Manav Gou Sadan, A Shelter Home For Stray Cows

Run By : Jain Samaj, Delhi
Recognised by Animal Welfare Board of India
975, Street Jogiyan, Near Jawaher Chowk,Najaf Garh New Delhi Pin Code-110043 (India)
Regd:- World Animal Org. (UK & USA), "Serve Cow to Serve Humanity", (A Call From Mother Cow)
E-Mail : manavgousadan@rediffmail.com, Phone : 011-20509039, Cell : 098-101-16012, 011-25016860, 931332-7983



Introduction : India has a large population of cattle. Many cows can be seen wandering on the roads of Delhi and many other big cities of India. Unfortunately a large number of these cows are neglected and are left to become stray on the roads to die of starvation by their owners when they become unproductive or useless. Suffering from starvation, many of these Cows consume garbage thrown on the street in polyethylene bags. Since these polyethylene bags are neither digestible nor biodegradable, they get stuck in the digestive track of these animals leading to their premature and painful deaths on the street.

About US : We are a Non Government Organization (NGO) involved in Social Welfare Activities. in the field of environmental protection and preservation; we are actively involved in prevention of cruelty against animals given to them either by man or by nature. Many eminent and renowned social workers and philanthropists are associated in this holy venture of preserving and caring of these helpless animals.

Starting with a humble beginning in 1984, we have come a long way in establishing good facilities to take care of more then 500 stray, ill-nourished and helpless cows. We provide shelter and food to these homeless cattle and also take care of their medical needs at our sprawling establishment Manav Gou Sadan in New Delhi near Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Main Aim & Objective : Of the Project Under-taken :
* Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals.
* Environmental Protection.
* Shelter Home for Sick, Injured, Ill-health, Unproductive and Stray Cows.
* To Provide Proper Care, Good Animal Feed, Green Fodder, Drinking Water, Medical Facilities, Better Environment to needy Cattle.
* Plantation of Herbal Medicines Plants for  Promoting Ayurved.
* Utilization of Cow Dung and Urine for  Preparing Organic Manure, Pesticides, Insecticides, Medicines, Bio-Gas Etc.
* To provide Medical Facilities to Animals In distress through Ambulance.
* Running of Free OPD at own In-House Dispensary to provide Free Medical Consultancy and Treatment to other/out side cattle.

Appeal : Since the problems in properly looking after these stray cows are manifold and of complex nature, the resources of Manav Gou Sadan are appear very limited. To sustain such activities of Animal Welfare, it is possible only with the financial help/assistance in the form of Donations, Contributions & Grant-in-Aid from well meaning individuals and organizations. We would like to seek your kind cooperation and help in furtherance of this noble cause of providing adequate care and medical help to the stray cows. We would like to enlist your valuable support and cooperation in our resolve to care of these animals by meeting their daily requirements.
Kindly enlist ourselves in your address book and send the prescribed performa, if any, for providing financial help to our NGO. For further inquiries please feel free to write/contact the undersigned. It gives us great pleasure to invite you for visiting Manav Gou Sadan to have first hand feeling of our activities.

Information About Organization : Contact Person : Mr. Anil Kumar Jain, Registered under Foreign Contribution, (Regulation) Act (Fcra), Govt. of India, Registration No. : 231660065 Dt. 5.7.2000, Registered in World Animal Net (WAN) 

Location/Site of the : Manav Gou Sadan, Shelter Home (Gou Sadan) Village Rewla Khanpur, Near BSF Camp, Near Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi-110071. (India)

Area of the Land on which, The Shelter is Situated : 71.2 Bighas (Appx. 6 Hectares), The land is allotted to the Organization by  Government of N. C. T. of Delhi for establishing a Care Home for Sick & Stray Cows (Gosadan) In 1995.

Detail of Facilities Provided At Shelter Home : * Huge & Ventilated Sheds in more than 21000 , Sq .Ft. Covered Area For Sheltering of animals.* Open shed in more than 16000 Sq. Ft. Area with Brick Boundry Wall and Brick Flooring.* Open Natural Grazing Area for animals. * Construction of Approach Road 1 KM (by RPD) * Tubewells for adequate water supply.
* In-House Veterinary Dispensary for treatment of ill-nourished animals.* Stores for keeping Dry Wheat Fodder, Concentrate Ration etc.* Huge Water Storage Tank.* Water Canals and Mangers for serving animal feed and drinking water in all covered and open sheds.* Tractor with many agriculture equipments & trolley for cultivation of green fodder.

Detail of Staff Employed In : The Shelter and Nature of Employment : *One Veterinary Doctor (In-House, Full Time)* Two Para Veterinary Staff (Full Time) *15 trained Upkeepers for caring of cattle (Full Time) *Skilled Farmers on Contract Basis for Growing Green Fodder for Cattle. * Tractor Driver for Cultivation (Full Time). * Experts for utilization of Cow Dung & Urine, (Hony. Associated, Not Employed).* Agriculturists for plantation of Herbal and other Plants (Hony. Associated, Not Employed).



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