Jain Society of Greater Detroit, USA


Rising from a small, dedicated group of about 50 families in 1975, the strength of society has risen significantly close to 400 members today. Since 1975, every year society activities have been significantly increasing and attained several milestones including celebration of Pratishtha and opening of a new temple in 1998.

  • General Activities

    • Different types of puja at temple and member's home.

    • Bhavna every month.

    • Chaumasi Chaudas Pratikraman

  • Temple Activity

    • Temple is open every day in the evening during weekdays and morning and evening on weekends.

    • 4 to 6 Big Pujas every year.

  • Paryushan

    • Swapan Darshan, Barsa Sutra Pujan and everyday pratikraman.

  • Swadhyay

    • Every Sunday & Wednesday at Temple.

    • Four to six scholars every year - each for a week.

  • Pratikraman

    • Every Chaudas at Temple.

  • Study Class

    • Over 200 Registered students, 24 teachers and volunteers, Guest speakers.

    • Trip to other Jain societies to exchange ideas.

  • Jain Organization of Youth Activities

    • Navkar Jaap, Puja and Pratikraman in English.

    • Various charity activities.




Mail to : Ahimsa Foundation