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The Institute of Jainology (IOJ) was established as a result of the first international Jain conference held in London in 1983. In its early years, the IOJ ran a modest educational programme, bringing guest scholars from India to the United Kingdom.

In 1990, after the presentation of the Jain Declaration on Nature to HRH Prince Philip, the Institute of Jainology, in consultation with all Jain sects, initiated a translation programme of major Jain text, to be included in the series of the International Sacred Literature Trust published by Harper Collins. The IOJ initiated a fund-raising programme for this purpose, and at the same time began facilitating environmental projects within the international Jain community.

As the work to translate the Tattvartha Sutra proceeded, other programmes also developed under the auspices of the IOJ. The Oswal Jain youth of the UK simultaneously launched a nature reserve and the first Jain environment day. Jain educational material and events were developed and links were established with schools and universities. In 1993, the IOJ played a major role in Organizing the international Jain presence at the Chicago Parliament for the World's Religions and also began plans with a major museum in the UK for and international exhibition of Jain art. In 1994, the first Ahimsa Environment Award for Business and Community revealed exemplary models of ecological care.

The work of the IOJ has developed as a beacon of Jain unity; its Board of Trustees has evolved to reflect this. It now includes Jains from the UK Europe, Africa, the Far East and North America. Good relations have been forged with sister Organizations and other religious groups internationally.



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