Science of Living

By Mr. Mahavir P. Jain


An Innovative Scientific Technique for a Wholesome Inspiring Life Style

The Science of Living (Jeevan Vigyan) seeks to take a holistic approach towards building a strong, democratic & self reliant Nation through an all-round development of an individual in his physical, intellectual, emotional & spiritual aspects. The main thrust of this innovative programme is to motivate & channelise this development process entirely thought, what we may call, essentially an Indian way of life which is embedded in our ancient Indian culture & civilization and forms part of our psyche. The Ancient Indian wisdom as contained in our 'Shastras' & other texts has been popular the world over, and humanity as a whole has benefitted a lot from it for centuries. As a matter of fact most world systems for human development are derivatives from Ancient Indian practices and show prominent traits of Indian pattern of life moulded and adopted in western style through their own technological & material advances.

It is, however a matter if great regret that hundreds of years of foreign political subjugation resulting in economic backwardness & cultural enslavement has considerably vitiated our values causing serious imbalances in our social & political life style. Besides these hazardous effects of foreign domination in the past, western cultural invasion in the post independence era have further aggravated matters causing wide spread erosion of time honoured Indian values causing a gnawing vacuum in our value system. This vacuum has left the Indian youths directionless like a rudderless ship on the wide ocean of life, making it drift aimlessly without any destination.

In this state if utter confusion it is of paramount necessity that we restore back our value system in the minds and hearts of our people particularly the youth and clearly define the ends of life as Dharam, Aratha, Kama &Moksha, the four 'Purusharthas' as mentioned in our ancient scriptures. 

Jeevan Vigyan (Science of Living) is a sprinkling fountain of systematized knowledge (Jnan Punj) essentially Indian in origin & content for integrated development of human personality and a Master Technique for restoring Indian ness to the Indian people, i.e., the re-juvenation of forgotten Indian values of life in our thought and conduct.

It is a gift from venerated saints of the country like Guru Dev Shri Tulsi Maharaj Ji, Acharya Shri Mahaprajna Ji and their chosen saint disciples of the Jaina Order who have evolved it through a prolonged and dedicated research into ancient 'Shastras' and deep study into human attitudes & inclinations over a long period of time.

I present below a brief outline of this study for the information and consideration of social scientists, intellectuals, literatures, educationists and social workers for evolving a National Policy for balanced development of personality of our youth and the public in general.

The 'Jeevan Vigyan' is a value based educational programme of meditative techniques, 'Yogasnas' and moral-cum-mental regeneration processes designed to bring about the fullest development of physical, mental and emotional faculties of an individual with a view to make him a responsible and virtuous member of human society. These practices as taught in our training programmes, progressively diminish and finally eliminate the negative traits in human nature like anger, hatred, violence, intolerance, fear, cowardice, deceit etc. and promote &accelerate growth of positive traits like love, compassion, tolerance, non-violence, truthfulness, honesty, courage, bravery etc. This naturally chisels the human personality into a wholesome system of positive impulses. It helps a great deal in controlling Mental Stress and thereby improving operational efficiency and better work culture both of the man on the machine or the field and the executive managers and planners. It also promotes better Industrial relations which ensures improved productivity and greater welfare of all concerned.

The technique of 'Meditation, 'Yogasanas', 'Pranayam' ,'Kayotsarga' &'Anupreksha' which from the main core of the training programme help control and sure several serious diseases of the heart, lungs and the bones etc., The regular practice of these techniques brings about a total transformation of men from all walks of life by awakening their innate powers and developing their intellectual talent potential which is the key to better world order.

An important destination of 'Jeevan Vigyan' is to evolve a balanced educational system through the synthesis of ancient wisdom of the Indian 'Rishis' with the modern scientific knowledge for developing an integrated personality through attitudinal change and behavioral modifications. Further, Jeevan Vigyan seeks to fill up an important Gap in the present day educational system and that is of Emotional Development for getting over mental tension and despondency. The modern educational system is good enough to develop the intellect and talent precious little to equip him to maintain emotional equilibrium in Stress Conditions. That is why we see even some talented scientists and responsible administrators committing suicide due to unbearable stress of jealousy, despondency or fear of public denouncement of his policies. The unique contribution of Jeevan Vigyan are its innovative techniques of Preksha Dhyan and 'Kayotsarga' for emotional development and maintaining mental equilibrium and peace of mind against heavy odds in a given situation.

'Kayotsarga' is an exercise in relaxation to make the mind and body free from physical (muscular) mental (nervous) and emotional stress. Preksha Dhyan is a process of awakening one's own reasoning mind ('viveka') to control one's passions and emotions. It is a technique of seeing one's inner self by concentrating on perception (internal phenomena of consciousness) rather than on thought. This process of Self observation reveals the mysteries of the unconscious mind and brings about catharsis. This results in equilibrium of the Neuro-Endocrine system and controls mental and emotional tensions.

