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December, 2005

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JAIN COMMUNITY EXPRESSES ANGUISH AT THE DISTORTED COMMENTS ABOUT JAIN TIRTHANKARS IN NCERT TEXT BOOK - It is a matter of anguish and resentment that the Jain religion and its sacred Tirthankar Bhagwan have been mis-represented in the 2005 edition of history book, titled "Prachin Bharat" (ancient India) produced by the NCERT, prescribed for class IX of central schools and other schools following CBSE courses. In its chapter titled, "Jain and Baudh Dharma", at pages 101-103, it has been mentioned that the historical authenticity of all the 23 Tirthankars, except the last one, Bhagwan Mahavir is extremely doubtful. Many other objectionable comments have been made about Bhagwan Mahavir in this book. At one place, it is mentioned that Mahavir loitered in jungles for 12 years after becoming a saint and he did not change his clothes for all the 12 years. Finally, when the clothes got totally torn, he abandoned them and remained naked thereafter. The objectionable comments made in the book have hurt the sentiments and feelings of the entire Jain community. Representations are being sent to the Minister for Human Resource Development and others concerned for the immediate withdrawal of the book. It is more painful because in previous editions of this book since the year 2000, no such mis-leading remarks were made and the changes have been made by the author only in this latest edition.

By Syed Shahabuddin, IFS (Retd.), Ex-MP - The 8 August, 2005 Judgement of the 3 Judges Bench of the Supreme Court consisting of Chief Justice R.C. Lahoti, Justice D.M. Dharmadhikari and Justice P.K. Balasubramanyan, in the Bal Patil Case (CA 4730 of 1999), written by Justice Dharmadhikari has not received the critical attention it deserved. Perhaps it may be due to the Jains being a relatively small minority which is not much in the news. The total Jain population of the country (2001) is about 4.23 million which is concentrated (community above 0.1 million) in (1) Maharasthra (1.3), (2) Punjab (0.65), (3) Madhya Pradesh (0.55), (4) Gujarat (0.53), (5) Karnataka (0.41), (6) Uttar Pradesh (0.21) and (7) Delhi (0.16) which together account for 91% of the national population of the Jains. In all these States of its concentration it forms about 1% or less of the State population. Thus it has little political strength.


Shri Asthapad Maha Tirth is one of the major Jain Tirths and is situated up in tranquil heights of snow-covered Himalayas. It is 168 miles north of Badrinath and about 5 to 7 miles away from Mansarovar on the way to Mount Kailash. Thousands of years ago Shri Adinath Bhagwan, first of 24 tirthankars, attained salvation at this place. After his salvation his son king Bharat made a palace of real gemstones with 24 idols of Jain tirthankars on Ashtapad mountain in his memory. Ashtapad derived its name from the fact that it has eight steps to go up the mountain (Ashta means eight and pad means steps in Sanskrit). Other names for the tirth are Ratnamay (made of gemstones) Rajatadri and Sfatikachal (the crystal palace). E-Mail :

FOUNDATION STONE LAID FOR ASHTAPAD TEERTH ON DELHI JAIPUR HIGHWAY - Pandit Dharam Chand Shastri, who promoted Manav Shanti Pratisthan is constructing first Jain Temple on the side of Jaipur Delhi National Highway and the foundation stone ceremony of this Asthapad temple was performed on 4th December the presence of prominent community members from all over India, U.S.A. , Canada and Acharya Bahubali Sagarji & other Saints with him.Pt. Dharam Chand Shastri is disciple of Acharya Bharat Sagarji Maharaj and he is the motivating force behind this project of Manav Shanti Pratisthan. Ceremony was presided over by Sri Nirmal Sethi, President Digamber Jain Mahasabha and the Chief guest was Sri Vijay Kumar Jain from New Jersey. Sri Naresh Jain form Canada & Sri Ajay Jain from UAE, were guest of honour.Muni Vikash Sagar speaking at ceremony emphasised on the positive application of financial resources and suggested , people should be generously contribute for social and religion needs. Almost all present at ceremony committed to contribute for this great project of Manav Shanti Pratisthan. Besides construction of Asthapad Teerth, project includes home for aged members & educational institution for village children.

