Solutions to your Sunsign

By Jain Sadhivi Nidih Shree


Life belongs to living creatures and he
who lives must be prepared for changes.

You must respect the opinion of others, even
if you disagree with them.


90% of tensions are created by 10% of carelessness.

Be alert and vigilant to enable you
to pay much attention to details.

Heighten your awareness of things happening around you


An ounce of patience is worth a tone of learning.

Plan like a man of action and act like a man of patience. You
do not normally plan to fail; you normally fail to plan.

An impatient man is as vulnerable as a baby.


More door are opened with 'please' than with keys.

The three most important words : If You Pleas
The two most important words: Thank You
The one most important word: We


Be mature so that to accept the feeling of others and bold 
enough to say 'I Was Wrong'.

Good manners and soft words
bring many a difficult things to pass.


Follow none but learn from everyone.
The wisest mind has something more to learn and listen.

Listening gives you experience and learning gives exposure;
experience and exposure can give everything.

Short Tempered

Temper is a quality that at a critical moment
brings out the worst in people and best in steel

Quick-temper is a sign of inferiority and has not foresight
An empty pot is soon hot.

Reckless Speech

What you say is an important as 'How' you say it.
Tongue breaks bones though itself has none.

The blow of words strike deeper 
than the blow of sword.


Nothing makes one feel so strong as a call for help.

A man for himself is devil for all.

Always give up before you get it and make it
a habit of saying ours is better than mine.

Free Advisor

It is much more easier to advice when
you don't know much about the problem.

Men give away nothing so liberally as their advice, so supply of 
advice has always been in abundance.


A stitch in times saves nine

I recommend you to take care of the minutes,
the hours will take care of themselves.

Do the important jobs now before they become urgent.


To err is human to forgive is divine.

The greatest conqueror is he
who overcomes the enemy without a blow

Forgiveness means accepting the person as is he.


Look well into yourself so that you can think wisely.

If you can't love and sympathize,
you will miss many things in life.

Violence is the sign of weakness


Give opportunities to others for their success
Great men are not born the achieve greatness.

Like a tree one must get a place to grow and branch out
So never push, always pull them out.


As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled.

The main object of giving is not to get into them,
but to get heaven into him.

One must be poor to know the luxury of giving.


People judge you by way of speak, so make your
speech pleasant. Be frank but not blunt.

It is easier to talk but it is difficult to talk soft and sweet.

No sword bites us as fiercely as an evil tongue.

Blind Following

Think, decide and do what you think is right

Learn by listening and act after reacting.

Rely upon your own power and become a man of judgment.

Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our private opinion.


Work smarter not just harder.
Use you brain with your hands.

Borrowed garments and borrowed thoughts never fit well.

It is better to be a lion for a day than to be a ship for whole life.


Avoid extremes and excess because extreme 
and excess of everything is bad

In every activity the middle course is the best.

The greatest secret of good work is not in attempting too much.


Give the world the best you have and
best will be reflected to you.

Give a thoughtful act, a helpful idea, a word of appreciation,
a sense of understanding and a timely suggestion.


Dual personality leads only to a chaos.
Between two stools we come to the ground.

A man is too apt to forget that in this world he can't have 
everything. You can have your own selection


Certain decisions are to be taken now or never
so don't cultivate the habit of postponing.

Stick to your decision with faith and devotion
Never let them wave or grow weak.


It is good to begin well and still better to end well.

A work completed gets words of appreciation.

Stability is not immovability.

Have full full faith in your work till your goal is reached.


The shortest way to do many things is to do only one thing at a time.

You won't be anything if you want to be everything.

A thousand miles journey commences with a single step.

You can't cross a chasm in two small jumps.


Blessed is the man who has nothing to say;
and abstains from giving wordy evidence of facts.

Speak little about you know and keep
quiet about you don't know.


Risk makes man perfect. Each one of us requires the
spur of insecurity to force us to do our best.

Do things you fear and fear will disappear.

Learn to use word 'Impossible' with great caution.


Cut your cloth according to your cloth.

To lessen you need is divine.

An open minds collects more riches than an open purse.

There are many things which I want but a few things which I need.


A smile is the best tranquillizer with no side effects.

A good smile is a sunshine in the house,
it costs nothing but creates much.

Don't anticipate or worry about what never happens.


To love someone means to see him a God intended, and to
trust means paying total devotion to God.

Have total trust in others and you will be reposed with
immeasurable love, attention, care and trust.


If your heart is pure, there will be sunshine in your soul.

Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value.

Listen warmly, wisely and justly to your inner voice.

A good reputation is more valuable than money.


Emotions have way of upsetting logics, and we may not
ignore them simply because they seem so unreasonable.

