Virawah Jain Tirth

Pari Nagar, Pakistan



Location : Pari Nagar, Pakistan

The Jain temple of the deserted Village Pari Nagar is situated at contemporary site of Virawah about 10 Kilometers north of Nagarparkar in district Tharparkar, Sindh province of Pakistan. The site was a seaport in ancient times, but due to geological changes the shoreline moved to southwest and the contemporary place of Virawah is about 200 Kilometers away from the sea.

Initially there were Six Jain Temples in the area but today only the Virawah temple is preserved. The building consists of two rooms having a large hall called mandapa besides a small, dark chamber called vehana. These rooms have lost their glory with the passage of time and most of the sculptures and paintings have been defaced or are lost. Despite the fact that the temple is in bad shape due to a host of factors, it is a finished example of building art.



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