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Ahimsa Times - March 2006 Issue

Vol. No. 69

March, 2006


JOIN SHRI GYANMATI MATAJI ARYIKA DEEKSHA GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATIONS - Most venerable, knowledgeable & the most ancient in the tradition of the Digambar Jain ascetics of the present day Shri Gyanmati Mataji is crossing over the 50th golden year of her ascetic life. Its a very great & prestigious occasion for the whole Jain Society. Please join the program with your family and get the blessings of Pujya Mataji with bowing & expressing your hearty devotion towards her. Programme Date and Venue: 14th, 15th & 16th April 2006 at Jamboodweep- Hastinapur (Meerut) U.P. [it is just 100 km away from Delhi], Ph:(01233) 280186, 280236, 280316, 09412708203. News courtesy : Mr. Tarun Jain,Phone=09359926578, E-Mail

PALITANA TO BE DEVELOPED AS TOURISM SPOT BY GUJARAT GOVT. - To promote religious tourism in Palitana the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat will spend Rs 50 lakh to develop infrastructure facilities for pilgrims. The Jain pilgrimage centre would be projected internationally to attract pilgrims from across the world. A two-day religious festival has also been organised by Gujarat Govt. on March 11 and 12. The mountain town of Palitana is one of the major pilgrimages in India for Jains and is also one of the most difficult to access. To provide better infrastructure facilities like accommodation, roads, drinking water and beautification, the Govt. has taken the initiative. Palitana is visited by lakhs of pilgrims but the infrastructure facilities in the temple town needs a lot of improvement. During the two-day fest, a seminar on astronomy would be organised, in which a team of scientists from Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Jain saints and a team of research students and professors of Bhavnagar University would discuss Jain principles and modern astronomy. Palitana is also known for rosewater and musical instruments industry. ( Photo - View of Palitana Temple Complex )

SUWALAL BAFNA, THE HEAD OF ALL INDIA STHANAKWASI JAIN CONFERENCE HONOURED WITH PADMASHREE BY THE PRESIDENT OF INDIA - Dr. Suwala Bafna, an industrialist, a businessman, educationist, social worker and a politician has been honoured by the President of India with Padamshree. Dr. Bafna is also holding the Presidentship of All India Sthanakwasi Jain Conference. Jainsamaj congratulates him for the honour bestowed on him. Dr. Bafna has also received several other awards in past. Doctor of Philosophy (Alternative Medecines) conferred by Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Calcutta, Krishi Ratna Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh "Samaj Bhushan Puraskar 2003" conferred by Shri. Shivaji Loka Vidyapith, Kalyan, "Dalit Sevak" conferred by Zilla Parishad. Dhule, For Outstanding Social Service Award conferred BY Giants International.

SHRI PRATAP BHAI BHOGILAL FELICITATED FOR HIS SERVICES TO JAIN COMMUNITY - On March 4, 2006 felicitation of Shri Pratap Bhogilal, former Chairman Bhogilal Leherchand Institute of Indology (BLII) and founder of BLII and a book release function on Panchagranthi Vyakarana of Buddhisagarsuri and was held at India International centre, Delhi. The Chief Guest Dr. (Mrs.) Kapila Vatsyayan, MP Rajyasabha and eminent personality in the field of Indian culture, released the book.

On this occasion Dr Kapilaji lauded the effort of the Institute and its editor in bringing out the first edition of the work of 10th century on Grammar by Shvetambara Acharya Buddhisagarsuri. She refuted the claim by westerners that modern Indian writing is confined to a sort of commentaries to their ancient treatises.

She wished a long healthy and active life for Pratapbhai Bhogilal and wished that his guidance and patronage to activities pertaining to Jain studies would continue. Shri Pratapbhai, on this occasion, remembered his father, who inspired him to do something in this area of Indology. He also acknowledged the inspiration of Sadhvi Mrugawatiji. He said we should practice aparigraha in accumulation.