Emotions when encouraged perfume life;
when discouraged poison it.


Rose is such a decent flower that
it perfumes those too who crushes it.

Always forgive others, yourself never.

Revenge never repairs injury.


Not he who has much is rich, but he who gives much.

Whatever we frankly give forever is our own,
because life is a mirror reflecting all our deeds.

Whatever you have you must either use or loose.


We cannot always oblige,
but we can always speak obligingly.

Even the word 'NO' can be said in a kind spirit
which can be pleasing to the ears of a listener.


Happiness is a Swedish sunset. It is therefore for all
but most of us look the other way and lose it.

A smile is inexpensive way to improve your looks.

Adjustment is not weakness but it is like riding bicycle.


Forget what you have lost so that you can achieve
what still remains. There is always a tomorrow.

Your attitude is always showing:
make it positive before it is too late.


Have a brining mentality for the work to be done;
for the words to be spoken and for the goals to be achieved.

Balance your heart and head
so that you can always be in mood.


The only way to live in this world for every man is to have a
fair-sized cemetery, to bury the fault of others.

Change yourself if you wish to change the world.

One can seldom see the beam in one's own eye.


Move and march on your way.
Pay no attention to what critics say.
A statue has never been erected in hour of a critic.

Always remember that the mob has many heads but no brain.

Past Oriented

You better pay attention to your future
because you are going to spend a lot of time there.

Old people live in past; young people live in future and
few are the ones who live in the present.


First experiment on yourself
what you want to impose on others.

Praise your associates in public and reprimand in private.

Make the fault seem easy to correct.


Receive everyone as a great guest.

If you have a better idea and I have another,
and we exchange, we have two better ideas each.

A single fibre does not make a thread.

Superiority Complex

It is nice to be important but important to be nice.

Over-confidence is like and over-dose of medicine.
Taken less, acts Dwarf; taken more, becomes Giraffe.

Don't talk beyond the understanding of people.


Always remember that every human being has a right to live in his profile.
Expecting others to live in your profile is your ' EGO'

Be proud of yourself, but here no one is indispensable.

Learn to say 'Sorry' at the right moment.


Almost every man knows how to earn 
but none in million know how to spend.

Never spend your money before you have it.

Be accurate and comprehensive in all expenditure.


Live a simple life that
you can think constructively

The fashion of this world passeth away

Great show and empty pocket is the work of foolish.


Scatter the flowers of goodness and politeness as you go,
for you will never go the same road again.

Nothing simultaneous growth so much
as soft words and polite behavior.

Unsolicited Advisor

Advice is a drug in the market. 
The supply always exceeds the demand.

Your advice can become valuable only if you know
when to give and whom it should be given.


Have patience with the whole world,
but first of all with yourself.

A person who tries to do many things
at the same time ends up with nothing.


Tolerance is the only real test of your personality.

He who receives a good turn should never forget it;
he who does one should never remember it. 

Let not your left hand know what your right hand does.


Great mind have total stability because
they have purposes and others have wishes.

Life without purpose is like a ship without rudder 
tossed here and there upon the sea of life


A man who is master of patience
is a master of everything else.

Manage yourself in such a way that you can
pay attention the circumstances around you.


People generally argue because they can't discuss.

Keep your mind 6 to 9 percent empty for new ideas to flow in.

I am not arguing with you - I am telling you'.
Just learn the precise psychological moment.


Luck never gives, it only lends by trusting and charging your
potentiality through hard work.

Don't wait for the best idea, implement the better idea 
and the best will follow


Take care to get what you like or 
you will be forced to like what you get.

Take life easy; everything will become easy.

There is no good in arguing with inevitable.

Hiding Own Faults

To err is human, to admit is superman.

Everyone thinks of changing others;
but no one thinks of changing themselves.

Confession is next to innocence.


The path to success is long. It is not only luck
but also work which counts.

Remember, there is always something more to do.
Better to light a candle than to, curse the darkness.


Look greatness, not imperfection.
See the good in people and try to develop those qualities.

If you are pleased at finding perfections:
you will be displeased at finding faults.


Do all the good you can, by all the means you can,
in all the ways you can, in all the places you can,
at all the times you can, to all the people you can and
as long as you can.

Lack of Confidence

Life without confidence is death without witness.

The greatest miracle in the world is yourself
and that is your confidence.


 90 percent of the decisions should be taken immediately
on the basis of past experience and 
only 10 percent require deep analysis.

The secret of success is firmness in decision.


In the life we can't get whatever we like
but we must like whatever we get.

How few are our real wants
and how vast are our imaginary ones.


