Make Your House Prosperous Through Vaastu



By Mr. Naresh Singal


A prosperous house is like a heaven on earth. Only that house is a prosperous one which has been constructed following vaastu principles. What is Vaastu ? Vaastu is a life style, a way of living. It is not limited to directions only. Building construction, construction material, sizes of plot, ratio of length and width, magnetic and space energy, all these are parts of vaastu.

The basic principle of vaastu is to keep a good adjustment among nature is five basic elements such as Earth, Water, Air, fire and Space while constructing a building. The house so made brings money, health and generation growth.

If you have bought an already constructed house or shop and you want it to be auspicious for you and be free of vaastu defects then follow some tips given under for vaastu correction and bring prosperity and peace in your life.

1. Keep drinking water plot, pitcher etc. in North-East so that sun-rising rays touch the water body of your house.
2. Never construct kitchen, stairs and toilet in North-East.
3. Face East while cooking.
4. Make kitchen in South-East. Almirah containing cereals, pulses and species against wall South ward.
5. Though toilet may be constructed in South but better if it is in West. Never construct it in South-West.
6. Construct bathroom in East to get healthful rays of rising sun.
7. Never construct kitchen, bathroom and worship place near each other or beneath the stairs.
8. Better if there is no granite or black stone under gas stove or burner.
9. Never keep medicines in kitchen, to avoid it to become an article of daily use.
10. Keep, as far as possible, North-East empty, light and neat & clean. Worship-place or study room may be constructed in North-East.
11. Students should keep their face towards East to get success.
12. Make bed-room in South-West.
13. To get sound and tension free sleep, keep your head southward so that you get positive magnetic energy.
14. To shun poverty, never keep in your house unusable items, broken mirror or glass, broken and rusted articles empty boxes.
15. Sweep your house before sun-rise. Sweep from West to East.
16. Never gather rubbish or scrap towards East-keep brooms and wipings in South-West.
17. Never sweep your house after sun-setting. It departs lakshmi or money from you.
18. Never place or hang incomplete pictures or pictures and paintings depicting weeping, moaning, war or fight, crime agony, strife etc.
19. Never keep cactus, Rubber Plant and Bonsai like plants inside the house. But may be kept out side.
20. Take care taps do not ooze, and doors do not noise.
21. All articles like clothes, shoes, chappal or other footwears should not be in scattered position or order. Arrange them in order.
22. Make drawing room in North-East. Dinning room may also be there in North-East.
23. Septic tank should be Northward of North-West direction. It must never be touching compound wall or wall of house.
24. Centre of North direction is the best place for storing or keeping documents of house or property and for keeping other precious articles.

Your faith, and principles well-adopted are the keys to the results brought about by the changes you have made according to Vaastu. In modern time, it appears to be little difficult to follow all vaastu principles but even then gain may be achieved by following some main tips or suggestions.

Interior of Drawing Room - As per Vaastu : Drawing room is formal place made for welcome of guests. As it is a symbol of one’s status, so its decoration and interior is cared for specially and maximum money is spent on it.

Many a time’s guests are not satisfied and instead of happiness, a feeling of sadness prevails around it, despite of being well decorated and beautiful and a good welcome to guests. Apart from vaastu defect, there may many other reasons also for it. Ignorantly, sitting arrangement for guests is made in South-West, leading guests to have a feeling of envy and making him/her a critic like.

