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Ahimsa Times - October 2005 Issue

Vol. No. 64

October, 2005

Wishing all Patrons & Readers Happy Mahavir Nirwan Day, Deepawali &
Very Prosperous New Year

Spiritual progress takes time. It's not like switching on a light.
More like kindling a fire: start from a small spark, then becomes bigger and bigger,
more light, more light, like that.

- His Holiness The Dalai Lama


ACHARYA MAHAPRAGYA AT BUSINESS ETHICS SEMINAR -A high level seminar was organized recently by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry at New Delhi on the subject of "Business Ethics" in the holy presence of Shwetambar Terapanth Acharya Mahapragya. Addressing the audience, the Acharya laid emphasis on the urgent need for adopting ethical practices, mutual understanding, human values, sense of compassion and creativity in our thoughts in our day to day business life. He said that corruption, crime, envy, fear, lack of peace and mental tension and immoral practices being adopted in business are the root causes of unhappiness. The first principle of morality is mutual confidence and for building and maintaining long-term business relations, mutual trust and confidence at every level are absolutely necessary. The chief guest on this occasion was Shri Shiv Raj Patil, Minister of Home Affairs, Government of India. He welcomed the Acharya and other guests and participants to the seminar and said that that ethics and morality in business were necessary to build healthy and long-lasting relations. Other distinguished persons present in the seminar included Yuvacharya Maha Shraman ji, Dr. L.M. Singhvi, Shri Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Shri Subodh Bhargava, Shri K.N. Mimani, Shri Vinay Kumar Jain and Smt. Sushama Baralia.


NO EVIDENCE OF IDOLS AT ANGKOR TEMPLE IN CAMBODIA TO BE JAIN - The idols at the famous Angkor temple in Cambodia were being claimed to be of Jain Tirthankar Parshwanath. But renowned Jain scholar and Archeologist, Shri Niraj Jain after visiting Angkor temple and minutely studying the temples and the idols therein, had finally come to the conclusion that these idols did not belong to any Jain Tirthankar. He has taken hundreds of photographs also. All the idols istalled there were of Bhagwan Buddha. Shri Niraj Jain had also taken some photographs after removing clothes from the idols and they were clearly found to be of Buddha. Courtesy: Mr.Sudhir Jain, E-Mail :

ARCHAEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT RAJKOT FILES POLICE COMPLAINT FOR ILLEGAL CONSTRUCTION AT GIRNAR - October 02, Girnar, the highest mountain ranges of Saurashtra, is embroiled in a controversy between Hindus and Jains over the worship rights at shrines located in two of its five peaks.The controversy took a new turn when the State Archaeological Department (Rajkot) recently filed a police complaint against illegal constructions at Gorakhnath peak. Archaeological Department filed a police complaint on September 7th after inspecting the peak and found that a new idol of Ramdev Pir was installed there. Gopalanandji, the President of the All India Sadhu Samaj, however, dismissed the complaint as "baseless". He claimed that the idol had been at Gorakhnath for the past several years and it was re-installed after being stolen in June this year. He also accused the the Archaeological Department of not listening to the Sadhu Samaj when it had complained regarding illegal constructions at other peaks of the Mount Girnar.

REMAINS OF JAIN TEMPLE UNEARTHED AT CHIMBACHAALA - Palakkad: The remains of an ancient Jain temple have been discovered at Chimbachaala, near Alathur. The ruined remnants of the temple were spotted by history teachers who were on the look out for historical evidences on Jainism in Kerala. V.P. Devadas of NSS College, Manjeri, and K. Rajan of Government Victoria College, Palakkad, who initiated a study on the site, said that if further evidences were found, this structure would become the fifth Jain temple to be unearthed in the district. By all indications, the granite structure, built of rectangular blocks of stone, dates back to the period between ninth and 10th centuries. The remains were found scattered over a large area. Earlier, historians had unearthed an inscription dating back to 10th century AD at Pallikulam Parambu in Kavassery, which is just 7 km away from Chimbachaala.

There was a Jain temple at Pallikulam in a ruined state. The two historians feel that the temple at Chimbachaala would also have been constructed around this period. The Jainimedu temple in Palakkad town, which was in ruins, was renovated in 1967. Regular rituals are being performed at the temple now. The name is supposed to have been derived from the existence of the temple. Except for this temple, all the other four structures were found in a ruined state. The Chimbachaala temple is the third one to be found near Alathur. The others being at Pallikulam Parambu and Alathur. The temple at Jainimedu is 22 km away from Chimbachaala. Another Jain temple is situated at Iswarankode, 18 km away from Palakkad town. Apart from Palakkad district, the largest concentration of Jain temples was found in Wyanad district.

JAIN DELEGATION CALLS ON MRS. SONIA GANDHI ON MINORITY ISSUE - A delegation of Jain community, led by Shri Nirmal Kumar Sethi called on the Congress President, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi at Rai Barelli on the 6th October, 2005 and requested her to intervene in the matter of according minority status to the Jain community under section 2-C of the Indian constitution. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi said that she was quite aware about this matter and assured the delegation of her cooperation, as far as possible. A letter pertaining to this issue was also handed over to her by Shri N.K. Sethi. (The text of the letter is attached). On this occasion, Mrs. Gandhi was invited by Shri N.K. Sethi, as President of Shri Digambar Jain Parishad, to attend the Maha-mastabhishek ceremony at Sravanbelgola in February, 2006. Copy of the draft letter delivered is reproduced.

