Parmatma Prakash - Spiritual Enlightenment


By Acharya Yogindu Dev


An Apabhransh work on Jain Mysticism - By Yogindu Dev, English Translation by Mr. R. D. Jain, Commentary by Dr. A. N. Upadhyeji, Radiant, Rs. 300.00. Acharya Yogindu was a Jain philospher and mystic, who lived in the 6th century. In Parmatma Prakash, Acharya Yogindu explains how lasting peace and happiness may be attained. He adumbrates how one may attain the highest stage of personal development through conquering one's weaknesses. Empty rituals and meaningless customs and traditions are criticised. Acharya Yogindu emphasises that the path to Spiritual Enlightenment lies in the rigorous pursuit of Ratnatray, not in Tantra, Mantra or Mandal. The translation and especially the commentary do justice to the great work.



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