Some tips are explained under to make drawing room as per vaastu :-

1. As per vaastu the best direction for drawing room is North-East and North-West never make it in South-West.
2. The furniture of drawing room should be made in such a way that sofa in North-West, Day-bed in South-West, T. V. in South-East, Show-Case and Almirah in South-West are placed or managed. If for any reason, of the articles has to be placed in North-East, take care that it should not touch the wall.
3. The drawing room’s sitting-arrangement must be able to accommodate eight to ten persons at least, at a time.
4. Better, if chief of the family face North, and guests face either South or West direction.
5. Do not have as far as possible, regular sofa or sofa with L shape.
6. Better if centre table be either square, round or rectangular.
7. If there is short space in drawing room, avoid using wooden show-case, instead use glass-self. The top of centre table may be of clear glass.
8. Drawing room should be devoid of mirror.
9. If you do not find space for worship-place in house, it can be in North-East of drawing room.
10. Ganpati, Shiv ji, Natraj etc. are worship god, as such do not decorate your drawing from with their idols as show-piece, means these must be kept at worship-place only.
11. A photo of family with merry moods may be decorated in drawing room.
12. North-East direction is that of water element, so a water-fountain or Fish-aquarium may be kept in this direction.
13. A painting of flowers, artificial and natural plants may be placed inside drawing room but the direction must be South-West only,
14. There should be proper arrangement of natural (sun-light) and artificial (bulb etc.) lights in drawing room.
15. It there is a Beam, then either cover it by false-ceiling or make it defect free by using devices of Feng-Shui or by pyramids.
16. Keep or hang chimes.
17. Keep happy-man. He brings lucky opportunities.
18. Avoid placing or hanging of pictures or paintings depicting nudity, owl, vulture, snake or carnivorous animals and war.
19. Avoid using too much deep colours for drawing room walls. Better use yellow, saffron, cream or golden colours because these are treated as symbols of prosperity.
20. Placing or hanging of hand-made painting or picture showing rising sun, against the south wall of drawing room brings opportunities of progress in life.
21. Placing or hanging of hand-made painting or picture showing rising sun, against the south wall of drawing room brings opportunities of progress in life.

The above tips of vaastu will positively bring you metal peace and happiness.

Interior of Kitchen-As per Vaastu
Kitchen is index of our prosperity, of family health, and of housewife’s skillness. An Indian housewife spends most of her time in kitchen only as such in is must to be neat & clean, useful and convenient. A glimpse of interior of vaastu of vaastu kitchen is as under :

1. The most suitable direction for kitchen is South-East as it receives sun light in abundance, making kitchen germs free.
2. Normally all ladies prefer to cook in standing position. So the working counter of kitchen should measure 2’-9’’ in height, 2’-0’ in width, and length according to space available. Platform should be of white stone marble instead of granite stone as white stone absorbs heat easily.
3. Arrange sliding system below the platform for storing cylinder, flour-tank etc, so that cylinder etc. may be placed inside easily. In cabinet, just below the platform, drawers for keeping small articles such as knife, spoon, napkin etc. and shelf for keeping utensils and crockery may be made.
4. In modern times, readymade imported (European kitchen) platform are also available in market which are more convenient than usual of normal kitchen. Chimney and other articles for kitchen are very accurate but a little difficult for moderate class to afford.
5. In modern kitchen, has cylinder is kept out-side it, and gas is supplied through seamless pipe.
6. Face East direction while cooking.
7. Install sink either north hand in East or North-East direction. As far as possible the sink should have drain at its border so that water oozing out of washed utensils may itself go into the sink.
8. Arrange to keep drinking water, pitcher or filter in North or North-East.
9. For storing pulse-rise, cereals, ghee, spices etc, upper and lower cabinets may be arranged against the wall of South-West direction. The height of upper cabinet must not be more than 7 feet from the floor surface.
10. It riles are not to be fixed or fit unto ceiling height, then space unto 2.5 feet from the slab must be tiled, helping the cleanliness. In tiles, kitchen tiles are also available, so as per possibility, get them fixed in kitchen and make it more attractive.
11. Arrange two or three plug points on the wall of South-East direction of platform, for heater, oven and mixer.
12. Arrange windows and ventilation in East and West for air. The windows and ventilation should be of wire-net helping maximum light and air. Electric chimney and exhaust fan must be in East.
13. The floor of kitchen should be of white marble or kota stone. The floor should not be deep green or black. It should have slope towards North-East.
14. A store into wall may be made in South-West walls. Keep walls of South-East lighten.
15. The dinning table may be round or rectangular according to space available and number members. Keep it in west. It may be decorated with beautiful mats and flower-pots.
16. Some people set fridge in drawing room. Eatables are used to be taken out frequently out of it, keep it, as far as possible, westward in kitchen avoiding harassment in placing and taking out articles.

If you are able to make these changes in your kitchen. Then it will be an ideal kitchen. And you will be called a good and skilled house wife.



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