In the second session Dr. J. B. Shah initiated the symposium by highlighting the contribution of Jain tradition to Indian Sanskrit grammar. He narrated with detail the manner of writing Shabdanushasan (i.e. Siddhahaimavyakarana) of Hemachandra and its presentation (Lokaprakasha) through a royal and grand ceremony organized by Chaulukya King Siddharaja Jayasingh. Dr. N.M. Kansara threw light on the method of its editing and importance of this work. This session was chaired by Dr. J. B. Shah and conducted by Dr. Balaji Ganorkar, Officiating Director, BLII. Courtesy: Mr. V. . Jain, E-Mail: ( Photo : Dr. N. P. Jain Presenting book to Dr. (Mrs.) Kapila Vatsyayan & Shri Pratapbhai )

Dr Kalyan Gangwal has just been awarded the Dr Nemichand Jain Smruti Puraskar for his book "Vegetarianism: A Healthy Way of Life". Are you headed for trouble with your current diet pattern, perhaps without even knowing it? Probably the big news, according to Kalyan Gangwal, competent physician, social worker, social thinker, psychologist and a a staunch advocate of vegetarianism, is that more people today are suffering from cancer and other heart ailments due to the non-vegetarian diet patterns they opt for.

The entire anatomical pattern of the human body is that of a herbivor and most physical ailments are directly or indirectly related to the diet a person follows. he says. Even today for Gangwal it's no looking back as he strives on his mission to propagate vegetarianism and aims at making the society tobacco-addiction free. Given the compelling and inspiring speaker that he is, his sole purpose is to educate people and especially youth on the drawbacks of the non-vegetarian diet, which according to researchers results to a violent behavior.

He started a voluntary movement 25 years back right during his days in college, he says, It's the age has where more and more people are recognising the link between food habits and lifestyle in relations their cardiac health and behavior functions. Even the West is turning towards vegetarian but the need for a definite effort in India towards it is vitally important, as here non-vegetarian food is considered a major diet fad, says Gangwal who was awarded the Vegetarian of the Year award 2000.

Also the winner of the Mahavir Ahimsa Award 2002, he has strived to create awareness through books, social conferences, lectures and active school and college visits in Pune. His most recent book A total of nine books to his credit, he says 20 percent of school children today consume tobacco in one form or the other, which eventually becomes a addiction leading to a phase of violence. He feels that these children require an early confrontation, psychotherapy and counseling and further adds, My crusade is to make the people aware of these harmful substances and the ill effects they cause in the long run.

Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation invites nominations, from across the nation, for the 11th Mahaveer Awards. The award is for people who have contributed substantially in the fields of propagation of non-violence and vegetarianism, education and medicine, community and social service. The award carries a cash prize of Rs 5 lakhs, a citation and a scroll for each category. The last day of nomination is 30 April. Applications can be sought from Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation, 11, Ponnappa Lane, PB No.2983, Triplicane, Chennai-65 or it can also be down loaded from their website:


It was announced by Dr. L. M. Singhvi, Chairman of the Awards Committee constituted by Acharya Nanesh Samta Puraskar Nirnayak Mandal that 'Samta Puraskar', an award given by the All India Sadhumargi Jain Sangh, one of the sects of Shwetambar Sthanakwasi sect, will be bestowed this year to the national scholar, philosopher and eminent thinker, Shri Nana Ji Deshmukh. This award is given to such a person who has shown complete equanimity and transparency through out his life and who is totally devoted to the development of poor, needy and backward people. Mr. Bhanwar Lal Kothari, organiser of the Awards committee mentioned that Nana Ji has been engaged through out his life in selfless service to the neglected people discarded by the society. He has been working assiduously for their education, economic and cultural development, self-reliance, self-sufficiency and self-employment.

Pankaz Chandmal Hingarh (Mumbai, India) bagged Jain Asmita Award for his research in Jain history and awakening Jains for preservation of their rich heritage. Ahimsa Award was bagged by Saurabh Dalal (USA) for his devotion to promoting Veganism and vegetarianism. Achraya Kundkund award was declared to Shri. Sreepalan VC (Bangkok) and Shri Pravin K Shah (USA) for promoting Jainism through electronic media. Jain of The Year Award went to Shri Shantilalji Mutha (Pune, India) for his work in Tsunami affected area. All these awards are offered by Jain Friends group of Pune. News Courtesy: Mr. Mahavir Sanglikar ( Photo : Shri Pankaj Chandmal Hingarh )

Rampuria Trust at Bikaner, Rajasthan has invited nomination from writers who have written book / monograph / report / research paper on Jainism or related subjects. Anyone who is interested may send nomination for the same. The annual award carries citation and Rs. 51000. For details, please contact Rampuria Trust, Bikaner, Rajasthas directly. Courtesy: Mr. Trilok Jain, E-Mail:

