Gurudev Shri Chitrabhanu Ji



Sect : Digambar
Place : Rajasthan

Born on 26th July, 1922 in a Small Village In Rajasthan India, and received his Education in Banglore. Married Pramoda Ben and Having Two Children. Pramoda is also Deeply Religious Lady and Spiritually Devoted with her Husband in the Mission to Propagate Humanitirian Principles of Jainism.

Gurudev Chitrabhanu Emerged in World as a Spiritual Satanic With his Inner Gaiety and Enlightened Spirit. He won the Hearts of Millions in the World with his Wisdom and Eloquent Speech. During his Monkhood he Spent Five Years in Silence and Meditation.

Both as Muni and after Renunciation of Monkhood as a Guru, Chitrabhanuji has Continued to serve the cause of Mankind and Humanitarian Philosophy and way of life with Fervor, Dedication faith sincerity and strong hard Work. Now his Constituency of Followers is Worldwide and includes Indian Born Jains and others From Different Strata's of Life. His Friends and admirers call him loving Gurudev. New York Times in its dispatch on 13th December, 1973 described him the Pope John of Jainism.

His Books, Discourses and running of Jain Meditation International Centers in USA and Canada have made a Deep Impact on the numerous people around the world.



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