He who does not fear future may enjoy the present

The trouble with the future is that 
it always rises with present but 
we can't see today with the eyes of tomorrow.


A winning and pleasing personality always recognizes that
other people have a right to their own opinion.

You can't train a horse with shouts
and expect it to obey a whisper.


Genius is one percent inspiration
and ninety-nine percent perspiration.

No Pains; no gains; no sweat, no sweet;
no thorns, no throne; no cross, now crown.


Make few promises but keep them.

Don't fluctuate from what you say,
otherwise no one will rely on you.

Be inwardly directed with life's principles.


You can paint a flower but can't paint its scent.

Forget what others think of you.
The thing that matters is what you think of yourself
and whether you believe in yourself.

Time Killer

Life is a short summer, man a flower.
He dies, alas ! How soon he dies.

Be always on time; too late is a crime. A lightening 
phone-call is normally the result of delayed post-card


Direction is more important than speed. We are so busy looking 
at our speedometers, that , we forget the milestone.

Other can guide you temporarily.
But your conscience guides you permanently.


Talk to the point and stop when you have reached it.
The less you talk the more you are being listened to.

I may not be able to say all that I think,
But I'm not going to say anything that I do not think.


I can forgive but I can't forget - is not forgiveness.

Love as long as you live and pardon till you lie.

Always forget a man says when he is angry.

Everyone can break down, but few can build it up.


Learn to live live with your mental doors unlocked,
so that you can let ideas get in.

Modernization can't be imported
It has to grow from our own soil.


Show kindness in every thing, 
everywhere and towards every person.

The true miracle of man's kindness is 
which repairs the hurt of others.


Don't load yourself with jealousy;
It is a heavier burden than you think.

You see a good man, think of emulating him;
when you see a bad man examine your own heart.


Tolerance merely recognizes that other persons
are entitled to have their own opinion.

Anger is the madness of mind.
Angry man has his mouth but no eyes.


Don't talk of others demerits unless necessary.

Remember, if you point one finger towards others, 
there would be three pointing inwardly towards you.

Be ready to accept responsibility, than to criticize.


Have a heart of kindness, understanding, 
sympathy, tolerance and forgiveness.

Life does not come with instruction books
that is why we have to listen to others.


Think of better ideas, better ideal, better ways
better work and better circumstances.

A man is not poor if he can smile.

A smile is a curve which can seta a lot of things straight.


Faith is positive and doubt is always negative.

The principal part of faith is patience. Hence, write your
injuries in sand and your advantages in marble.

Take time to trust, it is the road to happiness.


He who have patience, can have what he wish.

Everything and everyone can be improved
if you wait and hope.

Though I am always in haste. I am never in a hurry.


Tactful means - pleasing, radiant, winning and magnetic.

Don't make your relationship worse by neglecting,
over protecting or over-nourishing them.

Let sunshine radiate and penetrate your relationship.

Over Ambitious

If you can't be the sun be a star. It is not by size that you
win or you fail. Be the best of whatever you are. Be a bush if
you can't be a tree. If you can't be a bush, be a bit of grass.
There is something for all of us here.


There are times when forgetting can be just as important as
remembering. Brain should not be a waste paper basket.

There is not need to understand and remember everything.
To remember everything is to make you mind a dustbin.


There is time to argue and time to keep still.

Argumentative conversation could be vastly improved
by the constant use of three simple words: I Don't Know.

Behind every argument there is someone's ignorance.


Exaggeration is an expression of the feelings of inferiority.

The fewer the words, the better the prayer.
The fewer the words, the better the profit.

Real glory springs from the silent conquest of ourselves.


The tongue is three inches long but it can
kill a man of six feet height.

It is easier to talk but difficult to know
when to speak what to speak.


Fruits come to those who know how to work well and wait well.

I worked as though everything was depended upon me and
prayed as though everything was dependent on God.

God gives best to those who leave the choice to him.


Get a tailor-made budget which is suitable
both to the head and the pocket.

All decent people live beyond their incomes;
a few gifted individuals manage to do both.

Blame - Shifter

You alone are responsible for everything that happens to you.

When it is impossible to change others,
then you must change yourself.

Men are blind due to their own cause.

Over - Expectation

He who have high expectation has a trouble.

Don't expect respect from others when 
you can't give it to others.

Real love beings where nothing is expected in return.


Handle yourself with optimism. Positive thinking has
only one path which is direct to valley of flowers.

Perhaps you can't be a star but you need not be a cloud.

Make a fresh room for new fresh and positive thoughts.


Let the birds of sadness not build their nests in your hair.

The sunshine is there after every storm;
there is a solution to every problem.

There is nothing as nice as cheerful words of greeting.