JAIN YOUTH CAMP AT ONTARIO, CANADA TO BE HELD IN AUGUST - The annual Jain Youth Camp - IMJM Canada is proposed to held at Michaelite House, London, Ontario, Canada, on August 10-13, 2006. The theme of the camp is: "Jainism and Ecology". The age limit for the participants is 12-17 yrs. and the Cost is: $125.00 Canadian. Organised by volunteers from IMJM Canada, this annual camp is held for young Jains (12-17 yrs) to educate them about what it means to be a Jain in the North American environment. This year's theme is Jainism and Ecology. With a new location that is rich in flora and fauna, it will be an exciting and practical experience for the youth to interact directly with nature, away from the concrete jungles. Cost is being subsidized by fund-raising and donations, and is only $125 total (Canadian dollars). This includes transportation (from Toronto), accommodation, meals, activities, T-shirt, and handbook. Youth will learn, enjoy, and meet other youth from all over North America. High quality programming has been planned and will be led by counsellors (who are volunteer young professionals with an express interest in Jainism) as well as invited guests. For details, please visit : E-Mail:, E-Mail :

Jain Mahasabha, Delhi organized the first conference of journalists from Jain community, which was attended by the participants from across the country. The conference was held at Adhyatm Sadhana Kendra, Mehrauli, New Delhi on 18th and 19th March 2006. The credit for organizing this conference goes to Prof. Ratan Jain, Secretary General of the Mahasabha. It was his dedicated and committed efforts which made the conference extremely successful in presenting the views and issues relating to the community. The chief guest of the program Mr. Oscar Fernandis, the minister in the Central Cabinet also appreciated the Jain community for achieving highest rate of woman education in the country, control on birth rate and compassion towards the society. Conference was also attended by Samnis from Terapanth and several important leaders of the community. Mr. Swadesh Bhushan Jain, editor of Punjab Kesari, highlighted the achievements of the community and also said that this conference is organised with the objective of not isolating Jains journalism but to consolidate the views of society. One of the main issue discussed at conference was the problem faced by Jain journalists in collecting proper press notes about the programs. People want their programs to be reported but do not send the print material and therefore many important events go totally unreported. The community should see that a proper press report is prepared after the program and delivered for publication.

The main subjects discussed at the conference were:
1. Jain Newspapers & Magazines
2. Jain Unity and Relevance of Jain Journalisms
3. Compassion, Environment & Vegetarianism
4. Population of Jains & Male - Female Ratio
5. Minority Status to Jains by Govt.
6. Increasing Consumerism & Role of Media
For any further information about the programme, you may contact Prof. Ratan Jain at Jain Mahasabha Delhi, A-161, Ashok Vihar, Phase - II, Delhi - 110052. Tel. 27215644, Mob. 98-992-28882. ( Photo : Prof. Ratan Jain )

The preparations for the next International Summer School which is scheduled to held in June - July 2006 in Jain Academic Studies are progressing. The expected number of participants will be 14 - 16. Here is a brief breakdown: Full time Professors ( 2 from American and 2 from Canadian Universities) 4 Ph.D students ( North America) 4 Medical School Graduates ( M.Ds) 1 Returning Scholars ( from last year's summer school) 2 Ph.D student from Thailand 1 Ph.D student from Singapore 2.

There is a possibility of addition of one to two more scholars ( one more Medical Doctor plus one more student /Professor). Last year, there were seven ( 7 ) scholars in the class. For the first time, University of Loma Linda ( California) Medical School is sending M.Ds to study Jain life style, Jain dietary habits and Jain Yoga and Meditation and their influence on healing and good health. It can be observed that slowly the school is becoming truly international in nature. For details, please look at the web site for this program. Nearly, most of the arrangements have been completed in India for this School. The team in India is working to make the next School of much higher quality in all respects. There is a significant participation by four senior level Professors. These Professors, after their return from this school will work to offer regular courses in Jainism at their respective schools. As a result of last Summer School, we already know of 4 places where regular courses in Jainism are being or will be offered soon. Courtesy: Dr. Sulekh C. Jain, Houston, Texas, USA 281 494 7656. E-Mail:


