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Jain Temple - Combodia


Location: Angkorvat City, Combodia
Travel : By Plane From Pnompenh To Angkorvat


"Panchmeru Temple" Angkorvat is one of the 72 temples situated in approximately 260 sq. Kms. Area in and around Angkor town in sitemreap province of Combodia. These temples have been built in the memory of famous personalities and probably must not be of other than Lord Rishebdeo, Parshwanath and Rama. There is also a city in Thailand near Bankok named Ayodhya. The former name of Vietnam was Champa.

The local people call these statues of Lord Buddha inspite of the fact that there is no evidence of serpent protection on Lord Buddha on any of the Buddhist literature. As per Harivansh Puran it is possible that Bhagwan Mahaveer also established his Samavsaran at Khambhoj which may be Combodia only. All these arguments suggest that these are Jain statues and our belief has strong reasonings.



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