Ahimsa Paryavaran Sadhna Mandir


C-599, Defence Colony, New Delhi, Tele : 24622729, Fax : 24633632


The project is for the construction of Acharyaji Samadhi in the memory of His Holyness Sushil Muni ji with a concept of great architecture, environment theme and the temple of divinity.

A Tirtha is taking place in the heart of the capital city of India. New Delhi. named 'Ahimsa Paryavaran Sadhna Mandir. It is coming up at Acharya Sushil Ashram At Defence Colony. The place sanctified by the very presence of His Holiness Acharya Sushil Kumar Ji Maharaj. The place from where he spread the massage of Ahimsa, Universal love, brotherhood, peace compassion for all loving being and preservation of all loving beings and preservation of ecological balance for the survival of mankind to the entire world and also attained Nirvana to become one with the divine cosmos.

Destiny of man being inseparably linked with the survival of the planet earth and on foreseeing that the world was heading towards man made ecological disaster because of excessive exploitation of the natural resources provided free by the mother earth, Acharya Muni Sushil Kumar ji Maharaj launch a global movement to warn the world community about the serious situation faced by mankind.

For him world peace and environment protection were inseparable and could be ensured through non-violence, cooperation and love.

He explained in every forum, the world over, that to maintain the ecological balance and to save the world from ecological disaster we have to think in terms of a global approach, since compartmentalizing the environment protection would not be fruitful. His sustained efforts culminated in the launching of world Movement of Non-Violence for peace and Environment at RIO Earth summit.

Ahimsa Paryavaran Sadhna Mandir will be the nerve centre of the activities devoted to carry forward the mission of His Holiness Acharya Sushil Kumar Ji Maharaj, lovingly called Guruji by millions of his devotees and followers in India and all over the world.

This Tirth is rising over the very spot where Guruji attained eternal smadhi, epitomising the essence of an Holy Tirth adorned by the likelyness of the Holiest of the Holy Jain Tirth as, Asthpad Parvat, the idols of twenty four Tirthankars, Kewal Gyan Vrikshas, Kalpvrikshas / Tirhankar Icons and rare flora and fauna threatened by the extinction by excessive exploitation due to instable greed of man.

This Abhinav Holy Tirth will be unique specimen of classical Indian architecure radiating pink aura. Twenty four pillars will support this magnificent edifice epitomizing Gyan Vrikshass. At the base of each tree pillar would be the idols of respective Tirthankars.

In this Holy Tirth Guruji's white marble statue, blessing all beings, would be the source of eternal inspiration to his devotees and followers to rededicate themselves and to carry forward his mission.

A museum will be established in the basement of this holy tirth and mini-Tapovans and meditation caves would be situated near by.

The Holy blessing of Late Sh. Saubhagya Muniji Maharaj. The head of all institutions founded by Guruji and the devoted guidance of Dr. Sadhvi Sadhnaji Ahimsa Paryavaran Sadhna Mandir will ceaselessly strive to carry forward the mission of Guruji and spread the message of Bhagwan Mahavir throughout the world to enrich the life of man through divine inclination, kindness towards all living beings, brotherhood, non-violence and love.

Such a Paryavaran Mandir can only be built by the sheer strength of devotion and dedication to the ideals of equal kindness towards all life, fundamental message given by Guruji for the preservation of peace and Environment in the world.

Acharya Sushil Kumarjee Maharaj 50 years ago in "Bhaskar ke Chingari" stated that calling any-one as untouchable is disgracing his own lineage. Indians today take untouchable as a blot. If Hindus remained indulged in untouchability their upliftment is impossible.

Time to time Guruji gave some thoughts for the implementation of whom he dedicated his entire life. Come let us spread them Globally for the benefit of the entire world.

1. For the prosperity of the country and wildlife preservations promotion, closing all type of legal and illegal slaughter houses.
2. Preparing environment for global tree plantation.
3. Working for the conservation of all types of fauna, flora and all elelments on the earth.
4. Being vegetarian, not consuming wine and development of moral conscious.
5. Upliftment of weaker sections of the Society and establishment of human-values by equal rights to all.
6. Realization of 'universal brotherhood (Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam) were all live in harmony and help in the progress of others.
7. Binding all religions by spiritual unity and establishing coordination between all religions for establishment of world peace.
8. Save earth by removing pollution.
9. Solve all problems though non-violence.
10. Creation of non-violent society is the basis for development.



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