Recently, Inter-Rreligious Organisatino of Singapore Government recognized Jain religion as tenth faith in the country. Earlier the recognized faiths consisted of nine main faiths, namely Hindu, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Baha'i with now Jainism acknowledged as the 10th official faith in Singapore. To celebrate this occasion about one thousand members of Jain community organized three day celebrations from 3rd to 5th March. The inaugural program was also attended by Mr. George Yeo, Minister for Foreign Affairs at the Kallang Theatre in Singapore. This event saw the culmination of many years of efforts by the Singapore Jain Religious Society (SJRS) of seeking official recognition of Jainism into the folds of the Inter Religious Organization (IRO), Singapore. The IRO Singapore founded in 1949, is the key body referred to by the Singapore administration for all matters on religious integration and harmony in Singapore.

A spectacular sound & light feature during the official inception plaque handover as well as resounding speeches by Minister George Yeo, Mr Harbans Singh and Mr Ashvin Desai; including short introductions on Jainism by Gurudev Chitrabhanuji and Sadhviji Shilapiji and a short interlude by the "Punditz", rounded of the evening. Discourses and Panel discussions were organized for members on Sat, 4 Mar and Sun, 5 March, led by distinguished religious leaders and speakers, namely Gurudev Chitrabhanuji, Sadhviji Shilapiji, Padmashri Kumarpal Desai and Prof Cromwell Crawford, Chair & Head of Department of Religious Studies, at the University of Hawaii. An unique dialogue session was also held on Sat, 4 Mar, pm, with representatives from the other nine faiths of the IRO, with Jain religious leaders. "Punditz" gave a house holding 3-hr concert performance on Sat, 4Mar evening at the Kallang theatre. Courtesy: Dr. Sulekh C. Jain, Houston, Texas, USA, 281 49.... E-Mail


Ahimsa Center at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona invites you to the Meera and Jasvant Modi International Conference on nonviolence, Ahimsa and the Quality of Life, April 28-30, 2006. This conference will explore how ahimsa enriches life at personal, interpersonal and social levels. The conference will bring together broad range of scholarships and experiences to provide compelling insights from multiple perspectives into the relationships between ahimsa and quality of life. Details about the conference program and on-line registration are available at For more information, please contact Center Director, Dr. Tara Sethia E-Mail: Tara Sethia, Ph.D., Director, Ahimsa Center, Professor, History Department, California State Polytechnic University, 3801 West Temple Avenue, Pomona, CA 91768.

Shravangola - On the holy occasion of Mahamastakabhishek of Bhagwan Bahubali at Shravangola, thirtynine Jain diksha were performed in the Digambar sect belonging to Acharya Shanti Sagar Ji Maharaj in the presence of Acharya Shri 108 Vardhman Sagar Ji Maharaj and thirteen other Digambar Acharyas. All the arrangements were made under the leadership of Swastishri Charukeerti Bhattarak Mahaswami Ji. Twelve Kshullaks were accepted as Digambar muni, eight Brahmcharini as Aryika and one Brahmchari as Kshullak, under different acharyas and aryikas. An impressive procession was taken out through the town on the previous day in which all eminent people present on the occasion, devotees and saints participated.

Kundalpur - Fifty-eight Brahmcharini ladies observing strict celibacy were also accepted as Aryikas on the 13th February, 2006 by Acharya Shri Vidhya Sagar Ji maharaj, belonging to Jain Digambar sect at the Jain Teerth, in M.P. Kundalpur. This for the first time that Aryika Diksha has been given in such a large number by the Acharya Shri.

INTRODUCING JAINISM (English) - By Dr. SC Jain, 2006 220 x 140 mm 158 pp, Hardcover Rs. 325 - "Introducing Jainism" by Dr. SC Jain epitomizes the key themes and tenets of Jainism. It is a thorough review of the history, doctrine, scriptures, Tirthankaras, the pancaparameshthi, the laity, social and anthropological aspects of Jainism, and an examination of the etymology and ontology of Jain doctrine. Classical Jain concepts of anekantavada, syadvada, the karma doctrine and the Jain concept of Godhood are analysed in a modern and analytical manner. The author, Dr SC Jain is a septuagenarian scholar of Jainism and has authored "Structure and Functions of Soul in Jainism", many academic articles based on Jain logic and other subjects, and an English translation of Daulatarama's "Chahadhala". To order this book, please E-Mail : Courtesy: Manish Modi, Hindi Granthalaya, 9 Hirabaug C.P. Tank, Mumbai 400004.