Subject: Notifying Jain as Minority Community at Centre, State & Union Territory levels

Respected Madam,
We request you to notify 'Jains' as a minority community under Section 2 (c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act 1992. Jain religion has been treated as independent religion in our Indian Constitution. Accordingly Jains were counted separately. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the then Prime Minister of India has clarified to us on our representation dated 25th January 1950 by his letter No. 33/94/50 dated 31st January as follows. Your deputation drew attention to Article 25, Explanation of the Constitution. This explanation only plays down a rule at construction for the limited purpose of one provision in the Article and, as you will notice it mentions not only Jains but also Buddhists and the Sikhs, it is clear that Buddhists are not Hindu. Therefore, there is no reason for thinking that Jains are considered as Hindus and have many customs in common, but there can be no doubt that they are a distinct religious community and the Constitution does not in any way affect this recognized position."

Respected Madam, you were very kind recently to direct the Congress ruled States to declare Jain as a Minority Community. As a result, Govts. of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Chatisgarh, etc. had declared Jains a Minority Community. The Direction to Union Territories have still not been given by the Center. Therefore they are unable to give justice to us by declaring Jain as a minority community. We all the members of Jain community of India earnestly request you to d justice with our Community by declaring Jain as a minority community at Centre, State and Union Territories levels immediately and oblige.
Thanking you
Yours faithfully
For Shree Bharatvarshiya Digamber Jain (D.S.) Mahasabha
Nirmal Kumar Jain

RSS CHIEF RE-DEFINES MINORITIES - Phagwara, September 30: The attempt of RSS Chief, Sudarshan to "redefine" minorities by stating that only Parsis and Jews were minorities has stirred a hornets nest. Akali Dal President and a former Sangrur MP, Simranjit Singh Mann today alleged that this statement smacked of sinister bid of RSS for the "Hinduisation" of religious minorities, like Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists who were given minority status by the constitution. "By sermonising to the church to Indianise, RSS Chief was trying to intimidate Christians and our party would not allow this to happen, Mann said. "Indianisation of the church is tantamount to Hinduisation of Christians," he said adding that it also meant that the RSS chief considered minorities like Christians, Muslims and Sikhs as Hindus and "we won't tolerate it". Mann said. ( Phots Mr. K. S. Sudarshan)


Inaugurating the Southern Regional Conference organised by the Federation of Jain Educational Institutes of Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhra States here today, Surjit Singh Barnala said education was the key to success as it 'liberated people from bondage and ignorance'. Barnala commended the pivotal role of the Jain community, who form only 0.4 per cent of the total Indian population, in the field of education and their valid contributions during natural calamities. He noted that more educational institutions were being started by Jain academicians and philanthropists to help spread education, improve literacy rate and contribute to socio-economic development of the country. He lauded the efforts of Bharatiya Jain Sangathana and the FJEI, who have signed a memorandum with the government of Andaman and Nicobar Islands for undertaking education programmes in 400 schools. Sarojini Varadappan, President, Indian Red Cross, and a veteran social worker was conferred with the Mahavira-Mahatma Award.

Photo- Tamilnadu Governor Surjit Singh Barnala felicitating Sarojini Varadappan, president, Indian Red Cross, with Mahavira-Mahatma Award of Times Foundation at a function in Chennai. Also seen is Shantilal Muttha, founder-national president, Federation of Jain Educational Institutes.

PANDIT RAVI SHANKAR HONOURED WITH PETA AWARD - The famous sitar player, Pandit Ravi Shankar has been honoured by the International institution devoted to the cause of animal protection, "People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), by the coveted PETA AWARD for his humanitarian services for the year 2005. The chief of PETA India, Anuradha Sahni informed that this award is being given at California on the 24th September, 2005 on the occasion of silver jubilee of PETA. Well-known T.V. artists and cine-stars were present on this occasion. Pamela Anderson anchored the programme. Pandit Ravi Shankar has become the second Indian to receive this honour, the first award, having been given to the Bollywood star, John Abraham. This award is given to prominent persons, who have been actively involved with PETA activities.

JAIN PAINTINGS COME ALIVE AT LONDON - Nov. 2-16- London" top dealer in Medieval art, launches the exhibition The Coloured Cosmos: Jain Painting 1450-1850. Displaying more than 30 items of Jain painting, the exhibition represents an extraordinary range of media, such as cosmic maps and diagrams, religious texts, scrolls on paper and cotton, in addition to rare examples of secular Jain painting produced over a period of 400 years.

One of the exhibition's highlights will be a large "invitation roll," of the type sent in the past to Jain monks by rulers inviting them to pass the months of the monsoon in their towns and cities. The roll measures almost 5 metres in length and would have been sent by the Jain community of Sirohi residing on the Rajasthan-Gujarat border, inviting him to spend the months of the monsoon season there. The illustrations were meant to give the monk an impression of the attractions awaiting him, which in this case included a princely welcome reception with dancers and musicians. A number of complete "kalpasutras" will also be displayed. They narrate the lives of Jinas. The exhibition also coincides with the eighth Asian Art in London (November 3-12) when connoisseurs and collectors of Asian art from the world over travel to London for the extensive programme of events held by dealers and auctioneers, museums and other institutions.

PURUSHOTTAM JAIN BESTOWED WITH RAJIV GANDHI SHIROMANI AWARD - The global Economic Council, managed by the All India Congress Committee has honoured this time Shri Purushottam Jain with 'Shri Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani award' on the occasion of birth anniversary of late Shri Rajiv Gandhi for his unstinted efforts towards national unity, religious goodwill and human understanding. The State Governors of Gujarat and Jharkhand were present on this happy occasion. Shri Purushottam Jain has been a leading Punjabi writer, translator and commentator and has written more than 50 books on Jain religion. He has been honoured by several religious and social institutions for his contribution to religion and society.

