By Acharya Shri Shushil Muni


The end result of meditation is total awareness Samadhi. It is the awakening of knowledge and perception which are qualities of the Atma (soul). What we call meditation practice is generally a combination of concentration and meditation (dhyan). First we utilize the power of concentration to go inward and then the result is meditation onepointedness.

There are various meditation techniques incorporating:

Watching the breath
Observing the energy flow
Concentrating on a particular Chakra
Visualizing a Mantra with its corresponding color

In some practices two or three may be combined, depending upon the experience of the practitioner. For example, directing the breath to a particular Chakra, concentrating there, and visualizing a mantra and color there. The advanced yogi can go at will at any time and any place into deep meditation and samadhi.

In the Arhum Yoga system the main meditation technique is SOHUM practice. The ancient rishis found SOHUM practice to be a complete practice utilizing Mantra, sound, color, concentration of the mind, Chakra visualization and the flow of energy, ultimately leading to the awakening of the Kundalini, realization of past lives, knowledge of inner anatomy and samadhi. Various Mantras may be used in combination with the breath to travel inward, but SOHUM is easily used since it is the actual sound of the breath: `SO' for inhalation and `HUM' for exhalation.

For any meditation technique, it is necessary to sit with the back erect (or lie down in the corpse pose if you have a back problem). You should preferably face north or east and prepare your body and mind with some deep breathing and relaxation from one part of the body to another.

The qualities of a meditator:

  • Feels oneness with all living beings

  • Is always living in love, peace, and harmony

  • Is merciful

  • Thinks of the welfare of others

  • Remains in a balanced state even if someone threatens his life

  • Has no attachments, no hates, no desires

  • Does not think of the results of his work

  • Cannot feel insulted

  • Does not feel discomfort in cold, heat, storms, birth, or death

  • Is steady like the mountains (Himalayas)

  • Is deep like the ocean

  • Is nonattached like air

  • Gives happiness like the moon

  • Has pure and complete knowledge

This kind of person is able to meditate.




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