MAHAVIRA'S WORDS (English) - By Walther Schubring, English tr. of the orignal German work, "Worte Mahaviras. Kritische Ubersetzungen" With much added material by W. Bollée & J. Soni 2004 270 x 270 mm 310 pp, Hardcover Rs. 600 - This is a superlative scholarly work in the field of Jaina studies! Schubring's German translation strived to be completely faithful to the original text. The English translation of the original work in German, along with much added material by Prof. W. Bollée and Dr. J. Soni exemplifies perfect translation. W. Bollée had access to W. Schubring's personal notes, and hence all the corrections, observations and notes that Schubring made have been accommodated in this work. Besides presenting an authoritative English rendition of Schubring's masterpiece, the translators have brought it up to date in many aspects w.r.t references, bibliography, etc. and taken cognizance of relevant research carried out since then in the field of Jaina studies. To order this book, please write to E-Mail: Courtesy: Manish Modi, Hindi Granthalaya, 9 Hirabaug C. P. Tank, Mumbai 400004.

GREAT WORDS, WIN HEARTS BY DR. UJJWAL PATNI - Dr. Ujjwal Patni is a renowned orator and an international author. He is also known as Speech Guru nationwide. He is a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD HOLDER WITH HIS TEAM LIFECRAFT. In the recent world book fair held in Delhi, the latest international book authored by Dr. Ujjwal Patni is launched. GREAT WORDS, WIN HEARTS is a fantastic book of global standard on public speaking, anchoring and communication skills. Dr Ujjwal Patni tells you the ways to get noticed, to get heard and to impress peoples. He tells you all about the power of words and expressions. The book is published by fusion books ,Delhi and is available worldwide. His earlier book on similar subject SAFAL WAKTA, SAFAL VYAKTI is popular. Honourable Governor of Chhattisgarh Shri K. M. Seth released his book GREAT WORDS WIN HEARTS in Rajbhawan Chhattisgarh last month. He has been featured in numerous national and international newspapers and websites .Dr .Ujjwal Patni and his team are also featured in TV channels like Zee TV, Star news, Sahara TV, E TV ,India TV, Jain TV, Doordarshan and others. He takes seminars and workshops nation wide on subjects like effective public speaking, communication skills, success, positive thinking, salesmanship, self marketing etc. Jain community is proud of people like him. Courtesy: Dr. Anay Jain, E-Mail:

Panchagranthi Vyakarana of Buddhisagarsuri - (A Critical Edition), Editor: Dr. N. M. Kansara, Pages: 70+420, Price: Rs. 1495/=, Publisher: Bhogilal Leherchand Institute of Indology, New Delhi. This is the first compact, comprehensive and complete metrical Grammar of Classical Sanskrit, composed by the celebrated Jain Acharya Buddhisagarsuri (981-1025 A.D.). In accordance with the tradition of all the extant systems of Sanskrit Grammar, Buddhsagara has treated in his work all the five aspects, viz., the Dhatupatha, Ganapatha, Unadipatha, Linganusasana, and the main text of the Vyakaranasutras of which the former five are the auxiliaries, thus making it the full Pancanga Vyakarana. This work is the critical edition of the work, of which the editor has utilized four Mss. the oldest one belonging to the 13th century CE. The extant text comes to an end with Sanskrit Adhikara, at the end of the second Pada of the fourth Adhyaya. Each Adhyaya consists of four Padas, the last one being only half complete. The Linganusasana is located in the auto-commentary of a Sutra (; the Ganapatha is scattered in various Padas of different Adhyayas, the Dhatupatha is located in the auto-commentary on a sutra ( The Unadipatha is located in the auto-commentary of a sutra ( And, the verses contain the main rules. Dr. Narayan Kansara, the editor and commentator, is currently the Director of the Akshardham Centre for Applied Research in Social Harmony, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. Courtesy: Dr Balaji Ganorkar, E-Mail:

Team Conte, which means a team of story tellers has launched its first project "The Story of Shravanbelagola". The presentation is through the medium of compact disc, which is available for Rs. 250.00 from the office Team Conte, 74/3, Devanatha Char Street, 5th Mn, Chamarajapet, Bangalore - 18. E-Mail: This is a thirty minute documentary about Shravanbelagola giving the historical evolution and describing the religious faith and architecture of the place. The institution also plans to carry out similar projects for other places of interest. Courtesy: Mr. Pankaj Modi,

Son of Dr. L. M. Singhvi the veteran politician, diplomat and law expert Mr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi who has been actively associated with congress has been nominated to Rajya Sabha. Mr. Singhvi is also a law expert and associated with congress for a long time. In Mr. Singhvi, Jain Samaj has found another representative in the Government and we hope he will always be there whenever we need him. We congratulate him on his joining Rajya Sabha.