KARMVEER BHAURAO PATIL AWARDS DECLARED - Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha, the social organization of Jains in South India announced its prestigious `Karmveer Bhaurao Patil Samajseva Puraskar' to three leading personalities of Maharashtra, namely Shri N.D. Patil (Chairman of the Asia's biggest Educational Institution Rayat Shikshan Sanstha), Shri M.P. Mangudkar Senior Educationalist and Shri J. F. Patil, senior Economist. The awards were to be given at 86th annual convention of Dakshin Bharat Jain Sabha to be held at Pune on 22nd and 23rd October 2005. The Sabha has has announced its other awards also which are as following:

1. Veeracharya Babasaheb Kuchnure Adarsh Yuva Pursakar goes to: Balasaheb Pallakhe of Sangli for his commitment to Jain Pathshalas in rural areas.
2. Dr. N.J. Patil Adarsh Karyakarta Puraskar goes to: Professor B.A. Chougule of Herle, Kolhapur.
3. Acharya Vidyanand Marathi Sahitya Puraskar goest to: Dr. Ravsaheb Patil of Solapur.
4. Acharya Bahubali Kannad Sahitya Puraskar goest to: Professor M.A. Shubhchandra of Mysore.
5. Smt. Premabai Jain Adarsh Mata Puraskar goes to: Smt Ratanbai Shah Phaltankar of Pune.
6. Smt. Dhannabai Gangwal Tyagi Seva Purskar goes to: Smt. Kasturbai Hiralal Doshi of Karmala
7. Champakrai Ajmera Yuva Purskar go to: Shri Ajit Patil of Pune.

Vishesh Sanman Purskar: Shri S.P. Jain, Mumbai , Shri Trilokchandra Kothari, Mumbai, Courtesy: Sachin Patil 98230 43020

RESULTS OF JAIN PUSHP ESSAY-WRITING CONTEST - These results were declared on the 10th October. The essay's topic of the month for the senior students was: "ROLE OF DOCTRINE OF SYADVADA IN TODAY" WORLD". The winner of this contest is Dr. Neetu Jain. The winning essay along with the second best essay written by Abhishek are now available on the website

Eminent industrialist from Indore, Shri Nem Nath Jain has been honoured with Globe India Legend Award in Mumbai by an international organization, Globe Oil India Ltd., the for his achievements in the field of edible and vegetable oil business.

The Board of the Centre of Jaina Studies at SOAS awarded Samani Pratibhaprajna the Year 2005 Postgraduate Dissertation Prize in Jaina Studies for her dissertation on 'The Concept of the Body as a Means of Liberation in Jain Literature'. The prize money of £500 was sponsored by the Institute of Jainology, a Jain community organisation in London. The award has been re-advertised for the current academic year 2005/6. The competition is open for all Postgraduate students who are registered at SOAS.

The Board of the Centre of Jaina Studies at SOAS awarded Samantha Stapleford the year 2005 Undergraduate Dissertation Prize in Jaina Studies for her essay on 'Explore the Status of Women in Jainism with Particular Reference to the Contrasting Codes of Conduct for Jain Nuns and Laywomen'. The prize money of £500 was sponsored by the Institute of Jainology, a Jain community organisation in London. The award has been re-advertised for the current academic year 2005/6. The competition is open for all Postgraduate students that are registered at SOAS. For further information mail to Dr Peter Fluegel ,Chair of the Centre for Jaina Studies, Department of the Study of Religions, University of London, E-Mail: &


SHRAWAK SAMMELAN OF STHANAKWASI JAINS HELD AT JULLUNDHER TO DISCUSS UNITY ISSUE - A conference of Shwetambar Sthanakwasi Jain community was organised at Jullundher in the holy presence of Pujya Acharya Dr. Shiv Muni, head of the Sthanakwasi Shraman Sangh. A large number of eminent people from all over the country, belonging to Sthanakwasi sect joined the conference and took active part in the proceedings. They mainly dwelt on the issue of unity amongst in Shraman Sangh and steps to be taken to strengthen the organisation. The entire group of people attending the conference representing almost all the parts of the country, unequivocally declared that the Sharman Sangh has one and only one Acharya and that is Dr. Shiv Muni. Those, who believe in disunity of the Sangh should not hence-forth use the name of Shraman sangh. An appeal was also issued to all saints and sadhwis of the sect to accept the leadership of Acharya Samrat Shiv Muni, well in time. The conference was presided over by Shri Sumati Lal Karnavat from Thane, Mumbai. Other eminent persons, who participated actively and gave their views were Shri Nem Nath Jain, Shri Hasti Mal Munot, Shri Hira Lal Jain, Shri Hukam Chand Jain, Shri Nrip Raj Jain, Shri Mangi Lal Jain, Shri Nirmal Pokharna, Shri Keemati Lal Jain, Shri Satish Kumar Jain, Shri Vimal Jain and Shri Onkar Singh Siroya. Various useful suggestions were offered by them for bringing unity and for the welfare of Jain samaj. It appears, Shri Suvalal Bafna Jain, national President of All India Shwetambar Sthanakwasi Jain Conference and all the committee-members were conspicious by their absence on this important occasion. ( Photo : Dr. Shiv Muni addressing the delegates )

PEACE FESTIVAL BEING ORGANISED WORLD-WIDE FROM 1st OCTOBER - Times Foundation takes pleasure in announcing the worldwide celebration of Gandhiji" principles of Peace and Non-violence through the Peace Festival being organised from October 1, 2005. It aims to capture the imagination of today" youth by bringing the beliefs and principles of Peace and Non-violence to life and acquainting the world, with the foresight and greatness of those thoughts. The Times Foundation has initiated the Peace festival on Mahatma Gandhi" birth anniversary. In an effort to bring communities together and focus on the principles of peace, Times Foundation is organizing a Peace Train whereby a delegation of children would travel from Mumbai to Delhi and participate in the Peace Walk and many other high profile activities organized for the Launch of the Peace Festival. The peace train itinerary is available at Peace Train Itinerary and we invite you to participate in the same. The President of India will be interacting with the Peace Envoys at Gandhi Smriti on the 2nd of October. For further information,Times E-Mail :

