Films on Jainism

Compiled By Mr. R. K. Jain, New Delhi


1. Title

Mahavir & His Heritage

Year 1975                                                                       
Colour Col                                                                            
Run-Time 21
Language English

A film going into the history of Jainism. Attaining the Nirvana, over 2500 years ago Mahavira was the last of the 24 Tirthankaras. Of the present cycle of time the first Tirthankara was Rishabhnath. Mahavira's birth and following quest for the Nirvana is narrated. The film depicts the spread of Jainism across the country, its temple, it a body literature known as Agamas and Shastras, preserved in Jain Bhandara for centuries, its tradition of painting, its sculpture including the Shravanbelgola in Karnataka, where the Mauryan emperor Chandragupta retired in espousing the vows of a Jain monk. It is here in these sacred hills that in a later period, Chamundral  craved a 57 feet monolith image of Gomateshwara Bahubali the son of the first Tirthankara.

Cost VHS Rs. 259/-, CD   Rs. 231/- 
2. Title

Mahamastakabhishek - A Unique Event

Year 1981                                                                             


Run-Time 15
Language English

Shravan Belgola, a small town in Karnataka nestling between two sacred hills Chandragiri and Indragiri, has been a place of Jain pilgrimage for past two thousand years. It is famous for its gigantic figure of Lord Bahubali, also known as Gomateshwara. The nude stone colossus, in sublime contemplation is awe-inspiring in its simplicity. Seventeen meters high, the statue is believed to be the world's tallest free-standing monolith. Every twelve years pilgrims gather at this holy place to pay homage to Gomateshwara. This film records such and event on February 9, 1981 when millions of devotees observe the Mahamastakabhisheka, the great head anointing ceremony of Lord Bahubali. Mahamastakabhisheka is held at certain auspicious planetary conjunctions every 12 or 14 years. This year it coincides with the 1000th anniversary of the installation of the idol. This festival is also an occasion to honor Jain scholars.

Cost VHS. Rs. 259/-, CD    Rs. 231/-
3. Title Rajgir
Year  1963                                                                        
Colour B & W                                                                       
Language English

The film brings to the screen the ancient glory of the historic city of Rajgriha, once the capital of Magadh Empire, about 100 Kilometers south east of Patna. Famed as a seat of learning and religion, it is closely associated with the life and teaching of Lord Mahavira and Gautama Buddha who spent many years of their life here Rajgir, as it is now called, is also famous for its hot springs which provide a cure for many human ailments.

Cost VHS- Rs. 259/-,  CD -  Rs. 231/-
4. Title The Frontiers of Peace : Jainism In India
Year 1986
Synopsis Explores Jainism by showing the interrelationship between all four elements of the "Sangh" or community of monks, nuns, laymen. Set in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the film first establishes the central religious tenets of the religion, impure actions prevent the soul from achieving Liberation and Liberation can only be achieved by practicing ahimsa (non-violence). We then explore the implications of these assumptions for each element of the Jain community.



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