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We see the gradual elevation of Acharyashree psyche. He began as an exponent of truth and has now risen to the state of steadfast wisdom. He is head of a Jain sect but his outlook on life transcends all bound of sectarianism. His open praise for the good points in other religious beliefs has lent radiance to his own virtues. He has grown popular with others because he looks on all as his brothers and sisters. Many a time he looks back to days when there was some religious leaders and expresses his happiness at the growing sense of flexibility in their ideas. He says, "I believe that all sects have gradually moved towards religious tolerance and broadmindedness. We too have developed this attitude towards other sects. Others have also reciprocated the gesture." One cannot appreciate the other's viewpoint unless one becomes broadminded. Acharyashree not only apprecaite the good points in others but also imbibes them naturally. It is the result of his generous outlook. Some pages from his diary bear ample testimony to it. He writes :

Today Vimla Bahin came to me at 2.45 p.m. She is an accomplished exponent of Vinoba's Yojan.

She is a good speaker. Her countenance radiates effulgence. She also attended my discourse for some time. Bhoodan Yojna has produced many able workers. It speaks volumes of the progress of the Bhoodan Movement. If the Anuvrat workers follow their example, we can also do a lot of constructive work.

The important visitor who came today was Maharaj Vaishnav Sanyasi of Vrindavan. He wants to establish a university there. Preliminary preparations have already been made. Among other things, the proposed university will have thirteen independent centries of comparative religious studies. One of them will be known as the Jain Peeth. Some people directed discusion. I was impressed by his erudition and conciliatory views.

Acharyashree's broadminded outlook has widened his contact with the followers of others of religious. They come to him for a dialogue and he also pays visits to them occasiobally. This exchange of visits has given rise to environment of many as occasion on the pages of his diary :

Three Buddhist monks came today. Of them one was a sri Lankan and the other a Burmese. The last one was Secretary of Mahabodhi Society, Bombay. They attended my discourse. They have asked me to deliver a discourse at Sikkanagar on next have also invited me to visit their monastery...

We visited a Buddhist monastry today. The resident monks accorded us a warm reception. We had a very useful discussion. Then we visited Father Williams' Church. All these areas are situated on the road leading to the central Railway Station, Bombay.

Religious Doctrines And Conciliatory Outlook
Here is a fashing account of Acharyashree's meeting with Jaiprakesh Narain :

Today we had a one-hour-long meeting with Jaiprakash Narayanji. We exchanged views with Jaiprakash Narayanji. We exchanged views with one another. I suggested that we make efforts for conciliation among the forces of non-violence. The talks were extremely cordial and fruitful.

Jaiprakeshji came again at 3 p.m. We heard from the story of how he renounced politics and dedicated his life to the cause of Sarvodaya Movement. It was an invigorating the unity of the forces of ahimsa ?" I said , "Let's begin with friendly exchanges of views, Joint efforts for the eradication of social evils, extending support to one another in a good cause and formulating a common code of conduct." He said, "I shall put forward your views before Vinobaji and keep in touch with you from time to time."

Quiet Forbearance
Acharyashree has all along forborne silentely for the sake of religious harmony. He has done great sadhana to remain calm despite vitriolic propaganda against him. It has paid dividends. We find an allusion to such as incident on the page of his diary :

Mr. Trivedi, a reporter of Bombay Samachar, came to see me after my discourse today. He was sent by the editor, Mr. Sorawaji Bhai. He wanted to know the secret behind our complete silence despite an organized compaign of vilification going on against us. Mr. Trivedi's artical has appeared in Bombay Samachar Today. He has tried to clear to some doubts. He states that his newspaper has desided not to publish articales containing wild accusation in future. It is a good step in case they strike to their world.

The efforts of the people for bri9nging about religious harmony have begun to be lauded. Vijay Valalbh Suriji has passed away. He extended his support to the idea of reconciliation. He has earned a name.

In order to promote goodwill among different sects a series of religious cfonferences were held. We had one such conference today. Promininient among those who attended it were Dr Warren, a christian representative, three Americans, Parsians, Sambuddhanandji, a Ramakrishna Missiona sanayasi, and some Arya Samaj leaders. I spoke at the end. Father Williams translated my great success.

It was in those very days that an artical full of blemishes appeared in Bombay Samachar. Acharyashree refers to it in his diary and makes the following observatiotionn :

Bombay Samachar has published a long artical in today's edition written by some Munji. It is full hostility and motivated insinuation. He has distorted some of the verses written by Acharya Bhikshu. It is the height of untruth. It makes a highly provocative reading and may cause annoyance to anyone. It is the worst example of tarnishing the fair image of the people. I do not think it fit to issue a rejoinnder. How can be stop so low as to vilify others ? Let those who enjoy it do it. It, however, requires some clarification. Let me saw how can do it without harmining anyone. Their virtriolic writings have evolked some reaction in others. They are being viewed with scron and displeasure. Our silence has already begun to pay us.

Acharya Haribhadra has defined tyag (renunciation) as an act of abandoning a thing deliberately. Only an adept psychiatrist can imagine how tremendous power lies in a pledge. The secret of Acharyashree's success in life lies in his devotion to work, perseverance and a strong will to move towards the realization or his goal. He is advancing towards the accomplishment of his goal with resolute will. Whenever his march towards that direction came to a halt, he resumed his efforts with greater determination :

I could not write my diary for some days nor could I continue oberving moun (silence) for some time every day. I have started it again now. Dhanji Sethia came from Bangalore and said, "Why did you give up observing moun ? It should continue. It will mean rest, health and energy for work. " I said, "I observed it for eight years continously but it was discountied when I was in U.P. I have decided to start it again. "It thus began on Jaith Sudi Ekam.



Source : From Acharya Tulsi ( A peacemakers par Excellence By Yuvacharya Mahapragya


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