Eminent Opinions-Jain Religion

Mr. Mahatma Gandhi : Lord Mahavira was an Avtar of non-violence. His nobility had over whelmed the world. It is because of this principle of Ahimsa that Mahavira's name is worshipped to this day in the world-It was he who propagated the doctrine of nonviolence to the greatest extent.

I would request all of you to study, understand and follow Mahavira,s teachings, If we do that we would be celebrating his birth-day anniversary in a true and befitting manner.

Dr. Rajendra Parshad : I consider myself fortunate to have had an occasion to live in the province of Lord Mahavira Ahimsa is the special heritage of Jains. In no other religion of the world do we find the exposition of the doctrine of Ahimsa reaching so high flights as in Jainism.

There is no doubt about the fact that the world today stands in great need of acting upon Mahavira's teachings. But this would be possible only if and when each one of us and especially those who call themselves his followers moulds and leads his life according to those principles.

Dr. Radha Krishnan : If humanity is to be saved from destruction and we have to tread on the path of prosperity, then there is no other way except to adopt the message communicated and the path shown by Lord Mahavira.

When all seek and strive for happiness but find it nowhere the path shown by Lord Mahavira Proves a beaconlight. He believed in freedom of the human spirit, gave the highest place to truth, attached great importance to renunciation and considered it necessary to be kind to every living-being. Indian thought during the last age laid great stress upon the depth of human soul which is immortal. Lord Mahavira devoted a lot of his attention in this direction and made religion the means of attaining to this great truth.

Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru : I hope that success should be achieved by propagating the ideal of service and renunciation preached by Lord Mahavira.

C. Rajgopalacharya : The message of Lord Mahavira is not for any particular country or class of people but for the whole world. People can make their lives sublime and ideal if they follow his teachings. real happiness and true peace can be attained only by treading the path shown by Lord Mahavir.

George Bernardshaw : The principles of jainism are most dear to me any my desire is that after death I may be reborn in a jain family.

Dr. Ravindranath Tagore : Lord Mahavira gave the message of freedom to the whole world. Salvation is attained not by adopting the external forms but by following the true spirit of religion.

L. Lajpat Rai : Lord Mahavira was a saviour of the whole humanity.

Lokmania Balganga Dhar Tilak : Lord Mahavira saved thousands of living creatures through his message of Ahimsa. Jainism needs to be praised for the indelible impression it made upon Brahmanism.

Dr. U. S. Tank : Lord Mahavira, the great saviour of the world, had handsome and sym-metrical body and magnetic personality with heroic courage and perseverance.

He had cast off the bonds of ignorance. Illumination had come upon him and he had become 'Master' as theosophists would say.

Dr. P. C. Ray : By his teachings Lord Mahavira sent a wave of peace and love throughout the country at a time when violence was reigning supreme in India. Likewise the world can get rid of war and bloodshed to day by following Ahimsa.

G. B. Pant : Jainism is an old religion of India with great doctrines. It sets the highest store by the principles of truth and Ahimsa which were also the motive force behind every activity of Mahatma Gandhi is his long public career.

Acharya Narendra Deva : Lord Mahavira conquered over death. His teachings were for the salvation of the whole humanity. Had they been conceived in a narrow spirit, they would have lost their universal appeal and not travelled to foreign countries like Arabia.

Dr. Syed Hussain : The world to day is in search of a new way of life based upon non-violence, love and equality - it is tired of violence. The suffering humaints must, therefore learn the message of Ahimsa and brother hood preached by Mahavira.

Dr. K. N. Katju : In these days of hared and disgust which seen to encompass humanity in a fearful fashion darkening the whole field of human endevom and activity, the salvation of human race lies in the doctrines preached by Lord Mahavira.

Lal Bahadur Shastri : Bribery, contribution and violence would surely be wiped out if we follow the beautiful and inspiring teachings of Lord Mahavira. Instead of finding fault with others we would look to our own weaknesses and draw backs. This would at once set right the whole world.

Sh. Aurangnarain Sinha : Lord Mahavira preached to the world the ideal of Ahimsa, universal religion and fellow feeling of which we are so much devoid today. It is the realisation of Lord Mahavira's ideal where in lied the real peace and happiness of all living in this subcontinent of India.

Shri Parshotam Dass Tandon : Mahavira was a great seer who preached the sacred doctrines of truth and Ahimsa. The true object of celebrating his birth anniversary can only be this that we should follow and strengthen the ideal preached by him.

Shri Dharma Anand Kansambhi : Lord Mahavira delivered the message of Ahimsa after undergoing a Sadhna of full 12 years. At that time violence was stalking the land, there was sacrifice performed in every house. Ahimsa would not have been even talked of today, had he not then raised his voice in it favour.

Dr. Sampurna Nand : This land would be instrumental in carrying the message of Lord Mahavira to every member of humanity.

Shrimati Lilavati Munshi : Lord Mahavira led an ideal life of penance and renunciation and commended the same to the humanity at large.

Shri Bhim Sen Sachar : The world is today perched on the edge of a devastating volcano. It seems as if it has learnt nothing from the tragedy of two world wars. It the volcano erupts it will destroy humanity and the whole fabric of civilization raised by it. There can be no doubt about it. 

The only way out of this catastrophe is the message of peace brotherhood and Ahimsa preached by Lord Mahavira. It would be in the fitness of things if a mission of his followers visits. The war-striken countries of Europe and America and delivers this message of peace and love to the people there.

Mishri Lal Gungwal : The principles of love and peace preached by Lord Mahavira should be widely propagated today. The world can live in peace by following them.

Brij Mohan Lal sharma : The whole world is today striken with the fear of war, and this more especially due to the invention of atomic weapons. Under these circumstances it is only the message of peace and Ahimsa which can save humanity from sure destruction. No effort should therefore be spared to carry this message to the heart of every human being.

Pt. Madhev Acharya : Modern philosophers are taken aback to note the way in which the jain philosophers have dealt with matter to its minutest form. According to them Lord Mahavira was the founder of modern science.

Mahatma Narayan Swami : Lord Mahavira taught the world the message of Ahimsa the given of true peace and happiness. The people of the west have no faith in Ahimsa and that is why war-clouds are rising there on the horizon.



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