Krantiveer Muni Shri Prateek Sagarji M. S.




Name before Diksha

Shri Vinod Kumar Jain

Date of birth

23rd October, 1980


Shri Santosh Lal Jain


Smt. Vimla Devi Jain

Place of Birth

Bhind, Madhya Pradesh

Date of leaving home

6th April, 1993

Formal Education


Muni Diksha

24th April, 1999

Place of Diksha

Panipat (Haryana)

Diksha Guru:

Acharya Shri Pushpa Danta Sagar Ji Maharaj

Chaturmas Held

Ambala (1999), Alwar (2000), Ajmer (2001), Ratlam (2002), Ahmedabad (2003), Nasik (2004), Nandgaon (2005) and Udaipur (2006)


'Parents are the live institutions', 'Do not forget your parents', 'Love is God', 'Just one glass of water', 'Fundamentals of change in mode of living', 'Love' (for all)

Achievements as Muni

In a short period of muni life, he has earned great name as a 'Krantiveer Muni', trying to bring about a mass-revolution developing ethics in life, faith in God, love for humanity, unity amongst all caste and creeds, character-building and duty and respect towards parents. He holds very strong views about the need for unity amongst Jain sects. He has been expressing his ideas very boldly and eloquently through his pravachans and through his thought-provoking books and lectures on CD's. He has been attracting thousands of people in the audience at his daily pravachans coming from all communities, not only Digambar and Shwetambar Jains but also other Hindu families, even Sikhs, Christians and Muslims.






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