Hastagiri Jain Tirth - Bh. Adishvar

Bhav Nagar, Gujarat



Hastagiri Jain Teerth located in Gujarat is a Jain pilgrimage centre. It is a four - mouthed, octagonal shaped Jain temple. The principal deity of the temple is Bhagawan Adishvar. Hastagiri Jain Teerth is a Jain pilgrimage centre. The sacred place is located on a hill on the bank of the River Shetrunjaya. The principal deity of the temple is Bhagawan Rishabh Dev. This hilly land is also known as Hastisengiri. According to the history of temple, the place is regarded as a sacred place of the times of Bhagawan Adishvar and peak of Mt. Shatrunjaya. The sacred place was established by Bharat Chakravrati, the son of Bhagawan Adishvar. Even today one can see the foot images of bhagawan in a small temple on the very ancient hill. Bharat Chakravati, the eldest son of Lord Adinatha, attained salvation here under instructions of the Acharya Vijayramachandrasurisavarji Maharaj Saheb and Mahatungasurisvarji Maharaj Saheb. He had observed fast unto death and attained swarga or heaven. He was also followed by his elephant. This place is named as Hastgiri after the event of fast of the elephant.

Temple of Hastagiri Jain Teerth : The Hastagiri Jain Teerth is a four-mouthed, octagonal shaped Jain temple. The principal deity of the temple is Bhagawan Adishvar. The temple has 72 devkulikas, with three hill forts. It also has a marvellous lecture hall. The four mouthed idol of Bhagawan Adishvar is white in colour and is very impressive to the eyes. According to the history of the temple, it was formally installed on the sixth day of the bright half of the Vikram Samvat Era. The temple is taller even than the tallest Jain temple of Taranga. Later with the efforts of the of Late Shri Kantibha Manibhai of Mumbai, an original native of Patan a beautiful temple was build here. Apart from this temple there are other temples located here. At the foot of the sacred place of Hastagiri a new Jain temple has been built.

The temples of Hastagiri have been magnificently designed. These group of temples on Mt. Shatunjaya on one side of the hill and the sight of Mt. Kamgiri on the other side is presents a beautiful sight to the eyes. The scenic beauty that surrounds the place is very appealing. This temple had been constructed by highly skilled craftsmen and stone masons. The temple serves as an apt pilgrimage place for spiritual pursuits. There are dharmashalas and bhojanalas for the pilgrims in the vicinity of the temple. Devotees can reach the Hastagiri Jain Temple via road. The railway station of Palitana is located at a distance of 16 kilometres. From here pilgrims board a bus or a taxi to the Jalia village that is situated at the foot of the hill. The ascending road on the hill is nearly a half kilometres long. A straight road is also available for buses and taxis.




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