Jains Join The United Nations


By Elvi Ruottinen, New York


The United Nations whose membership, with the admission of the Republics of the former Soviet Union, grew to to 175 states in the past year in January, also saw the admission to the state of Ahimsa. The spiritual State of Ahimsa, headquartered at Siddhachlam,  Blairstown, New Jersey has no International borders, transcending artificial national borders drawn by men. The state of Ahimsa exists in the hearts and minds in the world everywhere where people live in peace and consciously practice non-violence in their relation with the earth creatures and serve their fellows in need. As the state of Ahimsa has not yet declared its statehood - a necessary step to admission as an observer state, in the manner of the Vatican - it applied for association with UN in a non-governmental NGO status as The International Mahavir Jain Mission (IMJM). The UN secretariat committee on applications of non-governmental organisations for association with the department of Public Information met, considered IMJM qualifications, and informed the IMJM of its approval in January 1992.In February, IMJM -representing the spiritual state of Ahimsa joined the UN non-governmental comminute which consist of more than seven hundred international organisations interested and involved in furthering the UN's work. NGO status entitles each member organisations to send to the UN one main representative and one alternative. Thus Shri Bawa P. N. Jain and Shanti Jain Smith were officially welcomed by the UN Non-Governmental Relation Section at a two day orientation designed to acquaint the new NGO's with UN activities. The new NGO's were provided briefings by Assistant Secretary General Giandomenico Picco of the Office of Secretary General on Political issues. There were screenings of the UN videos and a tour of facilities available to NGO's. The NGO Section, headed by Mr. Farouk Mawlawi, also arranges regular weekly briefings on the topics relating to the UN work. The NGO's are welcome to attend any open meetings of the General Assembly any time.

In March, Bawa P. N. Jain and Shanti jain Smith had an opportunity to attend all the sessions of the five week Preparatory Committee for the UN conference on environment and development, also known as earth summit, to be held in Reo De Janerio in June. 20, 000 governmental delegates, NGO's and members of the media gathered in an effort to end environmental destruction of the only home planet we inherited. Guruji off course contributed his wisdom and good console as he also participated both at the global parliamentarian's meeting which took place as the part of the Earth Summit proceeding's and at the spiritual leaders forum organised hereby Mrs. Hanne Strong, wife of Earth Summit Secretary General, Maurice Strong. In addition to environmental concerns, IMJM also had an opportunity to contribute to UN's work through a number of NGO Committee on the Freedom of belief and religion. IMJM naturally has a close relationship with the Committee on the University for peace, Which meets monthly at the UN Headquaters.



Source From : Crusader For Peace and Non-Violence
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