Arbud Parimandal Ka Sansakritik Itihas

( Cultural History of Arbud Region, Sirohi )
Authroed By Dr. Sohan Lal Patni
Book Review By Mr. P. L. Jain


Publisher : Sandeep Foundation, K. C. and Co., 2, Mount Road, Hendon, London - MW4 3 Pu.
Distributor : Ajit Foundation, Shanti Nagar, Sirohi, Rajastha
Publication period : May, 2002.
Price: Rs. 200/-

The writer of the book, who is an eminent authority on Jainism, Jain archaeology and history of the south Rajasthan region has written several books and research papers on the subject and has carried out extensive studies about Jain art and culture, sculpture, architecture and social structure in the historic and pre-historic era. This book is based on his studies on the cultural aspects of the so called Arbud region (around Mount Abu at present) in the ancient period. The main thrust in this book is on the following topics, in which many readers will find great interest :
(i) Jain temples in this region, specially Bamanwadji (earlier famous as Brahmin wada, the place where Bhagwan Mahavir had stayed during his vihar), Surya temple at Varman and temple of art at Mirpur.
(ii) Metallin idols and their important features.
(iii) Cultural heritage, paintings, murals and frescoes.
(iv) Historic forts and fortresses in the region.
(v) Inscriptions of historic importance.
(vi) Coins and weights prevalent in different periods.
(vii) Ornaments, dresses and swords
(viii) Folk lore and folk songs.
(ix) Freedom movement in this region.
The entire study carried out by the author is highly commendable and deserves appreciation.



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