court that Jain played an important role in the scandal and that documents recovered during searches in his office and residence indicated his involvement. The CBI said Jain knew details about bank accounts and also whereabouts of the other accused. The court, however, asked the CBI not to use third degree methods during interrogation and arrange for regular medical check-ups. Andhra Pradesh had paid Rs. 117m in January to Vashishta Wahan, a purported joint venture company floated by Jain and others to set up Volkswagen's car manufacturing plant in the coastal city of Visakhapatnam. The money was allegedly transferred to Swiss bank accounts of Volkswagen's then chief of India project Helmut Schuster. The state government July 14 had ordered a CBI probe to trace the money and probe the role of Schuster, Jain and two directors of Vashishta Wahan - Bhunesh Chaturvedi and Jagdish Alagar Raja. The federal agency is looking for Chaturvedi and Raja and is also likely to seek Schuster's extradition, if necessary. Volkswagen has already announced that it would pay Rs117m in damages to the Andhra government.

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