Write down the advice of those who loves you
though you like it or not.

A compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way
that everyone believes he ahs the biggest piece.


Examine what is said, not him who speaks.

Be enthusiastic, it is contagious.
It helps to improve our performance.

Be a lion at heart and do not forget the tact of a fox.


Better to ask twice than to loose your way once.

Lock straight into eyes of people
it will give you more confidence.

Don't say Yes when you want to say No.


You can ..... if you think you can.

Have confidence in yourself. You can do everything .
I have all faith in myself so that I can move mountains.

One is not born genius, one becomes genius.


Do not limit the scope of your thoughts.

The tradition of today will be awkwardness and outrage of 
tomorrow so arbitrary are these transient laws.

The most difficult thing to open is a closed mind


Do things in order of your preference-set your priorities.

What you conceive, you can achieve;
what you confused, it will be refused.

Deliberate with caution but act with decision. 


Don't become a man of words. The words are 
only containers. The content is silence.

 A speech is like a love affair. Any fool can start,
but to end it tidily requires considerable skill.


Pay attention to little things.
Matters unattended grow from bad to worse.

Observation is the activity of eyes and ears.
You can learn a lot by watching and listening.


Let me be a little kind;
let me be a blind to the fault of those around me.

The greatest of all faults I should say, is to be conscious of 
none. For give many things in others, nothing in yourself.


The tactful man will make more 
opportunities than he finds.

Don't miss opportunity.
Keep patience to invite them and be brave in using them.

Past - Future Oriented

Past can't be restored. Yesterday is not ours to recover
but tomorrow is ours to win or loose.

Be willing to spend today for tomorrow's growth. 
If we take care of today God will take care of tomorrow.


One must know the limitations of arguments.

He who establishes his arguments by noise and 
command shows that his reason is week.

Even a fool when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise.


Smile is an inexpensive way to improve your personality.

Discuss only those problems which are present, not the past or
the future. Regard some problems as opportunities.

A man who has no smiling face should not open a shop.


The world's largest fire can be extinguished with merely
a cup of water if it is poured at the right moment,
at the right place where spark ignites the fire.
Let this cup of water be a soft and sweet words.


Learn to accept pain and disappointment as part of life.

Whenever one finds any situation out of control, it is 
time to look within; for there lies the real solution.

What can't be cured should be endured.

Over - Ambitious

Don't cook more than the vessel can hold.

Whatever life has given to you; never complain. 
It is always more than you deserve. Always be grateful

Life is really simple, but men insist on making it complicated.


 Nature never hurries neither should we

Take time to think ... it is the source of power.
Take time to work ... it is the price of success.

The key to everything is patience.


There is nothing on earth that can help
you as much as kind deed.

Be a candle by consuming itself, gives light to others.
In this process you get the inner glow of satisfaction

Inferiority Complex

Lift your eyes and clean them. You will see the stars

Remember no one can make you inferior without your consent.

Teeth fall out, hair grow gray yet man clings to hop
because hope is the ultimate medicine for all.


Learn to face every problem. To every problem there is 
already a solution whether you know it or not.
To every sum in mathematics there is already a correct answer.
whether the mathematician has found it or not.


 All the world is a camera, look pleasant. Pleasantness 
of eyes are windows through which one looks into heart.

Give yourself all the room and space you need to grow.
Never under-estimate your potentiality.

Day - Dreamer

Dreams and imaginations are good only
if they are applicable to human good.

Dreaming and merely wishing makes not person great.
The good Lord sends the fishing but you you dig the bait.


Three is no more miserable human being than one 
in whom nothing is habitual but indecisiveness.

Whenever you see a successful business
it means someone once made a courageous decision.


Man leans little from success, but much from failure.
Learn from the past to improve the future.

When one door shuts another opens.
God never shuts one door but he opens another.

Fear of Criticism

Criticism word is meant as a standard of judging, well it 
refines life and through this you discover what you are.

Let us keep a record of the foolish deeds
we have done and criticize ourselves.


There is nothing truly valuable which can be purchased 
without pains and labour of responsibilities.

Have no quarrels with life as long as you have some
responsibility t do when you get up every morning.


A man can succeed at almost everything
for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.

Life is full of precious gems
there is no time to stand and stare.


Error of opinion may be tolerated 
where reason is left free to admit it.

After all, the best thing one can do
when it is raining is, to let it rain.

This article, nobly conceived and worthily executed by Rev. Jain Sadhvi Nidhi Shree, shows practical ways to modify, minimize or ward off the evil effects of the Sun in any sign by undertaking simple and easy ventures. The solution meant to enlighten and entertain are spruced with a sense of humour, proverbs and quotations.



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