Shree Mahavir Viklang Sahayata:- Kendra for Rehabilitation of Handicapped, Jaipur

Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti

New Delhi, Jaipur



Introduction : Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti, Limb Centre, S. M. S. Hospital/Medical College, Jaipur is a non-governmental, voluntary, non-religious, non-sectarian, non -political society for helping the handicapped, particularly the resource less.

It was set up in March,1975 as one of the long-term human welfare projects. The society has eleven branches at Ajmer, Bikaner, Bharatpur, Jodhpur, Kota, Pali, Udaipur, New Delhi and Mumbai.

Objectives : The main objective of the Society is physical, economic and social rehabilitation of the physically handicapped, enabling them to regain their self-respect and human dignity as also to become normal and useful members of the community. Pursuant to this, the main emphasis of the Society is on providing:

a) artificial limbs, and other rehabilitation aids, appliances, etc. to amputees;
b) calipers, modifSied footwear and other rehabilitations aids/appliances to polio-affected and other disabled persons;
c) hearing aids to persons who are hard of hearing;
d) medicines and special shoes, etc. to person suffering from leprosy;
e) various types of financial and other support for self-employment and economic and social rehabilitation of the handicapped;
f) scientific and technical research in developing and improving aids and appliances for handicapped and also in other sectors related to the handicapped.

Special Features of The Society

Focus on The Most Deserving : A survey conducted by us reveals that most of the handicapped in India are below the poverty line. Indeed, disability and poverty often complement and compound each other. The problem is further complicated by the lack of education. In this backdrop, the Society has evolved an appropriate, simple, informal and humane delivery system under which artificial limbs, calipers, other aids and appliances, economic assistance and other help are provided easily and free of charge.

Help & Not Charity: Though the Society gives free assistance, it is ensured that the donor and the recipient beneficiary recognise this as help rather than charity, so that the self-respect of the latter is not belittled.

Equality : Assistance is being provided without any distinction of caste, creed, religion or region. Among our other beneficiaries are Hindus (including Scheduled Castes and Tribes). Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis and other. Handicapped persons from all parts of the Country visit our centres. Our centres at Jaipur and other places have been described as 'mini-India' with all its diversity and underlying unity.

Fusion of Social Technical and Financial Inputs: The Society works in collaboration with hospitals and medical colleges. While a part of the technical input is provided by Orthopedic Departments, other departments of some hospitals/medical colleges, the social and financial part as well as other technical inputs are the responsibility of Society.

Technology : For artificial limbs, Jaipur Foot technology has been adopted. The idea of making such a limb was first conceived by Mr. Ram Chandra Sharma who designed & developed the foot and the limb. In this process, he was helped by some of the orthopedics and rehabilitation experts.

Mr. Sharma is now also leading the Samiti's research effort to further improve the foot pieces.
We strive for perfection to serve the disabled in a better way.

Social Support : A large number of dedicated social workers in India and abroad are associated with this work.

High Quality - Return To Normalcy : The Jaipur Limb is so efficient that after this limb is fitted, a person can walk like a normal person without a stick or support, and even run, ride a bicycle and climb a tree. Many of the patients can, after the fitment, go back to work in field, factory, shop and office.

Mobile On-The-Spot Fitment Camps : Besides providing artificial limbs, calipers and other help at Jaipur and other centres , the Society also holds a large number of mobile camps every year in various parts of the country, where artificial limbs, calipers, etc. are manufactured and provided on the spot. Such camps have also been held in several countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Cost : The average cost of each artificial limb being given by the Society is only about $ 30 which is a fraction of what is being charged abroad. Even in India, the cost elsewhere is in its multiples. Indeed, this is the most inexpensive and cost-effective artificial limb in the world. It, however, needs to be added that no compromise on quality has been permitted. This has been possible because of the underlying special technology.



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