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Nakoda pilgrimage, built in the desert land of Rajasthan, bears a gloriously pious dignity. It is universally accepted that so much is dedicated by the devotees at this place of pilgrimage that the receipts not only help management of small pilgrimages, but also many schools, colleges, hospitals and 'dharmshalas' (charitable lodges) are being constructed and managed. The glory of Lord parshwanath and the protecting deity of the pilgrimage Shree Bhairavji Maharaj is so much world-renowed that they are considered by the devotees as 'Haath-Ka-Huzoor' (Lord at hand) and 'Jaagti Jot' (Living light). This place has a thousand miraculous anecdotes. Wishes made in the name of this place attain fulfillment. The common masses maintain that the 'Prasad' (offerings in the form of sweets, fruits etc.) dedicated here should be distributed within the precincts of the pilgrimage. Taking the 'Prasad' elsewhere from the parameter of the pilgrimage is not considered to be proper.

As per historical references, Nakoda is related to a person named Nakorsen who lived in the third century before Vikram era. It was Nakorsen who had founded a city called Nakor , which in course of time became famous as Nakoda. Nakorsen had got a temple constructed here which was consecrated by the lotus hands of Acharya Sthoolibhadra.

Many great acharyas (head of a Jain order or a group) and kings, notable among them being Acharya Suhastisuri, Siddhasen Diwakar, Mantungacharya, Kalkacharya, Haribhadra Suri, king Samprati and king Vikramaditya had visited this place as pilgrims, Jain acharyas also got this pilgrimage renovated by those kings. In the twelfth-thirteenth centuries, invasions of Muslim rulers had occurred on this pilgrimage, during which the temples were heavily damaged. This pilgrimage was reconstructed in the fifteenth century. The idol of Lord Parshwanath which is installed here now was consecrated in samvat 1429. According to one belief, since this idol was found in Nakor city, it became famous as Nakoda Parshwanath, whereas according to an ancient traditional legend a 'shravak' named Jina Dutt, had found it from a lake near Sindhari village and it was consecrated by the lotus hands of Acharya Shree Udaysuri.

The miraculous deity of this place, Shree Bhairavji Maharaj was ceremoniously installed here in samvat 1511 by Acharya Kirtiratna Suri. This pilgrimage continuously prospered after the installation of Nakoda Bhairav. The miracles of this place found abode in the minds of the people. The devotees poured in from various places of the country and abroad. From time to time the pilgrimage has been restored and salvaged too.

Till the seventeenth century, Jains were in majority in this pilgrimage, but later on, the residents of this place went to other villages and towns nearby and settled there.

Hundreds-thousands of travellers come here daily from every corner of India and maintain partnership in the name of Bhairav even in their business. This is indicative of a unique faith towards Bhairavdev. A big fair is held here on Poush Krishna Dashami, which is the birthday of Lord Parshwanath.

There are several small and big temples near the main temple. On the right side of the temple a magnificent idol of 'Sanwalia' (dusky) Parshwanath is installed. In this very chamber the idols of Mother Saraswati, Dada Jindutt Suri, Acharya Kirtiratna Suri et al are also installed. There is the magnificent temple of Lord Aadinath at the rear of the main temple. The outer arch of this temple is very artistic.

On the right, outside the main temple, stands the magnificent temple of Lord Shantinath. Here the full-size images of Lord Parshwanath and Lord Shantinath are etched on marble. Outside the main temple two ancient idols of Lord Neminath stand in meditational posture. On viewing the solemn countenance of the idol, the heart becomes enchanted. In this very temple are installed the ancient foot-images of Dada Jindutt Suri. At the rear of the temple there is a small but beautiful Siddhachakra temple. For the convenience of the Pilgrims, there are huge 'dharmshalas' where thousands can stay at a time. Besides the huge dining hall, there is Mahaveer Kala Mandir outside the temple premises which fascinates the hearts of the visitors. Inspiring and eye-filling collection of magnificent pictures concerning the life of Lord Mahaveer are displayed there.

Nakoda pilgrimage is a center of worship for the masses due to its miraculous peril-preventing power. On remembering Nakoda, the Lord makes the path of life hurdle-free and paved.

From-World Renowned Jain Pilgrimages Reverence And Art
By-Mahopadhyaya Lalitprabh Sagar

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