Along with four other Indians, Payal Jain will act as umpire in this years championships at Wimbledon. The other Indian names are Nitin Kannamwar, Praveen Kumar. Lalit Mohan Singh and Abhishek Mukherjee.

Parliament has passed a Bill which would enable those desiring to set up minority educational institutions to get early clearance from states as also affiliation to universities. Replying to a debate on the National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions (Amendment) Bill, Minister of State for Human Resource Development M A A Fatmi said that the state would give No Objection Certificate within 90 days of application to anybody wishing to set up such an institution, or notify a reason for refusal. If no reason is given, it would be construed as grant of NOC , the minister said, adding in case of refusal the party can approach the Commission which would in turn take a decision in consultation with the state. The amended bill envisages giving the right to Minority Educational Institutions to seek affiliation to any university of their choice subject to rules, ordinances and acts of these universities.

Government of India has made a web site, named about India to promote tourism in the country. To a tourist, this site reflects a rough picture of India and a blend of its religions & its cultures. But its very disheartening to find that Jainism has been reported on this site as founded by Lord Mahavira. As is well-known, Jainism of this era was founded by Lord Rishabh Dev and its philosophy was propagated by remaining 23 tirthankars, Bhagwan Mahaveer, being the last one. Thus, Jainism existed even before the Indus valley civilisation. See history of India portrayed by Government at: Many tourists before visiting any country try to study about that country through information available on their websites.

Noted author and social worker Pandit Shri Dharam Chand Shastri in a function organized by Mahatma Gandhi Manavta Manch at Manav Shanti Pratishthan Complex, Gurgaon on March 4th on the occasion of its launch suggested that the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi is extremely relevant in our daily life. Our happiness comes from good relations with our relatives, friends and neighbors. We should show more tolerance and understanding in our behavior towards our close circle. Gandhiji's policy of ahimsa has more relevance in our homes than at national and international level. Shastriji strongly suggested that court litigation should be avoided by everyone, whether it relates to land, money or any other right. He said, problems can be resolved amicably by senior most persons at home or in society. He also said that a lot of people approach him for resolution of their social and business problems. On this occasion, Mahatma Gandhi Manavta Manch distributed sarees to village women and family members living around Manav Shanti Pratisthan. Shri Ram Chandra thanked Shastriji for helping in organizing the program and said on behalf of the Manch that it will their endeavour to keep the Gandhiji's thinking alive. He also said the Manch intends to open a dispensary to provide medical help to the weaker section of the society free of cost.

SIDHARTH RESORTS, MAHAVIRJI, RAJASTHAN LAUNCHED BY MINISTER, AJAY MAKEN - For all these years Mahaveerji, (Rajasthan) which is one of the most prominent and sacred Jain Teerth suffered from lack of good accommodations and facilities for pilgrims. So in order to serve the pilgrims Mr. Naren Bhiku Ram Jain (also a congress leader) has taken the initiative to develop a luxurious resort for the visitors. The proposed resort will be of five star category and will provide all kinds of facilities and accommodations to visiting pilgrims. The resort will also construct and sell completely furnished apartments to members of Jain community. Resort developers will provide most modern amenities including security systems etc. to make the occupants comfortable. A lot of work has already been done on this resort. Interested buyers of property in the resort may contact Mr. Naren Bhikuram Jain (Mob. No. 9811027563), E-Mail: Resort launch program was organized at LeMeriden Hotel, New Delhi on 26th February 2006. ( Photo : Mr. Lalit Makan, Mr. Naresh Madipuriya & Mr. Naren Jain )

The SP Jain Centre of Management is set to become the first Indian business management school to start academic classes at Singapore. The SPJCM opened talks with the Singapore authorities only six months ago and got permission to operate. The first batch will consists of 35 students and the classes will start from April 10 in a heritage building on a seven-acre campus.