Sadharmik Jain brothers and sisters are invited to come, visit and pay respects to Shri Ashtapad Tirth Model made out of gemstones as per description from our scripture. Place: Anuvrat Bhavan (Near I.T.O. Office), New Delhi. Time: Friday, 16th December 2 P.M. onwards. Saturday & Sunday, 17th & 18th December 10 A.M. onwards.

By Arvinder Jain, Secretary, The International Mahavir Jain mission was founded in 1976 by the late Acharya Sushil Kumar Ji Maharaj. It started as place to gather and worship. A handful of the Jain community bought the property and has maintained it themselves. This establishment celebrated it's 25th anniversary which was covered by the media. This was an international event with people from India,Holland, Scotland and various parts of UK, under the auspicious presence of the High Commissioner of India. Jains arrived in UK in early 1960's from India and were later joined by others from Africa and Gujarat. The Jain community in Birmingham consists of more than 300 people. Mostly they are from a business or professional background .
In the year 2000 the Jina pratimas (statues) were donated to the ashram to give it an appearance of a temple.

The temple -Over the past 25 years Jain nuns (samani ji's) disciples of Acharya Sushil Muni and Acharya Mahapragya Ji have come from India to the Jain Ashram at various occasions and have given further insight into the religion in the form of discourses, yoga and meditation practice and discussion on health related issues. Though, with limited monetary resources the missionary is moving a step forward in its mission with a motto of Live and Let Live. The missionary is actively engaged in holding conferences & seminars on both inter and multi- faiths and discussions with various organizations on different issues like ecology, environment, and other social issues and strongly engaged in encouraging and promoting vegeterianism and vegan diet. Our Mission is not to preach or to convert, but to bring awareness about Jainism among the people which holds a strong belief about leading a simple carefree life. Our wish is to extend this temple to offer the community advice on various issues, in particular enhancing the younger generations. to lead a carefree life and building a peaceful, loving and caring society to provide safe environment for the future generations by showing the path of Jainism as defined by theologians Jainism - the philosophy of the way of living.

The third international conference of Jain doctors was organized by the Jain Doctors' Federation, Delhi on the 3rd and 4th December, 2005 at Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra, Mehrauli, New Delhi. The conference had the privilege of having the blessings of Acharya Shri Mahaprajna Ji and Acharya Shri Vidhya Nand Muni Ji. The messages obtained from Acharya Padam Sagar Suri Ji, Acharya Mahaprajna, Acharya Vidhyanand Muni and Acharya Dr. Shiv Muni were read at the outset. Lt. Governor, B.L. Joshi was the Chief Guest and DR. Yoganand Shastri was the Guest of honour on this occasion. Apart from the inaugural session and free sessions, there were two scientific sessions on the first day. The second day was devoted to Preksha meditation in practice, two more scientific sessions followed by panel discussion on medical basis of vegetarianism. The scientific sessions covered a large variety of topics, such as Sudershan kriya in Cancer treatment, Anaesthesiology and Jainism, Reversal of heart diseases by yoga, Sujok acupressure, Ocular diseases and Jainism, Oxidative stress and Jainism, Ahimsa in medical practice, Cardiology, Psychiatry and meditation. The objectives of the Jain Doctors' conference were to unite all Jain doctors the world over under one umbrella, to practice medicine on the principles of Jainism, to promote vegetarianism and ahimsa, to render health services to the poor and needy and to constantly strive for global peace through science and spirituality. The conference was attended by a large number of doctors from all over the country and from abroad and it was a great success.

As announced earlier in this news-letter, the All India Jain Journalists Conference is to be held at New Delhi on the 6th and 7th January, 2006 by the representative organisation of Jains, "Jain Mahasabha". The general secretary of Mahasabha and convenor of the conference Shri Ratan jain said that the conference will go a long way in bringing together all the editors and journalists of jain newspapers and magazines, allow free exchange of ideas amongst them, and highlight the important role played by them in society to promote the ahimsa and compassion. Subjects of vital interest, such as the issue of religious minority and recent decision of the Supreme Court and the depleting proportion of girls in Jain families will be taken up for discussion. Jain scholars, journalists, editors, people connected with TV channels, senior leaders of jain community, parliamentarians and members of state assemblies are being invited to attend the conference.

