Jainism, Mystry, Myth & Realty

By Mr. R. C. Jain


Jainism is an ancient religion having its origin and well-founded deep roots only in India. Its existence dates back to an era much before the emergence of Vedic period. Its tenets comprise of a philosophy that to start with was of a revolt by the regalia ridden princes against their progenitors implying a total social revolution. Such rebellions did bring certain perceptible changes in the behavioral working of kings especially towards their oppressed subject. There is little to substantiate as historical facts about the existence of such rulers and their rebellion sons and daughters. In the absence of vivid geography and its territorial details of the extent and region under the influence of Jain kings, in all appears to be a mystery. The rebellion sons and daughters are essential and inspirable part of gain philosophy and culture that comprise of much publicized emulative thought.

Working out on certain parameters, Jainism is a complete science and the science as we know can’t always be put in practice without the development of relevant infrastructure. It is in this direction we are required to research and labor. In the absence of such infrastructure Jainism is considered less practical and salacious and is practically reduced to its limited applicability. Today, it is shrinking and inching towards its biological delay and limiting to small precincts and thought process evolution namely non-violence alone.

The revolting princess had spearheaded their break in the past only against their own close bins and as such have been a failure to arouse and provide a practical alternative thought to mankind and for this and many more reasons Jainism, has been limited only to our spoken pious land. It has not stirred the soul of general masses though it gained necessary and sufficient publicity and acceptance among the massive royal subject. It was possible and easier as the rebellion came from royal abodes and fortresses. One should not attach too much of importance to these primitive views as a consecrated and concentrated religion but can allow it at the best a beginning of an advert of socialism in contrast and comparison of Buddha, Jesus and Hazrat Muhammad and their respective adventurism, and that is why foundationing and experimenting religious leaders, lears and sheers could not make their thought binding on the followers and takers. It was very well propagated and the general masses took it as purely voluntary and the individual was left to his own wisdom and convenience. In this sense it is a highly democratic in cosmic perceptions. Religion can’t afford this luxury and allow people to function according to their own sweet will and nature.

Though the theme of present socialism is not traced to the ancient days, a rebellion to some extent was banned for redistribution of social wealth and other materialic pleasure though exemplary stresses were made for complete abdication and abjurance, abdication, abjurance and practicing non-violence are basic and strong pillars of Jainism. These principles being negative in nature could not gain universal application. In essence, Jainism is a negative philosophy and less theocratic. People practicing these principles can’t be credited for just, equal and equitable distribution of resources in the society, as the surplus has not percolated to the needy. Possessing lesser is not vital to the other. On the other hand un surpluses elements would have easy excess to these social surplus and harness these for their own gains. Such people neither can be treated as unifying & progressive nor revolutionary an essential ingredient of a nation or developing a nation. Abjurance by some so far has added to some more holies stones to the vexation of deprived once.

Janis over a passage of time have reduced themselves to a mere existence and cease to be a nation which once was a conglomeration of nations. They seat at home and take pride in dove tailing themselves with Hindus, an antidote. Probably as a minority they are afraid of Hindu seriggle otherwise would not have gone to Ayodhya to big their own grave. The present state is sickening and Jainism is on a dwindling ramp. Things have reached to such a pass that Jain are exhorted to suffix their names with “Jain” to make the world feel and know that Jain sadhus are not riding carcasses.

Jainism is more natural and near to nature. In ancient, Indian land natural herbs, plants, trees, insects, birds, reptiles and animals were revered and worshiped. Stars like Sun, moon and polestar drew higher attention and adulation to the extent of declaring these all-powerful. The super power perceptively in some form or the other was the obvious and natural disciplining factor being the source. Vedic civilization in its religion devised and coined the super power as absolute master, controller, garner, dispenser and detorer of such originalities, this is most dreaded and dreadful invention of mankind which reduces everyone to nonentity and make them feel humble and timid.

There is no single codified philosophy or a set of principles reduced to readable or practicable material or otherwise an adorable material. The principles and their descriptive narrations which once solely came from Tir Thankares and Ganadharas in the past have become the handiwork of Sid has, learned ones, well clad or not clad Sadhus and self acclaimed gain journalists. The touch of self in such written works can’t be ruled out. The Jain philosophy has new become an exclusive and reserved domain for its preservation and nurturing of half heartily Sadhus, soon likely to end in demise. A servitor man of learning rarely draws attention and catches the eye of golden eagles. Human personal ego does die and even should not die as it is this ego which ultimately become the source of yearning and inspiring to bring out cosmic changes which make men all powerful, a proximity of almighty an ultimate aim of all religions.

In the absence of a common governing measure and control Jain have become highly divisive in nature and indiscriminately and unevenly spread and distributed over several higher sects, sub-sects and in small followings, one not in complete harmony with the other. Several separate social and regional organizations blessed by individual cherished Guru exist for self social recognition and in fact sinfully dragging willy------- such Gurus in to the stink and -------.

To retrieve Jain thought from the throes of the emulsified froth and not to allow it to sink only to a work of scholarly search an immediate life line treatment is called for by banning self praising seeking small periodicals which originally indulge and assume responsibility upon themselves to define, describe and interpret Jain edicts and Gothic’ in their own wisdom and perceptions. Under the supervision of a board of scholars a single central institution, on the other hand should be entrusted with this above coveted task. Secondly, all the rituals, social and religious practices and main commandments need to be codified and enumerated according to its importance at the earliest. Thirdly, Sadhu unnecessary eulogization and even bare worshipping must be banned even at the risk of and cost of inviting some sanctions may be of detrimental and purities nature. Fourthly, a complete self-restrain shunning narrow parochial gains by Gurus and disciples equally is required to undertake the gigantic task of -------of Jainism for an eternal practical role before the high-tech hurricane sweeps the world. Practice of Jainism should be an equal concern of preceptors and preached both. Fifthly, only Tirathankaras alone should be worshipped and ----- and commended as most adorable deities. And last but not exhaustively, there is a lot more work which is required to be done in this direction to retain Jainism ancient and progressive both so that it can become and find its applicability and provide practical solution to human mysteries and ailments. Then only it can be universal in true sense and let us not be changed for the dereliction of our cosmic duties and for which we all exist ---. This century and the next millennium belong to Janis least we lick the dust of the -----of history.


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