Spiritual Insights


By : Acharya Pujyapad


Hitopdesh & Samadhishatak : The Divine Discourse and 100 Verses on Contemplation By Acharya Pujyapad, English Translation. & Commentary : C. R. Jain and Raoji Shah, Radiant, Rs. 300.00. Acharya Pujyapad was a great scholar monk, spiritualist and the founder of the Jain tradition of Yoganubhuti. He is best known for his classic commentary on the "Tattvarthsutra", the "Sarvarthasiddhi". Acharya Pujyapad was one of the greatest Sanskrit grammarians of ancient India. His "Jainendra Vyakaran" is the benchmark Jain work on Sanskrit grammar. Here is what Acharya Mahapragyaji, the current head of the Terapanth has written on Acharya Pujapad. "Samadhi Tantra" of Pujyapad (4th - 5th century A. D.) is an inexhaustible source of spiritual experiences. In "Ishtopdesh" also Pujyapad has delved deep into spiritualism. A reader cannt but be deeply touched by his spiritual insights. Pujyapad is the fountainhead of the tradition of Yoganubhuti, i.e. self-contemplation and realization".



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