Veerayatan was established over twenty-nine years ago by Acharya Shri Chandanaji, the first woman to ever receive the title of Acharya (high order spiritual leader) in the Jain tradition. Her incredible vision, dedication and perseverance allowed her to surpass all doubts as she ventured into what was considered an extremely hostile and inaccessible environment in Bihar, India in order to set up Veerayatan. This is the first Jain institution where the concept of service is not only preached by monks and nuns, but also practiced by them. By establishing Veerayatan, she started a spiritual and cultural movement and introduced a new chapter in the history of the Jain religion.

Now almost three decades later, Veerayatan is considered one of the top non-governmental organizations (NGO) in India and the world. It has established three sites in India (Bihar, Pune and Bhuj) and is planning on establishing a fourth permanent site in Jahkania, Kutch. Its health programs in Bihar, education programs in Bhuj and inner development programs in Pune are run efficiently by a dedicated group of sadvijis (nuns) and volunteers; they have resulted in the improvement of millions of lives all around the world.

Veerayatan is a well known socio-religious institution in Bihar, striving to extend the concept of spirituality, service to humanity, culture and education beyond the limitations of time and space. It introduces the practicality of religion to the modern scientific world, a religion totally honest to mankind and entirely free from sectarian prejudices. By providing unflinching service in the field of community health, education and employment, it has created a social transformation in the locality.

If you visit Veerayatan you will have the opportunity to witness the true spirit of 'compassion in action', and if you wish, participate in the multitude of humanitarian activities. For students it is an ideal place to start for anyone taking a 'year out'.

Veerayatan can accommodate hundreds of visitors in clean and comfortable guesthouses. Meals are provided at the Bhojanalay.

Veerayatan, with its unique combination of Service and Spirituality, is a movement which has been attracting more people worldwide every year. In order to impart the philosophy behind it, Acharya Chandanaji and her disciple Sadhvis regularly visit many countries. Discourses, lectures, conferences, seminars and meditation camps are organized for them to spread the message of Indian religions. Veerayatan UK was formed in 1995, under the guidance of Acharya Chandanaji to nurture the traditional and cultural values of the East specifically amongst the young.

For the first time in the west, regular Jaina classes under the guidance of a sadhviji, have been launched to imbue the children with an understanding and love of their tradition and religion. At the same time Veerayatan UK has succeeded in making the learning experience fun and relevant to the modern day.

The promoters of Veerayatan are following the same objectives world wide. Hence irrespective of religion, Veerayatan has succeeded in laying the foundation on which society can depend for guidance and advice, not only on religious matters, but also on social issues both in the family and the community.

Visiting Veerayatan you may work anywhere from one week to one year, though staying for at least one month is highly recommended. For further information you may please contact at following addresses:

Veeraytan, Rajgir, Nalandaa, Bihar-803116, India, Tele : 06112-55013/55240/55249, E-Mail : veerayatan@satyam.net.in



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