Gwalior Police have recovered five 300-year-old idols of Bhagwan Mahavir, the founder of Jainism, from thieves who thought it to be made of gold. The statues, which are actually made out of brass, were stolen recently from a Jain temple in Madhya Pradesh's Karhiyya village. The theft outraged the local Jain community who stepped up pressure on the local police to identify the culprits. Police said two thieves broke the temple by cutting its locks with mechanized gas cutters. "Some criminals had broken locks and taken the five idols with them. They are very precious statues and are at least 200-300 years old. Since they were linked with religious sentiments of a particular community, this was a very sensational crime," said Manmeet Singh Narang, Superintendent of Police, Gwalior. One of the accused, Hira, said they were arrested, as they were about to sell off the idols. "We had stolen them from Karhiyya village and later hid them at a place in-between two villages. We took them to a goldsmith for checking, whom we met on the way. We don't know his name and he was just an acquaintance. But when he saw the statues, he told us that they were of brass. We left them after that," he said.

NARAD FAMILY'S (INDORE) EFFORTS TO PROMOTE EYE DONATION - To promote eye donation after death, the Narad family in memory of Late Rajendra Hukumchand Narad felicitates the family of a person who has donated eyes after death. Recently, 'Late Shri Rajendra Hukumchand Narad. Marnoprant Netradaan - Samman Prasang' general body was constituted comprising Vishwa Ahimsa Sangh, New Delhi president Dalchand Jain, Kusumkant Jain and Ashok Barjatya. Dr. Sandeep Narad in a release exhorted the Jain community members to be a part of this drive. Every year, after the Paryushan Parv, the family members of the donor will be felicitated with a citation in a public ceremony to be announced at the appropriate time, The family of the donors can register themselves at 9, Padmavati Colony, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. You can also speak to Dr. Sandeep Narad, President on Tel. No. 0731-4096441. ( Photo : Donor Family being felicitated )

Astronomers have found a new kind of planet body, a giant body much larger than any rocky earth-like body ever discovered, in the orbit around a distant star. Moons of super-Earth could be as large as planets in our Solar System. Red dwarf star 9000 light years from earth; newly found super Earth is in orbit around it. Universe may have many Super Earths. Discovers estimate that 35 percent of all stars have super earth Planets. (Source:-Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics through -HT dated 21st March'06) Besides the above cited discovery, in future there could be many more research findings on the universe. The description of the Three Lokas -Universe is already available in number of Jain Scriptures. E-book "Jaina Geography" By Ganini Pramukh Jnanamati Mata Ji is available on internet. This book Cover details about Three Lokas, Madhyaloka ,Jambudvipa and much more. To know about the universe and all these worlds please click on the following link:-

MAHARASHTRA GOVT. ORDERS KILLING OF THOUSANDS OF HEN FOR FEAR OF BIRD FLU -In view of the increasing incidence of bird flu in various parts of the country and the news received about the death of over 50 thousand hens and chickens in the rural and adivasi district of Nandurbar, Maharashtra Government has ordered killing of lakhs of hens and chicken. Many non-Government organisations in the country, working for animal protection have taken this order seriously and are opposing the move of killing the innocent birds. Mrs. Maneka Gandhi, who is spear-heading the movement against cruelty to animals in the whole country has come out totally against the Government move to kill birds for preventing bird flu disease. According to her, bird flu has been depicted as serious but it is not really so. It is just like any other flu. However, one of the Indian multi-national companies, which has recently got a license for an 'anti-bird flu' medicine is going to be immensely benefited.

The noted film producer and director Suraj Barjatya has lanunched his new film, Vivah, which is starred by Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao. The music is provided by admired music director and composer Ravindra Jain. The film is based on the sanctity and relationship of an engagement leading to a marriage. It traces the relationship of two individuals who are tied together by their engagement rings, and the wonderful bond they share from then on. There are about nine songs in the film. Lyrics and music is by Ravindra Jain.


Man with the Midas touch - An expert in converting sick hotel units into profitable ventures, S P Jain, chairman of Pride Group of Hotels. Born to a farmer in Khairana village of Madhya Pradesh, S P Jain's personality reflects his humble origin. Lessons of life and the importance of education taught by his village school teachers did not fall on deaf ears.