All India Jain Journalist Federation will hold its next convention at New Delhi on 22nd & 23rd April 2006. This was informed by the secretary of the federation Mr. Moti Lal Bafna, at New Delhi after the working committee meeting. The venue of the convention will be at Acharya Sushil Muni Ashram's Convention Hall, Shankar Road, New Delhi. The working committee meeting was chaired by Mr. Swadesh Bhushan Jain of National Hindi Daily 'Punjab Kesri', which was also attended by President Mr. Bhupendra Jain, Mr. Gautam Oswal from Insar, Mr. Jay Kumar Jain, Mr. Kavi Kamal Jain, Mr. Kamal Jain from Jind. The theme of convention will be philosophy of Bhagwan Mahavir and role of Jain Journalism and Jain Journalists. Subjects to be focus point will be Ahimsa, Vegetarianism, Environment and Animal Protection. Federation has also decided to publish a directory of Jain Journalists and propose to organise training camps for Jains Journalists. It is expected that journalist from all over the country will participate in the event. Convention will be presided by Sri Vijay Darda Jain, prominent politician and Member of Parliament.

INDIA DIGAMBAR JAIN MAHASABHA TO MEET AT SHRAVANBELGOLA ON 3-5 JANUARY - The open session of All India Digambar Jain Mahasabha will be held at Shravan Bel Gola on the 3 to 5th January, 2006, according to the announcement made by Shri Babu Lal Chhabra, Jt. General Secretary of Mahasabha. The entire programme including a meeting of the Executive committee will be held in the holy presence of Acharya Shri Vardhman Sagar Ji maharaj, Acharya Shri Gun nandi Ji maharaj, Acharya Shri Vardatt Sagar Ji maharaj and other saints. Eminent guests such as Shri Jaipal Reddy, Minister of Culture in the Cental Government, Mrs. Renuka Chaudhury, Shri H.D. Devgauda and Dr. Virendra Hegde have been invited to attend the meet.

B. L. Institute of Indology, Delhi is organising a seminar from 7th to 9th Dec 2006 The details can be collected by E-Mail .Yoga is one of the most popular ways and means for achievement of, physical, mental and spiritual health and a peaceful means of living and achieves harmony, which it undoubtedly is. This Seminar is meant to enlighten the world at large and the intelligentsia in particular that traditions of yoga have been known to India since several millennia before Christ. The objective is to highlight the unity in diversity and their inevitable complimentarily and supplementary both in the physical as well as the spiritual world.

As all
are aware, next Mahamastakabhisheka of 57 feet high Gommateshwar Bahubali statue at Sravanabelgola (Karnataka) is scheduled in the month of February 2006. It is organized every 12th year. In the previous Mahamastakabhishekas different programmes were organized during the Mastakabhisheka timings. But this time to avoid heavy rush, some programmes have been organized in different dates starting from Oct. 2005 to March 2006. Akhil Bhartiya Jain Mahila Sammelan was organized at Sravanabelgola by the Mahamastakabhisheka Samiti from 18th to 20th Nov. 2005. On this occasion, Lioness Rashmi Jain, E-Mail : of Satna M. P. organized a Poster Exhibition on Vegetarianism, Vyasan Mukti and Antiabortion movement of Girl child. Under the Holy presence of H.H. Jagadguru Bhattarak Charukirty Swamiji, Mrs. Sushila Devi Paharia of Jaipur inaugurated this exhibition. Hon. President of the National Level Organizing Committee of Mahamastakabhisheka Mr. Naresh Kumar Sethi was also present on this occasion. The poster exhibition was witnessed by large number of Saints, delegates, ladies, gentlemen and students in three days. Rashmi Jain also destributed leterature on Vegitarianism, Vyasan Mukti and Anti-abortion of Girl child on this occassion. Rashmi Jain is the State Vice President of Akhil Bharatvarshiya Digamber Jain Mahil Parishad, M.P. Unit and Multiple Vice President of Lioness Clubs of five States. Courtesy : Sudhir Jain, E-mail :


