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Digambar Jain Chaityalaya, Nairobi


Digambar Jain Chaityalaya, Nairobi - Kenya

Pujyashree Kanjiswami, after spending many years as a Jain monk in the Sthanakwasi sect and thereafter doing deep study of the Digamber Jain scriptures and meditation, exposed the true meaning of Jainism and explained the correct path of practice to attain the ultimate objective of self realisation. He decided to reside in the secluded village of Songadh in Saurashtra to do further study, meditate and pursue his goal, but soon found followers gathering around to learn the true meanings of scriptures explained by him, and the impact of which later spread all over India and abroad to Kenya, U. K., U. S. A. and other parts of world.. In the early 1950s, Jains in Nairobi, Kenya formed a Mandal and later bought a property for a swadhyay hall and temple. The Foundation Stone Was Laid Down On 21st Jan 1976. But the pinnacle was reached when a new Shikharbandh temple was consecrated and a panchkalyanak pratishta mahotsava was held Under The Guidance Of Late Gurudevshree Kanjiswamiji, Spiritual Saint Of India.



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