JAINOLOGY COURSES AT MUMBAI UNIVERSITY - Jainology courses were introduced in University of Mumbai since 1996. These are now being promoted by JAIN ACADEMY EDUCATION RESEARCH CENTRE PROMOTION TRUST. A good amount of fund is required to manage it. Anyone who is interested, to pledge donation for this noble cause of learning, and spreading awareness about our great religion, or to learn about the activities and to join the courses may visit its website at: or contact Dr Bipin Doshi at E-Mail : or call it's office in Mumbai at 28010058 / 28936203. Courtesy: Dilip Doshi

NAVAPAD OLI CELEBRATION - Navapada Oli had started from the 9th oct.2005 and concluded on the 17th. The Jain community observes 9 days ayambil tapasya to worship Navapada or Siddhachakra. There are 9 "Pada" namely:
1. Arhanta (Deva Tatva)
2. Siddha (Deva Tatva)
3. Acharya (Guru Tatva)
4. Upadhyaya (Guru Tatva)
5. Sadhu (Guru Tatva)
6. Samyag Darshana (Dharma Tatva)
7. Samyag Jnyana (Dharma Tatva)
8. Samyag Charitra (Dharma Tatva)
9. Samyag Tapa (Dharma Tatva)

According to Shwetambar's belief, Shreepal worshipped these navapad to get rid of his leprosy. He will be finally liberated after 9 births of devata & Manushya yoni. This Oli is observed in Asoj or Ashwin & Chaitra months from Shukla Saptami to Purnima, when thousands of devotees worship in these days. Courtesy: Jyoti Kothari

(English)-By Y. Masih, 2005 215 mm x 140 mm 400 pp Softcover Rs. 195
This book gives an account of Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism and presents a critical and comparative study of the key concepts of these religions, such as Soul, God, Divinity, World, Heaven, Hell, Day of Judgment, Destiny, Rebirth, Transmigration, Liberation, Expiation and Atonement, the problem of Suffering, etc. The book has been written as a text-book for post-graduate students of philosophy. The author has been teaching philosophy at Indian Universities for more than 50 years. The book can be obtained from: Hindi Granth Karyalaya, 9 Hirabaug C. P. Tank, Mumbai.

Jainism - A Tradition Which Jains Must Revive & Reinvigorate-Prof. Cromwell Crawford,2005. The author is a professor at Hawai University i Honolulu. He has been a scholar of Jainology and other oriental religions Jainism is a religion waiting to be reborn. The likelihood, though, is that its rebirth will take place in the West, rather than in the East. He has stated in the book that throughout the ages, Jainism has always been ahead of itself. The ancient saints possessed ideas and ideals, which could not be fully understood or appreciated in the pre-modern world, and therefore they had to await present developments in order to come into their own. It is this historic fruition of Jainism to contribute toward the making of the new millennium that supplies the motivation for Jains to revive and reinvigorate their tradition To illustrate the premise that Jainism has ideas and ideals that are eminently relevant to contemporary issues, the author takes a look at the developments in the areas of ecology and theology.

HINDU, JAIN AND BUDDHIST GODDESSES (English)-(INDIAN GODS AND GODDESSES Volume - 3),Ed. Shantilal Nagar,2005 285 mm x 220 mm 280 pp + 65 art plates + 55 line drawings; Hardcover; Rs. 2000,From the Sarasvati civilisation through the later Aryan influx, the female deity continues to be worshipped in India. This trend is still visible in the Vedic / Brahmanic religion (aka Hinduism), Jainism and Buddhism. Like the Vedic religion, the Jain and Buddha religions also saw the emergence of sub-deities in the form of goddesses. In Jainism, they were known as Yakshinis and Vidyadevis. The concept of a pair of Yaksha and Yakshini linked with a Tirthankara does not appear prior to the 6th century CE. The Tiloyapannatti (7th century CE) gives a complete list of the 24 yakshinis. A slightly different listing of 24 names appears in the later Shvetambara work, the Pravacanasaroddhara. In addition, 16 Vidyadevis and 8 mothers, known as Ashtamatrkas are also listed in medieval Jain texts. Citations from original texts in Sanskrit and Prakrit add to the value of the book and underline its credibility. This book is a well researched study of Indian traditions and traces the genesis and evolution of female deities in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. The book should be a part of every Indological library. The book can be obtained from: Hindi Granth Karyalaya, 9 Hirabaug C. P. Tank, Mumbai.


