Nakedness of Digambar Jain Saints


It is but natural that simply by seeing simple natural, child like innocent, naked, jain saints people will have conflicting doubt and logical or illogical thoughts, to satisfy those thoughts and doubts. I am presenting below certain true facts taking moral, spiritual angle in view.

Nakedness being natural and original form of every soul, every one whether he is human or super human, bird or animal takes birth naked and at the time of his death goes naked living all the worldly unnatural possessions, but after taking birth to protect him self from heat, Cold etc. and to hide his evil thought he puts on clothes. Though this is the main reason to put on clothes but under the Influence of his evil sexual instincts adores himself with different type of latest valuable fashionable sexy cloths.

In this book by quoting from Jain, Bodh, Muslim, Christians and Hindu philosophy and giving examples from their scriptures I have tried to prove that nakedness is a virtue of not only Jainism but in almost every religion of the world. Nakedness is the glowing example of socialism and Aprigrah (Possessionless) of a very high order. Naked Jain saints present an example of socialism and aprigrahvad denouncing the love and possession of worldly wealth and essentials of very high order by discarding gold, silver, money other valuables and even this necessary to protect his body.

Not to cover the body with cloths, leather, bark leaves or any other thing and to live naked without any possession and fashion or adornment is known in the word as a worship able virtue by the name of Achailktav ( AchailKtav means Nirgranth or Digamber. Digamber means whose clothe all are all direction (East, west, north, south, earth & sky) only. Here word Digamber is only symbolic other-wise one does not become Digamber only by being naked just as cow, buffalo, birds, mad and persons living in hell etc. all of them are also naked but not Digamber. When one is very soft and calm in nature by heart and thoughts as well as in behavior towards others then it is called Digamber, its other name is Nirgranth. Nirgranth means one who has no room or link for wrath, Pride, wickedness, greed, sexual thoughts, greed sexual thoughts, bad customs etc. in his inner self and cloths, wealth, wife, Son, money and other things of comfort for his body worldly attachments.

The importance of uncommon, of very high order, simple, natural, innocence, Nirgranth form and omnipresence as character of Jainandra Bhagwan (Conqueror of desires) is recognized in all religions and every cycle of time in one form or the other. Lord Buddha himself says that first he lived naked, Nirgranth, roamed indefinite, ate his meals in his palms, He did hard meditations (Tapasya). These statements prove that Buddha himself was a Nirgranth, but later on he left the Digamber path (sharaman marg) due to its reqours and he adopted middle path.

(Ref. from Tripitk)

It is stated in the story of (Tishakh Vashar Dhmm Padth) that in the house of a wealthy man five hundred Jain Saints took their food. It appears from Mahavagg that Jain Saints is used to visit Vaishali Kingdom, reference of Digamber saints is found in Mahapari Nirvana Sutra and also about their movements in Vinay Patak.

Oldest scripture Rigvedaof Vedic Literature refers naked saints by the word 'Vatrashna'.
Another authentic holy scripture of vedic religion 'Yajurved' says that Bhagwan Mahavira was naked and his worshipers removed darkness of doubt, uncertainty and false knowledge, and also finished the pride of wealth and body etc.

0h! God when I will become a desireless calm Digamber, eating meals in my palms and breaker of all the hindrances of the soul.

Sharman(Nirgranth Saints) are expert par excellence in the knowledge of Soul.

muni are naked having (Peechee)having Bunch of Peacock feathers and practicing Mahavrat(observance of extreme degree of Ahimsa, truth, non stealing, celibacy, aprigrah).

Saints should leave waist chotd, loin cloth, stick, clothes, water pot, (Kamandal) in river etc. after wonder in naked form.

Our Muslim brothers please read the following couplet of poet Jaialuddin.

Naked darvash (religious jokir) says to philosopher "O brother you go and mind your business. You can not be an equal of Digamber as person, wearing clothes always depend on Washer Man. Grace of Digamber is divine light. Either you don't have any thing to do with Digamber religious order or be Digamber and independent like them. He further says, if you can not adopt complete Digamber from then limit your clothes to bare necessary needs.