JAIN VANMAYA KA PARICAYATMAKA ITIHASA (Hindi)-By Acarya Devendra Muni,2006 220 x 145 mm 765 pp ,Hardcover Rs. 1600,Jainism is a pre-Aryan religion. It is one of the most ancient living traditions in the world. The strength of the Jain doctrine is such that doctrinally, Jainism has retained its attributes and characteristics for over many millennia. Tirthankara Mahavira was the last Tirthankara of this era. His teachings emanated in the form of divya dhvani. These were composed into the Agamas by the Ganadharas. 600 years after the nirvana of Mahavira, the sangha split into two, the Digambaras, the sky clad male ascetics, and the Shvetambaras, the white clad ascetics. Each of the two sects, though followers of the same religion, and adhering to the same doctrine, felt that it was their sect that had grasped the essence of the teachings of Tirthankara Mahavira.

Acharya Devendra Muni, known for his ecumenical approach, considers the scriptures of both, the Digambaras as well as the Shvetambaras in this well organised and well researched encyclopaedic work on Jain scriptures. As observed by T G Kalghatgi in his learned Preface, Acarya Devendra has given "a fairly coherent and comprehensive account of the Agama literature of the Jains without prejudice or pride concerning any section of the Jain community. It is a far presentation of all the aspects of the canonical literature giving a panoramic picture of the literature of all shades of the Jain faith of the Digambara and Shvetambara sections"

The book is divided into seven chapters:1. General Survey of Agama literature. 2. Analysis of Anga literature. 3. Study of the Angabahya literature. 4. Critique of the commentaries on Jain literature. 5. Study of Digambara canonical literature.
6. Comparative study of Jain canonical literature with Buddhist and Hindu sacred literature. 7. Subhashitas gleaned from the Jain scriptures. The book can be obtained from: HINDI GRANTH KARYALAY, 9 Hirabaug C P Tank Mumbai 400004 India.

Samani Mangal Pragya has been appointed the new vice-chancellor of Jain Vishva Bharati Institute Ladnun , deemed university. The chancellor of JVBI named officially Samani Mangal Pragya as acting vice-chancellor of the institution. For the first time since its establishment in 1991, a Samani is head of the renowned Jain university. Ahimsa Foundation warmly congratulates Samani Mangal Pragya and wishes that during her tenure in the office this intuition will achieve greater recognition.

JAIN SAMAJ REPRESENTATION IN NEW MADHYA PRADESH CABINET - The new Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Mr. Shiv Raj Chauhan has inducted four members from Jainsamaj. The names and respective portfolios are as under:
Sri Himmat Kothari (Cabinet/Forest )
Sri Raghavji Bhai (Cabinet/Finance)
Sri Jayant Mallya (Cabinet/Urban Development)
Sri Paras Jain (State/Higher Education )

We hope that these members will contribute for the development of state and will keep up the name of Jainsamaj, flying high with respect. We wish them all the success in their endeavour to serve the common man.

All India Terapanth Women Organisation has honoured Mrs. Kiran Bedi with "Acharya Tulsi Award" at New Delhi. The honour carried Rs. one lakh in cash along with citation. Acharya Mahapragya speaking at the award ceremony said that with this award Mrs. Bedi will further progress and achieve greater heights in her profession. Mrs. Kiran Bedi speaking on the occasion dedicated her success to her mother and said the women force should come forward in country and not sit in their homes for their betterment.

Chairman of Bennet, Coleman & Company, Mrs. Indu Jain is in the 17th position on the Forbes' richest Indian list. BCCL is the owner of the Times of India group, India's largest and most powerful media house, which is run by Ms Jain's sons, Samir and Vineet. The family's flagship holding, The Times of India, is the world's largest circulated English daily newspaper, selling more than 3.1 million copies a day. The company also has joint ventures with the BBC and Reuters. In the top 20 richest Indians' list, Ms Jain is ahead of the Videocon group's Venugopal Dhoot as well as the Ranbaxy group's Malvinder and Shivinder Singh. Bajaj group supremo Rahul Bajaj is in the 20th slot.

