Yoga Sadhna Kendra


Abu, Rajasthan


Yoga Sadhana Research Center, Mount Abu Situated in the sacred land of rishis and saints, amidst the lofty mountains of Abu, in the southern parts of Rajasthan is a newly established Jain center for education, yoga, meditation and research, named as Yoga sadhana Research Center. It has been set up with the inspiration and guidance of Saint Shri Rajendra Muni, the chief disciple of Late Acharya Shri Devendra Muni. The center plans to offer various programmes useful to society, such as:

1. ‘Food to needy’ programme with the objective of eradicating hunger, starting from the local region to various other parts of the country. Such activities have already been taken up in Bombay, Nagpur etc. by other institutions like, Mahavir International and this center also proposes to go ahead in the same direction.

2. Yoga training and research programmes for the benefit of youth. Two such camps have already been organized recently at this center.

3. Regular courses on Yoga and meditation. Acharya of the Sraman Sangha, Shri Shiv Muni has been laying great stress on this area and necessary guidance and resources are being obtained from his side.

4. Setting up of a Medical Center.

5. Research programme on Ecology balance Swami Anand Jineshwar, a highly dedicated person from Indore is offering his cooperation in the setting up and development of this centre.Currently, Shri Rajendra Muni, along-with four other learned saints, Shri Ramesh Muni, Shri Surendra Muni, Shri Rupendra Muni and Shri Ravindra Muni are holding their Chaturmas stay at this Center.



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