Glowing Tributes to Acharya Tulsi



Obeisance : Acharyashree's contribution to the noble cause of moral uplift and spiritual rejuvention has been hailed by every section of society. People have been highly impressed by his selfless dedication, sadhana, faith in perseverance, and his endeavour to define religion without any sectarian bias. Straightforward words inspited by sincere dedication turn out to be hymns of obeisance. Their reverberation move our hearts deeply and we feel like doing something for others well being. Hence it will not be out of context to say a few words about them. In our country it has been a customary practive with the religious leaders to pass on the knowledge of our religious beliefs and right conduct to the people by word of mouth.Those who are able to undertake the persuit of knowledge can also make use of sacred texts but the only sources of religious knowledge can also make use of sacred texts but the only sources of religious knowledge for multitudes of people what they are able to glean from religious discourses. Therefore, the way Acharyashree interprets profound truths in simple and straightforward language has left an indelible impression on my mind. I hope I shall get yet another opportunity to listen to him.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad (Former President of India)

Mayest Thou Shine Eternally :
Let a small step
Change into a great stride.
May Tulsi's message
spread far and wide.
The words of wisdom
That from your lips flow
Are like precious gems
For people, high and low.
Following true dharma
Even in a small measure
Frees us
From great fear and danger.
Blessed art thou
O great son of our land.
Mayest thou shine eternally With thy dedicated band.

Salutation : Who is unfamiliar with Acharyashree's nobal work? Even a self-centred man like me has the privilege being blessed by him. One day he was so kind as to sanctify my residence with the touch of his holy feet and oblige me with his darshan. I am not competent to speak about him. Kindly convey my saluatation to him.

Dr. Harivash Rai Bachan. (A noted Hindi litterateur)

Merits Reverence : I consider it my fortune that I have had an opportunity to meet Acharyashree Tulsi, exchange view with him and listen to his discourses. There seems to be great cries of moral values in our country. The Anuvrat Movement can prove immensely helpful in rejuvenating these values. It is, therefore, very natural for me to wish Acharyashree an ever-increasing measure of success in his endeavour. His movement merits our reverence and co-operation for its success.

Rajarshi Purushottam Das Tandan.(Former President,Indian National Congress and a revered Indian Leader)

A Great Spritual Leader : We are fortunate enough to have a great spiritual leader like Acharyashree Tulsi to guide our destiny. His mission is to restore the ancient glory by inspiring in the people the ideals of equanimity, tolerance and human solodarity and end exploitation. The activates tolerance and Bhoodan Movement and the Anuvrat Movement aim at giving birth to a nonviolent society by bringing about a change of heart which has proved to be a Utopia for the countries like the USSR and others.

Jaiprakash Narayan (An Eminent National Leader)

A Worshipper of Morality : Acharya Tulsi is a worshipper of morality based on nonviolence. He has nartured a new Movement with seminars, conferences and by writing a large number of books. The Anuvrat Movement has tried to attract almost every section of society and and it has naturally left a deep imprint on the Jain community in particular. Morality blossoms forth more by example then by precept. Acharyashree himself has set the people a good example of righteous life so that they may emulate it in their lives as well.

Lal Bahadur Shastri (Former Prime Minister of India)

Anuvrat Movement - A Unique Gift : Anuvrat is nothing if it is the not the science of exemplary behavior. Beginning with the small things, It aims at amassing such vital power as may eventually be instrumental in the accomplishment of big thing. A man should take the lead by practicing it in his dealings with other people. He should behave with them in such a manner that he is able to win their hearts so that it may ultimately pave the way for complete elimination of the barriers of distance between them. It is possible only when he displays solicitude instead of indifference, friendship instead of hatred, and respect instead of enmity only by mean of righteous conduct.

U. N. Dhebar (Former President, Indian National Congress)

Simplicity Incarnate : Acharya Tulsi is the head of particular religious organization, Sponsor of a great Movement and a profound scholar of Jainiam but one gets no hint of his occupying such high offices in his discourses and speeches. How can one attain to the height of great simplicity, affection and in ward peace without knowledge and penace ?

Shivaji Narhari Bhave (An eminent thinker)

He Offers a Commonly Acceptable Solution of All The Evils : In this age of sputniks we hear of the spectacular successes achieved by science and of man's sovereignty over nature. But at the same time we are frightened of the evils of the new indentation which are capable of annihilating the entire mankind. In a chaotic situation like this Acharya Tulsi offers a commonly acceptable solution of all the evils in the form of the Anuvrat Movement. It is the ancient path of self-purification, which has in it the power to bring about happiness in human life.

Dr. G. K. Karve (Bharat Ratna)

The Revered Acharya : Let me express my sincere wishes that Fate might present Acharya Tulsi with many more decades to be the revered Acharya of the Terapanthis and head of the Anuvrat Movement which, I am glad to say, has an influential counterpart in the International Caux Movement for moral uplifting (switzerland) in the West.
Professor Walther Schubring (Hamburg University)

A Man of Peace and Compassion : Even people like us who profess Vedic religion have been impressed by Acharya Tulsi's message of compassion, renunciation and truth. These vows will undoubtedly give solace to the minds of the people troubled by the rigours of materialism.
Swami Nardanand Saraswati



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