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By : Dr. C. Devakumar, E-Mail : cdevakumar@yahoo.com


There are about 30 yahoogroups devoted to Jainism with membership base of over 20. Some of them are more interested in uniting Jains on the basis of regions of birth or living, some even searching gotras and castes! Neverthless the common bond, thank Tirthankar, is Jainism. Only an objective analysis by an eminent panel would be in a position to rank them by their quality of service. In the absence of such an analysis, I am reproducing below top dozen groups (on the basis of their membership base) which are exclusively serving the cause of Jains and Jainism not necessarily in that order. I am listing below their names alongwith their goals (in their own words) and the number of members in that order.

Jai Jinendra, This list unites the Jain community distributed throughout the world and facilitates positive interaction amongst them. The list is non-sectarian and will publicize messages without regard to any particular sects like Derawasi, Sthanakwasi, Digamber, Swetamber, Kanji Swami, Srimad Rajchandra etc. We hope to have as many Jains as possible belong to this group. This is an announcement list rather than a discussion group. So you will not be getting a flood of emails on a daily basis. ... more 2022

This is the largest group of Jains worldwide. By becoming a member, you will receive emails containing news and announcements related to Jains and Jainism (i.e. educational, matrimonial, social, religious and other subjects). You too can post news and announcemnets to this group. If u are not interested, just send a blank email to: jainsamachar-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com Please visit our homepage at: jainfriends.faithweb.com It is a meeting place for Jains worldover. You can get ... more 1130

Jain Friends: Social Discussions This is the most popular Jain discussion group on the net. Here you can exchange your views with other members. You can discuss on any subject related to Jains and Jainism like Social Issues, History, Sociology, Current issues, News etc. except philosophy. This Group is Not For Discussion Of Philosophy. Those who want to discuss about philosophy, please join our philosophical group at: groups.yahoo.com/group/kundkund You can meet new friends from Jain ... more 840

JainList is the world's largest discussion forum on Jainism. Orientation of topics is towards learning Jainism. Discuss philosophy, beliefs, history, rituals, lifestyle. Casual coffee-table talk, news, announcements etc. are avoided. Whether a novice or a scholar, Jain List caters to everyone's needs. Visit JainList's homepage for more details. www.jainnet.com/jainlist 829

Group to share Jainism related audio like songs, mantra, stuti, stotra etc. Go the Files section to download the song files. 538

This group will bring together all the Pathshala teachers that are teaching Jainism. This is the official Jaina group for pathshala teachers. Please make sure that postings are relevant to the topic of Jain education.294

Group for the great Jain stotra – Bhaktamar 247

Welcome to the Young Jains of America Discussion group! Jainism is alive and kicking in Northeast America and Canada, and this discussion group is around to help Jain teens and young adults talk youth issues!! So please, join, have fun, and talk! About Jainism, about life, and all your ideas. Welcome to the YJA community.212

This is a platform to discuss about History of Jainism and Jains. This group has members from all over the world who have good knowledge of Jain history. You can discuss here about history of Jainism, Jains, Jain Kingdoms,Jain literature, Jain Art Architecture, Prakrit Languages etc. 202

This group is set up to allow interaction between all the Jain youth in AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, D.C. WV. This will provide a forum for discussion on Jain issues as they relate to Jainism, Jain societies, Jain youth groups and Jain events.178

The University Jain Society at The University of Texas at Austin is a religious organization for University Jains and Non-Jains with an interest in the philosophy of Jainism. Meetings are held Bi-Weekly, which includes discussions and participation in various topics and rituals. Activities are also coordinated, which includes dinner at indian restaurants, potlucks, picnics, and bowling/pool mixers. UJS also participates in various volunteering events, such as H4H and assisting with other ... more 103

The Jain Study Group of Southern California provides an interactive and educational experience for young adults striving for self-improvement. We are a discussion group that discusses the philosophical concepts of Jainism in English and motivate one another to incorporate them into our lives. We hold classes at the Jain Center of Southern California (JCSC) every other Sunday. 100



Source : Dr. C. Devakumar, E-Mail : cdevakumar@yahoo.com


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