POSTAL STAMP ON JAIN PERSONALITY LATE JAWAHARLAL DARDA - To commemorate the famous Jain personality of Maharashtra, late Mr. Jawaharlal Darda, Govt. of India has issued a special postage stamp on 2nd Dec. 2005. Vice-President of India Hon'ble Bhairon Singh Shekhawat released this 5/- denomination postage stamp in a function organized in the Parliament House complex, New Delhi. Mr. Jawaharlal Darda was a veteran freedom fighter, Congress leader and founder of the Lokmat group of newspapers.

Born in Yawatmal District in Maharastra on July 2,1923, Mr. Darda joined the freedom struggle at the age of 17. He actively participated in the Quit India Movement in 1942. Mr. Darda launched "Nave Jag" a weekly newspaper from Yawatmal to foster the spirit of nationalism in the year 1947. Later he launched "Lokmat" a Marathi weekly in 1952 which was transformed into daily in 1971. Mr. Darda was elected to the Maharastra Legislative Council between 1972 and 1995. He made a mark in the governance in Maharastra by his admirable handling of the portfolios of energy , industry, irrigation, health, food and civil supplies, sports, youth affairs, textiles and environment as a Minister.

On the occasion, Hon'ble Bhairon Singh Shekhawat said that late Shri Jawaharlal Darda was a veteran freedom fighter and he was always inspired with his devotion and dedication to serve the society and the people at large. Shri Darda believed in the upliftment of the weaker sections of society and set up several colleges and other educational institutions in the Vidarbha region besides launching Lokmat Group of newspapers. Courtesy : Sudhir Jain, E-mail :

A special cover has been issued at Hazaribag on 4th Nov. 2005 on the occasion of Centenary Celebration of Bhagwan Parshwanath Digamber Jain Mandir. This temple was established at Bada Bazar, Hazaribag in the year 1902. In the auspicious presence of Pujya Shri 108 Pramansagarji Muni Maharaj,this year centenary celebration were organized at Hazaribag. Special cover depicting pictures of Jain Temple, Pujya Aacharya Vidhyasagarji Maharaj and Pujya Muni Pramansagarji Maharaj are issued on this occasion. Special Cancellation depicts line sketch of Bhagwan Parshwanath. Design of this special cover was prepared by Mr. Naresh Kumar Jain, a prominent Philatelist and President of Bihar Philatelic Society, Patna. Courtesy: - Sudhir Jain, Universal Cables Ltd., SATNA (M.P.) E-Mail :

Bhag Chand Jain was bestowed with presidential Award for his contribution to the cause of religion, literature and society. The Ceremony was held at Delhi on the 6th December, 05. Dr. Jain is a member of the Advisory Council of Ahimsa Foundation. The trustees of the Foundation convey their hearty congratulations to Dr. Bhag Chand Jain and wish him further success in his valuable efforts.

MOHAN BHAI HONOURED AS 'LEGEND IN EDUCATION' FOR HIS UNIQUE EFFORTS TO PROMOTE MORAL AND SPIRITUAL EDUCATION - Eminent educationist and social worker, Shri Mohan Bhai, an ardent follower of Acharya Mahapragya, has been recently honoured as a 'Legend in Education' by the state level organisation, Society for un-aided private schools of Rajasthan. He has instrumental in promoting the cause of education in the state. This honour, consisting of a memento and a shawl was bestowed on him by Smt. Sumitra Singh, Speaker of Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha. The Directors, principals and teachers of several private un-aided schools following CBSE courses were present on this occasion. Mohan Bhai is proud of his association with Shri Vinoba Bhave during the Bhudan movement.

Ksullak Shri Sachhinand Ji aged 34 years and shrawak Shri Moti Lal Ji Hada aged 70 years accepted muni diksha from dharmacharya Shri Kanak nandi Ji maharaj of Digambar sect at Udaipur (Rajasthan) on the 21st November, 2005. Saints from various sects and sangh participated in the programme. Shri Gulab Chand Kataria, Minister for Home affairs in Rajasthan Government was the Chief guest on the austere and holy occasion.

