The Path To Enlightenment



By Acharya Samantbhadra


Swayambhu Stotra, Sanskrit hymns to the 24 Swayambhus (Tirthankars) By Acharya Samantbhadra, English Translation D. K. Goyal, Radiant, Rs. 400.00. Acharya Samantbhadra lived in the 2nd century and was a versatile genius and the progenitor of Jain Nyay (Jain logic). His Aptamimansa was the first systematic exposition on Jain Nyay. The Swayambhustotra is a systematic exposition of Samyak Darshan, Samyak Gyan and Samyak Charitra. The author skilfully achieves this by expounding the fundamentals of Jainism, Ahinsa, Aparigrah, Anekant and Syadvad. He explains the rationale behind Bhakti (devotion), the prime importance of compassion, and highlights the virutes of self-restraint, renunciation and meditation. Acharya Samantbhadra's mastery of Sanskrit poetics is evident in this beautiful work, where 13 different Chhandas have been used. This elegant Sanskrit work is also known as the Chaturvinshati Jin Stotra. The English prose translation is very good. Unfortunately, no one has attempted a poetic translation in English of this beautiful work.



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