Its course content and syllabus has been so designed and formulated as to cover the entire range of school and college education from primary class to Post Graduation standard. Keeping in view the age groups and pace of learning of students the syllabus revolves round 12 cardinal ingredients (units) governing the balanced development of human personality Viz. Sound, Resoluteness, Right Exercise, Right Breathing, Kayotsarg, (Complete relaxation), Preksha Dhyan (Meditation), Anatomy, Physical Health, Mental Steadiness, Emotional Balance, Awareness of Values and Non-Violence. Beginning with the use and development of sound which has the utmost effect on our life style these values graduate into one's temper. Study and training in all these aspects is essential for achieving the desired standard of balanced growth in an individual's personality.

The syllabus for 'Jeevan Vigyan' studies is framed for each of the above classes on all these 12 points varying in depth and intensity taking into account the stage of learning of the student and the assessed capacity of each class of student to absorb this knowledge. As a matter of fact, the Science of Living course is basically a training programme principally based on modern as well as ancient sciences and also humanities and social sciences. The main emphasis is on practical training and regular practice. The theoretical studies comprising of the philosophy and hypothesis of each unit of learning are also included in the syllabus so that the student is able to comprehend the fundamental theories and hypothesis made use of in practical training.

The following subjects from the main constituents form the main constituents of the syllabus for various classes under 'Jeevan Vigyan'.

  1. Modern Sciences
    1. Human Body
    Anatomy, Physiology, Biology (including Bio-Physics and Biochemistry), Dietics Health Sciences and Magnetic Therapy.
    2. Human Mind and Brain
    Neurology, Endocrinology, Psychology, Parapsychology, Suggestology, Psychiatry & Psychotherapy.
    3. Environment

  2. Humanities & Ancient Sciences
     1. Philosophy & study of comparative religions.
     2. Value based education & sociology
     3. Yoga (Theoretical & Practical)
     4. Meditation 'Preksha Dhyan' (Theory & Practice)
     5. Non-Violence-Peace Research for conflict Resolution.
     6. 'Karma Shastra' (Science of 'Karma' comprising of philosophy of accumulated Virtues and Vices as a result one's life period or time and their fruitation in subsequent life periods or times).
     7. Indian system of medicine like Ayurveda, Nature Cure, Accupuncture, Acupressure and other alternative systems of medicine, cure diseases.
     8. Prana Vigyan (Science of life giving force of Breath energy in all its variations)
     9. Mantra Vigyan (Science of Scriptural resonance - its mode and effect).
    10. Healing techniques and spiritual sciences for ultimate intrinsic transformation.

Besides the theoretical study of the subjects mentioned above, practical training and practice of the following physical and mental exercise is essential for achieving goals of 'Jeevan Vigyan'.

  1. Yogic 'Asanas' and exercises:
    Physical exercise of muscles, limbs and deep seated organs to control their activity.

  2. 'Pranayam'
    Breathing exercise to gain conscious control over breathing process and its regulation. Determination and control over nervous system are the benefits accruing out of this exercise.

  3. 'Kayostsarga'
    Relaxation of mind and body with self awareness to get rid of physical, mental and emotional strains.

  4. 'Preksha Dhyan'
    It is the basic and fundamental ingredient of 'Jeevan Vigyan' process. It is essentially a meditative technique-unique in its content and effect. It awakens one's reasoning (Viveka) enabling control and regulation in its multiple variations effecting physical, mental emotional and spiritual levels of human system controlling and eliminating all negative traits of human nature and accelerating and vitalizing all positive traits makes him a healthy and constructive member of human society.

  5. Value Education through:
    'Anupreksha' and ' Bhavna' (Contemplation and Auto-Suggestion)

Value education is another fundamental ingredient of Science of Living. It seeks to inculcate into the individual a deep rooted Awareness of social, moral and spiritual values. The technique used in this training is 'Anupreksha' (a process of contemplation and auto-suggestion) involving practice of concentration on psychic centres to control and regulate the breathing process to imbibe the important values of life like sense of duty, truthfulness, fearlessness, patience, patriotism, honesty, freedom, from envy, jealousy, avidity and other positive traits.

In nutshell it may be said that the learning and regular practice of the techniques and strategy of 'Jeevan Vigyan', the Science of Living, will certainly go a long way in boosting human excellence and making this world a happier place to live in.

In case you feel interested in knowing more about the theory & practice of this wonder technique, you may contact:-

Shri M. P. Jain, Director, (Coordn Extn. & Public Relations), Kendriya Jeevan Vigyan Academy, Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra, Chattarpur, Mehrauli, New Delhi-110030, Tele : 6806201, Res. 6866930.


Source : Article From 'Ahimsa International Silver Jubilee Souvenir-1998' Authored By M. P. Jain


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