SCENES DEPICTING SMOKING IN FILMS AND TV SHOWS TO BE BANNED FROM FIRST JANUARY 2006-The Government of India has informed the Delhi High Court that scenes showing smoking in films as well as in TV serials shall be banned with effect from 1st January, 2006. The ban will not however be applicable in case of old films and TV serials and such films in which true scenes have to be shown for any historical characters. The ban shall also not apply on smoking by any person during live telecasts.

Mrs. Menaka Gandhi has written to Mr. Priya Ranjan Das Munshi, Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India that the big-banner film, 'Taj Mahal', produced and directed by Akbar Khan, which is being shown in cinema halls, both in India and abroad should be withdrawn forth-with and the Censor Certificate issued by the Censor Board be cancelled. According to the recent order of the Supreme Court, if use is made of animals in any film, clearance should first be obtained from the Animal Welfare Board before approaching Censor Board for Censor certificate. In case of this film, this procedure has not been followed and Animal Welfare Board's clearance has not been obtained by the producer even though horses and elephants have been used in the film, in an unlawful manner. The Ministry is now in a dilemma as to how the film can be withdrawn at this stage when it is being displayed in a big way, both in this country and abroad and crores of rupees have been spent on the film. Courtesy : Sudhir Jain, E-Mail :

CALIFORNIA EDUCATION BOARD ACCEPTS HINDU CHANGES TO SIXTH GRADE TEXT-BOOKS - California Hindus breathed a sigh of relief after a meeting of the State Board of Education Curriculum Commission on Dec. 3 when several changes that were requested by them in the sixth grade textbooks were approved. The Vedic Foundation and Hindu Education Foundation were among those in the forefront working for months through the California Department of Education procedures suggesting improvements for the sections of California textbooks that deal with India and Hinduism. Their 170 corrections were initially reviewed by an Ad-Hoc Committee which included renowned Indologist, Dr. Shiva Bajpai, who had been hired by the Commission. Later, at the intervention of Dr. Michael Witzel of Harvard University, a last-minute "Content Review Panel" was set up to go over the changes approved by Dr. Bajpai's committee. Witzel claimed the changes were motivated by "Hindutva" forces and would "lead without fail to an international educational scandal if they are accepted by the California's State Board of Education." This panel, comprised of Dr. Witzel, Dr. Stanley Wolpert of UCLA and Dr. James Heitzman, Director of Summer Sessions, University of California, Davis, rejected 58 of the proposed Hindu edits, especially those dealing with the "Aryan Invasion" of India. Hindus despaired as they believed the Curriculum Commission would accept the Witzel panel recommendations in their entirety. This is not, however, what happened. Near the beginning of the meeting, Commissioner Dr. Stan Metzenberg, a Professor of Biology at California State University, Northridge, made a motion to accept all of the original recommendations of the Hindu groups as approved by Dr. Bajpai's committee, with the provision to go through the Witzel panel rejections of 58 one by one. This motion passed. The Commission then went through the 58 rejections, ultimately accepting only about a dozen. Ten textbooks were under consideration for adoption for 6th grade social studies classes in California schools.

A process to search talents and to encourage young Jain's Community including those who are interested in Jainism has been started by Jainpushp organization. The Jainpushp essay-writing contest held during previous months was a great success. Inspired with participation of young contestants in the JEWC and in continuation of the series here is the contest for the month ofDecember'05. The essay writing contest is held for categories viz, junior Students below the age of 18 years and the other for senior students -age group between 18+to 30 years. Last date is 31st December'05.There is no entry fee. Winning essays get Certificate of appreciation and awards. The brief details of the contest are given below: - All entries must be submitted by E-Mails only to E-Mail : Or Saurabh Jain E-Mail, duly marked in subject as Jainpushp-Essay writing contest for Junior Students-December'05 OR (JEWC-5js). For complete details and rules etc please visit the web site or click the following links:- or