EGGS ARE NON-VEGETARIAN, SO NO OPEN SALE: ORDERS CHHATISH GARH HIGH COURT - The decision of the Hon'ble High Court, Chhatish Garh, is reproduced below: In a significant decision, the Chhatish garh High Court has ruled that egg is a non-vegetarian commodity and it has therefore been banned for its public and open sale in the state. On Thursday, the court instructed the state Government to identify a particular place for the eggs market within two months. The petitioner had raised objection over the mushrooming of kiosks at every nook and corner, where the eggs were being openly sold. This was causing discomfort to the vegetarians, the petitioner argued. "There is no legal propriety to consider egg as vegetarian. It is the product of a live hen," the petition added. Accepting the petition, the court has issued a notice to both the state Government and the Raipur Municipal Corporation to take immediate steps. The HC has ordered that the eggs sale be prohibited on the roadside kiosks. These small venders should be rehabilitated properly at a particular place, the court said. "Action should be taken against those traders violating the Act," it said. (With PTI inputs) Similar action is required for other states as well to check the open sale of eggs, fish and other non-vegetarian products. Dharma. E-Mail: (Source: Hindustan Times, Raipur, 7th October'05) ( Photo - Chhatish Garh High Court )

FOREIGN CHOCOLATES, ICE CREAMS ETC. CONTAIN EGGS - It is tough being vegetarian. Unless you carefully read the fine print, you could be eating eggs, animal" fat and insects dye with your foreign chocolates, jelly, instant noodles, bread, ice cream and even vitamins. Most foreign chocolates like Mars and Toblerone contain egg white. Britannia cakes and some Cassata cakes have eggs, so do Oreo cookies. Kraft and other international cheeses contain rennet, made from the inner lining of the stomach of a young cow. And most jelly powders have gelatin, which in many cases is made from the boiled skin, bone and tendons of pig, cow and fish. Even sweets, especially those lined with silver foil, contain ox gut obtained from slaughterhouses. "My vegetarian clients are increasingly wary of what they eat because it could contain something non-vegetarian." Says nutritionist, Naini Setalvad. Even vitamins supplements, Vitamin D3 for example, has cholecalciferol, which is generated in the skin of animals. "Several pharmaceutical products contain Vitamin D3, "Setalvad adds. Packed foods that list edible oils among the ingredients could well contain animal oil they don't specify "edible vegetable oil".

Much of the stuff the kids love, like gummy balls, yoghurt, jellied deserts chewing gum, puddings, energy bars and wafers contain gelatin, which could be non-vegetarian. Companies in India are required to mark every food item, including chocolates and chewing gums, with a green or brown dot depending on whether the product is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. But not many consumers are aware of what to look out for. "I always assumed the Britannia cakes were vegetarian," says Anuja Shah. "I will now make sure, I check the ingredients very carefully." Britannia marks its cakes with a brown dot. Some Indian companies, like Amul, which makes its cheese from synthetic rennet, and international ones, like Baskin Robbins are capitalizing on the "100 per cent vegetarian" demand. "When we entered the Indian market 13 years ago, some of our imported ice creams contained bone marrow. But five years ago, we turned completely vegetarian and are now positioning this as our USP," says Pankaj Chaturvedi, CEO, Baskin Robbins. Courtesy: Anjali Doshi and Jyoti Shelar (Source-Hindustan Times, 6th Oct'05).

70-80 COWS DIE DAILY IN DELHI GOSHALAS: GOVT. RECORDS - New Delhi, Everyday 70 to 80 cows die in government approved cow shelters in Delhi. There are six such goshalas in Delhi run by various NGOs with the approval of the MCD, the Delhi Government and the Animal Welfare Board. Stray cattle in Delhi are sent to cow shelters where they are supposed to be cared for, but conditions there are very poor. Recently, the situation has been brought to the notice of the Delhi High Court. A public interest petition by animal rights activist, Vikash Jain raises these issues and also those of the transport of stray cattle by the MCD to the cattle shelters. There are various laws in place to ensure that the animals are transported in a humane manner, but these are largely ignored. In response, the High Court has issued a show cause notice to the MCD to explain why the cowsheds are in such a bad state.

GUEST COLUMN BY MS. LAURA NEWBERRY, CLAREMONT UNIVERSITY, CALIFORNIA - Greetings and Jai Jinendra to you all! It has been a very exciting time returning to the United States, after spending the summer in India with the first annual International Summer School for Jain Studies. I found myself immersing back into the hustle and bustle of graduate studies, work, and the fast paced life of California with a much appreciated ease.

During our time in the classroom, which consisted of six hours per day, seven days per week, for two months, the North American scholars had the privilege of learning from of some of the most esteemed scholars in India. Not only was our classroom always filled with questions and lively discussions but also was a very special, dynamic learning environment. Each day at the Jain Visva Bharati Institute in Ladnun, the sumanis, who are an order of nuns from the Shvetambara Terapanti sect of Jainism, would join the North American scholars in the classroom to learn with us, teach us, and be with us as we learned about ideas found in such areas as Jain Cosmology, Theory of Karma, and Jain History. We would also visit the sumanis (nuns) and munis (monks), in the evenings after they had finished chanting and reciting scripture. It was a time to ask deeper questions and to see the life of a Jain ascetic on a deeper level.

In the mornings before our first lecture would begin, several of the scholars and I would rise at six o'clock in the morning for a session of yoga, which was led by one of the sumanijis. In the evenings, several of us would meditate using Preksha Meditation. I am currently reading a book called, Preksha Meditation, which is edited by Muni Mahendra Kumar. He also led the afternoon medication sessions. The word preksa (pra+iksa) means "to perceive carefully and profoundly "in which case, it is possible to take a closer look at your inner self (1). I had not practiced Preksha Meditation before, and it was fascinating to compare it to the other forms of meditation I have previously practiced.