He was inspired to pursue education further, excel in it with a first class degree in Commerce from Sagar University and go on to be a successful Chartered Accountant in Ujjain. Unaffected by the challenges of time, the hunger for achieving greater goals forced him to convince his father to let him move to the city of dreams - Mumbai. Then, of course, there was no looking back.

The transition - While he was working at building his CA unit, what struck him is that service and hospitality is the bottom line and building trust and confidence of your clients is what any business is all about Jain arrived in Mumbai in 1975 and started his own CA practice. But fate had other plans for him. The transformation came when he was working on building his CA unit and his management consultancy firm. What struck him is that service and hospitality was the bottom line and building trust and confidence with clients is what any business is all about. He extended these thoughts to hospitality and service and this was when he conceived the idea of Pride Group of Hotels. Today he is an established hotelier. The storyboard that outlines the sequence of events from then on is impressive. He is the new-age version of the man with the Midas touch. Credited with converting sick, non-performing assets into a success, Jain has turned properties in Pune, Nagpur and Ahmedabad into gold.

Vision 2011 - Eleven hotels with 11,000 rooms across 11 cities is the crux of the Pride Vision 2011. The Pride Group of Hotels, which, at present, has a total of 325 rooms in its three properties, has drawn up an ambitious Rs 3,500 million growth plan to expand its hotel chain to 11,000 five-star rooms by 2011. To support him in his expansion is his son Satyen Jain.

The British Parliament has taken a decision to ban the smoking of cigarettes with effect from April, 2007 at all public places in the country. The public places include pubs, bars, private clubs and restaurants and public buildings having a roof and four walls. It is for the first time that this ban is being imposed by the Parliament in a country where one out of every four persons have been smoking. Similar ban has already been approved for implementation in Ireland and Scotland apart from Italy, Norway, Malta and Sweden.

SAMUEL THOMAS ARRESTED BY RAJASTHAN POLICE FOR PUBLISHING INCORRECT FACTS ABOUT HINDU & JAIN DEITIES - Dr. Samuel Thomas heads Emmanuel Mission International, one of the largest Christian charities affiliated to Hopegivers International a US-based NGO. Samuel and his father D.M. Thomas are accused of spreading hatred among communities by publishing a book "Hakikat" (facts), which allegedly contains uncharitable references to some Hindu and Jain deities. "Hakikat", written by M. C. Mathew, has created communal tension in Rajasthan`s Kota town in recent weeks. The arrest took place in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Both Thomas and his father had gone underground after they were accused of distributing a controversial book. Police have also revoked the mission`s charity license. Authorities have sealed some offices and frozen the bank accounts. Kota police, meanwhile, claimed it had recovered all evidence suggesting the entire exercise of publishing the controversial book was carried out by the Samuel and his organization(EMI). Samuel Thomas, however, has denied it, saying the organisation undertook only the distribution of the book.

Delhi - Mahasati Shri Sulakshna Ji Maharaj breathed her last and left for her heavenly abode after accepting 'Santhara-samadhi' on Sunday, the 19th March, 2006 at New Delhi. Her body was laid at rest and cremated at Nigambodh Ghat amid applauses and triumphal cheers and chanting of Shlokas. Sadhwi Sulakshna Ji belonged to Sadhu Margi Jain Sangh, a sub-sect of Shwetambat Sthanakwasi sect. Condolences meetings were held in different parts of Delhi and in many other towns.

Shravanbelgola - Poojya Aryika Pramukha Ganini Shri 105 Vijay Mati Mata Ji left for her heavenly abode at Shravanbelgola on the 19th February, 2006, the last day of the Mahamastakabhishek. She had accepted samadhi-maran prior to her death. She, alongwith other sadhwi in her group had travelled a distance of about 500 km. from Pondicherry, where she had been having chaturmas, to this place so as to be able to join the Mahamastaka-bhishek ceremony.

On the 19th of March 2006 it was reported that the well known spiritual teacher Dr. Niruben Amin passed away after a profound battle with stomach cancer. Please visit www.dadashri.orgl & learn about her teachings about Jainism & forth coming Tirthankar Simandhar Swami by her guru. A Gynaecologist by profession, Dr Niruben Amin realised her true calling in life after receiving Atmagnan from the Gnani in 1968. She dedicated her entire life in the service of the Akram Vignani and recorded thousands of satsangs at the feet of the Gnani.

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