Dr. Chandra Mehta Public Charitable Trust

13, Bichhun Bagh, Sansarchand Road, Jaipur-302001, Rajasthan, Tel: 2376303

Dr. Chandra Mehta Public Charitable Trust has been founded in the memory of Dr. Chandra Mehta, a distinguished sports person and a medical doctor who died too young and too soon.



As a student Dr. Chandra Mehta demonstrated her intelligence and devotion an kept on crossing one hurdle after the other with merit winning many prizes en route. She not only loved to study but also took a keen part in extracurricular volitions, sports was and activity in which she was intensely involved. She played Hockey, Baseball and Badminton but Table Tennis was her first love where she excelled and brought glory to the institutions she represented. Her objectives and arduous efforts saw her enter the SMS Medical College, qualifying each year in the very first attempt and attaining her MBBS in the year 1975. Her role in Hockey and Table Tennis brought glories to her, the Medical college, the University and the State. She led the teams as and elected captain, and won in-numerable trophies and shields in Table Tennis and was ranked number one as women TT player of the State. She was selected as number one winner out of the four winners in the Burmah Shell TT tournament organised at Jaipur. She continuously remained top player in TT in Maharani College, NRSC, standing at the pot for five years in the All-India Inter Mecial Tournament as also as a captain of the state TT team in the year 1970-71. She occupied stellar position as a TT player in Rajasthan for nine years. During this period her human understanding Team-spirit and leadership brought her in contact with a hore of people, junior players, coaches and All-India players. By virtue of her faculty of leadership and team work she inspired the younger generation of sports women in Rajasthan. Her name remains inscribed in golden letters in the History of the state sports. The glittering trophies, shields, medals and copious prizes earned by her and left behind, still inspire the family and friends, depicting her industry, objectiveness, confidence and leadership she inculcated in the brief span of life before finding her heavenly abode.

Dr. Ms. Chandra Mehta started her professional career with the Amar Jain Medical Relief society in Jaipur and it in her father, Sri H.S. Mehta, that even after a passage of nearly a quarter century, undaunted by the failing health of old age and lack of resources, has been persisting in kindling the candle he lit in the memory of his sweet and loving daughter. It is now a MISSION for him and he devotes a good measure of time in pursuing it. Besides about 8-10 hrs he spends in meditation, a good amount of time and efforts of 8-10 hrs are spent in following up the activities of the Trust which have been expanded.

Activities : The trust has been honouring eminent sports persons and players of the Rajasthan state by rewarding them for their achievements. The trust is also providing educational scholarships to the needy children from the lower stream of the society.

A Homeopathic Dispensary has been established in the year 1984 which is serving the people, where the treatment is accorded by providing medicines, all free of cost. Creditably the dispensary has been able to provided relief to people disappointed with their ailments declared incurable by other systems of treatment. Due to this services to the needy and poor, the all India alternative medicine board Calcutta in their 6th International Conference as well as Good fray Philtips India in their 8th "Red and white Bravery Award" honored this trust for their "Humanistic Services". During the year 1997 the hospital has started computer service system which is also used for diagnosing complicated disease and finding medicinal options whereby thousands are being benefited. It has now been connected to internet also so that patients, far or near, can arrive at the right type of medication. Perhaps this hospital is the first unit in India where free of cost, computer service diagnostic facilities are being provided and medicines are also given.



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