Book Review

Remain Healthy or Sick? Decision is Yours


Written By : Shri Chanchal Mal Chordia
Published By : Kalyan Mal Chanchal Mal Chordia Trust, Jalori Gate, Jodhpur  Jain Vidhya Shodh Pratishthan, Chennai. Price : Rs. 40/-

The author is an experienced and proficient practicing specialist of traditional systems of healing and is totally devoted to the cause of ahimsa. The book is a collection of his thoughts and experiences on the use of alternative methods of healing. It has been written to guide people as to how to keep healthy and not only cure but avoid diseases by following powerful and self-practicing methods of treatment, based on the principles of non-violence. It explains how to keep fit and avoid mental tension or other fatal diseases without resorting to modern methods of allopathy, which invariably involve violence in one form or other during research, testing and preparation of medicines. It has been explicitly made clear in the book that protection and maintenance of health is in one’s own hands.

The text of the book illustrates in simple language the mechanism of human body, how its balance can be maintained to keep perfectly fit, reasons for sickness and methods to overcome them, effect of modern life style and modern science on human health, basic differences between allopathic methods and alternative systems and it further leads to discussion about life-giving energy, called ‘urja’ and its sources and need to harness it for maintaining good health and curing diseases for himself and for others. The deadly effects of  the use of medicines, anomalies of the existing methods of treatment and poor understanding of the causes of diseases have been clearly brought out by the author. The approach of the book is mostly on religious, philosophical, cultural and ethical lines. Five keys to good health in the words of the author are, purity of thoughts, good conduct, respect to nature, simple living and control on eating.

The book is recommended for serious reading for all those who believe in cure by nature and who do not wish to ruin their health by adopting dangerous methods propagated by modern systems, which are unfortunately in use the world over. The objective of the book is to "Be good, Do good, Think good, and Feel happy and healthy”. The book has been well-produced with excellent get-up and fine quality of printing.

In view of his experience of practicing as well as teaching the alternative systems of medicine, it would be useful if he can write about the theory and application of these systems in the second part of his book, so that these could be confidently applied by people for self-curing purposes.



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