Three hundred years ago during the reign of emperor Shahjehan, Sufi Saint Mohmed Ali used to wander naked in his kingdom, his tomb is in the left wing ot Jama Masjid at Delhi. He used to say that God cloths the sinners and allows innocents and pious naked.

Jalani Muslim saint used to live naked .The higher saints of Islam called Abduls went about perfectly naked.

("Mysticsm and magic in Turky" By Miss Duecy M. Gont)

Now let us have a look at Christian religion Bible has also given importance to nakedness.

"And they (Adam and Eve) were both naked, the man and his wife were not ashamed. (Gonsis 11-25)

"When they ate the fruit of forbidden tree. they felt and knew that they were naked. (ibid 11-7-11)

And he stripped his clothes also and prophesized before Samualin Samnci. In the like manner and they lay down naked-all day and night where fore they said "is soul also among the prophets" (Samnci XlX24)

At the same time the Lord spoke the Isaiah the son of Amoj saying go and loose the sack clothes from off the loins and they put off their shoes from the foot. And he did so walking naked and bare footed. (Isaiah XX-2)

Christian saint Peter said.

"To all of us possessions are sins..... the deprivations of these in whatever way it may take place is the removal of sins." (Clemertine Homities)

Jagat guru Shankracharya has written in 'Vive Chudamani' that saint who keeps only all the directions as his clothes are, he lives Digamber (these clothes need not be washed and dried) he in his exalted state by becoming absolutely free from worries is capable to enjoy the pleasure of knowing the soul.

It is written in Ram Krishan Katha Amrit that Ram Krishan attained the state of highest Virtue. On awaking from sleep his follower say it is day break. Ram Krishan is naked like a child and there is not a single thread on his body Swamiji said to his follower Ashwani Kumar Dutt.

"When I forget all physical attachments then clothes are also off."

According to Hindu mythology.

When Arjun was getting ready for battle one Digamber Muni was coming, seeing him Krishna said- "0 Arjun for what you are waiting, get on the chariot and take Gandivo (bow) see, Nirgranth Muni Raj is in your front, I believe by fighting now you can conquer the earth."

Where beautiful, pious lady of very high character, Rajhans (Royal Swan), Nirgranth Muni roam in that region there is Aiwa's peace, comfort and plenty.

This proves that Nirgranth form is favorable and beneficial sign.

Nakedness is the original form, to cover the body with clothes is to hide the evil instinct. When man is born he is naked, in childhood he remains mostly naked, people are pleased by seeing him so child never feels shy over his nakedness. They do not desire to wear clothes, sometimes they weep when they are clothed and tear the cloths. He wanders. without any evil thought and every body fondles him with love his parents put on cloths to save him from cold and hot weather and mosquitoes etc. When he becomes of age then he is involved in worldly affairs and feels necessity of clothes to hide his evil thoughts. This proves that main purpose of clothes is to hide sexual emotions and protect his body.

Nirgranth muni due to being simple and devoid of sexual desires needs no clothes. Due to their unshaken belief that body is the main cause of all evils and is different from soul, so they do not love their body and therefore they do not wear clothes to protect it. They are far off from attachment love, sexual desires and physical beauty so do not adorn cloths. They think when we took birth naked and will go naked after death then where is the necessity to adorn cloths and perform evil acts in between the two. Nirgranth Muni due to discarding internal as well as external attachments discard cloths also. Moreover money so they will have to beg money for cloths, but begging in of more pinching than death tor him as is clear from the couplet below.

Do not beg, begging is equal to death. True teacher advises death is better than begging. Brave & perform hard Tapasya, due to it there body become very lean and thin only skin is left.

They may die but they do not beg medicine or tablets etc., thus they follow the difficult vow of not begging and do not spoil the bright image of Dharam.

When Muni do not beg in case of thirst and very dreaded diseases how they can beg for ordinary cloths which are not at all essential to remain alive. Therefore all of us see with reverence those who are actual image of Aninsa, truth, celibacy (Brahmchary) and Aprigrah. we must not hate or criticise by seeing them.



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