Upon returning to California from India, I experienced something very wonderful. I remember one day after class, I was speaking with one of the sumanijis, who was explaining to me that she would be traveling to San Diego in the fall. I enthusiastically gave her my email address and phone number. When I arrived to California and began my graduate schooling once again, I sure enough did receive a phone call from a very friendly Jain laywoman. She gave me directions and a time that would be suitable to meet with the sumaniji. So, on Sunday, September 4, 2005, I drove down to San Diego, following the carefully written out directions to a small townhouse in La Jolla, California. After finding it with no trouble, I entered the home with excitement. Meeting the sumaniji was a wonderful honor, as if I were meeting a very good friend. I was able to sit in a private audience with her, as the worshippers were not set to arrive for another few minutes. She taught me another part of Preksha Meditation used to heal yourself and to visualize absolute success. She also answered more of my queries regarding Jain philosophy in terms of its theoretical and practical applications. As the other visitors arrived, it was a celebrated experience for me to help her explain the Jain Vishva Bharati Institute to someone who has never been there before. I felt honored to have had the opportunity to visit such a place, and also very happy that I was able to welcome sumaniji to California. E-Mail:

J & K EARTHQUAKE RELIEF FUND SET UP BY TIMES OF INDIA - Residents living in Jammu and Kashmir were devastated by a high intensity earthquake on the morning of October 8, 2005. To aid relief operations and provide much-needed essential supplies in bulk, Times Foundation is working with the 15th Corps of the Indian Army in Srinagar. Readers wishing to participate may send essential supplies like blankets, woollens, tents, shoes, utensils, food, building material, medicines and related items, to: *AWA Relief & Coordinating Cell, HQ Delhi Area, Delhi Cantonment (Near Gopinath Market). Contact numbers: 9818666303, 23336172 & 73 For coordination and supplies in Srinagar you may contact 9419000931, E-Mail :,Those wanting to contribute monetarily may mail cheques addressed to 'Times Foundation' at either Delhi (Times House, 7, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi - 110 020) or Mumbai (Times of India, Dr D N Road, Mumbai - 400001). All donations are exempt from tax under Section 80 (G) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Contact E-Mail: ,

SPONSORSHIP INVITATION FOR PRODUCING FILM "JAIN ENLIGHTENMENT - WAY OF LIFE" - We are inviting Jain professionals and businessmen to sponsor and assist in producing a first class film in HD (Hi Def-production-making it in the latest technical quality film production for broadcasting) for global TV and theatre screenings across the USA, Canada, UK, EU and India. We are seeking tax exempt donations to raise $100,000. We will start negotiations to sell the film to PBS Networks (USA), BBC or Channel 4 (UK) and Doordarshan (India). . Most of the money will then be used to produce companion books "for children of all ages" and leaflets to circulate in schools, colleges, universities, public and private libraries and museums. All sponsorship checks will be written in the name of Jaya Foundation, well recognized non-profit, tax exempt organization, set up by Jaya and Arvin Shah (Sky-Bird Travel/Jaya Foundation) in Detroit, MI .(Ref Cell Tel: 248-797-5843) and Tushar Kothari (Ref: Tel: 212-681-0100 - Cell: 917-518-3040). A Committee of Jain Experts are being selected as part of our Honorary Advisory Board, listing Pramodabhen Chitrabhanu, Ann McCoy, Manoj Jain, Tushar, Dina and Soignée Kothari, Atul Shah, Editor, Jaina Spirit; and Kritibhai Daftary, President of JAINA, to mention a few. Vinanti, E-Mail:

COPS TO QUESTION JAIN SAINT FOR ASHRAM MURDER- BY: VIRAL SHAH - October 18, Mumbai High Court has directed the Sangli police to interrogate the Jain sadhu, Muni Apurva Sagar, in the Mayuri Jain murder case, which rocked Sangli district recently. Since August 5, Muni Apurva Sagar has been under maun-vrat (an oath of silence). He is also said to be extremely weak as he is on 'fast unto death'. The judges have also directed the police to give a detailed report by October 26.

WE'RE IN PAKISTAN TO WIN, SAYS INDIAN SKIPPER KARUNA JAIN - Lahore: India's 'under-21' women's cricket captain, Karuna Jain has said her team will go all out for victory against arch rival team in Pakistan for a four-match one-day series. Jain said Pakistan were not easy rivals and India-Pakistan matches were always nerve-racking, full of drama and tension, with both sides under immense pressure to please their countries. The first of the four one-day internationals will be played at Lahore.

Mayuri Jain case - Mayuri Jain (23) was mysteriously murdered at Juna Dhamni village near Sangli on May 15. Jain, who was from Kareli village in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, was a member of the ashram run by the saint. Earlier in 2004, Jain had fallen in love with a boy, Iqbal Hanif, from her village, but her parents Babulal and Shanti Jain did not approve of the match. So the Jains forcibly sent Mayuri to the ashram in Sangli, where she took an oath of celibacy. Jain went back to her village in October 2004, where she met Hanif again and continued her relationship, even after she returned to Sangli. Hanif is said to have visited her in Sangli. Following this, hired killers from Sangli, allegedly on the directions of her parents, murdered Jain. After investigations, her father Babulal and the four killers were arrested. However, the police suspected that the sadhu was also involved in the murder and arrested him. The High Court took up the matter after a petition filed by social activist, Nanda Patil, who demanded a CID enquiry into the case, alleging that the police were trying to hush up the matter.

MOTHER ASHA JAIN OF MUMBAI CONFESSES SHE ABANDONED INFANT GIRL - Asha Jain, whose daughter Riddhi had gone 'missing' from hospital exactly a week earlier, confessed to police that she had abandoned her baby under pressure from her family. When 15-day-old Riddhi Jain went 'missing' from Mira Road" Bhaktivedanta Hospital on October 6, police and hospital authorities thought she had been kidnapped. But when she was found at Mira Road station just six hours later, suspicion fell on her mother. Kashi-Mira police recorded Asha" statement as well as that of her father-in-law, Narendra Kumar Jain. Inspector Rajan Ghule said Asha abandoned the child in a fit of depression. "She has been charged under section 317 (abandonment of a child by a parent) of the Indian Penal Code,".