Hansi , Haryana,| December 03,The Haryana police have recovered 40 of the 53 antique idols stolen from a Jain temple in Hansi town in Hisar district and arrested eight persons in connection with the sensational theft on October 26. Inspector General of Police Y P Singal told that the recovery of the idols worth crores of rupees was made from differnt places and those arrested were identified as Naveen, Rishi, Rajpal, Suresh, Satinder, Ram Kumar and Surinder. The breakthrough in the case was made yesterday following the arrest of Naveen who was already on bail in an attempt to murder case. Naveen, who was arrested for possession of illegal arms in Bhiwani, told the police during interrogation that the conspiracy for the theft was hatched in Bhiwani Jail where he was lodged along with some other accused before they were released on bail.

Mr Singal said the eight culprits were arrested and 40 idols recovered on the basis of the information extracted from Naveen. Some of the remaining idols were said to have been dumped by the culprits in a water tank in Hisar where the police was yet to make a search. Naveen said the accused had conducted a recce of the Digambar Jain temple twice before they committed the crime on October 26. Mr Singal said though the culprits contacted some jewellers to sell the antique idols but due to the heavy pressure of the police they could not take out the idols to the market. In the international market, the estimated cost of the stolen idols was said to be around 100 crore. The Haryana police, which had sent its teams to various places to trace the culprits, spent more than Rs five lakh to nab them, Mr singal said.

SURYA NAMASKAR -BY MR. ASHWIN NAGAR,E-Mail : Surya Namaskar is a combination of few Yogasana postures. This is a well balanced set of movements that will stretch all the muscles in the body and keep the body and mind healthy. There are 13 mantras which are different names of Sun God. We should chant a mantra before each Surya Namaskar.

Dear Friends, I am looking for funding from Jain Foundation or Organisaion for fellowship in Shoulder surgery and sports injuries in John Hopkins in USA. I am Orthopaedic surgeon from Mumbai, finished residency in August 2005- c yaa
sankalp , E-Mail :

MRS. GANDHI'S NGO 'PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS' LAUNCHES AHIMSA PEACE SILK - Ahimsa Peace Silk has been developed by the largest NGO in the country, 'People for Animals'. Its Chairperson is the world-renowned environmentalist and animal welfare spokesperson Mrs. Maneka Gandhi. In the Ahimsa Peace Silk division of People for Animals a large number of tribal weaver groups in Assam, Gujarat, Nagaland, Himachal Pradesh and Uttaranchal have been trained for the production of these kind of silk textiles. Reputed designers and professionals have provided the groups with the latest design inputs, resulting in the production of a wide range of Ahimsa Peace Silk products like shawls, stoles, yardage, made-ups, saris, furnishing fabrics, knitwear, garments, rugs and other diversified products - and in the process traditional designs have been revived and adapted to current trends for new markets. The items are in pure ahimsa silk fiber or blends and dyes used are natural as well as azo-free chemical dyes. Production lines have been systemized to give a continuous flow of such silk.

The traditional process of silk production requires the killing of hundreds of thousands of silk moths in their pupae stage by heating and boiling, though most consumers are not aware of this cruelty involved in the production process of normal reeled silk. Silk can also be made in a non-violent way, particularly non-mulberry silks. Ahimsa Peace Silk does away with brutal practices in the production of silk without compromising on the quality of output - which actually improves because of fiber purity. Unlike the conventional method where pupae are killed before reeling yarn from the cocoons, in the production of Ahimsa Peace Silk the adult moths are allowed to emerge alive from the cocoons and then the silk yarn is spun from the open-ended (eri) cocoons and from pierced tassar and muga cocoons that have been used in breeding cycles or those found in jungles.

Ahimsa Peace Silk creates unique products that appeal to the demand of environmentally conscious clientele all over the world that believes in non-violent and eco-friendly production processes. It provides an alternative for discerning consumers to make their choices in such a way that even as they buy silk they are able to accord the respect that our fellow living beings on the earth deserve from us. So far this option was not there for silk fabrics - now it is! For further information contact :Ms. Leelavati Sabale,Ahimsa Peace Silk (I) Pvt Ltd. E-Mail : or Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, E-Mail:

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