JAINS ON FEMALE FETICIDE BLACK-LIST - It was known that preference for a son was strong in sikh snd hindu communities but a break-up of the communities that are more intolerant to the girl child puts Jains also in the same league. The trend indicates the female feticide has become rampant amongst them. Once again, the Jain community may consider these alarming statistics. The figures available show that there is sharp decline of girls as compared to boys over the past decade. It is reported that amongst Jains, the child sex ratio (number of girls per 1000 boys) is only 870 as against 927 of Hindus and national average of 927. Most ironically, the affluent and educated class is the cruelest to girls. The modern slaughter houses encourage the individuals to go for the murder of a girl" foetus. Further results of this mass killing of girl" foetus are now surfacing and now the time is likely to come that there will be acute shortage of girls in the society. As far as Jain" are concerned, they are not the exception in this area, though there were very encouraging data as per the census of 2001 in the area of Jain" ladies education which was 94.40%, being the highest, as compared to other communities in India.

This information has prompted the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to work with the religious leaders of the communities. "Banning pre-natal sex determination through law is obviously not enough. It is a social problem and we need to change the mindset of people through those who can influence their thinking, such as the religious leaders" says the Health Minister, Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss. Punjab and Gujarat have already made the beginning by implementing "Save the girl child campaign". A conference of various leaders was organised recently at New Delhi to discuss this subject. On behalf of Jain religion, Terapanth saint, Muni Sri Lok Prakash Ji Lokesh spoke at length on this vital issue. He appealed to the whole Jain community to take necessary steps to educate the people and change their thinking so as to put a stop to this curse in the society. He has recently written a book, titled, "Unborne curse" (ajanma abhishap), which brings home the message very powerfully that the imbalance in the child sex ratio amongst boys and girls could be extremely dangerous for the society and the trend must be reversed. (By courtesy: Hindustan Times New Delhi, 11th October'05 written by Sanchita Sharma).

NEW JAIN HOSTEL FACILITIES AT MUMBAI ( VIRAR) SHREE PARSHWANATH JAIN VIDHYALAY VARKANA HOSTEL - For the Jain students looking for hostel accommodation a new JAIN hostel is available at Mumbai with all modern facilities including Library campus etc. Interested students may contact Shri Chandmalji Siremalji Hingarh (Committee member). Smt. Kusumben Chunnilal Shri Shrimal Boys Hostel ,Plot no.359, Kusum Vihar, 100 feet Chauda Rasta, Opp. Banjara Hotel, Virar (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra 401 303.Tel: 022 28768211/ 022 28737705. Courtesy : Mr. Pankaz Jain, E-Mail

LEATHER INDUSTRY - From: Manoj Oswal, E-Mail :, United Kingdom : Dear Sirs, I would like you to please include this in the feedback published in the next Ahimsa Times. Please acknowledge this email: Leather upholstery? How can I meet my Tirthankars getting down from a seat that was made by murdering a cow. As we Jains, whatever number of lives we save by not eating meat are nowadays washed away by a hundred times when we unashamedly use, buy and sell silk and leather. And our community is fore-runner in the silk trade and many of us sell leather too. I do not feel like going to temples in the morning because I can't see most of the worshippers flaunting their silk dhoti and sarees, each kilo of silk is a result of 1200 worms boiled alive while still in their infancy. Just imagine what would be your reaction if I carried just a shell of an egg into a Jain temple, people might even justify me being lynched alive for this sin, but there is no restriction in carrying a thousand boiled silk worms in the temple. Coming to leather, it is not a bye product of meat industry, it is a crucial source of income for the butchers, about 40% of it for those who love statistics. Won't those who flaunt it in their cars, their laptop bags and even whole sofas made out of it want to know how it is obtained? Cows are crammed into trucks, 20 each in single truck in a layer of 2 or 3. Their horns injure, blind and kill many of them. They travel for that many days without any respite. Public transport with all shock absorbers and luxury seats is still so inconvenient. Imagine a confused and terror stuck calf /cow in a truck full of darkness and no air, just more terrified cows and with no seats or shock absorbers. No water for days together, they are not given food, for the butchers its a a waste as it wont convert to meat anyways. It resists and each of them is made to move by putting tobacco in their eyes or chilly powder to their genitals. Then comes the slaughter time, when usually first, the limbs are cut and then the neck. It is then left to die by bleeding to death. Then it is skinned and further processing is carried out.

GLOBAL EFFORTS FOR JAIN UNITY-From, Pravin C. Shah, Dear Shri Prakash Lalji Jain, You might have received my forwarded email dated Sept. 24,05 received from Shri Anop Vora, JAINA President at Convention, for subject matter ( i.e.Declaration & Pledge' signed by thousand at JAINA Convention 2005) for your publishing in Oct.,05 Issue of Ahimsa Times. I hereby resend my request with 2 attachments (1. ' Declaration & Pledge' and 2. Shri Anop Vora's Photo). I had already appreciated very much your support in publishing White Paper, Shri Anop Vora's letter addressed to Govt. of India officials @ Girnar Issue and recent "Drifting/Falling Apart Unity Views of Shri Lalit Shah, your views, Dr. Pandya's letter. mine letter in Sept.,05 Issue so on. I am very thankful to you for your very much concern about UNITY of JAINA and of Jains in North America and around the Globe. If you have any question, you can email it to him. Pravin C. Shah

I hereby request you to publish 'Declaration and Pledge' signed by Sadharmiks at JAINA Convention 2005 at Santa Clara, California and received yesterday from then JAINA President Shri Anop Vora for your publishing/printing in the forth coming Issue of Ahimsa Times. I appreciate very much your support in publishing White Paper, Shri Anop Vora's letter addressed to Govt. of India officials @ Girnar Issue and so on. Here in below is his OPENING INTRODUCTORY SPEECH before declaration & Pledge was proclaimed.. "JAIN UNITY"

am pleased to inform you that JAINA has decided to start a major drive to bring out UNITY in our community. This effort is the result of the initiative taken by Pravin C shah of NY. He made us move faster on this issue than otherwise. Dr. N P Jain, Sudhir Shah, Parveen Jain, Naresh Jain also helped me in composing the message. As a first step, JAINA has composed a message for the community and Gurudev Chitrabhanuji is going to recite it soon. I would like you all to listen to the message, let it touch your heart and then support it whole heartedly with your resources."

Declaration and Pledge for Global Jain Unity
JAINA is entering its Silver Anniversary year. In the last 25 years, JAINA has grown from 4 Jain Centers at its inception to 65 Jain Centers with a membership exceeding 100,000 in North America. On this auspicious occasion let us all pledge to stay united and work together with JAINA to motivate the worldwide Jain community to follow the mantra of "Unity in Diversity".

For centuries we have seen ourselves belonging to Digambar or Shwetambar or Sthanakwasi or Terapanthi or to one of the other smaller sects, contrary to Bhagwan Mahavir" teachings. Our differences are in rites and rituals, not in fundamental principles. Over the years these divisions have hindered our progress and made us lose the ownership and use of some Jain holy places recently. For a religion whose foundation is in Ahimsa, Anekantwad and Aparigraha, this is highly unfortunate especially for a very small community of ours. We need to realize that what unites us is far more important and significant than what may appear to keep us divided and splintered into sects and sub-sects. We are at a momentous juncture. To inspire and motivate our next generation we must unite through respectful and intertwined co-existence and inclusiveness. We must embrace the diversity of rituals and practices, show respect for the views of others and address the needs of all traditions, without imposing one" values on the others. This unified approach, reflecting the true spirit of Anekantwad, will bind us all together and help us practice and communicate Bhagwaan Mahavir" message throughout the world. Our next generation will be "Jain" without being labeled by any tradition or sect.Today, We all pledge to support JAINA in fulfilling this dream. Jai Jinendra!!!

(Note: This declaration was presented at the time of 2005 JAINA Convention by Anop R. Vora, Past President of JAINA, read by Gurudev Chitrabhanuji and signed by several religious and organizational leaders. JAINA is requesting Jain organizations all over the world to embrace this theme of unity, formulate their own statement preferably by using this declaration as a model, and spread the message in the entire Jain community.)

Letter from Dr. Mahendra Pandya,Dear Prakashbhai Jain (Ahimsa Times) I am suprised to see my emails posted on the websites from those thousands of miles away that may not know what the "real" situation is in North America. I have spent 40 years living in the US and am very concerned about JAIN Unity. But not at the expense of the rights of the minority to practice their particular faith. Unity and Diversity are not contradictory terms, but in fact when practiced in their true sense are the correct path to lasting Unity. Unity by conformity to the majority is not the path to real unity but one that is dictated by the majority. Sometimes the information one gets from the sources that they know, as seen by those whose responses you put on your website, may not reveal all the facets of a situation. Please read the attachments (3) that I have attached to get a better idea of my reason for proposing a Sangh in NA. Hoping you will post my response on your next email. Regards, MK Pandya.


Most revered Gachhadhipati Pujya Acharya Shrimad Sushil Surishwar Ji Maharaj Sab left for his heavenly abode on the 11th October, 2005 at Bangalore after accepting samadhi. Jain institutions and organisations from all over the country offered their heart-felt condolences and shradhanjali to the departed soul. For details about Acharya Shri, please see, Jain Acharaya Sri Jitendra Surishwarji Maharaj belonging to Jain Shwetambar Murti-pujak sect is no more in this world. He keft for his heavenly abode on 6th October, 2005 in Surat and the last rituals were performed on the 7th October. He was famous for reincarnation of Jain teerths and he owned the title of 'Mewad Desh Dwarak'. His younger brother is also a Jain saint, named Ratna Acharaya Shri Gunaratna Surishwarji Maharaj.


Shri Srichand Surana, 'Saras' passed away on the 1st October, 2005 at his residence at Agra at the age of 70 years. Originally hailing from Churu in Rajasthan, he had his basic education under the guidance of Acharya Tulsi, when he learnt 14 languages, including Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, Ardh-magdhi and Aprabhansh and also undertook thorough studies of Jain Agams and other scriptures. At the early age of just 15 years, he took up writing literary articles and by the time he was 25, he had became a distinguished writer and editor of books in Jainological subjects. He was honoured by Bharat Jain Maha-mandal with "Samaj Ratna" in the year 1974 and recently he has been honoured by "Sarswati Sadhna Samman" at Calcutta by Shri Vishnu Kant Shastri, Governor of West Bengal. He had been leading a simple and pious life. His sudden death has been a great loss not only to his family but to the entire Jain community. Trustees of the Ahimsa Foundation offer their condolences to the bereaved family.

Acharaya Sri Jitendra Surieswarji Maharaj Sahib left for his heavenly abode on 6/10/2005 in surat and the last rituals have been performed on 7/10/2005. He was famous for reincarnation of Jain tirth and he owned title of MewadDesh Dwarak his own younger brother is Also a Jain Ratna Acharaya Shri Gunaratna suriswarji Maharaj Sahib. News: Vimal Jain, Jain youth Times, Visakhapatnam, E-Mail :

We invite Jain volunteers from different geographical area to join the team of Ahimsa Times Correspondents. The interested readers may send their profile and a photograph to The Editor at E-Mail:

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